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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
blog_cube1.gifspacer.gifWhat Changes Do You Want To See in the Adults Hapkido Syllabus? We are currently undertaking a review of the adults hapkido syllabus. We do this every few years to try and keep our syllabus relevant and exciting!

Changes we are considering include the following:

Junior Belt Syllabus
?More emphasis on self defence from a moving / less predictable attacker
?Close quarter self defence
?Stand Up grappling
?Self Defence which flows from an attack to counter attack standing and finishes on the ground
?Basic ground self defence
?A few extra takedows
?Changes to one step sparring and how we do one step sparring.
?Shell self defence.
The core elements of the junior syllabus still remain such as all the strikes, kicks, safety falls, joint locks, throws etc.

Senior Syllabus
?Changes in the way we teach knife defence
?Expanding our weapon defence
The senior syllabus we have only just started reviewing, so more changes if needed will be taking place.

To all our adult students, this is your chance to add some feedback. What do you want to see in our syllabus! We can't promise to include your ideas exclusively, however we can promise to carefully consider them. All feedback welcome.Posted Jul 31, 2018 at 9:44 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, July 8, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Stop waiting until to you FEEL like training or waiting until you are MOTIVATED to train!</b>

You cannot rely on feeling like doing something or having the motivation to do something to stick at an activity such as martial arts long term. Those who progress to black belt and beyond did so through creating the habit of attending the next class. They ignored their feelings and motivation levels as these change and fluctuate all the time so they cannot be relied upon. Instead they just did it, they attended their very next class they were scheduled for. Similar to the Nike slogan "Just Do It"

To achieve any positive impact or long lasting change in your life, you cannot do it only when you feel like it. It is time to get out of our head and ignore our feelings and focus on the things we instinctively know we should be doing. Most people don't feel like going to work on a cold Monday morning, but like auto pilot most successful employees get out of bed and go to work, ignoring those feelings.

Training in martial arts in winter is the hardest in terms of feelings and motivation levels. It is when the class sizes are generally the smallest. This is understandable, it is cold and dark for longer periods of time. Yet most will guarantee that after they do ignore their feelings and train, they feel better for it.

Next time you are tempted to listen to your feelings rather that do that activity that will move you towards the goals you are trying to achieve, get out of your head, stop the thinking about how you feel, count backwards from 5 and "Just Do It". I guarantee you will be the better for it.

Spring and sunshine is only a few months away, now is the time to get in shape. If you are due to grade, stay focused on that rather than leaving the warmth and comfort of your cozy lounge and TV to train! You can always go back to those things and have a sense of achievement and control rather than regret at not doing the activities you know you need to be doing.Posted Jul 8, 2018 at 9:43 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, May 1, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts: Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts: Adults Hapkido Grading

April's grading was all about junior belts and former Falcon's continuing their hapkido journey as adults. It's fantastic to see so many women taking up Hapkido as a sport and even better too see a mother and son, father and daughter training together.

Our white belts demonstrated good technique for only their first few months in the art. A little bit of basic hip work is still required for punching and turning knee. They're not quite bringing the hip around so when they kick the knee needs to be aligned with the centre line of the body. Also crescent kicks require opening up the hips before bringing the leg around. By all standards though a solid grading.

The orange belts have a lot of hand techniques which were displayed solidly from every student. Side kick and back kick requires more reps to achieve proper foot pivot and position. The yellow and green belts syllabus gives you that opportunity when these kicks can be built upon. Overall well done orange belts as you showed a lot of movement in your syllabus for only 6 months or so especially the hip work for hand techniques.

Tony has worked extremely hard to be ready for this grading, it's taken time which was sometimes frustrating but to Tony's credit he never let it get him down. Tony's kicks need more repetition to progress further, like turning back kick and spinning crescent. Overall a very proud moment for Tony to finally be ready and confident enough to be here tonight.

Last year Liam was a 2nd stripe Junior Black Belt and was rewarded with a yellow belt in our adults program in honour of his hard work as a Senior Falcon. Since starting the new year as an adult training alongside his mum, Liam has made the transition seamless. This was evident in his grading. Some more attention to detail was noted for turning back kick which is some small feedback for the future.

Luke and Adam spent two and half years completing the Junior Black Belt syllabus, which set them up for Hapkido as an adult. They began the year as new green belts and spent the last four months putting what they've learnt as Junior Black Belts into action. There's not enough words to describe the feeling an instructor receives when they raise students as Falcons and see them through to potentially an Adult Black Belt. Adam and Luke are very skilled and talented young men, who are really just in the infancy of truly harnessing their potential as martial artists. They display maturity in understanding the necessity of technique. At this stage foot pivoting is about the only thing that's deficient at this time of their journey.

Our next Adult Hapkido Grading is Wednesday 20th June

For more information on Grading's or any of CMA's events/programs find us on Facebook or visit our website

Campbelltown Martial Arts - Falcon's April Grading
Posted: 30 Apr 2018 03:37 AM PDT
Falcon's April Grading 2018

A lot of positives, desired results and Spirit came out of CMA’s falcons grading on Monday 16th. Sir Michael was extremely pleased with the grading as a whole, but also gave feedback on where some improvements could be made.

With each grading the standard of the white belts seems to go up a notch, almost to out do the last bunch of graders. Each student showed great spirit and their techniques were at a very good standard. We also saw some real bravery with students having the courage to face their anxiety.

As talented as the orange belts who graded are, at times they seemed to lack focus which led to lower guards and lack of spirit. Perhaps that could’ve been nerves and they'll learn from that and confidence will come over time. You can never be too loud when it comes to showing your spirit in Sir Michael’s opinion.

Afrin and her lovely confident K’ups were probably the stand out of the night. Every time she'd K’up you noticed her, it could catch your ear and you’d be drawn to it. I hope every student can learn from Afrin and grow the confidence to have their voices heard. In saying that all the instructors and Sir Michael were very pleased with the yellow belts grading. They didn’t have any negatives, all positives and smiles. Congratulations, you’ll all make fantastic green belts and leaders in your class.

Morgan performed wonderfully. Being a young man standing alone in front of Sir Michael and five other instructors and keeping your nerve is a hard thing to do. I know Morgan worked really hard to correct some of his falls leading up to the grading and took the feedback on board. Like every green belt before him, there’s still work ahead of him to improve the intricacy of his sidekick and turning back kick, which will all come with more repetition. Congratulations on your grading you certainly earned the opportunity to call yourself a Senior Falcon.

All we can say about our senior belts is WOW what a performance from everyone, a truly solid grading. The only feedback I can give is more repetition on some kicks (and that's critiquing them at an advanced level). Their Spirit was high, their attitude fantastic and they had lots of smiles. It really looked like you were enjoying yourselves. As an Instructor there’s nothing more we could’ve asked of you, truly pleasing to see the standards you have all lifted to.

To top the grading off, tonight Shakeel, Isabella, Shakaya, Eashan and Korben broke their boards without any trouble. With a huge smile on his face Sir Michael said “EXCELLENT WOOD BREAKS, EXCELLENT”.

Congratulations to our Spirit Award recipients:
Newcomer Fudail Saeed
The ever so brave Caleb Dewes
The definition of spirit Afrin Jahan

Our next falcon’s grading will be 18th June. 2018.
Also look out for our Junior Black belt grading held on Saturday 26th May, it’s a real treat to be a part of and witness.Posted May 1, 2018 at 3:20 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, April 19, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Going off track with your training is not failing!</b>

Getting off track with your fitness training or martial arts training is not failure, in fact is very likely at some stage you will get off track, it is human nature. Generally only 17% of the general public will ever engage in some sort of physical activity. Of those 17%, more than half will quit within 12 months.
Growth V Fixed Mindset
Do you judge yourself and progress in terms of pass or fail, are you beliefs of what you can achieve set in stone, if so you have a fixed mindset. Hence its harder to get back on track as you are already viewing yourself as a failure. That inner critic or voice will be constantly telling you have have failed once again. This is your own version of reality and it can prevent you from achieving long lasting results.

In contrast a growth mindset may accept that you got off track and view it as a learning experience and not a failure.

A fixed mindset is learnt in the early years of life and can be hard to change if you are not aware of it.

Remember it is normal to get off track at different times when you are wanting to make long lasting change to your health and fitness. However don't get caught up in the fixed mindset that you are a failure and your potential is capped. The distance between failure and success is not as big as you perceive it to be. You just need to get back on track when you fall of the wagon and learn from each experience. All of us will have this happen from time to time.

Short Term V Long Term Success
Short term programs over a period of 12 weeks are great for jumping in deep and trying to get quick results. They can also provide you with a new way of doing things. However what happens after the short term program or 12 weeks. This is where most people come unstuck. For long lasting change to take place, you need to stick at it for at least 12 months. This is where martial arts is great. It is a life long journey where you can stick at something indefinitely and keep learning and progressing. Not to mention meet some great people, get fit and learn valuable self defence.Posted Apr 19, 2018 at 8:54 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, March 18, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts: February Grading</b>

February Grading 2018
CMA's first Adult grading for 2018 was a small one but a great one.

Megan worked really hard on her syllabus to be ready for the night and even harder I think to hold the nerves. Megan demonstrated great focus on the smaller details of her techniques i.e. toe and hip positions while having strong falls. Overall it was a solid performance from any white belt.

Peter and Jacob did extremely well. Jacob is a former Falcon student and has really begun to understand what's expected of him now while training with adults and working on refining his techniques to a much more skilful level. Orange belt can be tricky, there's more hip movements and toe/foot/hand positions but overall everything was very positive. Some work on foot positioning for back kick, the supporting foot position for side kick, and the loading position of some hand techniques is still required. However students always learning and improving with each class and belt progression. Some black belts on the mats can still even be seen having to re-visit and perfect a yellow belt technique. You never stop learning.

Rod and his band of supporters stole the show tonight, a humble red belt who has battled injury restricting training/grading and well tonight was no different. In true CMA black belt spirit Rod had to put pain aside as he prepared for the grading and then graded with injured ribs. Rod showed his true colours and mental fortitude to push through the pain and remained positive with a big smile. A true gentleman of the mats and a pleasure to have as a CMA member. Rod will be working hard all year to hopefully grade for his Black Belt in December. ??

Sir Michael would like to thank and acknowledge all the senior belts on the floor there to support Rod. The respect and camaraderie CMA's students have for each other is a breath of fresh air. ??

Congratulations to you all, overall it was a fantastic grading and a great way to kick off 2018.

Our next grading is Wednesday 18th April.Posted Mar 18, 2018 at 6:49 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, March 18, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts - Falcon's Grading 2018</b>

Falcon's February Grading
The 1st class of 2018 came around, kids and parents began to get back into routine and before you know it we are here at February 26, the first of six gradings of the year.

Seventy percent of every Falcon grading is predominantly made of white and orange belts, all former Eagles now grading for the first time as a Falcon. The remainder being a new student learning the ropes of their new found passion.

The children’s falls continue improve out of sight as they put hours and hours of practise into every grading and the results can clearly be seen. The early belts are the foundations of marital arts and everything else that comes is an extension of these crucial belts.

Sir Michael was very impressed with the yellow belts with his exact quote being, “Yellow were solid”. A special mention goes to Alicia whose back kick really stood out. It demonstrated a level of technique that’s rarely seen amongst Falcons. Overall, yellow belt students were absolutely fantastic and as a group impressed all the instructors.

Like gradings before them, side kick and turning back kick is still one that challenges the best of green belts and tonight there was no lack of effort for trying. Whilst work is still required the most important thing is that the kids understand what's required. The motion will improve with time and repetition. Sir Michael says "You're not good at something until you've done it 1000 times". Congratulations to you all, you're very deserving of being Senior Falcons with your demonstration tonight. We hope you're ready for a new adventure as a Senior Falcon and taking that one step closer to becoming a junior black belt.
You can easily forget just how young Kobe and Levi truly are. Their love for sport and competition means they’re able to focus and push themselves better than some adults and as a result there’s a positive and interactive relationship between student and instructor. Levi and Kobe never leave any petrol in the tank and gave every kick and punch 100% of their efforts. Levi and Kobe also made light work of their wood breaks. If you blinked, you missed it!

Levi will now look to grade in December for his junior black belt. He has a big year ahead of him and will need to motivate himself.
Congratulations to our Spirit Award recipient Ella Heterick who was a winner by unanimous decision. Her focus and power that went into every kick/punch was a cut above the rest for her age and belt. ??

Congratulations to you all on your grading results and the time and dedication that you put into each class to be ready, you should be proud of yourselves just like your instructors are of you.
Our next grading is fast approaching Monday 16th AprilPosted Mar 18, 2018 at 6:48 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, March 11, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Positive Habits to Maximise Your Training Potential</b>

The following health and fitness habits apply to all level of fitness levels and abilities. You invest your time and money into being actively fit, why not maximise the benefits of this away from your fitness training to really enhance your health.

Nutrition and Hydration

For optimal performance, correct nutrition and hydration is critical. This includes eating a breakfast of complex carbohydrates and lean protein, then small regular meals throughout the day, and a good dose of protein within 90 minutes of working out. Consume at least 2-3 litres of water per day, and more if you’re training hard or losing a lot of sweat in the heat. I have discussed in previous posts the importance of nutrition and the benefits of including the correct amount of protein in your diet.

Fitness enthusiasts of all levels needs at least 7-8 hours in order to function properly during the day. Poor sleeping habits can actually prevent you from losing weight too! Improve the quality of your sleep by establishing a routine that works for you. Remember if you train to close to bed time it may take a while to allow yourself to calm the endorphins and other neurological processes that take place after a vigorous workout!

Establish a proper warm up / cool down and recovery routine
For most of us it is necessary to warm up gradually to increase the heart rate heart rate, respiration rate, core temperature and optimise muscle length to prepare for the high-intensity effort. Warm ups should be dynamic and gradually increase in intensity. All classes at CMA begin with a proper warm up, as such it is vital you are not late to class. We don't always have time at the end of class for a sufficient cool down. After your workout, incorporate recovery techniques like foam rolling, massage and static stretching to maintain or improve muscle flexibility and reduce pain and soreness.
Mental Preparation
Have a positive outlook and attitude towards training and life in general. Practice positive mental imagery where you imagine yourself performing or achieving your goal. Read inspirational books and quotes to uplift and inspire. Rehearse positive mantras and positive self-talk – it’s amazing how much your mind controls what your body can achieve. Have good tools to manage stress and anxiety. Setting grading or fitness goals can also help you to stay on track with your training.
Use functional training
Instead of using fixed-pieces of equipment, try using a variety of innovative pieces of equipment . At CMA this includes slam balls, cage bags, resistance bands, body weight exercises, kettlebells, battle ropes etc. We also have fitness classes such as cage fitness which focus on functional fitness training designed to make your body more functional in the real world.
Have a training buddy
Accountability is a big part of success and when you train with a friend, partner, or in a small-group fitness class, exercise adherence increases. Training with friends makes a workout more enjoyable, and a healthy dose of competition can help you pick up the pace on those days you’re just not feeling it.

Finally have a plan.
As mentioned earlier, have training goals and establish a plan to achieve them. This may be a goal to reach a certain belt level by a particular date or to improve an aspect of your fitness. If you would like assistance in this area, speak with your instructor from CMA to help establish suitable training goals with you.Posted Mar 11, 2018 at 7:32 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, February 27, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Benefits of Resistance Training for Women</b>

Whilst resistance training is being recognised as a beneficial way to maintain and improve health, statistics indicate just 0.2% of women participate in a dedicated strength program compared with 18.9% of women who participate in other fitness programs. Despite the benefits of resistance training for women, barriers still exist. Some of these and how to overcome your own barriers to training with resistance such as in a cage fitness class are below:

?Fear of developing an overly muscular physique. Many women feel it will make them bulky. Remember women do not contain the same testosterone profile as men as such they will not gain muscle in the same way.
?Fear of getting injured. Start slowly with your load and progress steadily as you feel confident. Strength training may also reduce your risk of injury as you increase your bone density and mobility and become more stable, reducing your likelihood of falls as you age.
?Many people assume cardio training alone is sufficient for weight loss. Strength training builds lean muscle mass and increases metabolic capacity. It has been shown as being more efficient in weight loss than cardio training when combined with a healthy diet.
There are many benefits for women to participate in resistance training over traditional forms of exercise, especially with aging. At CMA all our classes combine some form of resistance training. This often begins with body weight exercises and progresses to adding load such as our cage bags, kettlebells, slam balls etc.Posted Feb 27, 2018 at 8:24 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, February 13, 2018</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>How Much Training is Needed to Improve Mental Health?</b>

The evidence is overwhelming in that mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression can be improved with physical exercise. These are chronic health conditions within our society with almost 50% of people experiencing a mental health condition within their lifetime. Exercise in some instances is as beneficial to those people with depression as anti - depressants and it is also an excellent add on therapy to other treatment options for both anxiety and depression.
The biology of how physical activity improves mental health conditions!
Exercise increases a persons mood and also targets Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) which is the target of all new anti depressants. Exercise increases neuro transmitters within the brain which promote flexible brain function and improve the ability to regulate mood. Other benefits in addition to the biological benefits of exercise include increase social interaction, self esteem and confidence at learning a new skill or movement pattern.

Getting the Dose Right!
Enjoyment is the critical factor. Those who enjoy the activity are more likely to stay committed over the following 6 months. This is very important for motivation particularly with persons who may be experiencing a mental health condition.

In terms of how much it has been shown that moderate aerobic activity over a 9 week period for a minimum of 3 sessions per week has been shown to be beneficial for those with depression. This is similar to what is recommended for the general population.

Consistency is vital for long term behaviour change and to help manage a mental health condition. Additionally to maximise the benefits of exercise weight training should be incorporated a few times per week at least.

So if you need to improve your mental health, training at CMA could really help with that. We have a variety of programs on most days of the week at various times to suit most peoples busy lifestyle! For more details visit www.hapkidobjj.comPosted Feb 13, 2018 at 6:04 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, November 22, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>How Much Protein Do We Really Need</b>

There is a lot of talk at the moment regarding protein. Many advocate high protein diets for weight loss, building muscle, energy etc. It is true we need protein. How much we need is up for debate, however it is believed we need more than originally recommended.
Protein is the building blocks of life. Indeed, most of our physical structures are made of proteins. This includes:
?muscle tissue
?connective tissues: ligaments, tendons, cartilage, etc.
?skin, hair, fingernails
?hormones and cell signals (cytokines)
?most cell structures and organelles
?our DNA.
Previous recomendations suggested 0.8g per kg of body weight. Now the recommenation is about 25-35% of total daily energy intake – which equates to around 1 to 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day, or more. Below 10-15% and we start to see signs of malnutrition. Remember a higher-protein diet is not necessarily a ‘low-carb’ or ‘high-fat’ diet. The other 75-65% that isn’t protein can be anything else: plants, higher carbs or higher fat.

Rather than increased protein being bad for you, some studies have shown

In fact, studies of high-protein diets have found:
?Increased protein often leads to increase lean mass and improved bone density.
?Increased protein often equates to less body fat.
?Increased protein results in improved appetite control.
So how do we achieve the recommended protein intake

At a basic and realistic one-size-fits-most recommendation for protein intake is:
?People should try to get 1 to 2 palm-sized portions of higher-protein foods at most meals.
?Athletes and those looking to gain muscle mass should probably have 2 palms per meal, and focus on doing this more consistently.
?Consistency and frequency are more important than getting the ‘perfect’ amount.
Below is a table of different types of food that contain protein and the approximate amount of protein found 100g of food. It also contains the energy component of the food.Posted Nov 22, 2017 at 9:27 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, October 24, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Prevention is better than defence</b>

Prevention is better than defence
Safety begins with oneself and always being alert and thinking ahead to possible dangers.

When undertaking any activity such as traveling, visiting somewhere etc., consider the following:

Whatare the potential threats
Whomay be a threat
Whereare you most at risk
Planthe activity as much as possible to eliminate potential risk. This may include planning travel details ahead of time. Factors such as travel to and from the venue, time you expect to arrive, who you will be travelling with, notifying family of your plans, looking after your personal belongings, protecting your drinks from being spiked, back up plan in case circumstances change etc. are important to consider.

Consider the Following:
? Awareness. Examine the risk level, What, Who, Where
?Planning. Plan ahead of time to eliminate risk as much as possible
?Safety in numbers. Where possible never travel alone.
?Stay in busy areas and avoid isolated areas.
? If in trouble make a scene. Be loud.
?Safety apps on phone:
? This app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller and it provides critical location details to emergency services.

Safety Tips and AdvicePosted Oct 24, 2017 at 9:00 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, September 26, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Do You Know What the Signs Mean Around The Gym</b>


You will often here the instructors at CMA dicuss leaving your ego at the door before training. Part of this involves understanding and applying the principals of The Bushido Code. The code is around the gym at CMA. Are you aware for what the code actually stands for?

Bushido ("the way (or the moral) of the warrior") is a Japanese term describing a codified samurai way of life. Bushido, is the code of moral principles which the samurai were required or instructed to observe ... More frequently it is a code unuttered and unwritten ... It was an organic growth of decades and centuries of military career. In order to become a samurai this code has to be mastered.

1. Justice or Rectitude (? gi)

Bushido refers not only to martial rectitude, but to personal rectitude: Rectitude or Justice, is the strongest virtue of Bushido. A well-known samurai defines it this way: ‘Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering; to die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right.’ Another speaks of it in the following terms: ‘Rectitude is the bone that gives firmness and stature. Without bones the head cannot rest on top of the spine, nor hands move nor feet stand. So without Rectitude neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a samurai.’

2. Courage (? yu)
This is about making sure that what we do is right and that we have the courage to do the right thing and not just what people think we should do. This is about making sure we do what we believe in and have the courage to do so.

3. Benevolence or Mercy (? jin)
As a warrior, the Samurai have the power to kill. However, benevolence is about making sure that you are balanced in how you think. It is about making sure that you also have sympathy and mercy at the right time. For the Samurai it was about making sure you fought for the right reason and that if you had to kill someone, you did it for the right reason and your belief but that you also make sure that if there was no need to kill you would have mercy and be sympathetic.

4. Respect (? rei)
It is important that in everything they believe, they must have respect and be polite in everything. The way they live their life meant they must be respectful of their elders, they must respect life, respect others beliefs etc.

5. Honesty (? makoto)
Honesty was very important, as they believe that being honest in everything you do gives you respect and means you can be trusted.

6. Honour (?? meiyo)
To live and die with Honor was very important to the Samurai. Everything they did was honourable which meant they demonstrated Honor in everything they believed and did.

7. Loyalty (?? chugi)
Loyalty was probably one of the very important parts of what they did. They treated each other like family and would do everything within their power to protect and help their samurai warriors. Loyalty was important because this means they can trust their warriors and know they would be loyal to whatever they needed to do and not worry about loosing their respect.

CMA has other signs around the gym politeness which is similar to respect and veracity, which refers to truthfulness, similar to honesty.

There are many important principals in this code that we can adopt in our own life. Remember CMA also has its own values and life skills that we encourage you to learn and apply.Posted Sep 26, 2017 at 7:08 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, August 8, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Leaving Your Ego off the Mats at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

No Place for Ego at CMA!
Leaving your ego at the door is synonyms with martial arts centres and dojos. It basically means to strip away your ego and arrogance and remain humble when training in martial arts. This is so for good reason. A thriving martial arts culture needs students who are open to learning, respectful and demonstrating humility towards themselves, other students and their dojo. Can you imagine training at a martial arts centre with students who are overly cocky, not open to learning new information and keen to show off and dominate. You wouldn't have many students left in the long term and students are the life blood of any martial arts school. This doesn't mean you can't be competitive, train hard, strive to be the best version of yourself and have pride in your skill and ability. Praise other students with something positive to say. We all want to belong and feel confident, this can only happen at CMA if people are commended for their strengths, not weaknesses and they are given the opportunity to excel and learn.

How To Leave the Ego at the Door!
This is easier said then done. Its hard not to want to make a good impression when your first join a martial arts centre. This can be overwhelming however always remember the following in relation to CMA.

?There are many senior students and instructors ready to guide and help you. Just turn up to training with a good attitude and we will help you every step of the way.
?Be positive in relation to any feedback. You may receive feedback in relation to your technique, fitness, grading, or any other aspect to do with your training. This feedback may be positive or constructive. Take the feedback on board and try to implement what has been said. This will only make you better in the long run.
?Don't be in a rush to grade. Take your time to learn your techniques properly and don't rush through your belts. Remember the learning takes place in the journey, not the destination. A good white belt will progress to be a good orange belt or blue belt in BJJ etc. Rushing through the belts will only lessen your ability to become a quality black belt.
?Remember no one is really interested in what you can or can't do, they are interested in you as a person and your attitude towards your training. Martial arts is not an individual activity. You train with others everyday you step foot on the mats. Do so with a positive attitude and treat others as you would like to be treated.
?In combat activities such as sparring or grappling show respect for your fellow sparring partners by not trying to hurt them in anyway and focus on using your technique and not strength. Strength is only a short term solution, technique takes over in the long run.
?Be prepared to tap in BJJ lots of times. If you can't handle taping or being submitted by a smaller person, someone of a different sex etc you wont last long in BJJ. Remember technique is the name of the game and as such BJJ is the great equalizer to strength for much smaller opponents.
?You can learn from all people, levels and abilities. As such seek out to train with different people and belt levels. Learn from different instructors as each of us present a different perspective and will offer you a different experience.
?Finally remember the code you see around the walls of CMA - see below:
THE BUSHIDO CODEPosted Aug 8, 2017 at 2:30 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, June 29, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts - Adults June Grading</b>

CMA Adults Grading

June saw one of our smallest CMA gradings that I can remember. The closeness of April and June gradings made it challenging for students to get enough classes in to grade in both. The beauty is that currently CMA offers six gradings a year. There was a time we only offered four a year.

Mark, Mika and Jack have been looking forward to this grading. Nerves and some concerns have held some of them back in a previous grading but that's because they hold themselves to such high standards.

Only yellow and green belts were grading so the night begun with a series of white and orange belt combinations that built up into their own belt techniques. There were moments the grading was starting to get the better of some students, but as always CMA has a great support network and everyone was there to pick them up, inspire and support them.

For Mika and Jack, green belt is where wood breaks become part of their grading. It was all very familiar for Jack but it was an unknown for Mika who had not yet attempted a wood break. No problems to speak of though as they were both successful in their breaks and I’m sure it won’t be their last either.

Some feedback from the grading for both instructors and students was more work was needed with multiple grabs and the use of a ‘shock’ immediately as someone takes hold. Some more focus on foot and hip positioning was required for kicks such as sidekick and just generally being aware of the stance that is taken ensuring its not too wide and open.

Congratulations to all students on the grading and as always it was great to see so many students on the mats participating in an assisting role, especially so many black and provisional belts.

Our next Adults Hapkido grading will be Wednesday 30th AugustPosted Jun 29, 2017 at 7:24 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, June 27, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts - Junior Black Belt Grading</b>

1st Junior Black Belt Grading 2017

The May 2017 grading was a long time coming for Hope, Adam and Luke. Injuries sustained to Luke and Hope proved detrimental to their grading aspirations back in November so it meant more work to get back to peak fitness this time round. It did allow more time to master the finer details of their weapons patterns and self defence however.

Nothing inspires and reassures an Instructor more than when you hear the wonderful testimonies (speeches) the kids pour their hearts into when they begin their grading. And of course when you see the many current and future black belts giving up their time on a Saturday to come support their mates and learn it becomes a very rewarding experience.

Until you do a Junior Black Belt grading it’s hard to completely understand the huge difference the seasons can have on you, therefore a winter grading is always preferred. A small grading is usually harder than when completing one in a large group because it usually means it's quicker but provides less time for breaks. For seasoned graders Adam and Luke it was a very strong performance and I think it’s their confidence in them that sees their success. Hope is a talented student and today was her first grading as a Black belt. The only thing that holds Hope back at times is her self confidence. She gets nervous and then tends to second guesses herself. Her confidence will come with time but she also needs to back and believe in herself. You don’t achieve a black belt if you’re NOT already a special person. Always know your instructors believe in you and your ability so never forget or doubt that.

As young leaders in their class a lot of responsibility is associated with any black belt and these students continue to learn and grow in their roll. The kids are truly extraordinary and today only reinforced that. The capability of Luke, Adam and Hope never ceases to surprise me and as they get stronger they will certainly do things we instructors merely cannot.

Some spectacular moments include Adam and Luke’s Nun chucks patterns, some of the best displays we’ve seen with nun chucks. The height and distance the kids are reaching for diving falls makes us really happy with their XMA ability which shows the overall ability of the students.

We did find some small things that could be improved like boxing slips to make sure they’re not just ducking but weaving. A little more repetition was needed on self defence techniques and one step (though the kids syllabus content triples) and just some more time for practising the pole pattern to achieve a little more flow and finesse.

For Hope who achieved her 1st stripe, the journey is just beginning with lots of exciting new things to learn and more testing times ahead. Adam and Luke achieved their 3rdstripe meaning they’re nearing the end of their senior Falcon journey, but like Hope it also means new and exciting times ahead.

The grand finalé of any grading is the dreaded wood breaks. Some embrace them, most fear them. Especially when it’s an adult thickness board which even some men don’t get through. Luke and Adam, both becoming tall young men were both successful first attempt with a very powerful turning back kick. They’re becoming quite experienced at breaking adult boards. Hope was unfortunately not successful after her five attempts but showed a valiant effort. She wasn’t far off breaking the board, she just needed to extend her hip and hit through the board which would have seen it break easily. A good learning experience for the next grading.

Our next CMA Junior black belt will be even bigger, more spectacular and will feature a fresh group of provisional black belts and with solid training Adam, Luke and Hope will make another appearance to do it all again.
It’ll be held Saturday 16thDecemberPosted Jun 27, 2017 at 7:35 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, June 21, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Why You Shouldn't Stop Training In Winter at CMA</b>

The consequences of taking two weeks off training
It takes a lot of effort to make solid gains in your health and fitness goals. Unfortunately it only takes a few lazy weeks to undo much of that hard work. Our bodies are designed to move and the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle are well documented. I am sure many of you however didn't realise the detrimental impact of taking two weeks off your training. This applies even to active individuals.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool in the UK found that when people who usually exercised stopped doing so for 14 days, they experienced metabolic changes that could increase the risk of chronic disease, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
For the study, 28 healthy, and usually active, adults with a mean BMI of 25 were required to drastically reduce the amount of steps they took on a daily basis – from 10,000 down to 1,500. This translated to an increase of over two hours more sedentary time each day.
Health checks found that after the two weeks, participants had lost muscle mass, and increased body fat, particularly in the central ‘danger zone’ of the body linked to increased risk of chronic disease.
This study amongst many others highlights the importance of staying physical active on a regular basis.
Does this mean you can't go on your annual holiday. A break in training is inevitable for most people at some point. Everyone needs a holiday. So definitely go on your holiday. However allow time for physical activity. This may include lots of walking to explore your holiday destination. Plenty of physical activity when spending time with your kids or family. Bike riding, team sports, swimming at the beach etc. are all activities you can do on holidays to minimise the effects of not training for a few weeks.

The key message:
Make exercise part of your lifestyle for the long term, rather than an occasional burst to achieve a short term goal. Physical activity should become a daily habit.
Remember you can still go on your holiday. I would advise against taking a few weeks off training however if you are cold, lacking in motivation, tired etc. Whilst the hard part is getting to the gym, you usually feel immensely better after having trained. Don't rely on motivation as it is short lived, create the habit through training regularly.

How to stay motivated in Winter
?Set a goal. For those in our martial arts program, this goal may involve grading. This may be a winter grading or even extend to spring or summer. Either way, if you are training regularly, you will be ready to grade at some point throughout the year, so set a goal to work towards.
?Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life. Try one of our other styles or programs for the added benefits of cross training. Your body adapts if you are doing the same program and exercises. Mix it up and you will reap the benefits.
?Bring a buddy. Remember its also fun when you train with people you enjoy the company of. Bring a friend or relative to CMA to experience the same positive benefits as yourself. Lookout for Buddy week in our kids programs towards the end of July.
?Finally for winter - Rug up to and from training. This will make it easier to leave the warmth of your home and venture to CMA.
Unless absolutely necessary, ensure you keep training throughout winter as before you know it, spring and summer will be here and you'll be happy you didn't stop training in winter.Posted Jun 21, 2017 at 11:37 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, June 12, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Training for Bone Density to slow the effects of aging</b>

The Silent Disease
Through the aging process our bone density becomes weaker and this increases our risks of fractures, and in servere cases, lead to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteopenia is the first stage prior to oseteoporosis if you have a lower than normal bone density. These conditions are serious. Half of all women, and one third of men, over the age of 60, will have a fracture (break) due to osteoporosis.
Fractures from osteoporosis are major causes of hospital admissions, long-term disability, and even death in older Australians. IT IS A SILENT DISEASE. There are usually no signs or symptoms until a fracture occurs. Any bone can be affected, but the most common ones are bones in the hip, spine, wrist, ribs, pelvis, and upper arm.

Training to increase bone strength
The good news is, the correct type of training can help slow this process down and we offer the right types of programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts to do just that.
There are two types of exercises that are important for building and maintaining bone density: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises.

Weight Bearing Exercises (exercise done while on your feet so you bear your own weight)
Weight bearing exercises include activities that make you move your own body weight against gravity. Weight-bearing exercises can be high-impact or low-impact.
Weight bearing exercises include: brisk walking, jogging, skipping, basketball / netball, tennis, dancing, impact aerobics, stair walking, martial arts training etc. Modifying your martial arts training offer a safe alternative if you cannot do high-impact exercises.

Muscle-Strengthening Exercises
These exercises include activities where you move your body, a weight or some other resistance against gravity. They are also known as resistance exercises and include using weights, resistance bands, your own body weight or weighted machines. Examples of resistance tools available at CMA include cage fitness bags, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine / slam balls, resistance bands, chin up bars, mini tramp etc. These tools are are utilised as part of the CMA fitness programs including Cage Fitness.

Maximising your training for increased bone heatlh.

Osteoporosis Australia recommends the following for optimal bone health:

?Regular exercise at least 3 times per week. CMA offers classes 6 days per week. Both morning and evening.
?Exercise should be progressive over time with an increase in the resistance load and intensity. The programs at CMA are never the same. Each class is different and challenges your body in a different way. You will see a gradual increase in your overall fitness levels. As this happens adjust the load and intensity of your training to continue to see improvement. We have different weights with all our exercise equipment to allow for this.
?Exercise should be performed in short intensive bursts. Cage fitness is great for this. We offfer 5 - 5 minute rounds, working the entire body. No need for long drawn out fitness sessions.

All exerciss at CMA can be modified to cater for all levels of fitness and we classes to all ages and abiltiesPosted Jun 12, 2017 at 8:02 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, May 7, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>April Grading 2017</b>

A small grading for April only one senior belt, however the significance of the grading for most students meant it was not going to be easy.

One of the things we practise religiously is our foot positions and the importance of picking up the technique as early as possible. Tonight Jessica, Joshua, Zane and a former Junior Black Belt Paolo were well supported by family (all have a spouse or relative already training at CMA) and had a solid performance. It was all ticks tonight for white belts, probably the best belt on the night for technique. Congratulations, a strong group of white belts.
Orange belt is a pretty significant belt in the martial arts journey; you learn the importance of hip work. It’s a tough belt and therefore repetition is a must, the technique can only be achieved with consistent training and attention to detail. Overall the techniques were performed well. Some more practise is required on our side kicks, foot position and hip work as well as a couple of hand techniques requiring some review. The energy was high and safety falls are looking good. We were very happy with their side falls.
Amanda, despite her nerves, is a student who embraces feedback, takes it on board and tries to execute it. Overall Amanda’s grading was solid; some extra practise on her cat roll side hits is required. The extra attention to some of her kicks that don’t come as naturally as others were noticed and as well as the attention to detail on the basics (foot position), back kicks and front kicks.

Luke and Jared were technically sound, they both put in the hard yards when it comes to technique and certain body positions to execute kicks for example. Luke managed to get through the grading relatively unscathed. Being a 4th Stripe Junior Black this grading was relatively easy (physically) compared to previous gradings in the last two years. Proud to see this young man, now also a future leader, maturing before our eyes and how fit/agile you’ve become. Not the same student were 4+ years ago.

Jared is probably one of the strongest students in the Junior Belts, maybe even our strongest. So it’s no surprise his kicks are powerful, executed with great technique and possess lots of energy. There were moments it seemed too much for Jared and he was seriously contemplating throwing in the towel. Fortunately for Jared CMA students get behind each other, pick each other up when they’re down and don’t let them quit. That’s the camaraderie CMA peers have for each other and with that support and encouragement Jared successfully pulled through. Jared and Luke made light work of their wood breaks using turning back kick.

Daniel recently celebrated his five year anniversary, a birthday and tonight was able to grade alongside his brother for the first time ever. A very significant grading and Daniel looked solid, he paced himself well and executed his techniques to a high standard. Unfortunately when it came to his wood breaks, the low spinning heel, the board didn’t want to crack. It’s a good thing his traditional spinning heel was stronger. Daniel’s next grading will be an Adult Black belt grading which are physically like nothing you’ve ever experienced, however with Daniel’s dedication to training and current fitness regime he’s on the right track. It's also great to see so many red belts grading recently. Daniel is the fourth Red belt to grade in the last 3+ grading's. Daniel's journey to an Adult Black Belt begins the moment he puts that belt around his waist. Look out for Daniel in 2018.Posted May 7, 2017 at 7:40 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, April 23, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Bringing the enjoyment back into your kids martial arts training.</b>

Bringing the enjoyment back into your kids martial arts training.
Posted: 21 Apr 2017 10:14 PM PDT
Testing from the day you are born
Our children face a barrage of tests one way or another from the moment they are born. The results are bench marked and plotted into some sort of statistical data for comparative analysis against other children. In theory this is a good idea to monitor the health and well-being of our youngest members of society. In reality though it is a much different story. The testing results may reveal your child is not where they are expected to be, this can result in a great deal of anxiety for both the parents and the child. School is no exception to this testing. Even before kids start school they face assessments in the form of Best Start Assessment. This is designed to see how much they know. Seriously I thought you turned up to school without knowing much of anything and immerse yourself in a fun filled journey of education. Not so nowadays. Your tested even before you begin. Then we have Naplan which starts from year 3 with many aspects of education geared towards the Naplan exams. We all know of a child who has been asked not to sit the exam as it may bring the schools overall marks down. There you have it, even kids as young as 8 are excluded based on their potential. The child who may show a great deal of potential at the age of 8 in regards to Naplan is no more deserving, smarter or intelligent than a child who may struggle with that type of exam. We all know of people who struggled with their schooling only to make a complete success of it outside of school.

As a parent I am seeing this more and more in the sporting field. Those kids who enjoy the benefits of being bigger, taller, faster, stronger etc, seem to be on the receiving end of more and more opportunities to develop compared to those kids who may not be as confident or strong in these areas. The emphasis is on winning now and not developing all kids equally to their full potential. This is happening at younger age groups then ever before. Some misguided coaches convince themselves that the top 8 year old soccer of footy play deserves more coaching and development opportunities than the new kid in the team who has never played before. This mindset is foolish and detrimental to the future activity level of our kids. Which is only going to become more important with rising obesity levels in all areas of Australian society.
Be encouraging not critical of your child's martial arts journey.

So how does this relate to martial arts. Well as an instructor and parent of children in martial arts, I would hate for martial arts to follow a similar path to many sporting codes when it comes to maximizing our children's potential. Though i am sure it already has. Given the amount of rigidity, rules and seriousness our kids face on a day to day basis, take a light hearted approach to their martial arts training. Where possible encourage and teach them to be the best they can be without comparing themselves to other students. After all society will compare them enough in all other areas. At Campbelltown Martial Arts we try to mix the seriousness of training with some fun filled activities and classes for the kids. For example, crazy classes, buddy weeks and our in-house competition coming up on April 30.

Whilst the in-house tournament is a competition type event. It is also designed to allow the kids to have some fun with aspects of their martial arts training they don't get a lot of time to do. That is sword, sumo, bjj and advanced falling. We encourage the kids to not take themselves to seriously, whilst still giving it 100%. If you haven't put your name on the notice board, it is not to late.

Finally if your kids are struggling with certain aspects of their techniques, be encouraging not critical. We all develop at different levels. We all have strengths in different areas. The beauty of martial arts is you can grade and progress at your own pace, one that is right for you and your family. We want our students to participate in martial arts for life. As such the learning and benefits are achieved through the martial arts journey and not the destination. Training with another family member or friend is always going to be more motivating than training on your own, as such don't be shy in recommending your family and friends to continue the martial arts journey with you. For more details visit

Campbelltown Martial Arts - April Grading: Falcons
Posted: 21 Apr 2017 04:11 AM PDT

10th April Falcon's Grading

The April grading came around super quick due to Easter but that didn’t seem to have an effect on the kids at all. The grading was at a high standard and we got some really positive feedback from Sir Michael about it. Some of the efforts from the kids just blew us away and we were very pleased to see so many former eagles from white belt to green on the mats.

How fantastic to see so many white belts grading, the whole front line in fact and at least half of them were former eagles. Really pleased with the kids self defence foot work and kicks, wow these young guns were fantastic on Monday. Sir Michael was really impressed and thought you all did an incredible job, he was very impressed and so was I, especially the focus you displayed. Very confident speeches and great effort in your falls, well done kids.

The orange belts showed promising signs, however it seemed maybe nerves got the better of them, the spirit was just lacking. Their techniques were performed well, if anything they were missing the energy and purpose behind them. When you throw a punch or pump out a kick you need to envision you’re striking a target and hard. That will also come with experience, but remember to put everything you have into the grading and most importantly ‘Spirit’ is key and how do you show that... Loud K’UPS, we love them.

Miss Elizabeth our boisterous yellow belt, my goodness you could not wipe the
smile off this young lady’s face. After celebrating her 8th birthday the day before Elizabeth was super excited and
was the standout on the night. As the sole yellow belt grading all eyes were drawn to Elizabeth, she demonstrated fantastic spirit, great focus and the level at which she performed her techniques was as good as any senior belt. Miss Elizabeth undoubtedly our spirit award winner and really stole the night.
Not to be out done not one, but five green belts (most of Mr. Ethan’s class ha-ha) were ready to show they were ready to be senior Falcons. Sir Michael mentioned they were all very strong and was pleased to see the improvements in their kicks. Though some more work on foot position is required we’re seeing a vast improvement in the hip work. So congratulations on all your efforts, a credit to you and your instructors. You all had a very good grading, showed great focus and determination and most importantly did your absolute best.

Senior Falcons
Like the green belts Sir said he’s seeing improvements in hip position for kicks like side kick and hook, more practise and attention to detail is needed however there’s a lot of progress

Conor has been very solid through the lead up to the grading, showed poise and great technique. He displayed good focus from the moment the grading started, also noted by other Instructors. There were moments that challenged him physically and mentally and to his credit he pushed through the barriers to finish strong.

Korben and Rebecca what can we say. Very dedicated students that had to really knuckle down and practise, practise, practise. The results... fantastic!! Every class we would practise our kicks religiously, I’d ask them to practise at home. I had my concerns, their kicks are technical and challenging, but I had no doubt they were capable if they gave it the time and practise. From where their kicks started to where they ended up would blow you away. Congratulations to you both, you worked so hard, listened to our advice and never ever got frustrated and stayed positive.

A red belt grading is pretty significant in a CMA student’s journey, it’s the last night grading before the Big One, ‘Black Belt Grading’. So if you want to grade in November it takes a lot of hard work, dedication to training and heart as well as fitness. It’s a good thing Ali is a very focused and capable young man, who will always try his best, push himself and has only grown stronger throughout his training years. Tonight Ali looked really solid, there were moments he had to dig deep, but overall wasn’t too troubled. Ali is a very quiet young man that has really improved and worked on his Art to get this far and it feels like just yesterday he was coming upstairs as a blue belt. He’s done an incredible job to be able to perform his techniques, like Double Crescent, to the standards we expected. It still amazes me how quickly he picks up the technique and prefects them. He’ll need all these qualities for his next grading the test of all tests, junior Black Belt grading. It takes hours and they are unlike any CMA student, non-black belt, has experienced. However we all have faith in his ability and determination and with the right training (consistent and hard) we'd like to see Ali grade in November. What a year that would be.

The wood breaks tonight were again highly skilled and performed quicker than the adults grading. No student required more than TWO attempts to break their board. Absolutely brilliant. Congratulations. Never had a doubt you could all do it. With the right technique, some power and hitting in the middle of the board you have the recipe for success.

Congratulations again to our ‘Spirit Award’ winner, on your efforts on the night.

Elizabeth Powell

Our next Falcons grading will be Monday 19th June
Also look out for:

?Our Junior Black Belt Grading (Only two of these a year) - Saturday 27 May 2017
?CMA in house Tournament - Sunday 30 April 2017

For information on any of our upcoming events, gradings or programs visit our website or our facebook page Campbelltown Martial Arts (CMA).Posted Apr 23, 2017 at 8:27 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, April 10, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>February  Falcon's Grading</b>

A new year comes with new goals, new ambitions and a CMA grading brings determination, dedication to training and hard work. The students in this grading had done everything required to be ready and competent for the day. Instructors work tirelessly to help teach, motivate and inspire the children to go that extra mile.

Our junior belt grading overall was very good, great to see the kids getting the hang of the falls and the many techniques in their syllabus. A grading can be very nerve racking and daunting for students especially for first time graders. However I thought they all did their absolute best and if they did have lots of nerves it was hard to spot. Hand techniques were executed really well, just more repetition on boxing combinations is required and it was good to see improvements in our foot/hip positions. Some more repetition is needed on the more technical kicks like side kick, turning kick and back kick, but that will all come with experience, time, lots of practice and listening to your instructors. We also challenge every student to see how high you really can kick. If you can kick head height or higher show us, we would love to see.

Congratulations juniors on your efforts and speeches.

Special mention to Matilda the sole green belt grading on the night, it’s a very hard thing to grade alone as a young lady, surrounded by senior belts. The numbers quickly dwindle when you get to Green belt, so to stay focused on the tasks ahead and control your emotions is such an accomplishment. It’s that kind of focus and heart that we look for in a senior falcon and student. Congratulations.

Our three blue belts grading, had been working tirelessly on getting their kicks to the best standard they can possibly do, every class we would spend at least 10min on them. To the kids credit they all did a great job, although the execution wasn't 100% they understood what we were looking for and never stopped trying. Sidekicks are honestly one of the most technical kicks in the kids’ syllabus. Really proud of the kids’ energy throughout their hand techniques, the hip work and how amazing their turning side falls were. Congratulations to you all.

Alonso, Levi and Rashad what can I say about these three, so ambitious, determined and can have a good laugh at themselves. We worked tirelessly on our kicks, every class the same kicks, same feedback and each class a slight improvement. Proud to say all the coaching and practice paid off. They all did a great job on the day got their hips over and heads around. I’m very proud of these boys, there wasn't a class where they went home with dry hair or forgot to K'Up at least once resulting in an exercise. What makes it all worth it is seeing the excitement when they know they've passed and hearing their speeches.

A red belt grading is pretty significant in a CMA student’s journey, it’s the last night grading before the Big One, ‘Black Belt Grading’. So it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to strive for so long in the Martial Art. It’s a good thing Kayla Is a determined and a very focused young lady, who will always try her best and can train independently. Tonight the grading got to Kayla more than she probably expected, there's a point in a grading like this you need a drink and a quick rest, unfortunately that's your mind putting up barriers that you need to push through in order to succeed. To Kayla’s credit she pushed through the hurt and put kick after kick in, it's not easy at 12 years old to push those thoughts of ‘I can't’ aside. Kayla was well supported by her fellow training partners also grading and many instructors there to cheer her on. The next grading Kayla will attend is the test of all tests a junior black Belt grading that takes hours and unlike any CMA student non black belt has experienced. However we all have faith in her ability and with the right training (consistent and hard) we'd like to see Kayla grade in November, what a year that would be.

Very pleased to say the standard of the wood breaks was highly skilled and all but one board was broken with ease, goes to show how strong and talented these kids really are. Unfortunately one board just didn't want to break, but not without trying and effort.
Kids when you are kicking and punching targets remember it's important to use your hips and hit through the target, not stop at it. A board doesn't lie and demands that you hit it in the middle with a certain amount of power. Practice this in training and I promise the next wood board you have in front of you, you'll break through first go.Posted Apr 10, 2017 at 7:10 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, March 26, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>How REALISTIC is the Self Defence You Learn in Martial Arts</b>

Many programs and martial arts offered claim to have a cutting edge LIFE SAVING SELF DEFENCE program. "What does this even mean? Are we capable of fully defending ourselves in any situation after learning these programs? How much time, energy, and commitment is required? These are the questions you need to find out from anyone claiming that they're program will fully protect you in most situations.

Rather than advertising false illusions about the self defence programs on offer, we should be teaching students to be REALISTIC about the self defence programs they are learning. The self defence techniques on offer at CMA and any other martial arts dojo will not turn you into a warrior capable of eliminating all risks or harm that may come your way. Anyone claiming it will is lying and don't fall into the trap believing that your martial arts techniques will save you. It is about being realistic and understanding the context in which your are learning self defence,

Being Realistic About the Self Defence You Are Learning at CMA
?You will learn a variety of different techniques to defend against grabs, holds, headlocks, bearhugs, chokes, controlling positions, striking attacks etc. If you dedicate yourself long enough to martial arts you will learn more than enough techniques than you can possible remember.
?Not all the techniques will assist you if you find yourself under threat in the real world. SIMPLE and BASIC is more likely to be realistic, than a fancy technique. The technique must also be automatic in that you don't need to think about how to execute the technique whilst under threat. There can be no hesitation. This doesn't mean you should not learn fancy techniques. If you are learning a martial art, you are doing it for many more reasons other than learning a few effective self defence manoeuvres. These are great, however there is much more to learn in a martial art such as Hapkido or BJJ. Learning martial arts is about developing yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally etc as much as it is about being able to defend yourself.

?A lot of the time you train your self defence techniques in a safe environment without the element of surprise. You are familiar with your training partners. We all know in the real world if you are under attack it is unlikely to be in a safe, familiar environment with trusting people. The element of surprise is likely to startle you. How quickly you are able to recover from that and get your wits about you in order to plan an effective exit strategy will be your biggest hurdle.
?The fight, flight or freeze response when placed under attack is likely to determine your next course of action. Will you freeze, run or fight back. We are all different and react differently when a surge of adrenaline is dumped through our bodies. You need to learn to calm the body in this heightened state and this takes time to learn. Only when calm can you react in the most rational way. This is extremely hard when under threat.
?Attacks you haven't countered for in the dojo will also be likely. For example multiple attackers, weapons, taking a hit when you have never been hit before, a much bigger or stronger attacker or being attacked and taken advantage of by someone you least expect. In the dojo we prepare you in a way that enables you to train safely and keep coming back for more. A real world attack is the complete opposite.
?Finally the most effective self defence scenario for everyone is AVOIDANCE. Applying risk management observation to all areas of your life is critical to reducing the threat of attack as much as possible. This is something everyone can do and you don't need to be a member of a martial arts centre to critically analyse areas of your life that may be a threat to yourself. This doesn't always have to be physical either, it could be mental, emotional etc.
In short we can all be victims of a crime or personal attack and not respond in a way that we have trained in a safe martial arts environment. This may come as a shock to many individuals who have perceived that being a black belt provides them with some sort of immunity We must educate ourselves and families on the importance of avoidance and risk management when we consider what realistic self defence is. In the real world there are to many elements outside of our control that warrant us to remain vigilant when going about our day to day activities.Posted Mar 26, 2017 at 8:18 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, March 11, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Should You Force Your Children to Train in Martial Arts</b>

For those who dedicate a large part of their life to martial arts, you do so as you are aware of the many amazing benefits martial arts has to offer. Both physical and mental benefits including improved cardiovascular and muscular fitness, enhanced balance, agility, coordination, strength, increased self esteem and confidence and finally heightened neuro benefits in the areas cognitive, attention span, focus etc. Martial arts is extremely beneficial to your overall health and well being and also offers many social benefits. Many martial artists forge strong friendships which last a lifetime.

With so many amazing benefits, its easy to assume that you would want to share these benefits with your children. So naturally you imagine they will love and appreciate martial arts just as you do. We don't really contemplate them feeling any other way. So what do you do if they don't love martial arts as much as you? Should we force them to train?

Obviously each parent can answer this for themselves and their own children, however when you take into account the benefits already mentioned and the self defence elements of martial arts, who would not want their child to learn martial arts?

FORCING your child to train in martial arts is a very strong word. I would suggest the best way to get your children to participate in martial arts is with strong encouragement. There will always be times when your kids do not want to train, don't confuse this with them not wanting to participate altogether. Sit down and explain the benefits of martial arts to your children. Share with them all the reasons you want them to train. Likewise hear their concerns as to why they may be reluctant to train. Sometimes they wont know why, you as the parent need to figure this out. Once you know why, you can formulate a plan with your child's instructor to address areas of concern your child may have.

Some reasons and strategies for why your child may not want to train is listed below:

?It's boring - This may be the number one reason your child or other children do not want to train and compared to watching their favorite movie or playing their favorite video game, training may be boring. However those things are for after all the important stuff has been done first. Martial Arts should be included as part of those important priorities. At CMA our kids programs offer a lot of variety and no class is ever the same. Our instructors also have access to hundreds of exciting and challenging skill drills which are thrown into every class. Once your child is at the gym, they wont be bored. Just get them down to training and well take care of the rest. Yes there will be elements within each class the kids may view as boring, however this will rarely be for the entire class. It will also teach them the discipline to persist with things they don't always enjoy. This skill is highly regarded in the real world!
?I don't like it - Find out exactly what your child doesn't like. It may be that the techniques are difficult or they may be clashing with another student. If either of these are the case then please speak with your child's instructor so we can implement a plan of action to make these issues less of a struggle for your child. Or again if they are simply bored with a particular area of training or just dislike part of training, rest assured that the classes offer plenty of variety so there is sure to be some aspects they enjoy.
?I'm tired - This is important, make sure your child trains when they are most fresh. Martial arts can be both physically and mentally demanding. Your child needs to be alert to handle this. If you child is overly tired for whatever reason, then it doesn't hurt to rest them and give them an appropriate break before commencing training again. If your child has been training a lot and is at risk of burnout, they may need a few days to a week off to feel rejuvenated again.
?It's to easy - The programs at CMA are aged based. It is important that kids are in the right program for their age and ability. If they are getting close to out growing their existing program, it may be time to move them to the next program more appropriate for their age and ability. Please speak to your child's instructor in relation to this.
Finally remember that there will be times when your child doesn't want to train. This is natural. If it is persistent find out why. Often the hardest part is getting them to training. Also remember martial arts may not be their passion like it is yours. Allow your children to find their own passions outside of martial arts and balance that with their martial arts training. Training as a family also helps. Children are more likely to train in martial arts if their other family members do also.
We look forward to seeing you and your family at CMA for more trainingPosted Mar 11, 2017 at 6:31 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, February 25, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Changes to the kids BJJ program at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The kids BJJ program at Campbelltown Martial Arts has been growing strong for a few years now. We started without any syllabus and a few kids potentially interested in the BJJ program. Now we have a number of children of all different levels progressing well through our system. The kids are of a high level and those who compete in outside competitions manage to do extremely well. We are however looking to make improvements to the system by simplifying the syllabus and grading requirements.

To begin with we will no longer have a junior or senior syllabus. The syllabus is simplified enough for our younger students to follow (age 7 and up) and the techniques can also be taught at an advanced level for our higher or more technical students. This should make teaching the kids an easier process.

We are reducing the number of techniques we teach the kids to enable them to retain the information easier and also get better at the techniques. Getting the syllabus right is challenging. We are learning and making the necessary changes from experience. Kids move in a particular way that is very different to adults. They are faster and tend to scramble a lot more when they grapple. As such certain techniques work really well for children and others are better taught when the kids are in their early teens. We will however continue to refine and improve the syllabus as needed.

We are also reducing our gradings from 4 gradings per year to 2 or 3 gradings per year. By reducing the gradings it gives the kids more time to learn the new syllabus techniques and make any necessary changes. All kids who are training regularly every week should be ready to grade at our next one on Tuesday May 2nd. At each grading we will continue to demonstrate the techniques to the kids first as we do not expect them to remember every technique. The main thing is they have an understanding of the objectives of each technique. We will also assist them through any techniques they may need assistance with. With less techniques to learn, the gradings should finish earlier. We hope anyway.

Finally the belt system at Campbelltown Martial Arts is unique to CMA. It follows the adults grading system for BJJ. Other BJJ clubs will have their own belt system and grading requirements. At CMA we require children to be training regularly. We have a syllabus of which the children will learn from and the grading system is as follows:

White belt, 1st Stripe, 2nd Stripe, 3rd Stripe and 4th Stripe.
Blue belt, 1 Stripe, 2nd Stripe, 3rd Stripe
Purple Belt.

The gradings for the kids stop at purple, however they can continue to train in the kids program until they are comfortable to progress to our teens and adults class. We will teach the purple belt students techniques which are applicable to their grappling style and they will still continue to learn and develop. Upon transitioning to the adults BJJ grading they will begin at a white belt level. To make this transition easier for pre teens and early teens, they are able to train with the adults on Thursday night and we have a senior kids class on Friday nights which is for 12 and up or kids blue belt and above. This kids will progress at their own pace into the adults BJJ class. Size, confidence, skill level etc are all factors which can influence this. Ethan Scott is the first of the students who have progressed as a junior BJJ student into the adults program. He is very close to getting his full adult blue belt. In BJJ you have to be 16 to receive an adult blue belt.

For any children wishing to compete in outside tournaments, you may need to wear a white belt or get a separate competition belt as the belt gradings systems are different at CMA and the outside competitions have a set standard they like to follow. Please see Michael for more details on this if you are going to compete.Posted Feb 25, 2017 at 7:10 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, February 18, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Tackling Bullying at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Bullying is a word we hear a lot of in today's society. It isn't a present day issue, however with modern day technology, 24 hour news, people connected online all the time with social media, it is much more publicised and made aware of. It is also harder to escape and potentially in our faces all the time. The martial arts we teach at CMA offers many amazing benefits such as self defence, fitness, enhanced self esteem and mental health, improved coordination just to name a few. The next big issue we would love to tackle is bullying. This is no easy task for if it was we wouldn't hear as much of bullying as we do. Unfortunately is seems to be a problem that many areas of society fail to make inroads.

At Campbelltown Martial Arts we are working together to develop an anti bullying program for our students. As you can imagine there are many ways we could approach this. We are also acutely aware that CMA or any self defence program is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to stopping bullying. It really is a societal problem that needs to be addressed at home, school and within the local community. Focusing on what we can do at CMA is a great starting point and having the parents on board will make our program even more successful. Whilst this program is a work in progress, you may like to start a discussion with your family members on bullying and create your own family rules / strategies on dealing with bullying challenges. I have listed below a few helpful hints to help get this process started. Some of these will be in the bullying program at CMA!
"Done with Bullying"

?Awareness - What is Bullying? Bullying is INTENTIONAL, REPETITIVE behaviour designed to hurt someone.
?Why do people bully? The fact that people bully shows more about their own insecurities and low self worth, otherwise they would have no need to bully. They belittle others to make themselves feel better.
? Avoidance - How to avoid being a target of bullying behaviour. Some little things that may assist you in doing this include carrying yourself in a confident manner, creating safe habits and avoiding scenarios that may increase your risk of being bullied. For example, bully's like to target those who they believe are easy targets, unlikely to fight back. As such appearing confident, engaging with groups of two or more and sticking to safe areas is less likely to leave you vulnerable to bullying.
?Finally, stand up to bullying if you see it! As has been discussed, bully's target those less likely to fight back, as such if you are witness to inappropriate behaviour, you must not ignore it. Even if you simply notify an appropriate person who can help.. You can try to diffuse the situation by distracting the parties involved. You can also offer support to the person being bullied. All of these actions are productive things to do provided you are not putting yourself in further danger. Discuss this strategy clearly with your family members.
?Role play potential bullying scenarios and problem solve strategies for dealing with each issue. This is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself and family members on the issue of bullying.
I look forward to working on a bullying strategy to include within the programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts, In the meantime come up with your own family strategies and feel free to share any positive strategies with your instructors at CMA. Tackling bullying requires a collaborative effort from all areas of societyPosted Feb 18, 2017 at 3:39 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, February 4, 2017</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>CMA signs its 2000th Member!</b>

Success rarely happens quickly. Its much more likely to be slow and resemble something such as two steps forward and one step backwards. In relation to Campbelltown Martial Arts, the full time successful Martial Arts centre it is today, is very different from where it started 25 years ago. The journey of CMA commenced in much more humble beginnings. Having been part of the journey since 1993, I feel like it has taken a lifetime to get where it is at today. Success is rarely pretty. It takes a lot of hard work, courage, commitment and most importantly for CMA building the right culture of staff and students!

For those who aren't aware, CMA commenced in a scout hall in 1992 and quickly grew to 40 students. 3 months later CMA moved to our first full time centre and quickly grew to 100 students. That's where CMA stayed for 12 months until the landlord put the rent out of our reach. As such CMA had to change locations to where we are now. Over the next 14 years the only thing that changed was Michael Scott (owner/director) bought the building that we are in today. This in itself turned out to be a very positive step. From 2007 to today CMA has been a full time Martial Arts centre with an active count of over 400 students. Very recently CMA signed it's 2000th Member!

Owner Michael Scott credits the current success of CMA to the following:
Step one
?I stopped working for someone else and focused 100% on CMA
?Changed my mind set
?Started my professional association with MAIA (Martial Arts Industry Association) and Fari (Owner KMA)
?Gave myself no choice but to succeed
Step two:
?Create my vision for CMA. Including:
?A family martial arts centre with solid programs to suit ages 3 years and up across different styles, with solid family values.
?A legacy for my children
?A career path for others with a unique lifestyle
Step three:
?Know your numbers
?Create a system to track your numbers
Step four: Develop a team so you enjoy time away. Team includes
?Future leaders
?Team leaders
?Office / admin staff
?Repairs / Maintenance staff
Step Five: Marketing and Advertising. This includes
?Web based
?Social media
?Trying something new

The biggest factor in the success in CMA is the Culture of both students and the CMA team who are as dedicated and passionate about CMA and how it can change peoples lives for the better. At CMA we are always looking for ways to improve the training environment, the programs and the overall experience that the student has each time they walk in the doors of CMA.

Some pictures below are of the early days in regards to CMA. Its clear CMA has improved with the times!Posted Feb 4, 2017 at 7:46 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, December 24, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Another Year Almost Over for the Adults Hapkido Program at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Bring on 2017!</b>

Don't Rely on Motivation to Progress!

We are at the end of another year at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Next year marks our 25th year in business! Amazing

This year we have had 8 coloured belt gradings and the biggest event, our Annual Black Belt Grading. Have you progressed as you would have liked in Hapkido for 2016. Hopefully the answer is yes and you are consistently working your way towards your black belt and beyond.

In order to progress in Hapkido it is pretty simple. You must attend the very next class. Don't rely on motivation to get you to training. Motivation only lasts for a short period of time. You need to create successful habits. A habit that does not rely on motivation to occur. If you are unsure of how to do this, rediscover the adult life skill of white belt - Commitment. At white belt this is the first life skill we ask that you devote your time to learning. Commit to training at least twice per week. Establish this habit as quickly as possible by committing yourself to train twice per week. By the time you are ready to grade to orange belt, hopefully it would become a habit that you just do without requiring the motivation to do so. We would achieve very little if we rely solely on motivation as this comes and goes in waves and is not always present when needed. Create the habit of consistently training!

Highlight for 2016
With another year almost gone, the highlight this and every other year is watching the students at Campbelltown Martial Arts progress through the ranks of Hapkido. I have had the privileged of being part of hapkido and other martial arts for more than half my life. I know the benefits that come from committing yourself to something as beneficial as martial arts. It is great to see others who share the same passion and commitment to their martial arts also. I see this time and time again in the students of Campbelltown Martial Arts. The two last gradings of the year at CMA are perfect examples of this! The final coloured belt grading had every belt colour represented. Two new provisional black belts graded, with Michael and Alan on track for black belt at the end of next year. The main focus for the students to continue to work on after the grading is their kicks and foot position during kicks. We will continue to work on this whilst also reviewing the syllabus for next year.

The adults black belt grading in December was an awesome event to watch. It is always our highest ranking grading for the year. The students prepare all year for this annual event. The grading went for over 4 hours and covered all aspects of their syllabus including over 300 aerial and jumping kicks, weapons, self defence, throws, multiple grabs, lots of advance falling including falling over distance and height, sparring and also wood breaks. No drink breaks were allowed, which for a 4 hour grading at the start of summer, makes it very challenging. Obviously under those conditions, the students techniques were not as technical as they could be, however the purpose of the grading is to show maximum spirit. We know the students are capable of the techniques, however are they able to keep going and dig deep when they have nothing left. Especially in relation to the continuous falls, sparring and wood breaks to finish the grading. These are some of the most gruelling aspects of the grading. All students showed amazing courage and spirit on the day to successfully pass the grading. This is a tribute to their dedication towards their training and fitness in the lead up to the grading. It was an extra special day for the Scott family with both mother and son grading together. I believe this is a first at CMA. I am sure it is a moment Natalie and Ethan will treasure forever!
Black Belt grading:
1. Ethan Scott 1st degree
2. Caitlin Nadin 1st degree
3. Jemima Bednarz 2nd degree
4. Jim Hull 2nd degree
5. Peter Adams 2nd degree
6. Natalie Scott 3rd degree
7. Peter Kovic 3rd degree
8. Austin Tang 3rd degree
9. John Alivio 3rd degree
10. Troy Stevens 3rd degree

Wrap up From Michael: Year in review!
2016 was a very strong year for our Hapkido/MMA program which was evident in our end of year gradings. First was our black belt grading. 10 in total with two new black belts, 3 new 2nd degree and 5 new 3rd degrees. Following that came our last coloured belt grading for the year with 14 students progressing to their next belt level. This also included two new provisional black belts. making them on target to grade to black at the end of 2017.

Now with so many high ranking black belts on the mats each night it’s a perfect time to review and refine both the black belt belt and coloured belt programs. One of the many planned improvements will be the addition of Kali to each belt level and more ground control for black belts after take downs. Shell defence is something that has worked very well in the kids program and I am sure the same will be true when the adults start learning and using this.

2017 marks the 25th year in business for CMA and I am excited for the year ahead for all our programs plus new ones that we are working on. See you all back on the CMA mats 9th January 2017.

On behalf of all the staff at CMA we would like to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas over this holiday periodPosted Dec 24, 2016 at 1:10 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, December 7, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Final Kids BJJ Grading for 2016</b>

Tuesday night was the final kids grading for 2016. It was also our largest grading which is a very positive way to end the year.

I am very proud of the Campbelltown Martial Arts BJJ kids program. We have a number of dedicated instructors who all assist to make this a great program. Of course it would not be as successful as it is with out the continued support of the families who bring their kids to BJJ training each week. The kids also deserve a great deal of praise for the way they handle the highly technical and combative nature of BJJ. It is the last class of the evening they do each week and often it is after a long day at school and having trained in a hapkido class prior. Despite this the students endeavor to learn and stay focused in BJJ. Once the grappling begins, there is no sign of tiredness as their competitive nature takes over. The grading last Tuesday night unfolded in a similar way.

The children grading on the night included:

Lexi 1st Stripe
Jack 1st Stripre
Isabella 1st Stripe
Maddison 1st Stripe
Lucas 2nd Stripe
Kobe 2nd Stripe
Korben 2nd Stripe
Jai 3rd Stripe
Levi 3rd Stripe
Rashad 3rd Stripe
Chloe 3rd Stripe
Brody 1st purple Stripe
Emilio 2nd Purple Stripe
William Purple Belt
Whitney 4th Stripe

Its always great to see our white belt BJJ students grading for their first stripe. It was also wonderful to see our 1st and 2nd stripe junior students grading who have been training hard all year for this grading. They started together and have continued to challenge, train and learn BJJ together. Its always more motivating when you have others pushing along with you! A big congratulations to our blue belts who are on their way to earning their purple stripes and William for being only the second CMA kids BJJ student to achieve the level of purple belt.

William will not grade any further under the kids program however he will continue to work on areas of his grappling game that need improving and he will focus on improving the fundamental principals he has learnt so far in his BJJ journey. William also trains in the adults class and when he is confident he will transition into the adults BJJ class fulltime. For those kids who are 12 and older or blue belt and above we offer the Thursday night class with adults, to allow the kids to transition to the adults class when they are ready. We also offer a senior kids BJJ class on Friday night with Matt L.

Finally a big congratulations to Korben for recieving the spirit award of the night. His techniques were the best he has done and he should be very proud! I think he was trying to impress his new little brother!

There are exciting times ahead for the kids BJJ class. Next year we have some students traveling to Melbourne for the BJJ Nationls in September. We will also be reviewing and improving on the kids BJJ syllabus! We will also hopefully have a number of new blue and purple belts at some stage next year.

Michaels Thoughts on the BJJ Grading
The last grading for the year was a big one with all levels of white belts and blue belts grading, making it a very long night for the kids and the helpers.
All the kids knew their work very well and kept their focus on the the task of grading. Once all the techniques were completed it was time to grapple with many hard fought battles across the floor from all levels.

This grading marked a milestone for our kids program and William Cox making him the first male kids purple belt and now the highest ranked in our kids program.

2017 will be an exciting year for the CMA kids BJJ program with the release of a new and improved kids syllabus plus another trip to compete in the nationals in Melbourne in September.

Thank you to all students and their families for your continued support of the BJJ program at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Dec 7, 2016 at 4:32 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, December 6, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults October Grading</b>

The majority of students grading were white belts, probably one of the most nerve racking grading's you'll experience in a martial arts journey. This group of students were more than ready for their grading, after many weeks of consistent training. Overall they graded extremely well, their foot positioning was very good and they all worked hard to get their falls up to scratch with persistence. It was great to see them use their hips during boxing drills so early into their journey. An essential part of executing great boxing technique.

Going from a white belt to an orange belt is a big jump in technique as well as syllabus content. At orange belt students have a lot to process and the detail required is challenging. Over all the orange belt students had good hand technique and strong falls. Their side kicks had strong supporting foot position, but they need a little more work on the position of the kicking foot to ensure they're using the blade of the foot. Their back kick body position was really good, even though it was hard to see if they had their kicking foot in the correct position. Just some small details to work on for the future. Congratulations to both orange belts on your achievement, you both worked really hard to be ready for this grading.

Lachlan is a young man that's a product of our falcons program, he took a small break before returning to CMA as an adult. To be a green belt grading for a blue belt (senior belt) is a fantastic achievement. Lachlan had a strong performance in his grading and has the discipline and right attitude to join the senior's upstairs. Another huge step for Lachlan and I'm very pleased to say he also broke his board with a turning back with ease. Congratulations Lachlan.

Andrew has been waiting 2+ years to finally be injury free and fighting fit to grade to that elusive red belt. Andrew had a challenge in front of him and he took it in his strides, never under estimate the will power and determination of this man. There were times he was spent and could've given up, but he pushed through the mental barriers to power on. Andrew also broke his board successfully with a high spinning heel (held). Andrew congratulations on your achievement, we're all so happy for you. Please don't make it another two years.

It wasn't that long ago Jess was just a junior black belt grading for an adult green, now she's a red belt grading for a big one (provisional black). Jessica has flown through the Adults syllabus and on the night it must be said that her kicks were one the of the highlights of the grading. The height in which Jess is able to raise her foot is mesmerising. Every side kick and turning kick was at her head height. We all dream of that kind of flexibility. While Jess was strong throughout all her grading, more knife training is required for all the senior belts. But over all a really strong performance from the two senior belts that graded. Unfortunately despite Jess's best efforts she was unable to break her boards (high/low spinning heel held). The were very stubborn boards, but never less it was a fantastic attempt. Congratulations to Jess, who will be looking to grade in 2017 for Black Belt.

Our last grading for 2017 will be Wednesday 14th December.Posted Dec 6, 2016 at 5:49 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, November 18, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Journey to Black Belt in BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The last John Will BJJ seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts for the year resulted in some significant milestones being achieved. Like John is in all his seminars, his teaching was inspiring, motivating and left us wanting more. John has an ability to teach a series of techniques to all levels on the mat and in a way the information can be retained and supplemented into his BJJ game immediately. The series of leg attacks and foot locks we learnt was no exception. In addition to his excellent seminar, the highlight of the seminar however was the grading of two of the senior belts present on the mat. The first was second degree black belt being awarded to Steve Perceval, who started his martial arts teaching journey at Campbelltown Martial Arts and now has his own martial arts centre in Penrith. The second exciting and somewhat surprising announcement on the day considering how long it has taken, was awarding our own BJJ Instructor, Michael his black belt!

The road to black belt in BJJ is anything but easy. Michael's journey was exceptionally long, predominately due to the fact he had no fulltime BJJ instructor to guide him during his many years dedicated to learning BJJ. Michaels main BJJ coach was John Will, who's gym was in another state and only visited CMA a few times per year. However where there is a will there is a way and below is Michaels journey to black belt!

My BJJ Black Belt Journey
My first taste of BJJ was almost 20 years ago when I attended a BJJ seminar by Jean Jacques Machado, a black belt. Also present was John Will who back then was still a brown belt and Richard Norton who was also doing the seminar as a purple belt. Without even realising I was in very good company. After the seminar, I was hungry for more and asked John Will where can I learn this and he said from me and that set me on the path of learning and discovery.
White to Blue belt 5 years
Training in BJJ in the early years was difficult as the only places to train were in Wollongong with a blue belt who's name I cannot remember or there was Anthony Lange who was a purple belt, however he was in North Sydney. I was also time poor working full time in addition to running CMA at night. The saving grace back then was John Will doing 4 seminars a year at CMA. He would have Anthony Lange with him plus a few other coloured belts.
After each seminar, I would make notes and draw stick figures of what we had done and that would form the basis of what I would work on with my hapkido students after class and sometimes we would grapple on the ground instead of stand-up sparring at the end of class. In 1999 I purchased a copy of John Will first book Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals and this became my bible.

Blue to Purple Belt 5 years
This marked the start of the CMA BJJ program with one class a week, before progressing to two classes per week. Both classes were late after the hapkido classes had finished for the night. This did not deter a small group of students from their BJJ journey and twice a week we would push each other to the limits, loving every minute of it.
John Will was now only doing 3 seminars a year at CMA due to his ever-growing list of commitments. Other BJJ instructors started to see the value in doing seminars in Australia so I attended every one to quench my thirst for knowledge.

Purple to Brown Belt 5 years
The CMA BJJ program was in full swing now offering 6 adult classes per week and two kids classes. We also produced many adult blue belts and a few purple belts in both the adults and kid's programs.
John Will had further reduced his time at CMA to twice a year and although my students bring the best out in me on the mats every night, I still felt I needed more. As such I starting doing private lessons once a week with Richard Sargeant who I had known since he was a white belt under Steve Perceval.
Richard would push Fari and I every Wednesday and expose us to things that we did not face on our own mats, for me this was just what I needed for now.

Brown to Black Belt 4 1/2 years
More of the same, teach classes, train as much as possible, attend different seminars here and overseas. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey because you are on Black Belt for a very long time.

The next John Will seminar is on Saturday March 4th at 2:00pm. This seminar is for all levels. You can also try our BJJ fundamentals class on Tuesday at 7:30 and Thursday at 6:30pm. It is a great compliment to Hapkido and other stand up based martial artsPosted Nov 18, 2016 at 5:14 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, November 14, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts - Adults Grading August</b>

Just a small adults grading and the first grading in a very long time without one key person Miss Leanne. With Leanne on maternity leave the reins were handed over to Austin and Danielle.

The white belts stayed strong throughout the grading, really focusing on their foot positioning. Front snap and turning kicks are key kicks for these students so their hips needs to be in the correct position for it to be effective. Especially for crescent kicks.

It was great to see all the hard work and practice on falls pay off for all the students on the night. Their technique was very good. Orange and yellow belts were very consistent throughout, really emphasising their foot positions and the energy behind each technique.

Jasmine was the sole green belt grading and her efforts at attending every training session she could, showed real merit during the grading. It was a big step for her but on the night Jasmine gave us a moment to remember. Jasmine should be really proud of her efforts to get through the kicks and we thank her for the reaction of adulation after breaking your wood. It was a priceless reaction. We loved it!!

It has been along time between gradings for Zac. We're very pleased he found his passion again for the art and to have the motivation to train consistently to grade. Any senior belt grading is a tough ask and it pushes your mental boundaries. Zac did fantastic work to push through and successfully complete his grading with just enough energy left to break wood. Now a 'dead' belt (our affectionate name for a red belt) Zac will look to train even harder to achieve a provisional black with the ultimate goal of a black belt, just over the horizon.
Congratulations to all the students on their achievements.Posted Nov 14, 2016 at 5:43 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, October 30, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Falcons October Grading</b>

Already October and it's the 2ndlast grading of 2016 and what a fantastic sight is to see, a row of white belts in the front line. The whole grading was made up of virtually white, orange and yellow belts and a lot of nervous faces. There’s so much involved in preparing for a grading and somehow the kids are able to conquer their nerves, have the confidence to stand in a crowd for public speaking and remember all their techniques. To make it even more remarkable, a falcon grading consists of children of all different ages, 7 year olds to 14 year olds.

The young white belts were a very nervous group this grading and it was great to see so many of them. Every student was very courageous with their speeches and should be very proud. Their kicking and punching techniques were focused and accurate the majority of the time. I think the nervous got to them a little, but the effort was certainly there and that’s all we can ask. The children will only grow in confidence and increase their attention to detail as they become older and more experienced. One of the best qualities martial arts imparts on the student is that they never stop learning and growing as a person/martial artist.

Before getting to the coloured belts I just want acknowledge all the Junior Falcons on their efforts during certain periods of the grading. They all had a go at kicks that are in the Falcons syllabus ONLY, so they only learnt them then and there, and they did a fantastic job without any hesitation.

The orange belts really tried their best; you could see some nerves as well on the young faces, who could blame them. I’d like to say it gets easier, a grading was a huge deal for me. Like the white belts there were some wondering eyes, but when the kids really zoned in on their technique, wow, I just see so much potential. It was great to see the quality of their safety falls because they all handled them very well. I can never fault the children on their public speaking because for almost all of us it’s so daunting and a very brave thing for anyone to do. So kids we really want you to practise focusing on your public speaking as much as you can at CMA, home and school.

The yellow belts are grading for a very important belt - green belt. With green belt comes the responsibility of being a leader in their respective class and the need to set an example. Tonight they demonstrated they all have that potential to be strong members in their class. Their falls were very good and they had very strong self defence. Would like to see some more energy in their hand techniques, but it's great to see them using their hips to generate power in their hand techniques, which is very important.

Priyanka and Eashan are two students that have certainly taken on the responsibility that a green belt posses in their classes and set the example for what is expected. They maybe of different ages, but both very dedicated to their training and eager to learn. Eashan is always answering questions during mat chats and always knows his life skill and speech. It’s this level of exemplary behaviour and ability to focus that has seen them ready to take on their next challenge, a senior falcon. Their performance in the grading was the only thing standing in their way. On the night both children displayed a strong attitude from start to finish and most importantly the effort behind each punch and kick. Some more practise on the foot position of side kick will need some more attention, but its’ a very challenging and advanced kick with lots of steps and technique. Congratulations to the both of you.

Senior Falcons
As an instructor there’s personally nothing more rewarding and no prouder moment than watching your student’s grade and seeing their happy and bright smiles when they receive their new belts. For senior belts it’s a longer time between gradings and we ask so much more physically, emotionally, behaviourally and mentally. They need to be able to co-operate with children of all ages and be cohesive because the techniques are harder and therefore we require more attention to detail. So we ask that they come to class focused and ready to train.

For the blue belts it’s challenging coming to a new class, with different students and instructors. Rhys, Luke, Jasmine and Lily have all handled the changes well. I was very pleased with the maturity they showed during the grading, in particular the consistency in effort when performing their kicks. Any kid can learn the basic concept of these kicks pretty quickly, but it’s only through repetition and understanding of the kick that develops the technique that’s challenging. I was so so happy to see each student take the feedback I gave them, take it on board and execute it. They were concentrating on every hip, foot and head motion. Sir Michael was very impressed with the technique and height of each kick, you should all be so proud of yourselves. I think that was the highlight of their grading for me. You all worked so hard to achieve your goals. Your speeches were beautiful and did a fantastic job with your shell technique.
Congratulations to you, a credit to your dedication and desire to do your best.

Brody is a talented athlete and a lover of all and any sports, it’s that love of sport that has seen him finally get to grading, like the blue belts I really thought Brody did fantastic. One of his highlights was double crescent, he performed this kick with finesse, lots of height and fluency. Brody’s boxing drill was technically equal to the quality of any adult black belt. Brody’s passion for sport allows him to apply himself completely to any task he undertakes. Grading by yourself is no easy feat, all the attention is focused on you, and you’ve watched all the numbers slowly dwindle in front of you. I really can’t fault Brody however the only technique he needs some repetition on was hip throw and more specifically, his ability to 'pop' his hips at the precise moment allowing him to add more snap into the throw. With this grading completed, Brody’s next grading will be next November when he grades for the big one, a junior black belt.

There’s always one moment every student, even I dread in a grading and that’s wood breaks. I am so very pleased to report every student broke their first ever board. I told you, you’re all capable if you put your mind and heart into it. Congratulations to the five of you.

Our spirit awards tonight went two very deserving students who stood out with K’Ups and the heart they put into every count.
Congratulations to Priyanka Paddy & Manaia Romeka-Waapu

Our last grading for 2016 is soon approaching it’ll be Monday December 12th.Posted Oct 30, 2016 at 7:54 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, October 18, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>In-house Tournament Gets Competitive at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

It was another successful tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had over 40 kids compete in events including BJJ, Sword, Sumo and advance falling. We had kids as young as 3 through to our feisty teenagers eager to compete and perform on the day.

The results of the day are below. The most important attribute on the day is not what place everyone came, rather it is having a go and not giving up. Tournaments can be very scary and nerve racking, so this is a great opportunity to learn to handle those nerves in a competition like atmosphere. The benefit of having an in-house tournament is allowing the competitors to familiarize themselves in a competition setting with familiar competitors and venue, making it that little bit less intimidating and overwhelming. For parents it is also much better value for money and close to home, unlike outside competitions.

3 & 4 Year Olds (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
BJJ: Ezekial, Tom, Razana
Sword: Ezekial, Quillan, Oliver
Sumo: Ezekial, Razana, Luka

5 & 6 Year Olds (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
BJJ: Denzel, Isiah, Zacharie
Sword: Denzel, Kiera, Tyrone
Sumo: Denzel, Sebastian, Sava

9 & 10 Year Olds (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
BJJ: Brody, Logan, Rashad
Sword: Brody, Logan, Mania
Sumo: Mania, Alonso, Brody

11 & 12 Year Olds (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
BJJ: Jack, Ronin, Hope
Sword: Jack, Ronin, Hope
Sumo: Ronin, Hope, Jack

Teens (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
BJJ: Isaac, Whitney, Luke
Sword: Paolo, Whitney, Aidan
Sumo: Paolo, Whitney, Isaac

Well done to Isaac, Jack and Paolo for placing in the top 3 of the advance falling category which is always the highlight in any CMA tournament and a great spectacle to watch.

A big congratulations to our spirit award winners. This award is handed out to the students who never give up in each category despite not receiving a top 3 finish.

The link below is the highlights of the day and as you will see the kids have an enormous amount of talent, spirit and courage when competing.
This was our last in house tournament for the year. The next ones will be next year.Posted Oct 18, 2016 at 5:31 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, September 29, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown martials Arts Falcons Grading August</b>

Falcons August Grading

It was really good to see so many junior belts grading tonight, the grading couldn’t have started any better than the really loud and confident speeches. From White belt to Brown all the students spoke clear and concise, the speeches seem to get stronger with every grading.

The white belts set the tone early with their strong K’Ups, they were very strong and full of spirit, especially after the falls. This continued throughout the grading. The white belts are doing well with their falls, lots of potential. It’s important the kids get the basics of the falls at white belt and will continue to develop and improve on their technique, with that also comes confidence.
The orange belts had really good hand techniques and did a great effort with their kicks. Sir always wants to see how high you can kick especially big high circles for crescent kicks. So remember we love height.
The yellow belts worked hard every class leading up to the grading, they should all be very proud of their efforts. Importantly all the kids knew the basics of all their kicks and hands well. It’s the smaller more detailed technique of the kick or combination that will continue to develop as they progress in their journey.

The Joshua and David’s performance in the grading proved they have the determination and are ready to become Senior Falcons. The level of spirit Joshua displayed on the night was inspiring. His K’ups was a standout on the night and showed everyone how it’s done. Like previous students before them more practises is required on turning back kicks and sidekick. It’s definitely more challenging than what they’re used to and we’ll continue to develop and review these techniques. Joshua and David have already proven their dedication to training and Mr. Austin and Miss Danielle look forward to welcoming them into our class. Congratulations to you both.
Senior Falcon’s
Our recent Falcon’s student of the year Whitney was among the graders. Whitney showed incredible consistency throughout the grading in terms of spirit and effort, pushing through the grading right until the end. Similarly Amelia had to find that little extra in the tank towards the end of the grading to make it through and showed great persistence in doing so. Jacob on the night had very technical self-defence and kicks, not just on his belt level but throughout the white to green techniques as well. Brayden’s strength of character has shown a steady improvement in the months leading up to the grading and this was evident in the grading. Brayden overcame several mental blocks and challenges on the night, which is a tremendous achievement within itself. Finally, Alyssa was another grader who showed a great technical understand and proficiency. Pushing her kicks higher and her hand techniques harder consistently throughout the night.

The wood breaks were by far the highlight of the night, with a surprise shortage of kid’s boards. Two students had to step up to the challenge of breaking adult thicknesses boards. This is were the student’s mental fortitude and resilience really shone through. After the longer grading all senior belt grades successfully completed their board breaks. Regardless of the thickness, each student faced the same uncertainty and fear, but were able to overcome these mental barriers. Special mention must be made to Whitney and Brayden for successfully breaking their respective adult thickness boards. Something that most junior black belts and adults for that matter occasionally struggle with. Overall it was a extremely successful grading for the senior falcons, with all students pushing past their limits and achieving goals they never could have imagined at their young age. Congratulation again to all the graders, you have made your instructors, parents and families very happy and proud.

Our next grading will be in October for more information on upcoming gradings or any other events visit our website

Congratulations to our spirit award winners, this grading Sir had THREE!!
Lexie Saunders
Victoria Lloret
Joshua AdamsPosted Sep 29, 2016 at 3:28 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, August 11, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Student of the Year at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

What a great achievement for those students who were selected by the team of instructors at CMA as our Student of the Year recipients for 2016.

These outstanding students are listed below:

Eagles Student of the Year - Quillan

Quillan was chosen for student of the year because of ABC's that he displays in each and every class. Quillan has trained as a junior eagle for almost 2 years and has grown into a hard working focused young boy. He puts 100% effort into every class and trains to the best of his ability. Quillan is always listening, following instructions and demonstrating great behaviour for his peers and the other children in the class, including those older than him.

Falcon of the Year - Whitney

Whitney has consistently demonstrated the ABCs of martial arts, that being excellence in attitude, behaviour and character both on and off the mats. Whitney has really began to mature before our eyes, into a lovely young person. She always come to class with a positive attitude, is focused on her training, can be trusted to train without supervision and cooperate with any training partner assigned to her. Whitney has a kind nature and is very respectful of her training partners and superiors. Her strength of character can be seen in her willingness to give everything a go and to maintain high spirits when things may not go her way. Whitney is also extremely persistent, always trying to improve and better herself constantly. Never complaining about performing a technique several times, until she executes it perfectly.

Adult Student of the Year - Peter Adams
Peter was very deserving of this award due to his extremely friendly and personable character and willingness to offer support to anyone in need both on the mats and off the mats. Peter is an excellent example of the type of black belt we want to have at CMA. He is extremely approachable, whilst at the same time is persistent in his commitment to his own training, travelling almost an hour each way to attend classes at CMA. That is dedication. Peter also is a highly technical martial artist, one of CMA's best advanced fallers and constantly works on his own fitness in our cage fitness classes. Finally whilst no spring chicken himself, Peter is a great role model to our junior adult students at CMA.Posted Aug 11, 2016 at 7:37 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, July 17, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Training Your Core! at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

What exactly is the core? The core region is a larger area than many people realise and includes the rectus abdominus (6 pack area), the transverse abdominus (deepest muscle layer in the abdomen region) and the obliques - both internal and external. It also incorporates everything from the hips to the shoulder and those muscles which interact with these areas. Its main job is to offer stability and support to the spine and allow for a solid foundation for limb movement. The role of the core is very important and essential for performing at the highest level in any sport and preventing injuries as part of one's daily activities.

Focusing on a flat, toned midsection may be a common goal of many people, however a strong and stable core offers many additional benefits beyond aesthetics. One of the primary benefits of a strong and stable core is being able to transfer forces between the upper and low extremities, maximising limb speed and force. This increases our ability to do everything from carrying heavy loads, to running faster, increases our level of agility and ability to change direction quickly, jump higher and maximises strength. These benefits also extend to our daily living activities such as squatting to pick something up, to carrying groceries or our children, cleaning etc. Finally a strong and stable core also offers rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits in building a stronger foundation in ones spinal region. As always appropriate advice should be sought in treating any injury.

According to Fitness Australia, there is a certain threshold level of core training we should engage in and anything above that level, doesn't offer any real additional benefit. However it is not exactly known what the exact threshold level is. As such incorporating core exercises in your training sessions should become a consistent habit. The good news is at Campbelltown Martial Arts Cage Fitness focuses specifically on engaging the core in every single exercise.
How to Train the Core!
Bracing: Training your core in its entirety rather than focusing on isolating specific muscle groups such as with stomach crunches is more effective in building a strong core foundation, however there may be other reasons why you may want to work individual muscles, so i am not suggesting not to do this either. Cage Fitness incorporates both types of exercises in all there classes.

In cage fitness we teach all participants to brace their entire mid section for every exercise. This involves tensing the abdominal region, activating the pelvic floor area and creating a strong mid section to reduce the load from the spine. This is very important when performing cage fitness exercises.

There are additional core exercises which really work together to build a strong core region once bracing has been achieved. These include bird dogs, side plank, curl ups, farmers carry etc. These exercises are taught in cagePosted Jul 17, 2016 at 8:05 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, June 10, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts First In-house Tournament a Big Success Despite the Bad Weather!</b>

The horrendous weather and record rain wasn't enough to dampen the enthusiasm of the numerous kids competing in CMA's first in house tournament. It was the first one for the year, with another scheduled towards the end of the year. We had over 35 kids competing in division ages 3 until 13 years. The events included BJJ, Sumo, Sword and advanced falling.

This year we changed the format to handing out the medals and trophies at the end of each division, rather than at the end of the entire event. This proved to be successful in allowing families to enjoy the rest of their Sunday after the tournament, with the event finishing by lunch time!

Its always great to see new competitors competing for the first time and at the other end of the spectrum seeing our veteran competitors turning up at each in house tournament to compete!

The idea of the in-house tournament is to enable our students to challenge themselves in a competition type setting without the extra cost and travel associated with outside martial arts tournaments. Running two of these twice per year usually ends up being a very successful event for CMA. A few or our students also usually transition into the kids BJJ program as a result of the tournament which is always great to see!

The overall tournament results are below:

3 & 4 years
Sumo Sword BJJ
1 Ruby Ruby Ruby
2 Ezekiel Quillan Ezekiel
3 Emily Jake Luca
5 & 6
1 Denzel Kobe Dion
2 Matilda Tyrone Denzel
3 Brody Dylan Matilda
7 & 8
1 Levi Levi Levi
2 Rashad Jai Lexie
3 Jai William S Rashad
Spirit Winner - Chloe Cox
9 & 10
1 Ronin Ronin Ronin
2 Brody Cox Brody Condran Brody Cox
3 Charlee Brody Cox Charlee
Spirit Winner - Brody Condran
11 Plus
1 Kindra Kindra Kindra
2 William William William
3 Whitney Gryphon Gryphon
Spirit Winner - Whitney
Falling Distance
1 Gryphon
2 Jack
3 Kindra
Falling Height
1 Gryphon
2 Jack
3 William

Michaels Thougths on the Tournament
We had 36 kids turn up for the tournament only 4 pulled out and considering the weather we had leading up to the day and on the day that was excellent, it poured rain all day.
We tried a new format, which was the same as outside competitions use by handing out the trophies to the winners after each event and this worked extremly well. However although we lost the big presentation at the end, the kids did not have to wait around once their division was finished.
As always the competition was at a high level but friendly with all competitors giving their all on the mats. Congratulations to all the winners with a few standout competitors who had a clean sweep of their divisions with three first places Ruby, Levi, Ronin, Kindra and Gryphon in the falling.
Thankyou to all the CMA team, instructors, helpers and parents who helped make the day such a great success.
The next in-house tournament is Sunday October 9th. We hope to make it another successful day!Posted Jun 10, 2016 at 8:56 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, June 6, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior black Belt grading May 28th</b>

On a cool Saturday morning in May, a rare luxury for any black belt grading, a bunch of cool, calm and collected students wait patiently before the start of a long grading. This was going to be a big grading.

Never have we EVER had Thirteen yes that’s right 13 students in a junior black belt grading, I don’t think we’ve ever had that many going for an adult black belt grading. Our three provisional black belts and ten junior black belts, six 2ndstripe and four 3rdstripe were set into hard training as soon as March. The multiple techniques they have to learn and all the little detail that goes with them all take a lot of time and practise.

Any grading is always nerve racking, your stomach is full of butterflies, especially for those who don’t know what they’re in for. For Hope and Chloe this was a grading like no other. Liam and William unfortunately had to withdraw from our last grading in November due to dehydration and illness. So this certainly was a grading they were pulling out all the stops out to be fighting fit for.

The heartfelt speeches from the kids always start our grading and are always a highlight, I just hope the kids remember what they and leader by example, because they are all truly remarkable children. After the speeches our provisional black belts (Hope, Chloe and Liam) light their candles to signify the start of their grading and blown out at the end.

In previous gradings the line for Tan Jung breathing is fairly short and the mats are usually only half full, but this grading you didn’t know where to look, it was an incredible sight to see, thirteen targets, thirteen students and thirteen volunteer target holders. Any which way you looked there were students kicking and punches everywhere, but how great is it to see all these junior blacks and to be with adult black belts right there with them. What an achievement and a tribute to the centre to produce an abundance of black belts (both junior/senior.)

I’m pleased to say every student was able get through all the kicks, it’s certainly one of the most challenging sections of the day. All the kids paced themselves very well and the inclusion of a quick drink kept them all perky. The timed falling was quite a spectacle some students getting incredible height on their falls Gryphon and Ronin really stood out. Again great to see all the kids continuous picking themselves up and push through the mental barriers. Never before have we had to do all the falls and XMA/MMA in two batches.

It was impressive to see the kip-up, group 1 did their five well everyone eventually completed them and the second group well, if you blinked you missed them. Up/down up/down in no time. The hand springs were quite amazing and funny to watch, ohh Lukey.

Diving over targets, self defence, one step, multiple grabs, three 2min rounds of boxing and throws, so many components to a junior black belt grading that requires concentration and heart and that was only 3/4’s. The weapon displays were good, they appeared a little tired, maybe lacked a little bit of energy.

The 5x 2min rounds of sparring is the last test of the grading, the time for the kids to leave nothing in the tank and really give it to the adults. Again fantastic to have thirteen adults there to partner the children and volunteer their time for our youngies. All the kids sparred with heart and gave their best, giving it to the adults. For some their future training partners in time to come. It was tough, exhausting and challenging to spar at such an intense level especially for our provisional’s, but nobody was going home early today. Congratulations on your efforts, some of our adults were just as tired at the end of that 10mins as you all were.

The wood breaks were spectacular; our provisionals Liam, Chloe and Hope went bang, bang, bang. One wood break straight after the other in only 1 or 2 attempts, excellent!! The 2nd stripers had elbow which has proven to be a tough one for previous kids. We saw some amazing attempts; don’t know how the board didn’t break and some that were over sooo quick, the camera wasn’t ready. You all only gain more respect for your efforts. Turning back kick for our 3rd stripers was a toughie for some of them, our older students had no trouble, that little bit of extra strength does go a long way. Nether less whole hearted attempts and a stronger character gained.

The wood breaks were a positive way to complete their grading and I’m so proud of how they all performed. To be honest they didn’t even look that tired, I reckon they had more in them, maybe they disguise how tired they are well.

At the completion of their grading, a very special moment for the provisional black belts four to five years of dedicated training, working so hard to climb the ladder to achieve that prestigous level of a black belt finally a reality. The signing of their Black belt oath, blowing out their candle to signify they’ve done it and a brand new belt with your name on it, wow what an achievement Congratulations Liam, Hope and Chloe, you all pushed yourselves and each other on the day and leading up to grading. I’m so excited for you all and couldn’t be happier.

Our ten Black belts have once again not disappointed, they have to work extremely hard in such a short period of time, harder than any adult grading for a coloured belt. They need to be focused and understand the need for attention to detail. They are dedicated and talented and nothing short of brilliant kids, I hope they continue to lead by example continue train hard and I know we’ll have green belts/4th stripe black belts around your waist in no time. I hope you all know how much your instructors invest their time, energy and expertise in each and every one of you. Congratulations to all of you, we are all so proud.

This grading could not be so successful and without the assistance of our dedicated helpers, supporters and volunteers, whether they were on the floor helping, taking photos or merely there on the sidelines to cheer them on thank you!!!!!!

Rodney, Austin, Brian, Mark, Steve, Joegil , Natalie, Peter, Leanne, Paolo, Stephanie, Joshua, Yazmin, Andrew, Ben (photography), Emilio, all the siblings on the sidelines, parents and everyone else. We appreciate your time.Posted Jun 6, 2016 at 8:12 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, May 15, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Congratulations on those students who graded in April adults Hapkido Grading!</b>

We had our second grading of the year recently in April for the adults hapkido grading. It was another small grading however those that did grade as always worked hard to get their modules marked off to be eligible to grade on the night.

We had 5 students grading. Gurvinder Singh and Ben Blundell grading to orange belt, Nick Hawkes grading to green belt and Warren and Yazmin grading to brown belt.

All students spent the month prior to grading anxiously trying to get their modules marked off. Due to the grading being held right after the school holidays, this interfered somewhat with the students preparation as they had holidays planned etc. Despite this, those who did manage to grade on the night were both technical and well prepared for the grading.

A few students had to miss the grading due to other commitments or not being able to make up the time with being away due to holidays. The good news is for these students, the next grading is in late June, so that is not long to wait and they should be very ready to grade by then if they keep training!

For other students who are keen to grade, please put your name on the grading sheet and continue training as often as possible to allow plenty of time for your modules to be marked off. We have a few yellow belts who have been on their belt for a long time. I need these students to be training 3 times per week between now and the grading so that they can finally move to the next level.

Michael's thoughts on the Grading!
A small group, but big performances on the night and all pushed themselves through nerves and fitness barriers. Great to see two more orange belts start there journey at CMA with Ben showing what it means to be humble by taking off his black belt in karate and wearing a white belt at CMA to start the journey again. Big congratulations to Nikolas reaching the milestone of green belt in his journey to Black belt. CMA now has two more quality brown belts with both Warren & Yazmin.Posted May 15, 2016 at 3:48 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, March 17, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts had its first adults grading for the year. It was a small grading
with the following students grading:

Joseph Orange
Salah Darwiche Orange
Francheska Vargas orange
Dafar Al-Haider Orange
Isaac Scattergod Orange
Lee Comerford Blue
Alan Fitzsimons Red
Despite the small grading, all those who graded have worked hard since last year to learn their syllabus techniques and get the required number of classes.

Great effort by the white belts who graded as this was their first ever grading and it was Isaac's first grading in the adults program. Since returning back to training after the new year, most of the class time has been focused on practicing syllabus techniques and we had very little time to focus on anything else.

Lee was more than ready to grade for his blue belt as he missed the December grading being away on holidays. Lee was strong in all of his techniques and i'm sure will be a great asset to the senior hapkido class now that he is a blue belt.

Alan had a big grading, going for his red belt. He has progressed consistently since joining the senior belts and is always staying back after class to work on his fitness and stretching. The results are showing with Alan training very consistently where previously he had to take time out due to injuries. On the night Alan showed great spirit and at times he really needed it. It was a hot night and a physically demanding grading. To Alan's credit he didn't give up. Now that Alan is a red belt I am sure he will benefit from slowing down when practicing his techniques and focusing on the core principals of Hapkido, circular motion, using the other persons energy and the water flowing principal. This will make a big difference to way he executes his techniques.

Michaels Words on the Grading
Just a small adults grading to start the new year in fact one of our quickest on record, but there were plenty of students there in support of the ones grading. Always great to see the support at gradings from all programs and levels.
I would like to welcome Salah, Francheska, Dafar, Joseph and Isaac to orange belt, Lee to blue belt and his new journey training upstairs. Alan has reached the important milestone of red belt not that far to black now.
The next grading is scheduled for Wednesday April 27th. To be eligible to grade students need to be training twice per week all year, have completed all their modules and earned all their syllabus techniques. If you believe you will be ready to grade please see your instructor to discuss the April Grading.Posted Mar 17, 2016 at 2:23 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, March 3, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Febrauary Falcons grading</b>

Falcons Grading - February 2016
A new year and already it’s time for February grading. Last Monday was all about the white and orange belts, making up 85% of the students grading.

To be eligible to grade a student needs to have been training regularly, have the classes, demonstrate the ABC’s of CMA, as well as knowing their techniques through their modules. For a senior belt add in extra fitness. To complete a grading a student needs to demonstrate Focus, not just do their techniques, but with intensity. They need to have heart, the passion for the art and the ability to push themselves through adversity, all these qualities are learned with every grading a student completes.
The white and orange belts continue to excel very quickly in their falls, its’ amazing how quickly the kids pick up the technique. Some of these falls would be very foreign for kids at first. Everyone did very well with their self defence and knew their hands/kicks; however some more repetitions are required for practise on those small details. Also kids for further gradings don’t be afraid to show your power, we love seeing powerful kicks and punches. Congratulations white belts on your first Hapkido grading at CMA.
From Yellow to red belt, the rest of the grading was made up of singles. One student on each belt grading, so all of a sudden the room was quiet and you couldn’t hide. Having the spotlight solely on you can be very daunting, but Joshua and Jasmine composed themselves very well. Jasmine has also on recently recovered from broken arm that saw her miss out some training a previous grading. Joshua was very focused and worked really hard on his techniques, once again very good falls , which is imperative as you get higher up in the ranks. With Joshua’s efforts on the night and his good attitude he will make a great leader as a green belt in his class.
Jasmine’s efforts on her kicks (which are very technical and require endless amounts of practise), showed she had dedicated time to perfect them to the best of her abilities. Some more practise on the ‘Foot post’ for sidekick still requires some more repetition, however this is a very unnatural movement at first and will come together in time.

Logan is a student full of passion and his efforts Monday night were epic. The young man put absolutely everything into every kick and punches from white to blue. The sweat pouring down and the focus his face was enough to see how hard he was trying. He graded as good as any senior adult belt, so congratulations Logan, I hope yoyu go all the way to junior black belt, with that level of commitement.
Laila is a quiet achiever who all of a sudden was grading for a red belt, it wasn't that long ago she came to us a blue belt. Laila was cruising through the grading, but when it came to her kicks she had to go to another level and push through the pain barrier. With her brother by her side all night there to support her, nothing was going to stop her. Laila you should be very proud of your efforts and how well you have excelled as a senior falcon, there is nothing you can't do if you put the practise and time into it. Congratulations!

Stephanie had a small mental breakthrough on Monday, having to go through every belt techniques until her own. It can be very challenging and her kicks are all up and down movements, there were times she just wanted it to be over, but with the support of instructors and family she pushed through. Steph always knew this grading would ask a lot of her and to her credit, she didn't let the physical aspect stop her from not getting to the end. Stephanie I knew you could do it, well done. Your next step junior black will be another mountain, so you need to really step up training, this grading is the ultimate physical and mental challenge.

On to a graders worst fears 'Wood Breaks' Logan stepped up first, despite his best efforts that board just didn't want to break and unfortunately wasn't successful this time around. It was a very good try for his first attempt at breaking wood. Laila was able to break her board on the 2nd attempt with axe kick and Stephanie was in such a hurry to break her board she got 1st go with axe kick, before anyone was ready to video it.

Tonight we also had two spirit award winners for their efforts on the night, congratulations Logan Duke and Shefaa Julius
Congratulations to all our graders, our next grading will be held Monday 11th AprilPosted Mar 3, 2016 at 6:57 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, February 29, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>John Will BJJ Seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Last week we were privileged enough to enjoy another amazing BJJ seminar with John Will focusing specifically on the cross collar BJJ grip from a seated guard position. All levels including those at white belt level all the way to 2nd degree black belt participated in the seminar and benefited from the techniques being taught. Such is the unique teaching ability of John Will, he is able to teach a series of relevant techniques to belts of all levels and have everyone benefit and learn in some way.

The cross collar grip involved griping your opponents collar with the right hand and through mounting a stiff arm defence and tracking the opponent in your guard, launching a series of attacks depending on the position they move. If your opponent moved to the left, this involved a collar drag and by kicking the opponent's knee exposing their back. Should the opponent back away, using their momentum to come off your feet and drive them backwards with the stiff arm, taping the knee on the way to secure both a guard pass and sweep. Other sweeps focused on included butterfly sweep, catapult sweep, ankle pick if the opponent postures up to their feet and a series of single x guard maneuveurs

I encourage all seminar participants to practise the techniques learnt in the seminar. This is an investment in your BJJ that involves more than learning a series of techniques. You need to focus on the principals behind the technique and spend lots of time drilling with a partner who also attended the seminar so you can both assist and teach each should one forget important aspects of the technique. All levels can immediately start to drill and then when comfortable apply the techniques into their game in a gradual manner. By that I mean perhaps only focusing on the first step of the technique until you have that down pat. In this case that would be the cross collar grip. After that proceed to the next attack you would like to achieve in grappling.

Remember however with your grappling and any other area of your life, focus on the small improvements and celebrate them, rather than just waiting for major milestones to be achieved. We need small victories to motivate us to keep progressing towards our larger goals as was discussed at the end of the seminar with John!

Johns next seminar is Saturday October 8th. That is plenty of time to drill the techniques presented in the seminar and if time allows to ask any questions you may have in relation to these techniques or any other aspect of your BJJ learning.

Finally a big congratulations to Richard Sargent for achieving his 2nd degree Black Belt in BJJ. Richard is now qualified to award other black belts in BJJ.

Michaels Thoughts on the Seminar
It was great to have John back at CMA and to see him in such good health after his recent heart attack. The theme for the day was collar control, an old style guard which sets up many sweeps and finishes.
This is something that I learnt at blue belt and made it a big part of my game and now use it as a transition to other guard types, John showed how it is an effective guard even when your opponent stands.
The big surprise for the day was John awarded Richard his 2nd dan in BJJ. This now allows Richard to promote students to Black belt, a great responsibility and none more deserving than Richard.
Lock in the 8th October 2016 to join John on the CMA mats again.Posted Feb 29, 2016 at 5:40 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, February 21, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Safety Program for Children</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts prides it self on the unique comprehensive life skills program we have implemented for all students at CMA. We have implemented much more than a generic martial arts syllabus. Whilst we do have a thorough stand up and ground based martial arts system which centres around self defence. We have also included life skills and public speaking components for all our students. We decided to do this as sometimes the students themselves or parents do not recognise the valuable benefits of learning a martial art. By highlighting the values on each belt level and encouraging them to be implemented in all areas of a students life, these values become more universally recognisable.

It is extremely important that what we teach at CMA is encouraged away from the dojo. This is especially so for children in the areas concerning their safety and security. I would like to include a few things that parents can do for their children to educate them on ways of being safe and smart as they navigate their way through this ever confusing modern world they are apart of.
Stranger Awareness

?Exactly who is a stranger to your child and family? Discuss this with them, including that a stranger is someone you do not personally know. They may be kind or otherwise. You cannot tell via looks who is a threat and who is not. This is very important. Children need to understand that not all dangerous people look like monsters. You can't tell the level of threat of someone simply by how they look. That being said remind your family that most people are genuine and you can and should ask for help if needed, preferably do this in a public setting.
?Who are the best people to ask for help or assistance for your family if needed? Discuss this with family members and collective decide together who may be good people to approach should trouble arise. It may be for example, workers in a local shop, police, emergency service workers, teachers, your local preschool or school, perhaps some friendly neighbours you may be aware of.
?Recognising suspicious behaviour. Role play with your family, possible scenarios that should ring alarm bells should a stranger display that behaviour. For example an adult telling your children that their parents instructed them to collect your kids due to an emergency. Only trusted family members should be given this privilege and explain this to your children. A stranger telling your kids to do or act a certain way without telling anyone. Let your children know it is ok to say no to an adult and generally speaking an adult should not ask a child for help especially with things such as directions etc.
?Discuss safety in numbers and where possible ensure your child is always with someone.
?Point out safe places.
?Have a way for children to contact your or another family member if they are in trouble.
?Teach your children to remember their address, phone number, personal details etc, in case you need to be contacted in an emergency
?Finally teach your child to trust their instincts and to be assertive if ever they feel uncomfortable.

Staying Safe Online
?Establish Internet Rules for your children including when and where they are able to access the internet, the amount on time on the internet, the specific sites they are able to visit and finally monitor their social networking usage. Internet filters and family protection software can make this easier and automatic to keep track of.
?Discuss the risk that someone on the internet they may interact with may not be who they say they are.
?Do not share private and personal information.
?Check your children's internet history, messaging etc
?Provide avenues for your children to go to if they feel they are being bullied, harassed, their safety compromised etc. This is a big risk on the internet.

Remember thanks to the world wide web, we have information instantly available and accessible. However if it is not used correctly, ourselves and children may be at an increased risk. Stanger danger outside the home is one risk we have to contend with, the interent is another. To help education our familys and children, CMA will be hosting a Cyber Safety and Stranger Awareness Education session. All falcons, teen students and their familys are welcome to attend. This will be held on Monday 14th March at 6:00pm. It will be hosted by a Crime Prevention Officer of Campbelltown Police Station. I encourage you all to attend.Posted Feb 21, 2016 at 5:07 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, February 11, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Kids Shine in Recent BJJ competitions!</b>

A few competitors from the CMA Kids BJJ program have well and truly immersed themselves into BJJ already so early on in the year. They certainly didn't wait to enter competition mode either with Jack, Kindra, William and Brody representing CMA proud at recent tournaments and all all of them receiving medals for their division.
Events BJJ Initiator Crown
Reports below from both Jack and Kindra on their persepective of this competition. Jack placed first in both the Gi and No Gi events, despite having to fight up several weight classes! Whilst Kindra was awarded the initiator cup tournament encouragement award for junior female!!!
Report from Jack. Before the day of competition someone rang my mum because I was entered in the 44 kilo to 46 kilo weight class, however they said they didn't have anybody in my division so would I fight a girl 2 weight divisions up from me in the 58 kilo weight or we would get a refund. Mum was really happy about the refund because it cost $90 for 2 fights. Mum asked if I wanted to fight her, I said yes. I won with an armbar in 28seconds, and my first time to fight outside CMA in no GI competition I also won that with an armbar. I got 2 gold medals and I got to hang out with 2 friends that I have fought before from other gyms.

Report from Kindra.
The Initiator Crown was the first tournament on the BJJ calendar for 2016 and I competed in both Gi and No Gi bringing home a really nice gold Medal in both.

In Gi I had to fight up in a higher weight division against another girl who has won a few big comps. She was a really good grappler, very strong and tried to pull me in to guard straight away which happens a lot in competitions. I managed to break guard and bring the fight back up to standing. We both then competed for the dominate grip to set up the next take down attempt, I copped a head butt to the temple, the ref was really good and stopped the fight to make sure I was ok and then we were back at it. Aisha went for a double leg takedown and I sprawled taking her to the ground and eventually submitting her with a back choke with 8 second left on the clock. I was ahead on points but it was nice to finish with a submission.

In No Gi I was able to compete against my good friend Brionii from Melbourne, we are starting to know each other’s moves so we have to try different things. Brionii pulled me down in to guard (her signature move is to pull guard and then triangle armbar) we wrestled on the ground with me in her guard and I managed to get her in a figure 4. My coaches would prefer I didn’t try to do figure 4 from guard but the position was there to try and it paid off. Doing so many tournaments I have met lots of new people and made some really great friends from other clubs and states so it is great catching up having a roll, sometime we win some time we learn but it is always fun.

Grappling Industries Tournament – 7th February 2016
Kindra Doyle – Tournament Recap.

This was an awesome tournament – Gold in Gi, Silver in No-Gi

Grappling Industries tournaments are a round robin, 3 minute rounds so even if there is only one other person in you division you can have 3 grapples.

I had 3 Gi Grapples against the same guy – Trent.
Round 1: I was ahead on points however Trent had a strong collar grip on me and when I rolled to a new position the collar choked me and I passed out giving him the submission and win.
Round 2: After recovering from round one and not wanting to give up I got back on the mats and submitted him with an armbar with over a minute left on the clock.
Round 3: Feeling pumped after my win I was back on the mats with only a couple of minutes rest in between fights and this time we grappled the full 3 minutes and I won by advantage.

No Gi
In No-Gi I had to fight up in a higher weight division and went three rounds against the “Iceman” who is a World Champion competitor and a really nice guy.
Round 1: Was lots of fun, we rolled and I mean rolled around so much I got dizzy, but it was really fluid but he finally caught me in a back choke and he won the grapple.
Round 2: Another fast paced grapple with lots of different moves and positions, I nearly went to time in this one but the ref called the fight over with just 1 second to go. Not many of the “Iceman’s” challengers make it to the end of the grapple so that was quite an achievement.
Round 3: My final grapple was a hard one and unfortunately he caught my arm and submitted me with an Armbar.

As they say “There is no losing in Jiu Jitsu, you either win or learn” and I learnt a lot about myself and my grappling today"

William Cox - Tournament recap

Last Sunday the I participated in a round-robin style tournament event in BJJ. It was run by Grappling Industries and I prefer it a lot better than other competitions where you only get to grapple once or twice and you’re done. This comp was a lot more enjoyable since you get a guaranteed 3 grapples or sometimes even more if you have a large division. There were 12 kids in my division I believe. To determine the overall winner it is based on points you achieve in each match. For example a submission is 4 points and a win via points counts as 2 points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the division wins. I really enjoyed the structure of this competition as even if you win all your grapples by points, someone else might of won by submission which means that the person who submitted has a better chance of winning overall. In case you are wondering I came 3rd after winning three out of four of my matches via points. I started off slow losing via advantage and finished strongest, trying very hard for a submission, however it wasn't meant to be. I look forward to doing this competition next year.

Brody Cox - Tournament recap

Last Sunday in the grappling industries tournament I competed in four fights in the 30-34kg division, ages 9-10. I won two matches via arm bar and the third fight via points. I lost my last fight via a guard pass in the last seconds of the match. I was running very low on energy by then. The snake lollies between matches wasn't enough to keep me going! Overall I finished 3rd in my division out of maybe 10 kids and enjoyed the rest of the day at the comp supporting other CMA competitors and playing my ipad!

Well done to Kindra, Jack, William and Brody for your excellent efforts in these competitions. We look forward to hearing your updates in any future comps you may compete in. For more details on our kids BJJ program visit For those who already train in the program and would like to experience a competition, then keep an eye on our in house competition in May. This is a great way to participate in the thrills of a BJJ comp in a familiar environment with your training buddies. The date is Sunday 1st May.Posted Feb 11, 2016 at 2:24 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, January 31, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Train Your Brain for Multi Tasking At Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Considerable research exists regarding exercise and improved brain functioning for people of all ages. Much research is now centred on the role of cardio respiratory fitness correlating with improved higher executive functioning in the brain as we age, which is critical for problem solving skills and reasoning. Put simply improved aerobic fitness translates into improving our ability to make the right decisions at the right time under pressure. This is critical in nearly every aspect of being able to function effectively in a high pressure modern society. As individuals the more we achieve or successful we become, the more we want, the smarter we will need to be to rise to the next level. Especially in the unpredicable society we belong. The smart way to improve our cardio respiratory fitness, and hence improve our ability to function at the highest level neurological is to train in the most efficient way possible, which maximises our cardio respiratory fitness. Fortunately Campbelltown Martial Arts really does have the perfect program for time restricted adults who could really benefit from some time out of their busy schedules to invest back into themselves enabling them to be more productive in the long run.

Cage Fitness is an awesome complete fitness program designed specially to offer you the improved cardio respiratory fitness needed to improve your overall physical and mental health in the long run. In just over 30 minutes you will work every aspect of your body, that being upper body, lower body, core and posture, whilst also dramatically improving your aerobic fitness. Its important to understand the key to training effectively is not the duration, rather the quality of the workout. In cage fitness you train hard for 5 rounds of approximately 5 minutes duration, we minimal rest in between. There are hundreds of variety of exercises for all levels and you literally do not have time to get bored. The intensity is completely individual as all exercises can be modified to suit all levels, though we want you to work hard. The program is also being adapted constantly to ensure that all levels benefit and continue to progress. This is vital and why after 4 years the program is still running very strong and still very challenging. Many fitness programs mainly only exist as fads and do not have the credentials to last over the long run. I am proud that cage fitness is not one of these.

The benefits don't stop their, a new study from a team of researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois, found that dual-task processing in a core executive function brain region is associated with higher cardio respiratory fitness and dual-task performance. This means that people with a higher level of cardio respiratory fitness are more adept at managing multiple cognitive processes, which is particularly important as we age.

The researchers found that certain regions of the brain, particularly the anterior cingulate cortex, were stimulated more when performing two simultaneous tasks compared to just one. By analysing brain function while participants were completing two tasks, the researchers discovered that activation of the anterior cingulate cortex was directly associated with higher cardio respiratory fitness. This can be particularly important in carrying out higher-level cognitive functions such as conflict monitoring and multitasking.

As parents we recognise the importance of teaching our kids these skills. Conflict resolution is not only important to acquire however its vital to maintain as we age. Combining cage fitness with a martial arts program such as Hapkido and BJJ is the complete package. Whilst initially you may be wanting to join these programs for the physical benefits you also reap the added bonus of improved neurological functioning.

Explaining the importance of specifically looking at dual-task performance, Chelsea Wong, a PhD student at the University of Illinois said, ‘It is a measure of executive function, which is required for multiple cognitive processes, such as working memory, task management, coordination, and inhibition’. Wong further explained that as people age, executive function declines, hence people with a higher level of cardio respiratory fitness actually enhance their executive function performance behaviourally as well as through brain activation.

Understanding the important of physical exercise and overall brain health is only just beginning to be understood. Don't wait for further research, try this out for yourself and commit to one of the programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Jan 31, 2016 at 7:38 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, January 25, 2016</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Exercise Linked to Reducing Many Emotional and Mental Challenges in Today's Youth. Get Them Training</b>

Whilst many will argue the youth of today have it easy compared to previous generations, in reality, the world today is much more complex and challenging. Gone are the simple days where your future was clear. No longer can they leave school and simply walk into a job, everything seems to have become complicated. Even getting a part time job often requires many online applications submitted into cyber world without even knowing if you have a chance or not. 24 hours a day with the advances of social media and technology kids have the potential to be wirelessly connected and subject to overwhelming distractions and the potential for relentless judgement and bullying. It is not as simple as coming home from school to escape bullying or turning off your electronics. They will have to turn them back on some time later for home work etc. The sense of family and spending time together seems not as important as it once was with many parents working long hours to keep up with the demands of a modern society and many members of each family spend more time alone than ever before. For many kids their main form of companionship is electronics. This is sad, as in order to cope with these challenges, the youth of today need more support than ever. They need things less complicated and to spend more time with a supportive network which requires face to face connection and interaction. One way of giving the kids a time out from the murky waters of teenage hood and adolescents is through exercise.

A new study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Vermont in the US has reinforced the link between exercise and mental health. The study reported the positive effects of regular physical activity on mental health, citing a reduction in depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

The study was conducted using data from a nationally representative sample of adolescents, who participated in the National Youth Risk Behaviour Survey, to examine the relationship between exercise frequency, feelings of sadness, and suicidal thoughts. Of which sadly the study reported there existed a significant percentage of young people who experienced sadness and depression, as well as suicidal thoughts.

Interestingly it was also found that bullied students were twice as likely to feel sad, and three times more likely to report suicidal thoughts or attempt compared to students who were not victims of bullying.

The study concluded that regular physical activity, on a minimum of four days per week, resulted in a significant reduction in sadness, suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempt in all students. The findings showed an astounding 23 per cent reduction in both suicidal thoughts and attempt in bullied students who exercised at least four times a week.
Seriously as a parent of either adolescents or children who one day will become one, surely these findings further support the need for exercise in our youth just as much as any other demographic group in society. Particularly when many secondary schools are reducing physical education and athletic programs in order to create more time for academic study.

The benefit of training at CMA in one of our many programs is that we are able to provide a safe and effective training program for people of all ages and abilities. Our core student base is families. It is a great way for families to reconnect, train together and meet other families all there for similar reasons such as why you or your family may be there. Additionally a big part of martial arts is self defence, as such we offer valuable training in the area of bullying and intimidation.

Yes its not easy to motivate kids when they are distracted by their electronics, tv shows, online chats with friends etc. Turn off the Wi Fi and get them to training. You and they will be better for it and not to mention reap all the other positive benefits martial arts has to offer! However you may need to lead the way and set the example. We would love to have your whole family at our centre to train! Ask about our great family rates and for more details on the programs at Campbelltown Martial ArtsPosted Jan 25, 2016 at 1:29 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, December 24, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Gradings Cap off a Big Year at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2015</b>

CMA recently had its final class for 2015 and the last few weeks were dominated by our end of year gradings at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
The following students graded in our coloured belt grading.
Grading for orange belt was Amanda Geddes and Matthew Standek. Both students had been working hard and in particular focusing on their falls to prepare for the grading. On the night they performed exceptionally well for their first ever grading.
The orange belts grading for their yellow belt included the following students Jared Woollen, Vaneeta Prasad, Brianna Rees, Mark Linden, Shreya Kumar and Mika Tokutake. The orange belts have been working hard as a group and preparing for 6 months for this grading. They were very technical on the night with the main technique they need to continue to work on is hip power and foot position in some of their kicks. Mainly side kick. Yellow belt will be a challenging belt for them in terms of learning the foundation locks and self defence. It is not a belt to be rushed, however with patience and continued training they should be ready to grade for green belt in about 6 months. It would be great to see them progressing together as a group through the junior belts of hapkido.
Grading at green belt for their first senior belt, blue belt was Justin Rawling and Mitchell Christie. Both boys are now ready for the senior class and similar to the orange belts have been working very hard for over 6 months to grade. Mitchell in particular has progressed from the kids program as a junior black belt and is now working towards his adult black belt.
1 Our senior belts grading on the night was Dennis Kazangas for Brown belt and Ethan Scott for Provisional Black Belt. Certain aspects of the grading was a challenge for them, particular the kicks. However they continued to work hard in order to be successful on the night. All senior hapkido gradings are challenging and this was no exception. It is great preparation for their black belt grading if they are successful in making it that far! The greens and the senior belts finished with some solid and accurate wood breaks which had the whole crowd cheering them on.
I It has been another amazing year at CMA with all our students and instructors training hard together to better themselves as both martial artists and in life away from the mats. The pinnacle each year as always is our annual black belt grading!

Michaels Thoughts on the Coloured Belt Grading
All adult gradings are a spectacle to watch and this was no different. The white and orange belts showed that they have been training hard going through all their requirements and many continuing at the back of the grading once their own grading had finished. Next it was time for the green belts to prove they have what it takes to make the jump to training up stairs where they will go back to being the most junior belt on the floor each night in the senior class. That left just Dennis and Ethan to push through to the end with more kicks, throws, punches, falls and much more, with the wood breaks to finish off the grading, with all being successful.
Annual Black Belt Grading
Grading during our annual black belt grading was the following students:
Paul S 1st Degree
Brian N 2nd Degree
Mark P 2nd Degree
Rodney M 2nd Degree
This is an amazing achievement and out of 400 active students each year, only a handful of students are successful enough to grade each year at this level. It takes a minimum 12 months preparation to cope with the grueling intensity of the grading and the students must focus on all aspects of their syllabus and very importantly their fitness.
Two of the students are day students, Paul and Mark. They are only able to train twice per week however they rarely miss a class and train very hard on those two days. It has been a pleasure to see them progress and grade and push each other all year during the day classes.
Rodney and Brian have been training in martial arts for many years and as this was not their first black belt grading they knew what was in stall and were up for the challenge on the day.
Well done to all students for successfully grading, including Paul S who dislocated his knee early on in the grading and had to battle the entire grading with such a painful injury.
Such is the amazing spirit of all the students grading that they were back training with very little break despite being very sore after such a massive event.

Michael's Thoughts on the Black Belt Grading
I look forward to the Black Belt gradings every year. It is a chance to watch our very senior students continue their martial arts journey with CMA and to test them to their limits both physically and mentally. You can not really appreciate just how demanding the grading is until you have done one and pushed yourself way beyond what you ever thought possible.
This was on display at this years grading when Paul S ruptured his Acl and tore various other muscles. One hour into the grading he had a big decision to make, push through the pain and possibly do more damage and continue or quit and grade next year. Of course he continued on and completed his grading even though I lost count on how many times his leg collapsed during the grading.
Everyone who steps on to the mats for a CMA black belt grading will have to take their body and mind to places that most people will not and that is why most people will never wear a CMA black belt. I am proud of every one of my students who wears a CMA black belt.
2106 black belt grading is already shaping up to be one of our biggest and best, it could even see a mother and son grade at the same time this would be a first for CMA. Can not wait!!!
Thank you to all students who work hard to train and those of you who are members of Campbelltown Martial Arts. Remember martial arts is a life long journey and we want you to make next year your best year yet. I look forward to another successful year in 2016 at
Finally another massive milestone for father and son Michael and Ethan.
Huge congratulations to Sir Michael presented with a certificate celebrating 25 years as a black belt on December 12th. An inspiring feat for any student. An incredible achievement for any person, and to also be celebrating 25 years of CMA next year is an accomplishment in its self. Congratulations Sir Michael and thank you on behalf of your instructors and all your studnets. Congratulations Mr Ethan one more step away a from an adult Black belt. A huge achievement and a big year for Ethan and his martial arts journey. Mr. Ethan could our first black belt that has come through all our programs.Posted Dec 24, 2015 at 2:26 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, December 21, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>End of Year Presentation Awards at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

This year Campbelltown Martial Arts celebrated our annual Christmas party and presented the End of Year ABC awards at Jump Zone revolution.

It proved to be a big success with hundreds of people enjoying some Christmas celebrations and trampoline fun. We also had a great turn out to recognise those students who have demonstrated exceptional Attitude, Behaviour and Character throughout the year whilst they are training at CMA. We else presented some Rising Star awards for those amazing students who have been training less than 12 months and have stood out in terms of their commitment and dedication to training.

A summary of the awards and recipients is below?

Junior Eagles
Attitude for Zach. Every time Zach is at training he puts all his focus attention and effort into every class. He is done what is asked of him and loves to help out with anything that is needed.

Behaviour for Noah. Noah is always on his best behaviour at training, always using his manners and doing what is asked of him.

Character for Heather. Heather is always at training and when she's at training she's always happy and her passion for martial arts shines through in every class.

Rising star for Amelia. When Amelia started straight away she demonstrated all of the ABC's we are looking for. Amelia is always demonstrating the right attitude towards her training, her behaviour is always excellent as is her character. Amelia is always answering questions her instructors ask.

Senior Eagles
ATTITUDE – ELIZABETH POWELL. Elizabeth is always ready with a positive attitude to train, has a great smile on her face every class and puts 110% into her training.

BEHAVIOUR – DENZEL IAKOPO. Denzel is the Eagle’s quiet achiever! Never do we have to speak to him about his behaviour or to settle down and to train, he just does what he is told EVERY time!!

CHARACTER – STEPHANIE BARTLETT. Stephanie is always respectful to other students and her instructors during class and her sportsmanship for her age is outstanding!

RISING STAR – INDIANA BERETON. From the moment Indiana started with CMA (July 2015) both her instructors could see that she had great listening skills, simply tries her best in every class with a great Hapkido spirit to be our future CMA star!

Junior Falcons
The winners of the ABC Awards for Junior Falcons were Lushe for attitude, Jacob for behaviour, Isabella for character and Odysseas for rising star.

Attitude: Lushe has always a positive attitude in class and a smile to match. She participates well in class, tries her best with all the techniques and interacts with other children well. At the end of each class she still has a big smile.

Behaviour: Jacob is a delight to have in class. He does as instructed without question. He works hard on his techniques and trains well with other students.

Character. Isabella is a character. She too has a big smile and loves her martial arts thereby showing her personality during class from start to finish.

Rising Star. Odysseas, while he is very young he is strong beyond his years and trains really hard. He puts 100% effort into every punch, every push up and every technique. He already shows that he is on his way to becoming a junior black belt.


Attitude for Liam. Liam has an excellent attitude towards his training, he is always willing to help lower belts and trains like a green belt ready to be a black belt.

Behaviour for Jasmine. Every time she's on the mats training she does what she is asked, she's a quiet student who gets the job done without a fuss, she is well behaved and the younger belts look up to her.

Character for Brodie. Brodie is always trying his best in every class he does, he likes to have his techniques perfect and until they are he will ask for corrections, when he's on the mats he's focused and ready for anything. He's very enthusiastic about training and sets a great example for the junior belts.

Rising star for Shakya. Shakya is always a pleasure to teach, on the mats she is well mannered and on her best behaviour, although she hasn't been with us for long, her techniques are some of the best I've seen in a white belt. She has a passion for martial arts and is always willing to improve and listens to feedback well. One day she will make an excellent black belt and be a great role model.

Senior Falcons

Attitude Kayla - has a positive and focused attitude to her training. Has improved out of sight in the last year. Kayla always has a positive attitude towards her learning and training. She attends every class with a positive state of mind and a wiliness to better herself. Her attitude in class has a positive effect on those around her, as she is constantly encourages and motivates her peers. She has the ability to remain enthusiastic even when things don't go her way, a trait I believe is very rare and makes her very deserving of this award.

Behaviour Laila - Always pays attention to any instruction she's being given and is able to train independently. Layla is exceptionally well behaved and mature both on and off the mats. Layla understands the expectations and responsibilities that her belt entails and actively seeks to meet them. She never needs to be correct for her behaviour. She follows instructions well and takes feedback constructively and genuinely. To the point where I can trust her by herself to drill a technique, without my constant supervision. Such maturity makes Layla a perfect candid for this award.

Character William - set's the example in his class, dedicated and disciplined in his training. These traits are evident both on and off the mats. William was nominated by all of his instructors.

Persistence Amelia Scattergood - Always tries her best and if she doesn't first suceed she goes back and does it again and again. Amelia is a very cheerful and playful student, which makes her a very unassuming recipient of the persistence award. However over the months I have observed her hidden determination and drive. Although not the most skilled student in some aspects, she never ceases to strive to adapt and overcome. She does not shy away from repetition and practise, which has allowed her to improve on her weakness. Hence her progression as a student has been far greater than many of her peers, making her the perfect choice of this award.

BJJ Kids Awards
Attitude - Brody. Brody is very competitive and wants to win at every opportunity. He takes on feedback very well with regards to his grappling and is always keen to grapple those who challenge and bring out the best in him.

Behaviour - Jai. Jai is our little pocket rocket. He is becoming a very competitive grappler. He moves so well and the size advantage other grapplers have against him certainly does deter or lessen his enthusiasm for BJJ. He very rarely needs to be spoken to in regards to appropriate behaviour.

Character - Rashad. Rashad always has a smile on his face and is very competitive with grappling. Above all he wants to have fun and enjoy himself and this is what BJJ is all about at a kids level.

Rising Star - William S. William is new to BJJ however almost from day 1 he stood out in regards to his competitiveness when grappling and his behaviour when training. William has a strong future in BJJ and is very worthy of this award.

BJJ Competitor of the Year - This was a tough award to give, we had a few strong contenders, however Kindra Doyle stood out in regards to her success and commitment to competing in BJJ competitions this year. If Kindra sticks with her BJJ training, takes on board the feedback from her coaches and manages to handle the tough few years she may have ahead in relation to grappling teenagers and women, she certainly will have a bright future in BJJ at the highest level. For the other regular tournament grapplers, don't give up. You improvements in competing are certainly being noticed and hopefully next year you will be receiving this award!

Black Belt Club
The sole award we have for Black Belt Club was awarded to Lucas. Lucas like many of the kids could have picked up an award across the multiply styles he trains in. Lucas is a pleasure to teach and is fast becoming a very strong senior kids level martial artist.

Instructor of the Year. The winner for this year went to Caitlin Nadin. Caitlin is a great instructor to the junior members of CMA. She is growing in confidence with her teaching and leading abilities. For someone so young, this is a great achievement and she is an asset to have at CMA!

Also our newest Future Team Leader!

Well done to all our award winners at CMA. There were many kids who could have been chosen. Remember we do not like to give out the same award twice in a row. We are always looking for new kids. As such if you didn't receive an award it could be that you have already received the award in the past or were very close and will hopefully recieve an award next yearPosted Dec 21, 2015 at 7:22 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, December 8, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>3 New Kids Blue Belts to wrap up our final BJJ grading for the year!</b>

We recently had our final kids BJJ grading for the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Grading on the night were the following students:

Korben - 1st Stripe
William S - 1st Stripe
Hope - 5th Stripe
Brody - Blue Belt
Jake - Blue Belt
Isaac - Blue Belt
William C - 3rd Purple Stripe.

Overall the standard was high, from our youngest members grading for their first ever stripe, to the students who have dedicated themselves for the last few years in BJJ and were grading for their blue belt. This is a massive milestone to achieve in the kids BJJ program at Campbelltown Martial Arts. There are many techniques the children must patiently learn whilst committing themselves to training for a number of years. A big congratulations to Isaac, Jake and Brody for achieving your blue belt. You are now eligible to train in our mixed fundamentals class on Thursday nights at 6:30. This class will offer you a new experience and teach you different techniques that you may learn in the children's BJJ syllabus. Now that you have achieved the rank of blue belt at CMA, you may find the syllabus less daunting with many of the techniques you have already learnt. However we now require you to relearn and understand them in a more technical manner. Similar to what we would expect from our adult BJJ students.

Congratulations to our highest level grading William, for his 3rd purple stripe. We only have one other student who has reached this level. William also received the spirit award due to high level of proficiency in executing each technique and the spirit he showed despite being sick on the night. Well done William, you are a great role model to the younger students who are learning BJJ.

Thank you to all the students who stayed back to support and help those students who were grading. Some of you even had to back up a few days later for their black belt grading, so it was a big effort.

All those who didn't grade and have been training regularly, should be eligible to grade in the first grading next year! We will be finishing the year off with some important BJJ principals to do with guard and guard passing.

It has been another big year for the children's BJJ program at CMA. Many students have been competing regularly throughout the year and are benefiting with valuable competition experience. This is certainly evident in the improvements the children are displaying both in competitions and in their training at CMA. Our classes are still very strong and the blue belt kids are excited at the opportunity to train with the adults on a Thursday night with Matt. They are certainly out for the kill when it comes to wrestling the adults, which is great to see.

I look forward to another big BJJ year next year with our children program at CMA. Finally I would like to congratulate those students who received our yearly BJJ awards for Attitude, Behaviour, Character, Rising Star and Competitor of the year! There were many equally deserving students however we like to find different kids each year and for eligibility we need to see consistency in their training.

Jai - Behaviour

Brody - Attitude

Rashad - Character

William S - Rising Star

Kindra - Competitor of the Year award

Michaels Thoughts on the Grading and Yearly BJJ Wrap Up
A small, however high level grading which provided a strong finish to the year. It was great to see both William and Korben achieve their first stripe in BJJ as well as seeing Isaac, Jake, and Brody reach the milestone of Blue Belt. It was positive to see William working his way through the purple stripes despite being sick on the night.

We have reached many milestones with our kids BJJ program this year, we have a number of new blue belts and our existing blue belts are now working their way through the purple stripes towards purple belt. In 2016 will see our first CMA kids purple belts and I can not wait. The program is continuing to grow from both with in CMA and new students to CMA. Much of the credit for the success of the kids program and the high standard that all the kids are at goes to my very dedicated group of kids BJJ instructors Leanne, Stephen, Danielle, Ethan and Austin And Chrysler who helped out earlier in the year. There is also the positive influence of Mat who is helping to train the kids blue belts who train in his Thursday fundamentals class.
Now we have opened up Mat’s Thursday class to the kids blue belts they are getting to train under a different format plus getting the experience of rolling with some adults under the watch full eyes of Mat. I try to always be on the floor training in this class and love to roll with the kids.
Our kids have competed in many tournaments this year taking many placings in local state and national with a special mention for Kindra, Jack and Hope who are always competing and flying the CMA flag. A extra big congratulations to Kindra who took out BJJ competitor of the year award.Posted Dec 8, 2015 at 6:23 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, December 7, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior Black Belt Grading</b>

Junior Black belt grading

Saturday 28th November saw 12 students undertake only our 4th stand alone Junior Black belt grading. The grading is a shortened version of our Adult black belt gradings, both physically & emotionally demanding and most importantly special.

Our junior Black belt grading are held twice a year, one at the end of May and November. Our grading lists are doubling with every grading, which means they’re longer and a lot more work for their instructors to prepare them. Six months goes by very quickly.

Before we officially kick off every child is given a question they must answer in the form of a speech. With twelve students and a microphone system, that just doesn’t want to work, it can take some time, however from the instructors’ point of view, this is a very significant moment. The instructors get to hear the kids’ deepest inner thoughts of what a black belt means to them and how it impacts their lives. This is very heartfelt from the kids and the instructors take it to heart.

For Emilio and Liam the grading was unknown territory, but they took all the necessary steps to prepare themselves. Their grading started with a new tradition of lighting personalised candles to signify the start of their grading. At the end if they were still standing each child got to blow out their candle and read the BLACK BELT Oath.

Jack , William, Kyle, Luke Davis and Jayden well all here for the 3rd time looking to grade to 2nd stripe and Kindra, Gryphon, Ronin, Adam and Luke only achieved their black belts in May and were all grading for 1st stripe.

So with each candle lit, it was time to kick the grading off with an old favourite, Dan Jung Breathing. A few hits to the abdomen from the adults to warm the kids up, then straight into boxing. 3x 2min rounds of quality boxing followed by self defence then and kicks.

Time To Start

I’ve always found the kicks to be one of the toughest parts of the grading, and thought some of our 2nd stripers may struggleas their kicks are very taxing. It wasn't the coolest of days and my suspicions we right. The heat got to Luke Davis, he took a moment to take off his Rash shirt and unfortunately due to prolonged illness William's body couldn't handle the stress of the physical activity. His mum and William made the decision to pull out. Poor William was a white as a ghost; I’d like to congratulate William on his maturity on how he handled the situation and will try again in six months, just bad timing.

The kicks really sapped the energy out of the kids, but with the encouragement from their fellow training partners and their heart they pulled through.

To finish the kicks with flying sidekick was challenging for Liam and Emilio, but they seemed to lift and powered through them. The next part of the grading allowed their heart rate to slow down a little whilst doing hand techniques. By the second set Liam had to be taken to the bathroom, after about 5mins his dad came on to check on him too, after another 5mins his dad had to make the call to remove Liam from the grading as well. Poor Liam was suffering dehydration and was very weak. A hard but easy call to make. This was a shock for me, I really thought Liam could handle it, but on the day anything can happen.

After the shock of another student having to pull out the kids stayed calm and faced their next task of multiple falls, 3x min of continuous falls they can all handle on a normal day, but when you're tired and exhausted there's nothing worse. In two groups they found the will power to pick them up and go on. There were tears of pain, but they pushed through that barrier and did it. Such courage and persistence to do what seemed an eternity.

The smiles soon came back when it was time for distance and height falling, a much loved activity by the senior falcons. The heights and the kids can reach; well its more than me is crazy, almost reaching their own height. A part of the grading the all flourished in.

The pole routines were only introduced into the syllabus in May; this is the same Bo routine the adults learn for their black belt grading. In just 6 months the 2 stripers had to learn the whole routine, where as the 1st stripers learnt half. We thought they all did an amazing representation of what we expected. It’s easy to learn the routine, but the challenge is mastering the timing as a group and nailing the technique. So congratulations your persistence and practise paid off.

The Sparring proved to be the never ending mountain, you're almost at the top, but it just still seems so far away. 5x 2min rounds of intense sparring with 5 xs of our Adult black belts. That's no easy task for an adult let alone 10-14 year olds. What an honour though. This is when the tears really came out, some minor accidental contact, exhaustion and barriers that have never been pushed before demanding they break through. I can only imagine how hard it would be, being their parents. With sheer determination the encouragement of their instructors’, parents and will to succeed, I'm so delighted to say they all made it.

Wood Breaks

Unfortunately one more hurdle, wood breaks. Lukey D, Kyle and jack made light work off elbow break (all on adult boards); Jayden had a tougher board and was unlucky not to see his break.

An adult board is like nothing these kids has seen before, it demands precision and power. I myself and like many other skilled black belts and grown men, haven't broken every board. So nothing to be a shamed off none of the 1st stripers completed their board, but use this experience to better next time. Also remember by this point in the grading you are exhausted and at your peak fitness things might be different.

Emilio had a hard time on the practise boards, he had me worried as few times during the grading, but like he always does he finds away. So despite never breaking the practise board he made light work of high spinning heal and earn himself a much deserved junior black Belt.

It was a long and exhausting day for everyone, kids, parents and instructors, but what a sight to see 12 very fine young men and Lady display true courage and determination. You'll not see a better display of A,B,C and encouragement for their friends than today.

What an inspirational grading, CONGRATULATIONS to you all, I’m as proud as your parents are.

Hope you're all up for it all again in 6x months, in the mean time enjoy your achievement.

I'd also like to make a special mention to all the Black belts and Adults that came down to help out, encourage, support and witness the unbelievable students we have here at CMA.
Thank you, Brian, Mark, Jemima, Jessica, Caitlyn, Jared, Jim, Andrew, Steve, Natalie, Leanne and Austin. We really appreciate you all supporting the future generation.

However we'd like to see more kids that aren't grading there to support and help out for future gradings, it's important to help out your mates and see firsthand, just how challenging the grading are.

A week after the grading William is still not 100% after three weeks now and Liam hasn't been well enough because of a virus to return to training. I know they’re both disappointed, but want them to know they all tried their very best and that's all I can ask for. Liam I truly can't wait till the day we can present you with a junior black belt. In my eyes you are a black belt without the belt, you are everything a black represents and more.

From everyone at CMA we hope you both get better as soon as possible.Posted Dec 7, 2015 at 9:14 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, November 5, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>October Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

The recent adults hapkido grading in October was a very small grading with only 4 people grading.

We had Nicole grading to Orange belt, Jasmin to Green Belt, Lachlan also to green belt and Daniel Munro grading for his red belt. Whilst it was a small grading, it certainly didn't feel like that with a packed class attending to show their support for those who were grading.

Nicole was well and truly ready to grade for her orange belt and on the night managed to put her nerves aside and confidently perform her belt level techniques. It is a big deal at your first ever grading and for Nicole she was the only white belt grading. This didn't phase her and she did great on the night.

Jasmin and Lachlan had each other to train and support one another as both were grading for green belt. They had to work right up until the last few classes before the grading in order to get their modules marked off. I am pleased with their level of commitment to grade to green belt, and the fact that they set themselves a goal to grade in October and they managed to achieve that. Yellow belt is a very important foundational belt in Hapkido. It introduces the student to many of the locks and important self defence principals of Hapkido. You cannot rush this belt and both Jasmin and Lachlan were very solid in their techniques on the night. I am looking forward to teaching them the green belt techniques before progressing them to the senior levels of Hapkido. They will need the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to progress to blue belt and I am hoping they continue their martial arts journey to black belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Last however certainly not least was Daniel. He was the lone senior grading for his red belt. This did not detract him from his grading and he was training every class he could in order to be ready to grade. Similar to Lachlan and Jasmin, he had a lot of work to do in order to be ready for this grading and was preparing up until the last minute to make the grading. On the night Daniel was very thorough in his techniques and performed very strongly. I am looking forward to seeing him continue to train hard and work towards his black belt in Hapkido which is only two belts away now!

Michaels Thoughts on the Grading

Another small grading for the adults, however they put in a big effort and had a great turn out of students of all belt levels doing the grading in support of their peer's.

Daniel's hard work preparing for the grading and fitness showed through with him finishing and still having some energy left in the tank after completing his own level and finishing with the wood break.

There is one more grading left this year so if you are training regularly working on your fitness and know your belt level requirements make the commitment and add your name to the December grading list.

For more details on our Adults martial arts program visit The final grading of the year is sure to be a big adults grading. Students are preparing now for the grading and have been doing so for sometime. Keep training hard and I am looking forward to our end of year gradings including:

Saturday November 28th 11:00am - Junior Black Belt Grading.

Saturday December 6th - 12:00pm - Senior Black Belt Grading.

Wednesday December 16th - Adults Hapkido Grading.

We also have our end of year Christmas party and awards night at Jump Zone on Sunday November 29th at 5:00pm. We hope to see as many families there as possible.Posted Nov 5, 2015 at 11:40 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, October 26, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>October Cup Challenge - Inhouse Tournament Campbelltown Martial Arts and ISKA update!</b>

It was another great inhouse tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts last weekend with almost 50 kids competing in BJJ Gi and No Gi, Sumo, Sword and advanced falling. We had students of all ages and levels competing. The day is designed to enable the students of Campbelltown Martial Arts experience a fun competition in familiar settings with their regular training partners. However make no mistake, whilst the aim may have been to provide friendly competition, for the students competing it was anything but friendly. They left nothing to chance in each event and put in everything they had in order to win. There was certainly some blood, sweat and tears on the day. Overall the sportsmanship was excellent and much of the tears was as a result of the children's passion to do the very best they could do. It was great to see many family members turn up to support our students. Its showcases the competitive side of our students and their martial arts training. We are always on the look out for the best supporters award. Its great to see the families so enthusiastic in relation to wanting their children to do well. The tournament as always finishes with the spectacular advance falling. The kids fly through the air and land in amazing safety rolls to demonstrate the awesome skills they are learning at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Many of the students in the advanced falling were able to demonstrate falls at a much higher level than our most senior black belts. This is an astonishing achievement when you consider the majority of the children on the day were younger than 13 years old.

Another highlight of the day was the No Gi BJJ division. Whilst it was only a small event in terms of the number of competitors, we are hoping to make it a regular event at future in house tournaments. Most of the students only ever train in Gi BJJ, as such it was great experience for them to try the No Gi division. No Gi BJJ is very fast with lots of movement. Generally this creates a more even match between an experienced grappler and one with less experience, as such it is great for BJJ grapplers of all levels to give No Gi BJJ a go!

This was our final in-house tournament of the year. Each year we find that we get the best turn out if we hold two tournaments per year. Our next one will be in the first quarter of next year and we hope to see all of the students entering the tournament again and new students having a go!

Michael's thoughts on the tournament
The tournament day is always a very busy day for all the CMA team and the many helpers. One thing I love is how everyone just jumps in and helps and we have plenty of volunteers for the time keepers and scorers. It was great to see so many new faces in the tournament as well as the regulars which produced some incredible matches with some surprise winners.

This was the first time we have done a no gi event and it was well received and highly competitive in all divisions. As always the competitors displayed great spirit and support for each other.

Big thank you to all who made the day a great success.


A few of the children then backed it up the following week with a local tournament. The children of Campbelltown Martial Arts did tremendously well with 3 x 1st place, 2x 2nd place & 2x 3rd place. A few of the kids had to step up in divisions in order to be able to compete. They did this without hesitation and it was an excellent learning experience for them. Well done to Kindra, Tyris and Chloe for stepping up. Kindra and Tyris had to step up in the teenage division and this is a very big step considering they are still only 13. For Chloe this was her first ever outside tournament. She is only 6 and had to step up into the 7 - 9 years age group. Chloe didn't place however only lost by 2 points in the final 30 seconds of the match. Great effort by these kids. We also saw some amazing finishes from Tyris and Gryphon who one their entire division by subs in each match. Very impressive submissions also. All the other kids placed and showed awesome spirit on the day. For Kindra and Gryphon they had to back up after some difficult matches in the Pan Pacs in Melbourne which they did very proudly.
Many of our kids compete in numerous outside competitions which shows their dedication to BJJ and commitment to keep improving. We have a strong group of kids at Campbelltown Martial Arts in BJJPosted Oct 26, 2015 at 7:09 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 7, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>More Hearty Reasons To Train</b>

Physical Activity or exercise at a decent intensity level where it is difficult to speak as you are to out of breath, is one of the most underrated ways of improving so many areas of our life. This includes all areas of our health such as mental health, recovering from an illness or injury, improving emotional, psychological and physical health, reducing stress, improving ones moods, self confidence etc. Exercise can help just about all areas of our life.
Benefits for the Heart

Recent research has further expanded the many beneficial qualities of physical activity through discovering that a specific hormone released during exercise makes the heart function better. The US study found that irisin, a hormone that surges when the heart and other muscles are exerted, has proven to have numerous positive effects on the heart. Irisin makes the heart work better by creating more oxygen and energy consumption. Additionally it has also been found that irisin elevates levels of calcium within cells, which is vital for heart contractions. The research further determined that irisin increases metabolism in mitochondria, the part of a cell that supplies energy for a variety of heart functions. These findings all point to the benefit of irisin for overall heart health. Increased calcium and cellular metabolism make the heart work better, and when your heart is working better, you feel better. Physical activity is the easiest and most efficient way to stimulate irisin’s beneficial effects.

How Much Exercise is Enough?

Start and get down to training at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Thats a good place to begin. As the above says, most people don't get enough exercise so you mostly likely are not at risk of over training. The right amount of exercise is enough is different for each person and depends on how you are feeling at the time. Rather than focus on a specific amount each day, be flexible. If you are super keen, train hard and consistently, if you are struggling for motivation, perhaps smaller amounts of doing something your really enjoy is the way to go. Variety is the key to enabling your body to recover, keeping you motivated and preventing you are plateauing. Eventually our bodies get used to our current workload and we all will plateau in terms of improvement and results. Mix it up, cross train in the different programs Campbelltown Martial Arts has to offer and you will rarely need motivation. Focus on the positives of what you are doing and try to improve in the areas you struggle with most. As a guide on the amount of exercise the Australian government’s Physical Activity Guidelines provides a suitable indication of the amount of exercise we should aim to engage in each week. The guidelines stipulate that adults should partake in 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week, or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity each week. The variety of programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts will help you to achieve this.Posted Oct 7, 2015 at 6:52 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, October 2, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Is Learning a Combat Based Martial Art Good For Children?</b>

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has issued a statement requesting a complete ban on all combat based forms of martial arts for children under the age of 18 and for boxing to be banned from both the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. They have also requested rules to be modified within combat sports to ensure the safety of participants until such bans take place. Part of their official statement from their website is below?

"Combat sport includes any sport, martial art or activity in which the primary objective of participants is to strike, kick, hit, grapple with, throw or punch one or more participants. These sports are a public demonstration of interpersonal violence which is unique among sporting activities. Victory is obtained by inflicting on the opponent such a measure of physical injury that the opponent is unable to continue, or which at least can be seen to be significantly greater than is received in return"

The above statement appears to be very broad. The martial arts on offer at Campbelltown Martial Arts do involve striking, grappling and throwing techniques against an aggressor or attacker. In this scenario the primary goal is self defence. However Hapkido, MMA and BJJ would be classified as combat martial arts. Is the AMA suggesting that parents and individuals should not be proactive in empowering their children or themselves to learn self defence? Many would advocate that learning self defence is a vital life skill, similar to learning how to swim. We live in a confrontational and violent society. There is no denying this. The media, movies, Internet, technology and even our sentencing, parole and domestic violence laws, have more to answer in relation to the increased violence in society than learning a martial arts.

The popularity of the UFC and Cage Fighting is certainly creating its share of controversy in relation to perceived level of violence and dangers associated with each match. However is it fair to associate UFC with other generic mainstream martial arts that have been very popular within communities for decades. Suddenly these martial arts that were once considered to offer amazing benefits including discipline, fitness, confidence, increased awareness and self defence, social skills etc, " is now considered only in terms of its "public demonstration of interpersonal violence" and as such there is now a blanket call to ban them all. Remember when Bruce Lee and Karate Kid were popular. Suddenly everyone wanted to learn a martial art and it was considered a positive activity to participate in. What has changed? Each new generation in society seems to be getting more and more violent and desensitised to violence. I am confident that it is not the martial arts that is to blame. If anything this is a positive and constructive way to channel one's energy, aggression and to learn respect for not only themselves, however the safety of others through martial arts.

Even those who train in MMA and who are putting their time and energy into learning how to effectively combine different styles of martial arts are not out on the streets attacking others. Nor are they necessarily fighting in a cage ring. Many like to learn the martial art, however do not compete competitively. For those who do, namely adults, surely they are mature enough to make their own decisions regarding whether they chose to compete or not. One thing is clear, most MMA, Kickboxing and boxing fighters are not the ones on the street committing acts of violence. They are in the gym training their skills, channeling their aggression and preparing for a match with another equally skilled athlete. I would argue that martial arts have saved more lives than they have destroyed. Competitive fighting athletes make up a small proportion of the total amount of martial arts students. Many students who dedicate their lives to learning a martial art are very highly skilled, however they do it for many other reasons besides fighting.

The important factors to consider in relation to combat martial arts is asking the question "why people participate in the first place". Whats the main motivation. Why are you learning a combative martial art or having your children learn one. If the primary answer is to hurt another individual, then perhaps yes they should be banned. However this would be the minority. Myself and my children learn martial arts to empower ourselves as best we can to become physically fit, confident and capable. Martial Arts is an amazing way to achieve these objectives. The AMA needs to stop putting all martial arts under the one category of violence and learn what it is really about and the real motivations for people undertaking and learning a martial artist.

In relation to sporting injuries, which was another concern of the AMA regarding combat martial arts, below are some stats regarding this also. These stats relate to the number of recorded sporting injuries requiring hospitalisation for 2011-2012 in Australia.
• Around one-third of all sports injury hospitalisations were associated with playing various codes of football. Combined football injuries across all codes requiring hospitalisation was 32% of all injuries.
• Australian Rules football and soccer had the highest population-based age-standardised rates of injury hospitalisation (18 and 17 cases per 100,000 population, respectively).
• The highest rate of hospitalisation based on the number of participants was for wheeled motor sports (3,574 per 100,000 participants). Other sports with high participation-based rates were roller sports, Australian Rules football and Rugby (2,305, 1,319 and 1,292 per 100,000 participants, respectively).
• For 3 sports in particular—cycling, motor sports and equestrian activities—the injuries sustained were considered life-threatening in around one-quarter of cases.
• Combat sports represented 1.7% of total injuries requiring hospitalisation. The most common combat sports injury was a fracture to the wrist or hand. Of the 602 cases of sports injury hospitalisation from combat sports, 401 resulted from martial arts and 201 from boxing. Higher proportions of potentially more serious injuries, such as fractures and intracranial injury, were seen for boxing than for martial arts.

Based on those stats is the AMA going to call for a blanket band on all codes of footy? I highly doubt it. Making all sports as safe as possible for those who participate is a good thing and should only be encouraged, however a common sense approach needs to prevail. Any contact sport and exercise in general does carry risk. However compare that risk to the risk of inactivity and the burden this has on our health system. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare "It is estimated that physical inactivity contributes to 13,500 deaths each year in this country and accounts for around 7% of the total burden of disease and injury"

Martial Arts is an amazing activity to participate it. It is also as safe and if not safer than many other sports.Posted Oct 2, 2015 at 2:29 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, September 15, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults September Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

We recently had our adults September Hapkido grading. It was a good size grading with white belts all the way to brown belts grading on the night.

We had a large white belt representation for this grading. All white belts were well and truly ready to grade and most had more than enough classes to grade. They had been working very hard on their syllabus techniques and performed very solidly on the night.

Grading at orange belt for their yellow belts was Nick and Dyllan. Both boys always train hard and again put in 100% effort on the night. They were technical in their techniques and have been training very diligently in order to prepare for the grading. The hard work clearly paid off and they should be very proud of how far they have come since they first stepped foot on the mats at CMA.

Representing green belt and grading for their blue belt was Yazmin, Tahlia and Sara. These ladies have improved so much since joining the adults hapkido program and always train with a great attitude and are very eager to learn. This will help them in the senior class now that they have successfully graded to blue belt. It is always a pleasure seeing my students progressively move through the coloured belts of hapkido and into the senior class. I look forward to watching their journey continue to black belt.

Finally last however certainly not least, Jessica and Rod were our most senior belts grading to red belt. Again like the other students grading on the night, they were very strong in their techniques. They were physically fit and handled the physical side of the grading comfortably. That is great to see. They will need to keep training hard on their way to black belt, now that they are only two belts away. Whilst it is a little while away, their black belt grading will be here before they know it. Now is the time to take their training to a new level and to push themselves each and every time they train. If they do this the results will be worth it and they will excel in their next two big gradings.

We still have two more gradings until the end of the year. Many of year may be eligible to grade. Keep training hard and improving until Christmas, Then you can enjoy a well earned break. I can't wait to see you on the mats and will continue to push all of you to new levels. For more details on our adults hapkido grading visit

Michaels thoughts on the Grading!
Adults grading

This grading had a good mix of belts from white to brown and it was great to see a large number of students who were not grading but were there in support of their fellow students, the overall standard for both the fitness and techniques was high.Special mention on Dwight's great boxing skills and all the successful board breaks.

It was great to see both mother and daughter (Sara and Tahlia) and father and daughter (Yazmin and Rod) in the same grading sharing the journey together. I look forward to watching each and every student continue along the path to black belt and beyond.Posted Sep 15, 2015 at 2:39 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, September 8, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts August  Falcons Grading</b>

Our August grading last Monday saw a lot of kids try their absolute best in order achieve the next level of their martial journey here at CMA. As an instructor there’s nothing better than watching the kids work so hard and then nail their techniques on the night.

Junior Falcons
It was fantastic to see so many former eagles Grading tonight, but now as a falcon. It’s amazing how quick white belts are able to learn the techniques, especially the falls in just a few months. As always the speeches are a high light and very pleased with the footwork on their kicks. Well done white belts.

Once again it‘s great to see former Eagles continuing their training as orange belts. The orange belts were a strong group; they had a great falls, for their level and very good hands. Everyone knew their self defence and one step very well. The footwork involved in their self defence can often be challenging for kids at such a young age, but not this group. There’s a lot of potential in this group of young students. Congratulations on all your hard work and focus. You will all make fantastic yellow belt.

Samantha was our sole yellow belt and stole the show tonight, her kicks were flawless, and Sir Michael was very impressed. Her back kicks had the skill level of an adult. It only happens once every few gradings, that kids get a ‘VG’ very good on their grading sheet and Samantha had 2 of them. With the concentration level to demonstrate their technique she showed, Samantha will have no troubles as a green belt. Congratulations Sam.

Nathan and Lucas are two students that continuously tries their best and has worked hard on their attitude. They were certainly ready to be senior falcons, after being leaders in their own classes. Lucas is a student I teacher on Saturdays in BBC and I can see how committed he is to martial arts. He’s always keen to learn and a model student. These are the characteristics we look for as senior falcons. Both Nathan and Lucas had a strong grading, good hand techniques and falls. Like green belts before them, there’s still some work to be done on foot positions. Sidekick and turning back is two kicks that are very technical, need a lot of practice and has troubled almost very green belt before them.

Senior Falcons
Our all girl Blue belts, are some of the most dedicated, well behaved students that I’ve ever had the pleasure of the teaching. They all worked extremely hard on their techniques, listened to their instructor’s advice and tried their best. Like the green belts and despite their best efforts, I know they works so hard, more work is needed on their foot position for a side kick. It’s a very technical kick, which requires coordination, flexibility and balance. Very proud to say they all broke their board breaks; they had us worried there for a moment. Well done on your speeches and continue the positive attitude to training.

Brody was all on his lonesome along with Chloe the only red belt. Brody did very well with kicks which are again technical and involve flexibility, coordination and balance. Brody always gives his best with a smile on his face, and has a level of confidence about him which is nice to see. Unfortunately despite his best efforts Brody was unable to break his board. He‘s just having no luck with boards. To his credit he held emotions in for his age. It’s devastating for adults, let alone an 8 year old. Well done Brody, you had great falls and did very well in multiple grabs; you have a lot to be proud of.

Chloe Spooner, there’s a lot I can say about this young lady. Chloe has determination like no other, she gives everything 110% and has the power to match it. It takes a long time for a student to understand how harness the power within them and release it with every punch and kick, but even as red belt Chloe has certainly found it. Chloe had every module marked off very quickly but her double crescent needed work, anything I asked of her Chloe took that on board and worked very hard, she continued to improve and it’s that attitude that will see reach a junior Black next year. Very proud of her performance and it’s no surprise she snapped her board in one attempt.

After delivering some of the best kicks Sir Michael has seen in such a young student Our Spirit Award came as an easy decision. Congratulations Samantha Wilson.Posted Sep 8, 2015 at 8:21 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, September 4, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>BIG Week of BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

It has been a big week for BJJ with both the kids and adults grading and also another amazing John Will BJJ seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Children's BJJ Grading
Beginning with the kids BJJ grading, we had both ends of the spectrum grading with white belts and blue belts grading in the August BJJ grading. The following kids graded.
1. Lucas Marks 1st stripe
2. David Dimitry 1st stripe
3. Rashad Karim 1st stripe
4. Aleks Garcia 1st stripe
5. Gryphon Doyle 2nd purple stripe
6. Jack O’ Toole 2nd purple stripe
7. Kindra Doyle 3rd purple stripe

The white belts were very strong in their techniques as were the blue belts. Whilst we endeavour to help and assist the kids where needed, they actually didn't require a lot of help, especially the white belts. This is a credit to both the students and their teachers for ensuring our newest BJJ members are competently learning the fundamental BJJ techniques at white belt, whilst at the same time the white belt students are diligently turning up to training each week and remaining committed to learning their syllabus techniques. It takes dedication from students and instructors to make a successful children's BJJ program and I am very proud to say our kids BJJ program is very strong!

It was also great to see Gryphon and Jack continue to progress in the kids blue belt syllabus. They have been part of the kids program since inception and they have come so far and learn't so much! Well done once again to Kindra for receiving her 3rd purple stripe and the final stripe to achieve on blue belt in the kids program. In line with this Kindra also trains in the fundamental adults classes on Tuesday and Thursday, which is available to all children 12 and above who are blue belt. This was introduced to offer our most senior children in BJJ a new challenge and to also assist them in transitioning into our adults program once they finish or outgrow the children's BJJ program. In the past we just threw the older children into the adults program in a sink or swim type of fashion, lets just say we have learnt some lessons from doing this. Poor Ethan! So kids keep training to blue belt. Its worth it and once you are 12 you can start to train with the adults, whilst still learning the junior BJJ syllabus.

We are planning to review the children's BJJ syllabus at every level to ensure it is the best and most effective BJJ syllabus we can offer. We created the BJJ kids syllabus from scratch as such it is a work in progress and we aim to keep improving the syllabus until we feel we have the best system possible. So please don't be to concerned if your children experience changes in the way their techniques are taught or if there are changes to their syllabus. There is more than one way to do and learn a technique and we are constantly on the look out for improved ways to do things.

Finally a big congratulations to Rashad for earning the spirit award in his irst ever BJJ grading. We only offer this award if it warranted and Rashad was very deserving. He has improved so much and is a pleasure to teach. It was a big deal when he first started BJJ, he was no longer the big fish or older child. He was and is still one of our youngest BJJ members grappling much older and bigger partners each week. Yet to his credit he has continued to improve and work through his early challenges in BJJ!

Thank you to all those kids who were not grading, however stayed back to help anyway! Gradings are always easier with a big support group to see you through!

Michael's thoughts on the grading!
The kids grading was a small grading with just 4 white belts and three blue belts so we took the opportunity to try a new grading format and it worked extremely well. All the kids were solid in all their techniques, it was great to see the three blue belts working their way through the purple stripes. Special mention for Gryphon who was on fire in the grapples and the end.

In regards to the adults, we had the following people grade.

Adults BJJ

1. Piok Maljak 1st stripe
2. Thomas Dewhurst 1st stripe
3. Paris Hamid 1st stripe
4. Jemima Bednarz 1st stripe
5. Warren Scattergood 1st stripe
6. Lovely Lee 1st stripe
7. Michael Jeffreys 1st stripe
8. Kylie Bisson 1st purple stripe

This was a very long grading considering it was all first stripes except for Kylie grading for her first purple stripe. It was evident all had put in the hard work to prepare themselves for the night. By the time we got to the grapples at the end many were starting to cramp up but all pushed through to the end.

John Will BJJ Seminar!
Finally last but certainly not least, what an amazing way to end a big week of BJJ events at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The recent John Will seminar was simply awesome. Using an advance drill or concept, John was able to teach every level present on the mats, very useful omoplata concepts. No one was left behind and every level learnt something. Looking beyond the actual techniques being taught, the principals he shared with us will prove to be invaluable for our BJJ and personal journeys. Ideas such as the different ways to learn or progress in BJJ, the importance of having moments to "train with the gods" of BJJ, the benefits of learning a position or sweep from many different angles to develop a well rounded understanding of that particular technique and finally the pro's and cons of grappling with a single minded goal or focus as opposed to grappling in a very adaptable and malleable way. Johns experience in both life and BJJ is huge and he always offers so much value in his seminars.

We had a great turn out, thank you to all students who participated and I am very confident you are all glad you invested 2 important hours for yourself in your own BJJ training. Remember it is a good thing at times to feel uncomfortable and to find the techniques being taught very difficult, that is how we grow and learn. "Embrace the Suck"

Michael's thoughts on the BJJ Seminar!

John delivered another information packed seminar giving everyone an introduction to a take down flow as the warm up then we dove deep into the world of the omoplata, starting off with the very basic movement required then slowing building to a complex drill for both partners. It was great to see even those who had never done an omoplata were completing the sequence by the end of the day thanks to Johns unique teaching style.

For me the added bonus of John’s seminar is he always gives away gold nuggets of information about BJJ and Life which I have been using for the past 19 years on and off the mats.

Lock in 20th February 2016 to be on the mats with John in 2016 at CMA.Posted Sep 4, 2015 at 2:05 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, August 22, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Managing Stress at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Eliminate stress", "reduce stress", "stress is bad for your health". We hear it all the time. Stress is now considered the dirty word we must avoid. However just because we are being conditioned to fear and avoid stress at all costs, it doesn't mean that is correct. The truth is stress is part of every day life. It is a normal psychological function designed to give us focus, strength, stamina and heightened alertness when challenges arise. Modern day stresses may hide behind computer screens, be part of everyday traffic, raising children, ongoing family commitments and trying to meet work deadlines.

The key to is to learn to manage these everyday stresses and not allow it to get us beyond mildly stress and push us completely over the edge. In the past, many eon's ago, the challenges were mostly running away from sabre tooth tigers, so the release of stress hormones into our system was short lived. Once we’d out run the sabre tooth tiger, our stress levels would go back to equilibrium.

However today with potentially stressful situations very prevalent in our everyday life, its vital we become good at managing our stress levels so that we are not in a constant agitated state. This is disastrous for our health and maintaining positive relationships with those around us. How you manage stress will influence how those around you also manage stress, especially your children.

Do you want to raise kids who are emotionally stable, resilient and confident to handle life's challenges, or kids who are highly anxious, emotionally unstable and not confident when life throws them a curve ball. I am not meaning to sound harsh, however the reality is kids mimic your reactions to life's situations. This can be positive for those of you who have learnt how to effectively manage stress, or negative if you are allowing stress to control your moods and emotions. Wherever you are at on the continuum of learning to manage stress, any improvements you make can, also be picked up by your children, Its never to late to get better at managing stress.

Below are some suggestions that may assist in learning to effectively manage stress.

Exercise, Exercise and More Exercise. Exercise is the best remedy when you are not feeling psychologically the best. Whilst it may be stressful to find time to exercise. It really is essential in order to effectively manage stress. Raising the heart rate, working up a sweat and pounding the bag in Cage Fitness is a great way to distract yourself from the activities that at the time seemed uncontrollable. Often after a hard, decent work out, you feel immensely relieved and in a much better frame of mind to really to manage the stresses you were dealing with pre workout. Additionally you may realise, things are not as bad as they may have seemed. Or if the issues are very stressful, at least you have been able to do something positive for yourself in the midst of the stresses you are dealing with. If the stress is consistent enough, it will still be there after your workout, so try and find some time for you.

Distraction. Sometimes the stresses will not go away and you really need a break and to focus on something entirely different to give your mind a break. Hapkido and BJJ, are great martial arts to learn to distract your from the stresses of everyday life and if you immerse yourself in learning the martial arts they can really give you something positive to focus on and something worthwhile and positive to engage in. Not only that you reap the many other physical and psychological benefits of learning martial arts. Martial arts is a life long journey and the life skills you learn in martial arts can be applied to all other areas of your life.

Remember Campbelltown Martial Arts has programs for all ages and abilities, so if its not you who is stressed and it is someone else, please do not hesitate to bring them down for some free trial class. Speak with one of our staff members to see if we may be able to help either you or them. Full details on our programs can be found at

Finally, realising when you can control a situation and putting your energy into that and not what you can't control, being mindful of what you focus on, becoming solution orientated, and understanding that your emotions are actually a choice, will all contribute to keeping your stress levels down and free you up to get out and enjoy life even more. There s wisdom in the words “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. Yes, there may be challenging situations in life but you can choose to stay calm whilst still taking the situation seriouslyPosted Aug 22, 2015 at 3:05 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, August 9, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Making the Most of the Upcoming BJJ Seminar At Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

On Saturday August 29th John Will, world renowned BJJ coach, will be visiting Campbelltown Martial Arts as he does every year at CMA. This will be his second and last CMA seminar for the year, so its worth making the investment in both yourself and your BJJ.

John was one of the original BJJ black belts and certainly one of the pioneering BJJ coaches to introduce BJJ to Australia. John Will is as much an amazing life coach as he is a BJJ coach. You can visit his website and have a read of his very insightful blogs at You will notice that many of the blogs do not have a lot to do with BJJ on the surface, however in reality, BJJ is a great imitator of life. The struggles, grappling challenges, and your attitude on the mat, often mimic real life. The lessons you can learn as you progress through the ranks of BJJ can also be applied to other areas of your life and John is very good at demonstrating of applying this way of thinking in his blogs and seminars.

So for some extra motivation to get your life moving in the direction you want it, for an awesome two hour BJJ seminar, sign up for the upcoming seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts. It is worth every cent and you will not forget it.

How to Make the Most of the BJJ Seminar with John Will!
Having made the decision to invest in yourself and your own BJJ by attending the seminar. What can you do to make the most of the seminar?

If you have been before you will be able to prepare in the best possible way to get the most out of it. However if this is the first time you have attended a John Will BJJ seminar, you may want to be in the right head space before you come. Be present, in the moment, willing to learn and pay attention. John doesn't like it if your mind is else where. This is very important to take advantage of the gold nuggests of information that you can take with you and apply to other areas of your life, not just BJJ!

Stay open to all the information you receive. Don't try to analyse it to much on the day. Rather ponder the wise words later and see how they may apply to you. But don't rush out and quit your job or sell your house, or leave your partner just yet. Let the information settle first.

Take lots of notes after the seminar to reinforce what you have learn't. Have your smart phone handy to either film or take notes with. Nowadays with technology, there is not excuse not to find some way of storing the information.

Finally, Practise, Practise and more Practise. Spend a few weeks and months practising what you have lean't in the John Will seminar until it becomes second nature to you. If you forget things or are unsure, ask one of the other attendees, there will be plenty of us in the same boat. We will all be trying to recall all we were taught and someone is bound to know. There are a few professors amongst us who have great memory recall! I'm not one of them, but at least I know who to ask. Having said that, John has an amazing ability to teach the techniques in a way that flow and make it easier for you to remember. He has made a system out of it and you will be surprised at how much you retain. This is mainly due to John's dedication to teaching in a way that the students benefit most. Sorry it wont be like you have suddenly new found powers in memory or anything like that. John gets the credit here!

Finally whatever level you are, John Will can benefit you. He can take a simple concept or technique and share it in a very valuable way with all different levels at the same time. Again this is another example of how his seminars differ from many other martial arts seminars out there. He is one of the best at what he does!Posted Aug 9, 2015 at 2:48 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, August 6, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts: Student of The Year 2015</b>

Student of the Year

Each year all Instructors are to choose one student from each of the programs to be student of the year to be the recipient of the Marie Lind Perpetual Trophy.

The programs in which the students are chosen from include:
Junior Eagles and Eagles
Junior Falcons, Falcons and Senior Falcons and Kids BJJ
Adults Hapkido and Adults BJJ

The Perpetual trophy first began 6 years ago. At the time when CMA commenced this prestigious award, a very loyal student, Marie Lind, was unfortunately battling cervical cancer (aged 41). Marie was a green belt and her son, Connor, and husband, Ian, was also training with CMA. Just prior to presenting our first Students of the Year Award we sadly lost our first ever student in 19 years. Marie being such a tough and serious martial artist trainer we wanted to keep her spirit within CMA and thus the name of our Trophy: The Marie Lind Perpetual Trophy.

Sophie Gebreal

For the student of the Year for Junior Eagles and Eagles classes, it always a difficult decision for all Instructors to decide upon. There were three potential students in the running for this special award. We all take this decision very seriously and actually sit down and discuss each nominee. After much deliberation, all instructors involved, Sir Stephen, Miss Caitlin, Miss Krystle and Miss Nat finally voted this year for Sophie Gebreal from the Eagles Class.

Sophie is one of those students who always comes to each and every class with the best attitude for such a young girl. She may be very tired from school (this year she is in Kindergarten), however the moment she steps onto the training mats her attitude is positive and ready to learn. Sophie has sincere respect for not only all Instructors but for each and every student training with her. She is friendly, caring, has great sportsmanship and she places 110% effort into every training session. We can never think of a time where the work we give Sophie is either too hard, she couldn’t be bothered or she is just simply not interested. Sophie is a well deserved recipient for student of the Year for the Junior Eagles and Eagles program. Our many congratulations Sophie, we are proud to have you apart of our CMA family and hope to train you further for many years to come.

Liam Mrkonja

This year’s Falcon of the year was a hard choice, to choose one student from our Junior Falcons, Falcons and Senior Falcons class is a decision not made lightly. The student has to be training for at last one year and demonstrate the ABC’s of Martial arts at CMA.

ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOUR & CHARACTER. With all this at hand the team came to an agreement and this year we awarded Liam Mrkonja our 2015 Student of the year.
Liam has been a member of CMA for 5 years, in that time he has worked way to the rank of Provisional black belt with a junior black belt grading ahead in November.
Liam is one of those students who comes to class with a positive attitude and just goes about his business. He demonstrates a level of focus and commitment well beyond his years, one of my favourite characteristics of Liam’s is how respectful he is, to his fellow students and noticeably to all of his instructors. Liam takes pride in his uniform, takes on board any advice and applies it to his training.

Just ask him what the word of the month and quote it is and I grantee he’ll know it and even who said it. For the last few years he has been on the shortlist for one of our end of year awards, but only just misses out, a testament to his consistency.

As kids get closer to black belt we constantly need and highly encourage students to come support their fellow mates and help out in black belt grading. Liam consistently attends both black belt and normal grading whether or not he is grading. That is exactly the person Liam is, a genuine good hearted, hard working and dedicated person. Liam applies himself to Hapkido just like does at school, remarkably but not surprising he achieved a full scholarship next year for high school.

Congratulations Liam a well deserved winner


Paul Scianski

Paul was chosen due to his dedication to training, despite having numerous others commitments. He has remain committed to achieving his black belt despite various injuries, illnesses and personal challenges throughout his training time at CMA.

This commitment is evident not only at CMA, but other areas of his life including work and
study. When at CMA, Paul is always willing to help, remains focused to learning his
techniques and always delights us with his many stories and experiences outside of CMA.
Paul's friendly, professional and disciplined attitude earn't him student of the year!

The hunt for our 2016 student of the year, has now begun.
Congratulations to all our winners for 2015.Posted Aug 6, 2015 at 2:46 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, July 23, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Benefits of Foam Rolling for your Martial Arts Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts.</b>

What is a foam roller?
Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles. Self-myofascial release, which is a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. This method can be performed with a foam roller, massage ball, tennis ball or your own hands. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to aid in the recovery of muscles and assist in returning them to normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, healthy, and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

Foam rollers have been part of the Campbelltown Martial Arts gym for the past 18months. I have included a few pictures of the foam rollers below so you know what I am referring to. I suggest if you haven't had a chance to try out the foam roller, you give it ago. Many of our BJJ students will use the foam roller prior to class or after class.

The benefits of Using a Foam Roller
There are many benefits of using a foam roller including increased flexibility and range of movement, reduced feelings of fatigue and muscle soreness, enhanced recovery and improved posture. They can be very useful for those who have difficulty stretching due to tender or excessive muslce tightness.

Many individuals have poor posture including slouching or stooping and rounded shoulders. The foam roller may assist by targeting specific muscles that cannot simply be lengthened due to particular stretches, however the foam roller may assist in increased thoracic spine mobility.

Evidence suggests that a foam roller is most effective when combined with a functional warm up, mobilisers and stretching. They can be used before or after a training session.

Take particular care if you have an injury or are hyper mobile. The rollers do not remain static and roll around, as such it may take a little while to learn how to use them most effectively for your body and in a stable manner. There are some images below of possible ways to use the foam roller. Most people will find their own preference with how and when they like to use one.

Foam rollers aren't expensive, though you do get what you paid for. Perhaps get a cheaper one from Kmart or Big W in the sports section. Learn how to use it and then progress to a better quality foam roller from a sports or fitness shop that suits your own body type. I got one from Rebel which also included detailed instructions on how to best use it. If you are doing any contact martial art such as those offered at Campbelltown Martial Arts, I strongly encourage you to incorporate foam rolling into your training to aide in your recovery time. It does become addictive!Posted Jul 23, 2015 at 2:29 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, July 16, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>New Healthy Food Pyramid for 2015</b>

In a nutshell the new Healthy Food Pyramid focuses on whole foods and minimally processed foods in the five core food groups. It also encourages healthy fats, water, herbs and spices. It discourages salt and added sugar.

Changes at a glance for the new healthy food pyramid for 2015!
?The bottom layer contains only vegetables, legumes and fruit
?The grains group has been moved up a layer and has a focus on wholegrains
?New foods have been included such as quinoa, tofu and soy milk
?Added sugar and unhealthy fats are not included in the pyramid
?Only healthy fats remain at the top of the pyramid
?‘Limit added sugar’ has been added to the ‘limit added salt’ icon
?‘Enjoy herbs and spices’ has been added as an alternative to salt or sugar
?The physical activity layer has been removed and the pyramid’s name has changed from ‘Healthy Living Pyramid’ to ‘Healthy Eating Pyramid’ to reflect the renewed focus on food and nutrition messages only.
These changes are to reflect the recommendations from the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines, to provide more definition about how much each food group contributes to a daily diet, and to reflect current dietary behaviours.
Why a food pyramid!
Australia's first healthy food pyramid was introduced in 1980. There have been many changes since. In the past pyramids included only 3 layers. (1) ‘eat more’ at the base, which depicted all plant-based foods (vegetables, fruit and grains), (2) ‘eat moderately’ in the middle, which depicted dairy foods (and dairy alternatives) and meats (and meat alternatives), and (3) ‘eat in small amounts’ at the top, which depicted added fats and sugars.

Previous pyramids (2004 and 2007) included a physical activity layer and were called the ‘Healthy Living Pyramid’ to promote physical activity as well as healthy eating. The 2015 version has been renamed as the ‘Healthy Eating Pyramid’ to reflect a renewed focus on food and nutrition messages only.

Whilst this may seem like common sense to many, remember we live in the information age. We are inundated with information on what we should and should not be eating. This guide is a very simple way of breaking down all that information and still allowing for plenty of variety and choice when it comes to the food we consume. Compliment this diet with great fitness and martial arts training at Campbelltown Martial Arts and you have they perfect healthy lifestyle balance!. For more details visit

Background details on each food group!
Vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, and have been strongly associated with a decreased risk of weight gain, cardiovascular disease and site-specific cancers. As only 8.2 per cent of Australians consume enough vegetables daily (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014) the new pyramid highlights the importance of making vegetables the core of our diets.

Wholegrains provide a range of nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fibre, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. However, as they are more energy-dense than vegetables the quantities we consume should be less.

The top layer refers to healthy fats because although we need a little fat in our diet not all fats are created equal. The bulk of existing evidence still suggests we limit sources of saturated fat and instead choose unsaturated fats from sources such as extra virgin olive oil, nut and seed oils and avocados.

Sugar and sources of unsaturated fat have been removed from the pyramid as the aim of the chart is to convey what we should eat in a day, not what we should restrict. The message to ‘limit added sugar’ has been strengthened, however, by inserting it next to the ‘limit added salt’ icon.

‘Enjoy herbs and spices’ has been added to encourage the use of fresh, dried or ground herbs and spices as healthy alternatives to salt or sugar when flavouring meals.Posted Jul 16, 2015 at 2:55 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, June 15, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>May BJJ Gradings at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The second BJJ gradins for the year were recently held in May. Both the adults and the kids gradings were small however the kids were very technical in their grading, requiring very little assistance and the two adults grading, Luis and Ethan had to work very hard to get through their gradings. It was great to see lots of support at both the adults and kids gradings to help those who were grading demonstrate their techniques and to complete the required grapples. Its always positive having a large support group assisting those who are grading and it creates a vibrant atmosphere!

Grading for the kids were the following students:
Jai Garcia 1st stripe
Whitney Quinones 3rd stripe
Logan Duke 3rd Stripe
Kyle Alvarez 4th Stripe
Jayden Alvarez 4th Stripe
Stephanie Cunneen 4th stripe
William Cox 2nd Purple stripe

As always the kids saved the best till last. Their grappling at the end was very exciting and at a very high standard. William is now our 2nd student and the first boy to achieve a 2nd purple stripe on blue belt.

Overall all the kids continue to train hard in our BJJ program and I look forward to seeing our kids continue to grade and progress. We should have some more blue belts at the end of the year. Those kids who are blue belt and 12 years old are also able to participate in our mixed fundamentals BJJ class on Thursday nights with the adults. This gives them a taste for grappling with mostly adults and will make their transition to the adults BJJ program in a few years that much easier!

Grading in the adults program were the following students:

Ethan Scott 3rd Stripe
Luis Alvarez 4th Stripe

Ethan and Luis progressed through their syllabus techniques quickly and at a high standard. This left plenty of time to focus on the grappling component of their grading. Neither one shied away from the more experienced or heavier opponents to grapple. Both Ethan and Luis managed to get through their grapples but had to dig deep into the tank at times, As always the conduct on the mats was excellent with plenty of support by all those who helped out on the night.

It was also a pleasure to see our newest Blue Belt Adam Nash, receive his blue belt after almost 5 years of training. Well done Adam and its great to see you on the mats whenever you can, keen to continue to learn and progress in BJJ.Posted Jun 15, 2015 at 7:52 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, June 1, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Suggestions for Improved Digestive Health to Maximise Your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts.</b>

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to digestive health. It is a process of elimination to work out what does and does not work for you. There are however some guidelines for everyone to follow which will contribute to improving your digestive health. Poor digestive health can result in things such as upset stomach, gas, heartburn, or bowel problems. All these things will have an impact on your training. To feel the best you can, digestive health is one part of the puzzle to get right. Other factors which may also affect your quality of life include your diet such and any food intolerance's, stress, adrenal burnout from not having enough rest in your life, hormones, lifestyle, emotional disposition, anxiety, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, medications, relationships and sleep. These factors will affect the state of your health and how your body works. Having said that finding the diet that is right for you and combining it with a balanced lifestyle and other restorative therapies if needed, will support your recovery and help get you back on track.

Listed below are some simple steps you can do to get your health back on track!

1)Nutrition. Eat fresh and natural foods for maximum nutrition. This includes making sure the majority of your meals comprise of vegetables, salads and fresh whole fruits.
2) Consider a probiotic and/or eat fermented foods. Fermented foods are naturally packed with probiotics that promote healthy gut bacteria. Examples include kefir, kombucha tea, yoghurt, miso, sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables.
3) Drink plenty of water each day. Aim to drink a minimum of 2 to 3 litres per day (8 to 12 glasses). Water nourishes the digestive tract, supports the absorption of nutrients and removes waste and toxins. Try adding some lemon to your water.
4) Reduce the amount of processed foods that contain additives and chemicals, which can irritate a sensitive digestive system. These include foods high in preservatives, flavour enhancers (such as MSG), refined sugar, wheat, gluten and soy, artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, thickeners and gums. Examples include white bread, soft drinks (sodas), white flour, white pasta, processed cereals, processed meats, store-bought stocks, soups and salad dressings
5) Slow down and relax when you eat and chew your food well to reduce bloating and incomplete digestion. Eating slowly gives your stomach time to prepare to digest the nutrients you are giving it, and allows your body and brain to tell you when you’ve had enough to eat.
6) ‘eat until you are only 80 per cent full’, which is a great habit to get into. Overeating can increase the pressure in the abdomen causing bloating, reflux, heartburn and delayed digestion. A
7) Avoid going to bed on a full stomach or lying down after eating. Give your body time to digest properly (i.e. try not to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed). Light soup or a shake rich in protein in preference to a heavy meal in the evenings. I make dinner the smallest meal of my day and lunch the main meal of my day.
8) Get your body moving! Physical activity speeds up digestion, increases blood flow to all of your organs, and stimulates the muscles in the GI tract. It can even tone the walls of your colon. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.
By improving your digestive health you will see a big improvement in your training and ultimately leave you feeling better day to day.Posted Jun 1, 2015 at 2:55 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, May 14, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>First In-house Tournament a Big Success!</b>

We recently held our first in house tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts for the first time in 2015. Whilst at first we were not sure if the event was going to go ahead, in the end we had many students sign up at the last minute and had in excess of 50 kids competing on the day!

The in house competitions at Campbelltown Martial Arts are designed to introduce friendly competition in a familiar setting to the younger students of CMA. There are 3 events in which the children can compete in Sumo, Sword and BJJ of which the rules are modified for non BJJ students. We do enable to the students to practise each event during class in the lead up to the tournament. This gives them an idea of what each event is about, the rules and ways they can improve in each event. The students are also placed into divisions according to their age. We always finish the day off with the falling competition which includes distance cat roll falling over a range of targets designed to test their falling ability for both height and distance. This is spectacular to watch and the kids do amazing with the distance and height they are able to cat roll over. I was very impress with little Logan, who surprised everyone with the height he was able to cat roll over. He will be one to watch in the future!

There was great spirit on display through out the day and many exciting matches. Though it was designed as a friendly in house competition, the kids would have you believe it was an Olympic final due to the determination and spirit levels that each of them demonstrated. Winning was what they wanted and they competed hard to win. However all the kids who turned up on the day and their families who supported them are all winners. Its an achievement in itself to put your self out of your comfort zone and to have a go!. We are super proud of all the kids in our first in house tournament for the year. Especially those kids who were competing for the first time. We really hope you enjoyed the event and will be back for our second in house tournament later in the year!
Miss Natalie comments in relation to the Eagles students who competed is below
Wow, what a morning! !! We are so, so proud of our junior eagles and eagles today!!
Not only did we see winners, 2nd places and 3rd places, but the sportsmanship was extraordinary, the best by far we have ever seen in CMA's history (almost 25 years of history). There were hand shakes, beautiful words exchanged between the competitors, man hugs, lady hugs, fantastic encouragement to keep on going, and lifting up of each other to congratulate one another. All of this brought a tear to our eyes.
Remember our little ones if you did not place today we believe that your attitude, behaviour and character building is so strong which all adds up to make you the gentleman or gentle lady you are growing into!

Like wise the Falcons students also showed tremendous attitude in regards to their matches. Win or lose that were humble in victory and gracious in defeat. There were a few tears. More out of disappointment than bad sportsmanship. The kids had passion and they wanted to win, as such it can be emotional for them if the matches don't turn out how they would have liked. Its was great to see different kids place in different events with very few students dominating across their division. This shows the competitiveness and depth in our kids martial arts program. Well done to all our place getter's, spirit award winners and a big thank you to all our wonderful families who stayed to support the day. We hope your kids had fun. The next in house tournament is Sunday 11th October.Posted May 14, 2015 at 2:39 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, May 4, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts April Falcons Grading</b>

April grading was all about the yellow belts, so many young falcons put their skills on display. Every grading the speeches improve, the kids don’t seem to show any fear with public speaking. The quality of the falling continues to get better with each belt. It was a great grading with lots of stand out moments.

Junior Falcons
Four young white belts worked really hard to learn some difficult techniques and didn't let the nerves of their first grading get to them. It’s great to see students from our eagles program excelling and continuing their martial arts journey into our falcons program. Very proud of the level of focus they all displayed during the grading and the effort the all put in to be ready for the grading. They all had great falls for white belts, excellent.

Jacob and Emily had a strong grading and for their age very very good, their hand techniques were a clear stand out. I don’t often teach these two, and I saw Jacob on a Tuesday before the grading and I was very impressed with how he knew exactly what he needed to practise and ability to work independently. Emily is a young lady to look out for, she is determined, willing to work hard and tough. They are going to be strong yellow belts and definitely caught our attention in the grading.

Almost half the grading consisted of yellow belts looking to stake their claims on becoming a greenbelt. The top belt in their class. The yellow belts kicks were very strong and didn’t go unnoticed Michael was very pleased with the level of technique he saw. A turning kick involves a lot of hip and footwork so well done. The height Rashaad gets on his turning kick is astounding. Once again really good falls, strong Ki Up’s and I look forward to watching future seniors falcons develop. Congratulations to our nine new green belts. I hope you demonstrate the leadership as the highest belt in your class, that you have earnt.

Ali was the sole green belt grading tonight, there’s always that added feeling of pressure when it’s just you. Ali held his nerve to perform as best he can. He showed good character and demonstrated all his techniques to the best of his ability. He had some tiring moments during his kicks, but like any future senior falcon pushed through. Austin and I look forward to adding another model student to our class.
Senior Falcons
Well what I can say about Layla and Angelina these two young ladies caught Sir Michael’s right from the get go. They were clear stand outs and fed off each other’s energy, the harder one went the other had to match. It was a great to see our young ladies display such finesse in every technique they performed whether it was a white belt or yellow belt technique. Brilliant girls. Angelina has the best kicks I’ve seen in the falcons program, and one of the first blue belts in a long time not to have a ‘needs work’ comment next to their sidekick. Layla is one of the most polite students in our class and continues to grow, her attitude to training made marking off modules a breeze.

Hope to be honest had me concerned, I wasn’t convinced she was ready, a couple of weeks out before the day her techniques needed a fair amount of practise, but that’s the thing about this young lady, never doubt her. Hope has this ability to come out of nowhere, and that comes down to the extra practise outside matt times to do that extra work to get the job done. Hope got through a red belt grading well and to the best of her ability. Never cesses to surprise young Hope. Hope I look forward to one day adding you (and we need more girls) to our junior Black belt list. You are definitely worthy, just keep training hard and a positive attitude to training.

When it came to the wood breaks Layla bit the bullet and stepped up to the plate first. It came down to the 4th kick before the board finally broke into two. Great effort. Despite their best efforts Hope and Angelina unfortunately were not unable to break their boards this time round. With only 5x attempts you really have to hit through the board and in the right spot, and sometimes even then they don’t want to break. It takes a lot of courage to even attempt a break. So congratulations.

Our Spirit Awards went to two very deserving recipients. They pushed each other along and were switched on the moment they stepped on the floor. They were Angelina Singh and Layla RahimPosted May 4, 2015 at 2:18 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, May 3, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading - Getting Ready for Black Belt</b>

The recent April Hapkido grading was a big grading for junior belts and made up nearly entirely of orange belts. What was great to see with this grading was that everyone who graded has worked very hard since the start of the year. Often many people want to grade, however if they are told they will have to wait for a later grading and keep working hard, many just aren't up to the challenge. I'm not sure why, often its only another two months they have to wait, however in today's society with everything instant and immediate, sometimes I believe we have forgotten what its like to really wait, be patient and work towards something. Each of the students grading this time were held back in February and told they would have to wait until April to grade. This did not deter them and patiently they worked their way through their modules enabling them to grade in April. This is an important mindset to attain in your journey to black belt. Be patient and don't rush the journey. Many people start hapkido and whilst they like the idea of being a black belt, deep down I am not sure they have the belief and confidence that they can achieve the rank of black belt. They then personalise the fact that they had to wait for a grading as meaning they don't have what it takes to reach black belt. When in fact they do. Everyone is held back at some stage. Its a very personal journey and being made to wait is only so we can make them the best black belt they can be.

Everyone who graded in April has what it takes to make it to black belt. They need to persistently train and take on board any feedback and learning we are teaching. The higher the level they get to, the tougher this feedback and learning may be. The key is not to quit and to keep progressing forward one step at a time. I have seen some students that could barely make it through a class, kick above their belt or complete the basic falls, through sheer determination and amazing spirit, attain their black belt and become very competent martial artists. They know who they are and they know what it took to get there. For others everything just seems to come natural and they seem to effortlessly make it to black belt. Trust me on this however, there is no getting to black belt without hard effort. Everyone has to work hard. That's why we make the grading very physically challenging, we want to see past the fancy techniques, high kicks, dynamic falls etc. We want to see your spirit, your never give up attitude and we will test you mentally, physically and emotionally. We will guide and give you the necessary skills on your journey to black belt so you can make it through a black belt grading.

So students if the instructors at Campbelltown Martial Arts seem hard, unfair for not letting you grade etc, remember we are setting you up for success. Follow our guidance and we can help you to achieve amazing things both at CMA and away from CMA. I would like to see everyone begin training now as though they were getting ready for a black belt grading. No matter what belt level you are begin this now. Whilst you are at training, concentrate for the hour you are there. Remember when you are checking in at the start and end of class to really focus on what you are doing and to reflect on how you trained. What can you do better for next time. How can you improve on your training. Finally train consistently for your grading as early as possible and don't wait until the last minute to plan to get ready and improve your fitness. This is especially important for the senior belts. Even after grading you need to keep your fitness at a high level in order to be ready to grade in the future.

On the night grading we had Dylan grading for his white belt who was very strong in all areas of his technique and who always trains diligently and to a high standard. It is clear he has previous martial arts experience and will develop a lot further at Hapkido if he sticks with it.

We had a number of orange belts grading. This was a tough grading for them to get ready for as orange belt is a big step up from white belt. There are many more techniques to learn and they are a more complicated. Many of the orange belts wanted to grade in February, however they were held back and worked hard to be ready to grade in April. On the night they performed solidly with only a few issues to work on after the grading, mainly foot position for the kicks. These issues will improve at yellow belt and whilst yellow belt is slightly harder than orange belt in terms of the syllabus techniques, the skills they have developed preparing for their grading to yellow belt will help to prepare them well for coping with their new belt.

We had two students grading for their green belt. Yellow belt introduces the students to locks and spinning kicks. These were a challenge for the students in preparation for their grading, however on the night they performed very well and with consistent training they should be ready for the senior class later in the year!

Finally we had Michael and Krystal grading for their red belt. This was an important grading as they are both very keen to grade for their black belt at the end of next year. This is achievable if they continue to work hard. On the night they seemed to excel in certain areas of their grading and struggle in other areas. This is to be expected. The most important elements such as spirit and determination, they showed. This will help to prepare them for their senior gradings on the way to black belt.

Well done to all those who graded. The next grading is Wednesday 17th June. You will need to have the required number of classes and modules marked off in order to grade. See your instructor if you believe you are ready to grade. Visit for more details on our adults Hapkido program. Photos of the grading are also available at May 3, 2015 at 8:41 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, April 8, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>First BJJ Gradings for 2015 at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Kids BJJ Grading
Last week was the first BJJ grading for the year at CMA. The week kicked off with the kids BJJ grading. We had all ages and levels grading from our kids program. At the younger end of the age range we had Chloe, aged 6 attempting her very first kids BJJ grading, which is a very big deal considering she is still part of our eagles program. We also had our most senior kids BJJ member, Kindra grading for her 2nd purple stripe, with the remainder of the kids ranging in belt rank from white to blue belt grading.

It was a very long grading and the kids needed a little encouragement at different times to remain focused and patient whilst working through the grading. I am very proud of the blue belts who graded with very little effort and easily remained focused and were excellent role models for the other kids grading. Surprisingly Levi and Chloe our youngest two and most junior grading students on the night also needed very little assistance or help throughout their grading.

It was great to see all the kids perk up at the end of the night and find some extra energy to finish strongly in their grapples. We decided to let everyone grapple as it is the most exciting part of the night for the kids and its the best part of the grading to watch.

No one really stood out enough to earn a spirit award, however we had many kids stay back to help and assist even though they were not grading. Thank you to those kids and their families for letting your children stay back to help.

Michael's thoughts on the Adults BJJ Grading
Later in the week it was the adults turn to grade. Grading on the night were the following BJJ students:
Jessica 2nd Stripe
Vince 4th Stripe
Adam 4th stripe
Mat 2nd Purple stripe
Stephen 2nd Purple stripe

It was great to see Jessica grade, especially now that she is training in both the ladies and mixed classes, the extra training was evident in her techniques and grappling.Vince, Mat, Adam & Stephen were all solid in the technique section of their grading and were all equally pushed to their limits in the 10 x 3min grapples at the end of completing all their techniques. It was great to see none of them shy away from the more senior belts during their grapples.

A big thank you to all the students who came along to support those grading, it was one of our biggest turn outs for a grading.
Michael's thoughts on the Adults BJJ Grading
Later in the week it was the adults turn to grade. Grading on the night were the following BJJ students:
Jessica 2nd Stripe
Vince 4th Stripe
Adam 4th stripe
Mat 2nd Purple stripe
Stephen 2nd Purple stripe

It was great to see Jessica grade, especially now that she is training in both the ladies and mixed classes, the extra training was evident in her techniques and grappling.Vince, Mat, Adam & Stephen were all solid in the technique section of their grading and were all equally pushed to their limits in the 10 x 3min grapples at the end of completing all their techniques. It was great to see none of them shy away from the more senior belts during their grapples.

A big thank you to all the students who came along to support those grading, it was one of our biggest turn outs for a grading.
The next BJJ grading is Tuesday 26th May for kids and Friday 29th May for adults. I look forward to seeing more adults and kids grade in BJJ. We are excited to hopefully have more blue belts this year and a few more adult students getting closer to their purple belt!
Finally to top off a big week of BJJ gradings, a few of our kids competed in an outside BJJ competition, the NSW ISKA BJJ open, and all the kids did fantastically. This goes to show how successful the kids BJJ program is at Campbelltown Martial Arts. This is due to the hardwork of the instructors, students and their families in encouraging the children to learn the art of BJJ and to remain committed through not only the good times and but also the many tough BJJ battles and classes they endure on a weekly basis!Posted Apr 8, 2015 at 7:26 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, March 6, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>First Adults Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2015</b>

The first adults hapkido grading for 2015 took place last week on Wednesday. It was a small grading comprising mainly of the higher belts in Hapkido. Although it was small, it certainly wasn't easy. Especially for the higher belts.

Up first to grade was Yazmin, grading as a yellow belt for her green belt. Yazmin was very strong on the night with great technique. This we expected from her as she always trains hard in class and has a smile on her face. Yazmin has come from our kids program and overall has been training for some time. Yellow belt in many ways is the foundation belt for hapkido. This is the first time many of the locks in hapkido are introduced to the students. In theory a good yellow belt will make a good senior belt and hopefully lay the foundation for a great black belt if they stick at their training long enough. I am sure Yazmin will be no exception to this rule and will progress through the ranks of hapkido at a very high standard if she continues to train with the same degree of diligence and focus she currently demonstrates.

Grading next at green belt we had Warren and Scott. They were successful in grading for their blue belt and are now part of the senior hapkido program, which is blue belt and above. Scott had to work very hard for to earn each module in preparation for this grading, however in the end he was very ready to grade for his blue belt. Warren has been ready for some time to progress to blue belt and was very competent in regards to the self defence side of green belt. The dynamic kicks of green belt were challenging for both Warren and Scott, they are also a very tiring part of the grading. Scott and Warren managed to work their way through each of their techniques and really only have to focus on some footwork issues in the senior hapkido class now that they are blue belts. Michael will be focusing specifically on foot work for all senior belts. It has been great watching Warren and Scott work their way through the junior belts of hapkido and are now senior members. They are both big guys and as such are great training partners together. It makes the journey to black belt that much more enjoyable and motivating, if you have great training partners to share the journey with you. Its great to see another two of my students now part of the senior hapkido class and I look forward to viewing their progress at future senior gradings.

Grading at blue belt for their brown belt was Alan, Daniel, Jessica and Michael. Each of these people I remember as part of the junior adults hapkido program and this was the first time they graded as part of the senior adults hapkido grading. It is always exciting to see how they are progressing as senior members of hapkido and watching them get one step closer to their black belt. It certainly wasn't an easy grading for them. They all struggled with certain aspects of their kicks due to how tiring green and blue belt kicks can be. It's important for all senior students to understand that senior gradings only get harder, not easier. As such any senior student preparing for a grading needs to work hard in relation to their fitness. The fitness is needed not only for their kicks, however all other areas of their grading including multiple grabs and self defence. The fitter the students are, the better they will perform on the day. Well done to all these students who successfully graded to brown belt. You should really start to see that black belt is certainly achievable now and have a plan towards your black belt. It will take a few years of diligent training and hard work, however you are more than half way there and time fly's when you are learning and having fun. Keep training hard and each night reflect on your training and how you can improve for the next class!

Finally the highest belt grading on the night was Ethan for his red belt. Ethan has been training in martial arts for most of his young life and now not only trains but is an integral part of the instructing team at Campbelltown Martial Arts. He is slowly but surely getting closer to his Adult black belt, which will be a great achievement considering he is still so young. On the night Ethan was very strong and only really slowed down at the end during the flying side kicks. These kicks he normally soars through the air, however the culmination of green, blue and brown kicks wore him out. Like the other senior belts who graded, Ethan has a lot of work to do in preparation for his next few gradings on his way to black belt. This was great experience for him and if he learns from this experience, continues to work on his fitness and train hard, I am sure he will smash his way to black belt.

Michael's Thoughts on the Grading.
Wow hard to believe we are now in March and the first gradings for the new year are finished. It was great to see so many black belts on the night participating and helping with the grading as others may have once helped them also during their gradings.

It is always good to see more green belts take the step to blue and start a new journey in their training up stairs with all the senior belts. We also have new brown belts and a new red belt. It is very pleasing seeing Jessica and Ethan continue their journey from Junior black belts in the kids hapkido program and progress in the adults hapkido program towards their Adults black belt.

All students that graded on the night showed that they had put in the hard work to be ready for the February grading, I look forward to our next grading in April.

If you are ready to grade please discuss what is required and put your name on the notice board. Grading dates for adults is Wednesday 22nd April. Remember not only are you required to learn your modules and get the required number of classes, we also require you to learn and start applying your life skill in all areas of your life. This is important and we we want you to do this so help you become the best person you can bePosted Mar 6, 2015 at 6:03 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, March 5, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts February Falcons Grading</b>

Our first grading always comes around super fast and with school holidays taking up a lot of training time for some, it takes a huge effort from the kids to get straight back into it. This grading though one of our smallest had some special moments and very rare achievements.

Junior Falcons

Four young white belts worked really hard to learn some difficult techniques and didn't let the nerves of their first grading get to them. One of our belts was so excited he had his uniform the moment he got home from school. Very proud of the level of focus they all displayed for their age and for the level of confidence they had with their public speeches.

Wow how good were the orange belts, collectively as a group Sir and Michael said 'They were strong", what an effort from all of them. From little Samantha to Callum hands were up the effort was there, strong Ki Up's and lots of focus. They displayed great technique with their footwork in both kicks and self defence, and all the falling really stood out. Not one of them had any issue with their falling. For fairy new students that's fantastic. All the orange belts should be very proud of their grading efforts.

Lucas was the only yellow belt grading and definitely left a lasting impression, also receiving the spirit award. Lucas handled the pressure of having all the focus on him and displayed the level of technique and concentration that will see him well into the senior belts.

Amelia scattergood, Logan and Sidhart did extremely well; I thought they did a great effort with their kicks, which are very technical and dynamic.They all excelled with their public speaking and knew their techniques very well. Most importantly they all displayed the level of attitude and commitment required to be senior falcons. As a yellow belt one of them had some troubles with their cat rolls and I mentioned to them they can't be a senior falcon until they can fall safely. To this young students credit they took my advice and I often saw them practising after class. They can now confidently cat roll at a blue belt level. Austin and I look forward to all three of these students joining our class. Congratulations all of you.

Senior Falcons

Charlie was our sole senior falcon grading and all I can say about this young lady is don’t mess with her, she is a surprise packet. Austin and I were very proud of the determination Charlie displays, she works hard and breaks through mental barriers better than kids 4 years her senior. Don't be fooled by this young lady only 9 years old, she is deceivingly powerful and can handle whatever you throw at her. Unfortunately she didn't break her board, but didn't let the disappointment overshadow the excellence of her kicks and other techniques. Very well done Charlie.

Amelia Kravac

For those who don't know this young lady participated in the whole grading despite not grading. Her level of technique, focus and attitude to training was so outstanding to Sir Michael, he awarded her a Blue belt anyway. This is an amazing achievement that is so rare we can count how many times this has happened on one hand. I personally have never seen a child earn a belt like this.

This little girl is only 7 years old, her focus, manners and all round attitude is stunning and well above her years. I can certainly see her following in her brothers’ footsteps, they need to watch out. It was also to their amazement that she’ll be joining them upstairs so fast. Amelia kept it a secret from them whilst they were at camp, until she got to class on Friday. Congratulations on your achievement all the instructors are sad to see you go downstairs. Austin and I look forward to teaching you.

Feedback from Sir Michael
The orange belts were very strong and had good kicks. This is more for all the senior belts; He would like to see more intensity in all their techniques. HARDER, FASTER and SRONGER.

We'd also like to congratulate all the senior falcons that came to do the grading and support Charlie at the end. It's that kind of commardary that we love to see at CMA. It was a pleasure to see and I'm sure Charlie appreciated the support too.
Just remember if you do the grading, though you're at the back you cannot hide, so no cruising. You're all too skilled for that.

Our spirit Award went to: Lucas MarksPosted Mar 5, 2015 at 5:17 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, February 28, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>John Will BJJ Seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

It was great to have such an amazing BJJ coach such as John Will visit Campbelltown Martial Arts so early in the year. John Will's seminars are very energising and motivating and this provides for a great start to the year with regards to our BJJ. For those new to BJJ and experiencing a John Will seminar for the first time, its exciting to meet someone with such vast BJJ knowledge and teaching experience. For those who have been to his seminars before, though we may have an idea and expectation about what to expect from John, he will always throw in a few surprises and insights that definitely give us something new to ponder and think about. He usually always offers a slightly different perspective and way to view the techniques being presented. Considering John has been visiting CMA for many years now, this shows the depths of techniques, different perspectives and variety available in BJJ.

Its was great to see a good turnout for the first seminar with John Will. This included all of CMA's purple belts, beginner students from CMA attending a John Will seminar for the first time, visitors from other gyms and even a few students from our kids program who at such a young age are able to appreciate the value of spending a few hours with such a talented coach.

The techniques taught during the seminar were simple and a great reminder of the value of basic techniques and how effective they are. The back strap technique to be applied against someone attacking in your guard also highlighted the important self defence aspects of BJJ, especially against a larger opponent. From the back strap position we then focused on attacking each side of the body and sitting rollover sweep. The techniques were basic enough for the beginners and also practical enough for the advance students to incorporate into their game. It was a good reminder of the basic principals of some very valuable techniques, which can easily be forgotten with the explosion of fancy techniques popping up everywhere on the internet, in competitions etc. Important aspects including taking the elbow first for figure four type techniques and how to maintain back control were strongly emphasised.

As the seminar progressed John as always wanted to provide some valuable life lessons. He discussed the real amount of time we actually have to learn something. In his view, its only approximately 90 seconds. So next time you are being shown a technique or learning something, give your full undivided attention for at least 90 seconds. That is often the only chance you have to really hear and absorb what is being taught in its first instance. Very important and achievable. Imagine being told you only have to concentrate and focus for the next 90 seconds. If more people would give their undivided attention for just 90seconds each time they are learning something new, I am sure their learning would improve greatly.

Other techniques on the day included attacks from Z guard. This is a type of half guard and useful in preventing your opponent flattening you out in half guard. It is also another effective technique for a smaller person playing guard against a larger opponent. The attacks from Z guard, again similar to the first series of techniques, consisted of attacking each side of the body including a figure four and back take and also a sweep. The sweep was different to one that we had seen before at Campbelltown Martial Arts and very effective. I am sure many students from CMA will be introducing these techniques into their grappling.

Finally the techniques concluded with some smooth transition drills between anaconda and darce choke. Rather than viewing them as entirely different chokes, focusing instead on which arm on your opponent you shut down in order to execute either choke.

For those who attended the recent John Will seminar, practise the techniques you learnt and take notes. It is an investment that you have made in your own BJJ journey. Also make sure you are available for the next John Will Seminar for August 29th at 2:00pm.Posted Feb 28, 2015 at 4:20 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, February 18, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Why you should try BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts!</b>

Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu, is a stand up to take down grappling based martial art system. From a self defence perspective, BJJ offers many advantageous for a much smaller person over a larger person. Whilst there is little emphasis on striking, the emphasis is on being able to use efficient movement and timing, angles and levers, applying your weight in the right area to control your opponent and the application of certain holds, grips and submissions to control and ultimately submit your opponent.

If you were to walk into any BJJ club, you would certainly see the difference and the advantage a smaller opponent with even just 6 months BJJ experience has over a new and larger person when they begin grappling. As with any physical encounter, strength and size certainly plays a part however in BJJ they are last on the list of requirements for efficient grappling. The same cannot be said for other stand up based martial arts where both strength and size offer a considerable advantage right from the outset and can really close the gap between an experienced smaller martial artist over a larger non experienced person. The best way to understand this concept is to hop on the mat and grapple any experienced smaller grappler. You will see how efficiently they are able to control the grapple. If you have considerable BJJ skill, size and strength, then ultimately there will not be many who stand in your way, however with diligent training event the smallest amongst us can become very proficient in controlling others who are much heavier and bigger. With this being said, who should train in BJJ? The simple answer is everyone!

Kids and BJJ

We live in a society where children are encouraged to find other more effective means of defending themselves than simply fighting back. They are somehow expected to talk there way out of possible violent situations or manage it without very little contact. In my opinion this is a hard task. However BJJ may offer a very practical solution. BJJ isn't just about entering BJJ competitions and aiming to be world champions. It is a self defence based martial arts system. With the emphasis away from striking and more focused on grappling holds, movements and positions to control your opponent, it offers something very realistic we can teach our kids which avoids striking as such and focuses instead on controlling the aggressor and situation until help is available for the child or the aggressor backs down.

Also many combative situations end up on the ground, BJJ is perfect for that. It is much harder to apply your stand up self defence techniques on the ground, however a grappler will feel right at home and much more comfortable, also the principals that apply to BJJ grappling on the ground also apply in a stand up situation. Grappling holds, angles, levers, timing, weight position etc apply equally on the ground as they do in a close quarter stand up encounter.

BJJ is a complex, technical and often confronting martial art to learn. It requires the students of BJJ to focus, commit, strip their ego and be present in the moment when grappling or learning BJJ. How many opportunities do kids have today to be able to do these things when they are surrounded with electronics and gaming devices which saps their attention and ability to learn. BJJ may be just what they need to offer them a way of learning to concentrate and focus their attention and energy in a very productive way!

The kids BJJ program at Campbelltown Martial Arts is very strong. We have kids who are undefeated national and state champions and others who whilst do not compete are very competent in their grappling and the self defence aspects of it. We begin teaching it at the age of 3 in our Eagles martial arts program and offer it as a stand alone program for kids from aged 7 and up. Though we do have some younger kids who are able to focus and keep up with the older kids. We have the tiniest grapplers on our mats, controlling much larger opponent. Its great to see and the proof is in the pudding so to speak with regards to the benefits of BJJ as an effective self defence system for kids.

Women and BJJ
In relation to the self defence advantages of BJJ, this is particularly important for women. Often a physical encounter or attack on a female, will end up on the ground with someone much heavier trying to attack them. Having an understanding on how to move on the ground and control the weight of a much heavier and stronger aggressor is vital for all women to have a chance at defending themselves. The combative nature of BJJ is often a deterrent for potential future female grapplers. At Campbelltown Martial Arts, we offer a women's only BJJ class to introduce the ladies to the fundamentals of BJJ in a supportive environment. From here many of our ladies then progress to the mixed BJJ classes and are very comfortable grappling both men and women of different sizes and skill level.

In relation to health and fitness, BJJ offers an amazing full body workout. Intense grappling will be one of the hardest physical and mental encounters you may experience in a fitness workout. However you wont realise how hard you are working until the grapple finishes as you are so immersed in the concentration of the grapple and if you are training with the right partner, you will be having lots of fun.

BJJ will also have you moving in positions you didn't think was possible. It almost incorporates its own Pilate's/yoga style of stretching in each grapple. Throw in feeling like you have just visited the chiro, and this will enable you to become more flexible and fluid in your movements and body.
BJJ is for Everyone
To recap, BJJ is for everyone. Its is a great self defence system, very technically challenging, gets you extremely fit and increases your mobility and flexibility. Campbelltown Martial Arts offer beginner to advance classes for all ages and abilitiesPosted Feb 18, 2015 at 12:04 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, February 12, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Getting the Right Mindset!</b>

Think about the type of year you had last year. Did you accomplish what you had hoped for? Was it a successful year. Now think about this year. What are you aspirations, goals and desires for this year? I am sure every single one of us as some idea of how we would like this year to be, regardless if you are a person who sets goals or not. We all have plans and ideas of what we would like to do in 2015. With January gone, its now time to start thinking about a plan of how you will be successful in achieving what it is you desire most this year. Before you know it, winter will be here and all we will want to do is sit on the couch with a blanket and watch movies whilst eating comfort food. This I like, however not for the entire winter. If you are not used to planning, live day by day or are overwhelmed by the idea of setting in motion a plan to achieve what you truly desire, then perhaps the following steps may assist:

1.Write down all that you hope for 2015. Don't put a cap or limit on what you think you are capable of. You are only writing it down. If you have a longer term plan or goal, then write down the progress you would like to make this year towards that goal. Longer term goals need planning also, they don't just happen.
2.Prioritise your list to determine the most important things you would like to achieve this year.
3.Set in place an action plan to achieve those that are most important to you. If you are unsure of where to start then speak with someone you trust and who BELIEVES IN YOU. They may have some ideas.

4. Also if you need some ideas of what you would like to do. If you mind can't conjure up all the amazing things that you could be doing or plan towards doing, then perhaps a vision board may assist. A vision board is a showcase of the life you want to be leading. Find pictures of what your life will look like. the places you want to travel, and the work that you love and put them on a poster board. You can get creative and put words and images that are accurate expressions of the things that drive you every day. Place your board somewhere where you can see it several times a day and even spend a few moments visualising what it would be like to be living in the life you envision. This will hopefully give you some inspiration if you are stuck.
The above process shouldn't be rushed in ten minutes. Take a week or so to really think about what you are writing. Ideas will come to you throughout the day and week, of which you can add and change as needed.
Your Beliefs and Mind Set will Shape How Successful You Are!
With your mind focused on all the possibilities available to you in this life after having completed the above steps, how do you maintain this focus, excitement and positive think during the day to day of the daily grind in our lives?

Our mind is filled with thousands of thoughts per day. Most of them we are not consciously working to create. They pop in and out over and over. Examine your daily thoughts, are they positive or negative. Do they propel you towards your desires or bring you down. This is VERY IMPORTANT. We need to understand the thoughts that fill our minds every day. With regard to the negative and damaging thoughts we need to consciously challenge and replace with more productive and important thoughts. This takes time and energy and a lot of effort. However over time you will begin to get control of your thoughts and mind.
Also consider when something goes wrong, what is your internal dialogue is. What do you tell yourself. The path will rarely be smooth, however by appraising why something did or did not happen as you wished in a constructive manner and learning from the experience, you are less likely to drag yourself down to a place that you really don't need to be.
Your beliefs and mindset will determine how successful you are.
Do you agree with these statements?
?Positive people are more successful!
?"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." Zig Ziglar
?You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!
The way you think will influence everything in your life: how you feel and how you act. Your mindset holds the key to your level of self-esteem, confidence, your vision and even your creativity.
Finding Positive Motivation
Surround yourself with the people who inspire and motivate you. Spend less time with those who bring you down and don't support you. Have mentors for different areas in your life including personal, professional, spiritual, emotional etc. Seek out those you want to learn from them and observe their behaviour. What are they doing that you are not and can begin doing. Finally find that passion that inspires you to be the best person you can be and don't pay to much attention to those thoughts, feelings, behaviours and people who are not congruent in what you want to achieve this year!Posted Feb 12, 2015 at 7:57 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, February 3, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Sit Less Even If You Are Active</b>

Australia is in the midst of a health crisis. We have the fastest growing obesity rates in the world. Just three decades ago, obesity rates were a third to half of what they are now. It is something we are well aware of especially when you consider that Australians spend $8.5 billions dollars per year on gym memberships, sports equipment and fitness fads. This equates to approximately $2340.00 per household.

However the answer may be more simple than going to a fitness centre or following the latest fitness fad. We all need to sit less, even if we are active. In fact evidence suggests that those who spent 15.2 hours or more per day in sedentary behaviour had a higher risk of death even if they were regular exercisers. Including those who engage regularly in moderate to high intensity exercise are still at risk if they are sedentary for more than 15 hours per day.

Moral of the story is that you need be as active as you can. Get your pedometers out and start keeping track of your steps. Get moving. You will be surprised how easy the steps add up. Above all, sit less!Posted Feb 3, 2015 at 9:49 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, January 21, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Planning a Year of Good Health</b>

In line with it being the beginning of the new year, I thought I would list the different suggestions which are often recommended for a year of good health. That is physical, mental, emotional and social health. Wouldn't it be great if we could achieve this. I highly doubt it is reasonable to think that all areas of our life will be running smoothly at any one time and that they will stay that way. Rather its reasonable to expect ups and downs in different aspects of our life. Whats needed is the right frame of mind to handle them and to appreciate the positive aspects also.

Here they are - A toast to good health!

1.Carefully monitor your internal dialogue, that is what you say to yourself. Rather look for constructive criticism and ways to modify your own actions that need changing or the sources of your unhappiness.
2.Compare your actions, thoughts and feelings against others to judge their appropriateness compared with yours. Are you being unreasonable with actions, thoughts and feelings. This will give you a gauge on how reasonable your expectations are in regards to all areas of your life.
3.Expand your social support so that you can navigate through the trials and tribulations of life with the support of others. Its much easier then trying to do it on your own.
4.Focus your time and attention smartly. Be future orientated when there is work to be done, present orientated when the goal is achieved and its time to take pleasure in that achievement and past orientated to stay true to your roots and learn from past experiences.
5.Embrace the unique qualities you have and that which you can offer others. Take full personal credit for these and any personal happiness in your life.
6.When you feel you are losing control over your emotions, distance yourself from the challenge at hand until you are feeling more in control. Objectively identify proactive ways to work through the challenges. Are you thinking objectively about it. Can you talk to someone or seek the assistance from others in your support group as mentioned in step 3. Is there anything positive to come from working through the issue.
7.Remember for every door that closes another one opens. Setbacks may be blessing in disguise. Learn from the set back rather then let it defeat you.
8.If you are feeling overwhelmed, seek help from professionals that can help you. Help is available and you don't have to suffer alone and its not normal to feel completely overwhelmed and helpless in your life for a prolonged period.
9.Cultivate healthy pleasures and make time for them.
Hopefully some of this may assist you in achieving a positive yearPosted Jan 21, 2015 at 9:27 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, January 15, 2015</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Welcome back to Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2015</b>

Training has resumed back to normal at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Its great to see many students returning refreshed and eager for another big year at CMA. Many of our important events for the year are now listed on our facebook fan page and website including the grading dates. Please sit down and plan when you believe you will be ready to grade. Discuss this with your instructor who will advise what you need to do to get ready to grade.

Some tips on how to get the most out of this year for your martial arts include:

1.Train consistently, at least twice per week.
2.Set some goals in relation to your martial arts and fitness training. This will give you something to work towards. Don't be afraid to share these with others at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We are a supportive bunch and will help you as much as possible.
3.Cross train in some of our other styles to add variety to your training. All the styles compliment each other. You will increase your overall martial arts knowledge and fitness, add variety and fun to your training and meet new people.
4.Introduce other family members and friends to Campbelltown Martial Arts. Its always much more enjoyable if its a family affair or your have your friends training with you. Let others you care about enjoy the same benefits you are receiving from CMA.
5.Make new friends by attending our social events wherever possible. We are a friendly bunch and its always nice to put a name to the familiar face you are training with. Likewise introduce yourself wherever possible to get to know the other students.
6.Attend seminars as much as possible. Next month we have John Will visiting for a BJJ seminar. Any seminars we host will always add an extra dimensions to your knowledge and the trainers are experts in their field. The content will not usually be covered in class so will be in addition to what you are already learning. Take notes during these seminars and also with your training. Remember you are learning a martial art. The more time you invest in learning the art, the better you will be at it.
7.Take time to read your training syllabus. Visualise yourself going through the techniques. Remember the names of your self defence and other belt level techniques.
8.Train smart. Particularly in relation to injuries. Seek advice from a professional who will guide you as to the best way to heal your injury and not aggravate it more. Remember friends and training partners mean well, however most are not trained in the medical profession. Seek proper advice when injured. Stay hydrated, stretch and take particular care to warm up and cool down at every class.
9.Finally maximise your hard work at CMA whilst away from training with good nutrition and by leading a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to another successful year at Campbelltown Martial ArtsPosted Jan 15, 2015 at 5:06 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, December 25, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Final Adults Hapkido Grading for the Year at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

This week was a big week considering it was the last training week of the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Wednesday night was the final adults coloured belt grading for Campbelltown Martial Arts. This grading may have been small, it was however a very committed and hardworking group of students who were grading.

Due to the quick turn around between gradings at this time of year, we didn't have a lot of preparation time. Despite this, those who did grade had been working hard for sometime and were more than ready for their grading.

The white belts were solid in their techniques. They were also confident on the night and very keen to grade. They are some of the younger members of the adults program, however their enthusiasm and competitiveness with each other is both refreshing to watch and typical of their age. They bring out the best in each other and I look forward to seeing how they progress in 2015!

Grading at yellow belt was a mother and daughter team effort. Both ladies, Tahlia and Sara were keen to catch their other family member on green belt. Now all family members are green belt. Its always great to see families training together. The most impressive part of the ladies preparation for their grading was their self defence. This is the most important part of yellow belt and sets the foundation for the senior level belts in terms of self defence. I am confident if they continue to train hard they will be very strong in this area.

At green belt we had Bassam grading. It seems as though he has been green belt forever. I can't remember the last time he graded, however he has been a pleasure to teach. He gets a long with all students, always has a smile on his face and I am glad to see him progress to a senior level in Hapkido. Watch out for his kicks. With further training he will be a weapon. Again I look forward to seeing how he develops in 2015 with his martial arts.

Finally at a senior level we had Andrew grading for brown belt and Paul grading for provisional black belt. Any senior belt grading is physically hard and it is great preparation for their black belt grading when the time comes. For Paul, he is on target to achieve this next year. Paul trains diligently 3 times every week. Rarely misses a class and always puts in 100%. This grading was no exception. I am very excited to see him grade for his black belt next year.

Also grading strong on the night was Andrew. He never gave up despite being pushed to his absolute limit. Again he was also working hard in the lead up to the grading!.

Its been a big year for the adults Hapkdio program. The highlight each and every year is always seeing the students work hard and progress through the ranks of hapkido at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Particularly those who come through the doors for the first time with very little confidence and self esteem. I love seeing how they develop and place their trust in the staff at CMA to guide them to bigger and better things at CMA and in other areas of their life. The ultimate highlight for any instructor is seeing one of your students make it to black belt. Congratulations to all students this year who graded and progressed in Hapkdio. Regardless of your rank you should feel very proud. Start thinking about would you would like to achieve in 2015. We will help you get there. Remember the most important thing is to get to the next class!Posted Dec 25, 2014 at 8:52 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, December 19, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Annual Black Belt Grading</b>

Whilst the end of year is fast approaching, it is also the busiest time of year at Cambelltown Martial Arts. A major highlight for this time of year is the Annual Adults Hapkido Black Belt Grading. Its always a privilege to be part of such a special event. Particularly for those students grading and their training partners, families and instructors. We all know how hard they have worked over the years to get where they are now. This grading is the culmination of years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Maybe also a few broken bones and other injuries. Whilst it is a big day for those grading, it is also a very nerve racking experience as they know they are about to be tested physically, emotionally and spiritually. We need to see if they have the makings to be a CMA black belt!

The final test before the students receive their black belts or degree levels as a black belt is not based on how competently they know their techniques. We know they do, as that is why they are grading. Its about testing them hard physically and mentally and seeing if they have the determination and spirit to not give up. They need to finish every aspect of the grading, which is very physically hard and be standing at the end of the grading. In the past we have had students try to bail near the end as they are completely exhausted and have nothing left. We have almost had to carry people and force them to stand and keep going. We've had students being sick, injured, on the verge of dehydration and collapsing, however they must force themselves to keep going. That is what is required to pass the grading on the day. Two elements make the day even harder. There is no drink break and the grading is always in summer. This is where the students come unstuck. Its their desperation for water and the physical duration of the grading in summer.

This grading was like all other gradings in that it was going to be a hot day. However for the first time this grading started early in the day, As such it would take a while to feel the full effects of the heat and by then the grading would be almost over. Another difference for this grading was that Master Fari was present to witness most of the grading. Surprisingly also, the grading started with Master Fari presenting Michael with his 6th degree black belt! This was a surprise for the students of Campbelltown Martial Arts. 6th degree is an amazing achievement. It was awarded to Michael based on his commitment to teaching and growing the art of Hapkido. With a large full time school and a number of black belts having graded under him, Michael is very worthy of such an award and achievement. Michael was very honoured to have received such an award and reiterated that he is first and foremost a student of martial arts. For him it is a way of life and he takes great pride in the fact that every class there are at least 6 or 7 black belts continuing their martial arts journey, helping to inspire and teach the students of Campbelltown Martial Arts! Remember guys the key to getting your black belt is to come to the very next class and keep repeating that. Also remember that is the journey and not the destination that is the most exciting part. The following students who grading for their black belts and degrees this year can all attest to this:
Peter A 1st Dan
Joegil A 1st Dan
Jemima B 1st Dan

Natalie S 2nd Dan
John A 2nd Dan
Peter K 2nd Dan
Austin T 2nd Dan
Joel D 2nd Dan

For these students this day was a culmination of years of training and preparation for their highest grading.

In order to pass their grading the students had to grade for a gruelling three hours approximately which including, multiple aerial and flying kicks, weapons, self defence, mat work, sparring, lots of falling and leaving the toughest part until last, the wood breaks. I am pleased to say everyone was successfully with part or all of their wood breaks. It was a great pleasure to watch these students inspirational grading and motivating others to continue the journey with them at some point and partake in a black belt grading!

Michaels thoughts on the grading.
Black belt gradings is always a special time of year for me as I get to see people at a cross roads with their mind and body. One fighting against the other. It does not matter how fit you think you are or how well you have prepared for the grading, a CMA black belt belt grading will take you to a place where only very few find a way to the end. It is also the start of a new journey.

This year we reached new milestones, 5 graded for 2nd degree and 3 graded to 1st degree. Also topping it all off, I was awarded my 6th degree by Master Fari who took time out to attend our grading.

Black belt is just the beginning of the journey and I am so proud to be sharing the journey with so many great people.

CMA now has:
One 4th degree
Two 3rd degree
Six 2nd degree
Ten 1st degree

These are all active black belts training on the mats most nights and days.Posted Dec 19, 2014 at 10:03 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, December 8, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Kids BJJ Grading and Year in Review at Campbelltown Martial Arts.</b>

Final Kids BJJ Grading
The final kids BJJ grading was small however it still had plenty of spirit and meant a lot to those grading.

Going for their first purple stripe we had Jack and Gryphon. They have waited patiently on blue belt for some time enabling them to develop the maturity and technical ability needed to grade as a blue belt. Both boys showed a lot of heart on the night, particularly with their grapples at the end, in which our more experienced and older blue belts showed them no mercy. They didn't need it. They held their own and never gave up. In the past they may have succumbed to the pressure a little. But not this time.Well done boys I look forward to continuing your BJJ journey with you as you progress to purple belt!

We also had Reece grading for his first stripe and he was very technical requiring very little assistance. Well done Reece. He is someone who puts his head down and always trains hard. If he continues with this dedication he will make a very capable blue belt in a few years!

The final person grading for their second stripe was Logan. He has always showed potential in BJJ even before he started formal BJJ classes. Logan's spirit in the grappling tournaments stood him apart from the others in his division. Despite being little, Logan is very technical and like Reece requires very little assistance when training. This is a rare skill for someone so young and he also has a bright future in whatever endeavours he decides to dedicate himself to!

Year in Review
This was a big year for our kids BJJ classes. We had a number of new kids join the program throughout the year which means each class is packed with kids eager to learn the art of grappling! It also provides plenty of variety for the kids to grapple and train with.

There were many highlights throughout the year with some of them listed below:

?Continuation of our original junior students receiving their blue belt and purple stripes in BJJ. This is an amazing effort and they are continuing to learn and reap the benefits of learning the highly technical art of BJJ. It also compliments their stand up martial art Hapkido. You can see the benefit of this in their self defence, takedowns, throwing, timing, balance and multiple grabs. They stand out from the other kids who do not do BJJ.
?This was a massive tournament year with CMA sponsoring and sending our first ever CMA kids BJJ team to the Nationals in Melbourne. All kids performed extremely well in not only this competition but many other competitions throughout the year. It was a big improvement for all the kids since last year, when many of them were just starting to compete for the very first time. Its great to see the kids refusing to give out and continuing to improve from each competition experience.
?This year to coincide with our growing kids BJJ class, we have a few new helpers to assist in teaching. This not only allows for greater one on one and technical coaching for the kids, each instructor has their own grappling style and the children will benefit from this variety. In addition for the older kids who are 12 or above and a blue belt, they now have the opportunity to train in a mixed class with adults. Again this gives our senior kids exposure to another teacher in BJJ and more technical training and grappling experience with adults. It is just what these kids needed. I look forward to more kids taking advantage of this class.
?Finally a big welcome to our new students who often join after competing in an in-house comp. Its always good to see new kids trying BJJ and especially welcome to our special Eagles kids who have the maturity to step up to BJJ. Please however note it is rare to have an eagles student participating in our BJJ program as they are very young and learning some basic techniques in the Eagles program. We do prefer them to be at least falcons age.
Final Words from Michael

The kids BJJ program has been going from strength to strength during 2014 both in class numbers and the results, All the kids have had a great year with many of them competing in our in-house tournaments and outside tournaments, The results speak for themselves with just about all kids competing placing at all tournaments including local, state, national and the world cup.

None of this is possible without a great group of instructors to guide and push the kids in the right direction. This year we got our first adult BJJ purple belts maybe next year we will get our first Kids BJJ purple belt.

A big congratulations to the kids who finished in the ISKA top 10 for Australia.Posted Dec 8, 2014 at 1:19 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, November 23, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>CMA Annual Spring Camp</b>

A new location for CMA's annual spring camp, perfect weather and the best social groups, were all factors contributing to a very enjoyable annual spring camp at Ocean Beach Holiday Resort.

We had some of our regular family's and new families attending and all had an amazing weekend.

The camp agenda was more relaxed then passed years as with a new location we are still working out what we can and can't do.

Each morning started off with a beach run, fitness beep test and stretching/yoga with Michael. It was nearly lunch time by the time this had finished so the afternoons were spent eating, swimming, ride bikes and scooters, eating some more and being fat and lazy. What more could you ask for.

The new location is a refreshing change with a local park, bike and scooter park, plenty of clubs to dine, beach, jumping pillow, games room etc. There was always something to do. On the Saturday night we booked a communal area out which allowed us to congregate as a group for dinner and games including basketball and table tennis. This area is great for large groups and is referred to as The Barn.

We have already booked next years camp so we anticipate it to be bigger then this years. Book your cabin or camp site so that you are near the CMA gang, come and have a blast! When booking a deposit is required and if you quote reservation 173719, you will receive a 10% discount. Contact details are and quote reservation 173719 or call Emily Kilpatrick on 02 4379 9444. The website is

Michael's thoughts on the camp!

This was our first year at a new venue and no one new what to expect but what a pleasant surprise. The venue was a easy drive with first class facilities and all those that had been to previous camps were impressed so impressed they have all booked again for next year with a few upgrading their accommodation choice.

Now that we know what we have to work with expect next years activities to be bigger and better, CMA will again book the barn out for the Saturday nights festivities, I will need to spend a little time on my table tennis before then.

I hope to see you all there next year, book now to avoid disappointment.

A great week end at a great place with great people!!!!Posted Nov 23, 2014 at 11:57 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, November 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>October Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

The recent CMA adults grading was a small grading with a handful of white belts, one green belt and one blue belt. Despite this, all those grading put in 100% effort and we had a great level of support towards those grading from other CMA students. This I am sure the grading students appreciated.

We had a number of white belts grading. All relatively new students who turn up to training at least twice per week and who focus extremely well when they are training. It is a very strong group of white belt students and I am hopeful they will stick at it and progress to the senior ranks of Hapkido. On the night their techniques were strong and this provides a solid base to continue to learn the more complex techniques of Hapkido!

At green belt we had Lin Dan grading for her blue belt and to finally become a member of the senior class. Lin Dan always trains with 100% commitment when she is at training. She will happily mix it with the big boys in MMA or when sparring a senior hapkido students. Her sparring control is improving with less injuries after she spars! This is a good thing. However her determination and tenacity is something we want to continue and she will need this to progress to the higher belts of Hapkido. Congratulations Lin Dan on your progression to blue belt!

The final person grading was Kathy, who was grading for her brown belt. This was a big grading for Kathy, who has worked extremely hard for many months in order to prepare for the gruelling kicks associated with a senior belt grading at Hapkido. The kicks are a struggle for Kathy due to the limited mobility in her hips, however with the support of other CMA students, Kathy managed to get through all her kicks and easily broke the wood at the end of the grading. I am sure Kathy will be feeling very proud at this achievement. I know how hard she has worked. Congratulations Kathy!
Michael's Words on the Grading!
This was always going to be an interesting grading due to the mix of belts, white, green and blue. Despite the small numbers grading their were plenty of students there to support those grading ranging from black belts down. The white belts all did very well and was over quickly leaving the green and blue, after surprising them with some orange and yellow belt techniques it was time to push them.

Both Lin-Dan and Kathy dug deep to make it through the grading and complete their wood breaks.

We have two more adult hapkido gradings until the end of the year. One is a black belt grading to be held on Saturday 6th December, the other is a coloured belt grading and will be held on Wednesday 17th December. Check to see if you will be ready for these gradings!Posted Nov 5, 2014 at 4:12 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, November 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Falcon October Grading</b>

October Falcon Grading

Junior Falcons & Falcons

Our second last falcon grading of the year was small one by belt standards, but still high in numbers. With only white to green grading, there was nowhere to hide.

There were a lot of highlights throughout the grading in particular the falls.
Our group of white belts saw some of our eagles starting their journey in the falcons program. It's so nice to see them progress and successfully settle into a new class. All the white belts did a fantastic job, they had good footwork in their self defence and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the falls. They can be a tricky thing to pick up for a new student. For some young kids I was pleased to hear strong voices in their speeches, glad we don't have a shy bunch of white belts. Say it loud and say it proud. Well done all
So many orange belts, our instructors downstairs must have been kept busy with all the graders. A lot of modules to be looked at. The highlight for our orange belts and Michael's highlight was the fact every orange belt did their falls from the standing position. They're not required to know their cat rolls from standing, but to their credit and their teachers they all did so well. I love seeing great falls and so does Michael. Our kicks are coming along well too; I saw some improving turning kicks. Very Very well done to all our orange belts.
The level of focused displayed by our yellow belts were well beyond their years, I saw more focus on 7 year old Amelia than some of our teens in the senior falcons. Truly impressive yellow belts. Both our spirit award winners came from this group. They just had determination and focus all over their face, heart never goes unnoticed. Once again good falls, strong kicks and most importantly they'll all going to make great green belts leaders in their class. So congratulations to all of you.
Only four green belts left and suddenly there's no seniors there to hide behind, all the focus is on them, so what do you do, you put everything you have left into all your techniques. You leave nothing left, you prove to yourself and to Michael you deserve and are ready to be a senior falcon. So what did Sharleen, Costa, Whitney and Reilly do, they answered the challenge. Miss Caitlin would've been very proud of her students. Everytime we pushed them or asked more of them they delivered. It was one of the toughest green belt grading I've seen, but that didn’t stop them. They didn't quit or complain, they showed their PERSEVERENCE. Congratulations to the four you, you are most certainly worthy and ready to be senior falcons, maybe you could also remind some of the seniors what it takes to be one.
Congratulations to all our students and to all the instructors that have helped you along your journey so far.
Our spirit award recipients were two very deserving yellow belts: Amelia Kravavac and Ali Shahzad

Only one more grading to go before the end of the year December 15th Monday, so please make sure you attending twice a week if you are grading, it’s a short turn around.
Also November 22nd is our last Junior Black belt grading for the year 10am.Posted Nov 5, 2014 at 4:11 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, October 27, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>CMA Kids BJJ ISKA World Cup!</b>

A number of our BJJ kids at Campbelltown Martial Arts recently competed in the ISKA BJJ World Cup at the Whitlam Centre. This is a big tournament run over 3 days and includes a variety of martial arts events and styles. The BJJ competition was small with some of the CMA kids making up the entire division and others unable to compete with no competitors. Despite this there were some amazing efforts put in by our students regardless of who they were grappling.

Whilst it was a slow start for things to get up and running, once started however there was plenty of action and some competitive kids matches. Grappling first for CMA was Brody who managed to come from behind with 13seconds to go and win his first round, before progressing into the final and easily winning his final. Brody was determined to submit his opponent with figure 4, which proved very successful for him in the Will/Machado nationals in Melbourne. However this time he only managed to win on points and not submission.

Up next to grapple was Amelia and despite losing both her fights, she put in a valiant effort, especially after coming back from hurting herself in the first match. With some more BJJ experience, Amelia will get closer to a win in an out side BJJ competition.

Emilio was in a tough draw and managed to pull out his best ever grappling matches to win the entire division. Well done Emilio. I believe this is a first and more remarkable considering he has hardly trained recently due to surgery. He dominated and easily won all his matches. If Emilio continues to grapple like that he will win many more competitions.

Gryphon managed to also place in his division and easily won his first match, before losing his second by only two points, a takedown. Despite Gryphon clearly being the attacker he was unable to pull off a triangle to win his second match. Despite this, if he continues to practise the triangle will form a very dangerous part of his game.

William, Tyris, Jack and Jayden, all formed an entire division so were competing against themselves and despite wrestling their own training partners, the kids were very competitive with each other. Tyris managed to submit Jack very quickly with figure 4 in the first match. William won on points against Jayden also. This left William and Tyris to battle it out in the final. This was always going to be a tough match and surprisingly William managed to win on points against Tyris, though it was a very exciting match to watch. Jack also beat Jayden on points for third place.

Unfortunately the last of our boys Isaac didn't have anyone to compete against in his division.

It was finally time for our remaining girls to grapple. Kindra and Hope. Kindra clearly dominated her matches and whilst her first match was tough she was always in control and managed to easily win both her matches again!

Hope despite losing her two matches, grappled the best I have seen her grapple. She never gave up and is getting better and better in outside competitions!

Well done to the kids for competing at the ISKA World Cup and to all the kids who have competed this year. This pushes you out of your comfort zone and requires you to grapple at a different intensity whilst also handling the crowd and your nerves! I am very proud of all the kids who gave it a go in the various outside BJJ competitions this year.Posted Oct 27, 2014 at 6:52 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, October 16, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Another Successful In house Tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The recent and final in house competition for the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts was another example of the amazing sportsmanship and competitiveness our our students. We had well over 50 kids competing across 5 divisions in BJJ, Sumo, Sword and advance falling. The age range of the kids was as young as 3 to the early teens. Whilst it was a friendly in house competition, emotions were high as the competitors demonstrated tremendous tenacity and spirit in each of their events. Sure there were tears, as the kids were determined to win. I am pleased to say that the winners were humble in victory and those who lost were gracious in defeat. Somewhat anyway. At the end of the day everyone was leaving with smiles on their faces and thats what counts.

It is a huge day for the volunteers and family who participated as it is non stop action for at least 5 hours. Congratulations to everyone who competed regardless of the result, this in itself is a tremendous effort. Especially for the newer students who step up to compete against our seasoned experienced kids. I am pleased to say a few of them left their mark as worthy opponents in the future.

Results are below. A big congratulations to the spirit award winners and the best supporter awards. Its great to have the support of the crowd and to see the spirit on those kids who keep trying no matter what the result. These were tough awards to decide on and could have gone to any number of students.

There were many highlights on the day and I have listed some of them below. However I think the pictures will paint a better idea of successful day.

?The amazing spirit shown in Division 2 across all events in the finals. These kids were amazing for their age and are certainly kids to watch in the future. Some of them are now transitioning from our eagles program into the Falcons and Kids BJJ program. Its great to see them continue to learn and advance from such a young age.
?The courage of our youngest competitors in Division 1 to enter a martial arts competition at such a young age. They were all only 3 or 4 years of age. Well done to Ruby for placing third in BJJ whilst being one of our youngest competitors and students at CMA. Imagine how good they will be in a few years time if they continue with their training.
?The domination of Brody and Brandon and the fierce competition they displayed with each other to makes the finals for all their events in Division 3. It was a tough battle right down to the wire with each equally determined to win. Likewise Rashad, Liam and Amelia for never giving up and also making the semi finals in their division.
?Division 4 and Division 5 were perhaps our toughest divisions to predict a winner. These kids are super competitive with each. It was great to see a different winner in each event for division 4. This highlights the different skill sets of each of the kids in that division. Also well done to Fawaz for receiving two medals in his first ever competition.
?Division 5 - The biggest highlight was the girls receiving 6 of the nine medals on offer. A big congratulations for the skill of Paolo and Claire in the sword. They were not one of the contenders expected to take out that event. Likewise Tahlia placing for the first time in the inhouse comps and the domination of Kindra once again, especially in the BJJ. This was possibly the toughest with many of our top grapplers in that division. Well done to Stephanie who stepped up in the Sumo to place third.
?Finally the most exciting was saved to last and that is the advance falling. The usual kids dominated this event however Tyris stepped it up another level with his amazing height and distance falls. Relative to his height he was close to getting the furthest we have seen at an in house comp for a long time.
Michaels final words on the tournament.
Last week end was our last In-house competition for the year and what a competition it was, we had 52 kids across six divisions in three different events.I was lucky enough to get around and see matches from all the divisions and view first hand the overall great sportmanship showed by all competitors and spectators. All are to be congratulated on displaying the A B C's of martial arts.

A big thank-you to all who helped make the day possible.Posted Oct 16, 2014 at 6:56 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, September 22, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Time to Get Moving at Campbelltown Martial Arts!</b>

With rising rates of obesity, particular in modern western countries such as Australia where the obesity rates are rising faster than any other country and now on par with united states, many studies have been done to try and understand why. A recent study has found that growing rates of obesity may be due to an increase in sedentary behaviour rather than calorie consumption, which researchers say has remained relatively steady over the past 20 years. In contrast obesity have nearly doubled globally since 1980 according to the World Health Organisation.
After analysing two decades of data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a team from Stanford University School of Medicine established a steep decline in physical activity, particularly in young women. Rates of inactivity in this group more than doubled over the 20-year period, with 51.7 per cent of female adults in the study participating in no exercise at all. For men, the percentage reporting zero physical activity nearly quadrupled over the same time period from 11.4 per cent in 1994 to 43.5 per cent in 2014. Over the same period BMI and average waist size also increased.
Whilst it remains controversial whether being overweight alone can increase ones mortality risk, increased waist circumference comes with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses. This alone should be inspiration to get people moving. Campbelltown Martial Arts programs are perfect for this with a range of programs suitable for all fitness levels and ages.
The findings were contrary to the widespread belief that diet was the primary cause of increased obesity rates. Its time to get moving people in any way we can. The health of our society and that of future generations depends on it. Its no excuse to allow ourselves and that of our children become so unhealthy in relation to physical activity that we are willing to risk our own health and our kids also.
Get off the electronics, away from the ipods, computers, ipads, TV etc and reconnect with society and those around us on a physcial level. Go for a walk with your kids. Park further away from work. Take the stairs more often and get to training more. There are many things you can do and your health depends on it.Posted Sep 22, 2014 at 2:55 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, September 16, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Will Machado BJJ Nationals</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts recently sent a team of 14 kids to represent CMA at the Will Machado BJJ National competition in Melbourne. This is a high level competition with competitors all around the country coming together to compete at the nationals, otherwise known as the Gathering.

It is more than a national BJJ competition. It is an opportunity for all the Will Machado clubs to gather together, interact and enjoy a weekend of grappling. The highlight is Rigan Machado, the head of the Will / Machado nationals, being apart of the tournament. Visiting from Brazil, he also hosts seminars on the Sunday and hands out well deserving black belts and higher black belt levels. John Will the head of Will Machado in Australia was presented with his 5th degree black belt.

The kids representing Campbelltown Martial Arts, did an amazing job, as did their families supporting their children with fund raising and getting them to Melbourne. Our junior competitors were fully funded thanks to fund raising efforts throughout the year. Their families set a goal 12 months before to raise enough funds to pay for the kids flights, accommodation, team jacket and tournament entry fee. This was the first time competing at this level for each of the children. They held their own on the mats and all the kids were extremely competitive. We were fortunate enough to come away with 5 gold with Brody, Ronin, Tyris, William and Kindra all winning their division. Jack placed second and Isaac and Stephanie both placed third. The other kids including Amelia, Jayden, Emilio, Gryphon, Hope and Kyle showed tremendous spirit and were unlucky not to medal at the tournament. We are very proud of these kids!

We also had one adult representing Campbelltown Martial Arts. Chrysler. He was unlucky to lose by one point in his match. His opponent was unable to pass Chrysler's guard, however Chrysler and the opponent were warned for stalling and Chrysler had no choice but to relax his guard and allowing a pass, otherwise he would have been disqualified. The joys of sports BJJ!. Chrysler lost by one point however was very much in control of the match. Like the kids, this was Chrysler's first BJJ Nationals. Well done Chrysler.
Final words from Michael!

What a great week end with the results to match 5 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze and most of the other matches very close.
The National competition is very much like our own CMA in house comp, just on a much larger scale but still has the same friendly family feel to it with all competitors being encouraged by the spectators.

This was the first year that we have taken a team from our kids BJJ down to Melboure for the nationals due to the travel and cost, I could not have asked for a more dedicated group of students and their instructors who helped them get there.

Look forward to taking a bigger team down to Melbourne next year.Posted Sep 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, September 7, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>August Falcons Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Already our fourth grading of the year, (where has it gone) and I’d have to say one of our best yet. The students were raring to go, strong speeches and everyone bringing in all the correct grading sheets etc, made the start very smooth. Well done everyone for being ready to go and ensuring all your letters and grading sheets were brought in on time.

Junior Falcons/Falcons

A young raising star in Gabrielle was our only white belt this time around. Gabby always displays a keen attitude to training and eagerness to learn it was only last week she also participated in her first BBJ grading. Which just happened to be the largest kids BJJ grading ever.

Young Nathan and Jerome, both still in their early stages of their martial arts and all I saw were two boys with a big future ahead of them. Both boys had good focus for their age and how some of our younger students remember all these techniques, then to keep their guards up, and remember a speech is astounding. Well done boys.

Just young Ben to represent our yellow belts and at the beginning of the grading the poor boy looked extremely nervous. Ben is a quiet achiever and managed to get past those nerves, in doing so Ben did an awesome job. It’s really hard to be the only belt colour grading. Ben you were very brave tonight you should be proud of yourself.

Well all I can say about our greens belts is what a strong group of students we had tonight. No doubt tonight was the strongest green belt grading we’ve seen. Kids always grasp the hands and self defence etc, however it; s the kicks that sets them apart. In the past (and they’re no easy kicks) turning back kick and side kick has proven to be a challenge. I was very impressed with the technique tonight and as too Michael. It’s a credit to the students efforts and instructors guidance, congratulations to you all you’ve made a great start to journey as a senior falcon.
Senior falcons

Kenton has made so much progress since he came up stairs, and only continues to get stronger in his techniques. Sometimes we just miss out on a grading like Kenton did in July. However it really pays off in the next grading. I thought Kenton had a fantastic grading, his turning side fall was impressive.

Paolo is a delight to teach, he’s always focused and a very respectful student. Once again he demonstrated lovely technique and his patience for learning allows him to excel. I look forward to once again having Paolo join my class, now as a red belt. I certainly see a future black belt and a good leader in this young man.

Our five red belts are truly some of the most committed students you'll come across in the Falcons program. If I asked them to jump they said how high. I was very proud of all their efforts and the hard work they put in on the night and all the practise they put in on their own time. I really loved their speeches, they have set themselves fantastic goals or the future and I'm very confident we'll be putting Junior Blacks on them next year. Everyone put in a strong performance across all the their techniques, our boxing drills came together nicely and those double crescent kicks wow. Michael was very pleased with what he saw.

On to our wood breaks and it seems now that we tell the kids they only get5x attempts they all break it so quick we need to make sure all cameras are ready to go. This was our most successful wood breaks; as EVERY student broke their board 1st go. Kenton used A side kick to break his first ever board, Paolo, Gryphon and Liam used an axe kick to break their boards. Kindra and Adam’s kick of choice was a pop up front snap. Last time this group of red belts graded together we spent about an hour breaking
boards, thankfully that wasn’t the case tonight. Lucky last Luke, Last time he graded we ran out of boards again, this time round though I was confident he could break an adult board. He has a deceptively powerful
op up in him, so I had a faith and so, WITH NO HESITATION Luke took about 7x attempts but WOW and adult board at 11 years old, well done LUKE!!

You can see all of these great board breaks on Youtube. They're worth a Look.

Overall this was a high quality grading, Sir Michael was very pleased as too all the students instructors. It was all positive feedback from Sir Michael. A special congratulation from Sir Michael to all the seniors for almost everyone breaking their boards first go and to Luke (11 years old) for stepping up to attempt and successfully break an adult board.

Our spirit awards went two very deserving students: Luke Krvavac and Layla Rahim.

Our second last grading of the year will be held in October, if you would like to grade remember to keep training regularly and practise, practise, practise. In October we also have an in house tournament open to all students and In November we have our Junior Black belt grading. This is will be a big one and for those serious about becoming a black belt or just want to support your friends and fellow training partners please come down and have a lookPosted Sep 7, 2014 at 6:44 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, September 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

he recent hapkido grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a small however impressive grading. On the floor grading we had white belts, orange belts, green and brown belts.

The white belts were strong in their techniques and only really need to work on their stances. That is keeping their feet pointed straight in horse riding stands and driving their knees out. This should improve with practise. We don't tend to do as much horse riding stance like we once did, however we may incorporate more of this in classes from now on. It was great to see the students who have progressed from our kids program grade into our adults program. That is Sean, Chris and Lachlan. Well done boys. Your technique was strong and you are very focus and diligent with your training in the adults class. It is not easy to start again as white belts, however you will benefit most in the long run.

Similar to the white belts the orange belts were strong and really only need to work on side kick foot position. This is one of the most technical kicks you will learn so its understandable that it still needs a lot of practise. You will continue to learn this kick at green belt also. Slowing the kicking right down and doing it slowly whilst holding onto something will greatly improve your side kick, leg strength and conditioning for kicking.

We had one green belt grading on the night and in my view she was the standout performer. Jess is also a junior kids black belt and graduated to the adults program as a green belt. Despite not having to start again as a white belt, Jess still had to prove her training and attitude was worthy enough for her to train as a senior adult. Jess is dedicated to her martial arts and is also an assistant instructor with our younger children at CMA. Jess attends most classes however in the adults program it took a while for Jess to adjust in terms of being the highest junior adult belt amongst people twice her age and setting the example in regards to training, discipline and attitude. Despite being held back previously to grade, Jess shone on the night and is very deserving of her blue belt. Well done Jess!

Grading for brown belt was Gavin and Mauricio. It was a tough grading towards the end, as was to be expected, however they managed to progress through all their required techniques including the gruelling flying side kicks and the self defence. Both Gavin and Mauricio worked hard on the night and are very worthy of their red belts!

Two gradings left. Its not to late to put in a big effort before the end of the year. Keep training and staying focused on your way to black belt!

Michael's Thoughts on the Grading

Once again the standard from all adults grading was high, it was great to see more of our Falcons teens progressing through the adults ranks with Jessica making the jump to Blue belt and leaving the junior training area.
Finally our long serving brown belts Gavin and Mauricio graded for Red belt. Only two more gradings for this year so make sure you are training regularly have your modules done and get ready to progress.

Finally we have our annual black belt gradings at the end of the year. Both adults and kids. Adults is on Saturday 6th December and Kids is on Saturday November 22nd. These are events not to be missed. They are very inspirational and we hope to get as much support as we can to cheer the graders on. They will need it. These are very challenging gradings. Visit for more details.Posted Sep 5, 2014 at 2:37 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, August 31, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>BJJ Grading and John Will Seminar at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

It was a big BJJ week at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had our biggest ever kids BJJ grading and at the other end of the scale a very small yet impressive adults BJJ grading. The week finished with another amazing seminar with BJJ expert and life coach John Will.
Kids BJJ Grading Biggest Ever
It was a huge BJJ grading for the kids at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had over 20 kids grading. It was a big night and required a lot of concentration and focus for the kids to get through the grading. In total the kids were grading for almost 3 hours. It was a tremendous effort for all the kids to last that long during the grading and finish with the most physical part of the grading, the grappling at the end of the night. A big thank you to all the instructors who have helped the kids for the past few months to prepare for this grading. Due to the technical nature of BJJ, the kids did require some assistance with parts of their grading in remembering the smaller important details of their techniques. However with assistance they managed to proficiently perform their techniques to a high standard.

A big congratulations to Ashley and Eva who were not only some of our youngest members grading, this was also their very first BJJ grading and they received our spirit award for the amazing effort they put in on the night. They powered through their techniques and never lost focus. They worked so well together, rarely being distracted at any time!

Go Eva and Ashley

All the CMA Kids at the BJJ Grading!
Words From Michael
This was a very large grading with a great cross section of levels grading from 1st stripe all the way to 1st Purple stripe, the kids were on the mats going through their paces for almost three hours and to their credit remained focused on their grading requirements. As always with the kids gradings there was plenty of helpers on the mats. A big thankyou to all our great BJJ instructors for the kids. Leanne,Stephen,Danielle,Chrysler and Ethan.

Adults BJJ Grading

In comparison to the kids this was our smallest grading with only two progressing through the ranks, we had Ben going for his 1st stripe and Mat for 1st purple stripe. Both were solid in all their technical requirements and no grappling was required. However as with all CMA Blue belts, Mat wanted to test himself on the night. Matt grappled all that was there starting at the white belts and finishing with the blue belts.

John Will Seminar
The John Will seminar, was a very privileged seminar to be part of. It was a small group of us, however we covered some very technical sweeps and a complete game plan from spider guard. Each technique accompanied some important principals applicable both on and off the mats, including:
Paying attention to the finer detail,
Getting all you can out of everything you know and
Delayed gratification and the payout this has in the future.
Of the people attending the seminar, it included three of our BJJ kids, William, Jack and Isaac. They managed to stay focused and concentrate for the entire 3 hours. Despite the techniques and concepts being very advanced, they seemed to really benefit and enjoy the seminar. John Will only visits CMA two times per year. If you missed this seminar, be sure to come to the next one.
Michaels thoughts on the John Will seminar
I have been holding these seminars for almost 17 years and have had anywhere from just myself attend to 25 and in each one I have taken something and added it to my game. If you are serious about your BJJ knowledge and progression put aside two days per year for John Will. Next seminar 21st February 2014 at 2pm

Last weeks seminar was one that John would normally only teach to Black belts but he taught it to us, as I have said before what I have learnt from John I have been able to use on and off the mats and if you watch and listen in the momment you will hear what I like to call gold nuggets of information {no price can be put on these}. I hope all BJJ students will join me on the mats on the 21st February 2015 for Johns next seminar.Posted Aug 31, 2014 at 3:08 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, August 26, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior Eagles &amp; Eagles Grading</b>

Last Saturday saw ten of our wondering 3 to 6 year olds grade to their next belt level. They were grading to orange, yellow, green, blue and brown belt.

The students all had been working and training very hard in learning their syllabus work and presented it all to "Big Sir" on Saturday. Their spirit levels were extremely high as was their attitude, behaviour, & characters (the ABC's we constantly teach the students). "Big Sir" was very impressed and immensely enjoyed watching the Junior Eagles and Eagles grade with such confidence and great techniques for children of their age.

During each grading "Big Sir" always looks for the best Junior Eagle or Eagle who best displays their spirit during their entire grading. The Spirit Award winner for this grading is awarded to:
Well done Lexie on a wonderful first time ever grading, your techniques were excellent and you showed how excited and determined you were to deserve your next belt, orange belt.

Our next grading for Junior Eagles and Eagles will be held on Saturday 25 October 2014. We should have an extensive amount of students who will be ready for this grading, including two students grading to their Master Belt. To be ready for grading the following needs to occur:
1. Attend training twice per week, every week. There is quite an extensive list of work for any belt colour to learn so attendance is critical.
2. Achieve 20 or more classes in which every class attended by the student is marked on their training card. A minimum of 2o classes MUST be reached. Blue, brown and red belts will be told when they are ready to grade by their own Instructor, quite often 30 or more classes are needed as their work is becoming more technical.
3. Read your syllabus to practice your work at home. Your syllabus was handed to you when you first commenced with CMA. If you are unable to located your syllabus, please see Miss Kath at the front counter as we will then e-mail you a copy.
4. Your ABC's must be displayed at home, school, CMA and anywhere else you attend. If these have not been met then you will not be grading, even if you have all your required classes and know your syllabus work. Grading is a privilege and looked upon as something each student must earn from their parents and all teachers.

Have fun learning all your work for your next grading and keep working hard towards your goal.
NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP!Posted Aug 26, 2014 at 2:42 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, August 24, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Food For Thought at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Which diet will help you to achieve optimal results in your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts? Which diet is most beneficial for your overall health and longevity?

There is no clear cut answer to these questions. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your diet and your overall goals and objectives. We are all different, therefore the correct diet for each of us may be very different.
Food Diary

Finding the right diet for you will take time and trial and error. First of all you will need to have a clear understanding of what you are eating and the consequences this has. Best way to start with this is to keep a food diary. Record everything you eat over a one or two week period. Make sure you are eating what you normally eat, don't change this for the sake of record keeping and making yourself feel good because you are in denial about how bad your food choices actually are. You may also like to record how you feel or anything significant that may happen after eating. For example, stomach pain, headache, excessive thirst, bloating etc. These could all be underlying signs of intolerance's or allergies to certain foods. Be aware also that the symptoms may not necessarily happen straight away, it could be many hours later. So you will need to stay open minded to what could be possible triggers. Once you have done this, research the nutritional value of all the food you are eating. Investigate the amount of kilojoules or calories, total fat and fat breakdown, sodium levels, sugar levels and vitamin breakdown. The information will be available on the packaging and most certainly you will find it on the Internet. Whilst this can be time consuming initially, there are many apps that can assist with this. You also should be well aware that you are what you eat, so being fully aware of the consequences of what you eat is well worth the effort.
Not all fats are bad.
Fat are an essential part of our diet and is important for good health. There are different types of fats, with some fats being healthier than others. To help make sure you stay healthy, it is important to eat unsaturated fats in small amounts as part of a balanced diet.
When eaten in large amounts, all fats, including healthy fats, can contribute to weight gain. Fat is higher in energy (kilojoules) than any other nutrient and so eating less fat overall is likely to help with weight loss.
Eating less saturated and trans fats may help lower your risk of heart disease. When buying products check the labels and choose the varieties that are lower in saturated and trans fats and higher in poly and monounsaturated fats.
So a diet that is low in saturated fats and trans fats, but that also includes moderate amounts of unsaturated fats will help you stay healthy.
Saturated fats

?Meat – such as fatty cuts of beef, pork and lamb and chicken (especially chicken skin), processed meats like salami, Some plant-derived products:
?Palm oil
?Coconut milk and cream
?Cooking margarine
?Fatty snack foods (such as potato chips, savoury crackers)
?Deep fried and high fat take away foods (such as hot chips, pizza, hamburgers)
?Cakes and high fat muffins
?Pastries and pies (including quiche, tarts, sausage rolls, pasties, croissants)
?Sweet and savoury biscuits
Unsaturated fats

?omega-3 fats which are found in fish, especially oily fish
?omega-6 fats which are found in some oils such as safflower and soybean oil, along with some nuts, including brazil nuts.
?found in olive and canola oil, avocados and some nuts, such as cashews and almonds.

Eating greater amounts of saturated fat is linked with an increased risk of heart disease and high blood cholesterol levels. These fats are usually solid at room temperature and are found in:
Animal-based products:
Dairy foods – such as butter, cream, full fat milk and cheese
Many manufactured and packaged foods:
Unsaturated fats are an important part of a healthy diet. These fats help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels (among other health benefits) when they replace saturated fats in the diet.
There are two main types of unsaturated fats:
Polyunsaturated fats:
?omega-3 fats which are found in fish, especially oily fish
?omega-6 fats which are found in some oils such as safflower and soybean oil, along with some nuts, including brazil nuts.
Monounsaturated fats:
?omega-3 fats which are found in fish, especially oily fish
?omega-6 fats which are found in some oils such as safflower and soybean oil, along with some nuts, including brazil nuts.
Trans fats
Trans fats are unsaturated fats that have been processed and as a result, behave like saturated fats. Eating trans fats increases the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and decreases the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body which is a major risk factor for heart disease. It is important to lower the amounts of trans fats you eat to help you stay healthy.
Trans fats are found in many packaged foods and also in butter and some margarines. Use food labels to compare foods and choose those with fewer trans fats.
It is great for health to replace saturated and trans fats with mono and polyunsaturated fats.
Cholesterol is a type of fat found in food, but also in our blood. Cholesterol has many important functions in the body but having high levels of the wrong type of cholesterol in the blood increases heart disease risk.
It was once thought that eating too many cholesterol-containing foods (such as eggs) was the major dietary cause of high blood cholesterol level. But we now know that eating too many foods containing higher amounts of saturated and trans fats is a bigger problem and has a much greater influence on blood cholesterol levels.
How Much Should You Be Eating
How much to eat is different for everyone. It all depends on your age, how active you are, what your goals are and within what weight range you sit. On a macro level it is much easier to answer. You should be limiting the amount of takeaway, fast foods and bad fats and replace with fresh meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, good fats etc. That is getting most of your food from the five food groups. Visit for details on how much each of us should be eating.

Which Diet
We are inundated with a wealth of information on health, nutrition, weight loss, diets etc. Instead of simplifying matters, it seems to make them more overwhelming. Be careful of rapid weight loss diets. These results don't last. Instead of focusing on short term diets, focus specifically on making healthy changes to your lifestyle that you are able to stick with long term. Focus on the quality of your food, not the calorie content. Fill up on wholesome nutrition food and leave the treats for special occasions. Seriously don't over complicate leading a healthy life. Its habit and action that make the difference, not information. Finally get down to training at Campbelltown Martial Arts so we can assist you with your health and fitness goals. Visit www.hapkidobjj.comPosted Aug 24, 2014 at 8:51 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, August 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Will Machado BJJ Nationals</b>

The Will Machado BJJ Nationals is on Saturday September 6th in Albert Park Melbourne. This is our annual BJJ national tournament. This year for the first time ever, we have a strong kids team keen to represent CMA. Not only that, these kids and their families have been working very hard all year to fund raise, enabling all kids to be fully sponsored for the event. Their entry tickets, flights, accommodation and a team jacket have all been supplied as a result of the fund raising efforts. Congratulations to CMA and the National Kids BJJ tournament team for your tremendous fund raising effort. No matter what the result in Melbourne, you should all be proud of the effort to get there!

The team jackets are available for anyone else to order. Its a great design and $15 from each jacket will be donated to the fund raising efforts. The jackets cost $85.00. We are placing orders very shortly. Please see the counter for more details.
Upcoming BJJ Seminars
This Friday Black Belt Richard Sargeant will be hosting a BJJ workshop at CMA. This is a great opportunity to train with one of our senior coaches in BJJ and to grapple a BJJ black belt. An opportunity we don't have a lot of at CMA.

Also on Saturday August 23rd, John Will, the head of Will /Machado BJJ will visit CMA for a two hour seminar. Johns BJJ knowledge, teaching style and seminars are second to none. He has the unique ability to take a complex series of techniques and explain everything about it to all bjj levels. All levels of BJJ will benefit from this amazing seminar. He will be at CMA from 2:00 to 4:00pm and the cost is $80.00.

For more details visit

BJJ Gradings
Finally at the end of the month we have our BJJ gradings. Kids is Tuesday August 19th at 6:30pm and this will be a big grading. Adults is Friday 22nd August at 7:30pm. Please keep training hard and see your instructor if you are unsure of any techniques or requirements for the grading.Posted Aug 5, 2014 at 2:27 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, August 3, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Crazy Class - Spots &amp; Stripes</b>

Junior Eagles/Eagles
CMA's training session on Friday for the Junior Eagles & Eagles was more than just
crazy, it was spotty and stripy!!! All the students looked absolutely wonderful as
they dressed with simple ideas found in their own wardrobe and by using their
imagination!!! The training session turned into a strong competition between the Dotty
Stripes Team and the Bots Team. Points were awarded along the way for the winning team
as we played our competitive games with small balls, large balls & lots of running to
gain those precious team winning points. We all had a "ball" of a time and it was a
great way to spend time with each other dressed in the most funniest clothing. Thank
you to all those who attended & keep watching for when our next Crazy Class will be on
and the chosen theme!!!

Falcons had heaps of fun playing games and getting to know each other during the spots and stripes crazy class. We did a quick warm up and started with the students favourite skill drill.. A tag and tip version of scissors paper rock. We also played some ball drills, like captain ball, tunnel ball and under/over. Spilt! Splat! was the most popular skill drill of the night as the kids were desperate to play. We had a few races and ended the class with another fun activity, who could pick the most spotty stickers off the floor. A quick way to clean up. Overall it was a fun night, but now it's time to practise, practise, practise. There's a grading coming up.

Our best dressed: was Brooke and Charleen.

Senior Falcons

The moment I walked in the gym there was kids with all stickers galore on the faces and clothing. it was going to be a sticky night. A quick stretch to loosen up, before we did a warm up drill with a twist. Having three instructors on the floor was perfect for this activity. The kids line up in two lines and race against each other to get a ball, before that they need to release the hold the instructors have on them, to get through. I think the kids really enjoyed this one. They had to think on their feet.
Upstairs we have a new toy, a crazy catch net. We lined up the kids in front of the apparatus and threw a swiss ball at it. The kids had to dodge it or block it, for every child that was hit meant 10 sec in a squat on the wall. Sometimes I wonder if the instructors are having more fun than the kids. In total the kids sat for 1min 50 on the wall.
To finish we let the kids choose an instructor to try and hit with the ball and crazy catch apparatus. Mr. Austin and Luis seemed to be the most popular choices.
Great night kids, good costumes and remember to keep training regularly, grading just around the corner.

Best dressed: was Charlee and Temia+
Best dressed Instructor Luis for shaving his head.Posted Aug 3, 2014 at 8:40 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, July 28, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Student of the Year Awards at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Wednesday night was the Student of the Year awards and mini referral draw at CMA.

Mini Referral Draw
Three tickets were randomly selected out of the referral draw. The tickets entered into the barrel are from the last six months (January 2014) of those students who have either referred a new student to come and try a class at CMA, those who have actually joined from the student’s referral and also from those students who have voluntarily sold fund raising chocolates to their own family and friends.

Our winners of the mini draw are as follows:
1stPrize: $150 dinner voucher to the Outback Steakhouse - CHARLEE COLLIER
2ndPrize: $100 Events Cinema movie Voucher - HOPE MAYER
3rdPrize: $50 AMF Bowling/Laser Skirmish Voucher - DANIELLE MOYES

Congratulations ladies and have fun spending your vouchers!!

All tickets that were in the barrel for this mini draw will remain in the barrel for the major draw on the last night of training for 2014. An announcement will be advertised as we get a little closer to the end of the calendar year.

Student of the Year
The most exciting and surprising part of the night was the presentation of the students of the year. CMA’s perpetual trophy remains at CMA throughout the year, however, the students of the year all receive a replica of the perpetual trophy to keep and be proud of on their own personal trophy shelf at home.

Students of the Year are as follows:

Eagle of the Year: CHLOE COX
Chloe has been training with CMA for two and a half years. She is currently a blue belt in the Eagles Program and each and every class Chloe displays all the ABC’s of life and martial arts. Chloe also trains every week, 2 or 3 times per week and she also participates in all in-house tournaments. Whether Chloe wins or loses she always displays great sportsmanship and places every effort into every training session she attends. Well done Chloe, you certainly deserve Eagle of the Year!

Falcon of the Year: JACK O’TOOLE

Jack has been training with CMA since 2009. He is a dedicated and disciplined student who trains in all available programs offered to the Falcons: Hapkido, BJJ and Black Belt Club. Jack never has to be spoken to as he simply follows instructions to the best of his ability and always gives his best effort in every class. Jack also competes in external BJJ tournaments and has succeeded immensely over the years. Jack is currently getting himself ready to compete in the Melbourne National BJJ Tournament. Many congratulations Jack, a very worthy award you certainly have worked hard towards!

Adult of the Year: JIM HULL

Jim has been training with CMA since 2003. Jim displays all attributes we look for in regards to demonstrating the ABC’s (Attitude, Behaviour and Character) every time he steps inside the door at CMA. Jim always put 100% effort towards his own training and is always first to “put up his hand” to either take a class as the Instructor or to assist a new student. Jim always approaches training and learning with a very passionate, very humble attitude, even though he has achieved within his own personal working career a high level of prestigious as a Professor. Our sincere congratulations for a valuable and mighty respectful student at CMA.

Congratulations to all winners on the night.Posted Jul 28, 2014 at 2:35 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, July 22, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Martial Arts and Mental Health</b>

There are many amazing physical and psychological benefits of martial arts. The mental benefits are often underrated and not fully understand. Increased self esteem and confidence, improved mood and positive outlook, increase sense of self worth and achievement at mastering new skills, are some of the psychological benefits of martial arts.

An ever increasing mental health condition affecting more and more Australian's is depression. Depression is a debilitating condition characterised by decrease in moods, energy, motivation and concentration. It may also include changes in appetite and sleep patterns. In Australia 1 in 5 individuals aged 16 - 85 will experience a mental health condition each year and more than half the population will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. More than half of those will not access the correct treatment due to lack of understanding of their condition, lack of resources and the social stigma attached to mental illness. Exercise and in particular martial arts, can play a vital role in offering an alternative treatment for these people. Exercise can be an effective complimentary treatment in addition to any other regular treatment they receive from their specialist.

The role of exercise and martial arts in helping those with a mental illness

In first line treatment for depression, medication and cognitive behavioural therapy are the recommended treatments. There is also growing evidence to support exercise as an effective treatment for reducing depressive symptoms. Whilst there has been extensive evidence into this, the exact mechanisms of why exercise has a anti depressive effect is still unclear. However for those of us who regularly exercise we are fully aware of the stress relief martial arts offers as well as how much better we feel after exercise. With this concept in mind, exercise is now recommended as a treatment option in the management for those with mild to moderate depression. One line of research into the anti depressive response of exercise is that as the body is put under strenuous exercise, the body secretes chemicals called beta-endorphins, which can improve a persons mood state and reduces the brains perception of pain. Also in response to this" feel good effect" after exercise, this acts as a motivator for one to continue to seek that pleasurable feeling. Our actions are driven by emotions, hence we will seek out pleasurable experiences. Thus the more one continues to exercise the easier it becomes, the more motivated they will be and the more effective the treatment will be in treating mental health conditions.

Recommended training for those with depression.
Evidence suggests aerobic exercise to be most beneficial for those with depressive symptoms. Training for a duration of between 30-40minutes up to four times per week is ideal. Continuing this over a 9 week period and one should start to see some real benefit. There is not a lot of evidence around resistance training and its benefit for depression, however a work out such as cage fitness not only meets the aerobic training recommendations, but will also enable you to develop strength, muscle endurance and power at the same time. As such you will feel fitter, stronger and experience an improvement in your mood state. So many benefits to be achieved in only a 30 minute work out, that works the entire body!

Remember when undergoing any training regime, the emphasis should be on enjoyment as much as it is about the overall health aspects of working out. It should also be engaging and challenging. Research also suggests that staying committed to an effective exercise program may reduce the effects of future depressive episodes!Posted Jul 22, 2014 at 2:40 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, July 12, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Be proactive with your recovery at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

At CMA we have multiple sessions on most days for our students to participate in. Many of our students also engage in other fitness related activities away from Campbelltown Martial Arts. It is possible to train more than once per day and for most days of the week. The key is to be smart with your recovery. For many, a complete rest and recuperation is what the body needs, especially if slightly sick or mentally and physically fatigued. For this a passive recovery is recommended. Taking time away from all fitness activities to allow yourself to rest and recover as needed. Often however, for many of us, taking time away from the mats is not ideal or just isn't going to happen. For these people recovery sessions mid week and between sessions may be the answer.
Active Recovery
Active recovery can be incorporated in two ways, firstly as a cool down immediately following a session or as a planned session the day following exercise. Active recovery incorporates a variety of movements or activities using the same muscle groups used in the session, but at a lower intensity and for a shorter period of time. Engaging in active recovery following training will enhance blood lactate clearance and reduce blood pooling which can cause muscle stiffness. If you have had a hard session on Monday and there is a chance that you will still be very sore and fatigued for your next session on Wednesday, then you may benefit from an active recovery session on Tuesday.

Remember engaging in physical activity should be beneficial to your overall health and well being. It should not lead to you feeling wrecked, stressed and so fatigued you can barely get through the day. If this is the case you need to reduce your heavy training sessions and introduce both active and passive recovery days into your training regime. There are no exact formula's on how to best achieve this. Generally however you will train at similar times each week. Keep a training journal on how you feel each day pre and post training session. Use this as a guide to establish the sessions that you will need to go easier in and the sessions where you have the best energy to go hard and also when you need complete rest. Also try to incorporate a cool down into every session. Often in classes at CMA this is one of the most neglected aspects of our classes, purely as the time is taken with teaching martial arts techniques. Schedule time for a cool down within 20 minutes of finishing class for optimal results. Likewise stretching when warm between session, a light jog, self myofascial release with a foam roller and if needed a massage will help keep your body in tip top shape for training many classes per week.
Kids need to rest also!

This advice applies as much to kids as it does to adults. Whilst we may think kids are designed to move all day with little rest, the truth is they need recovery as much as adults. Good news is, that kids move around constantly so whilst they may not have the muscle soreness that older children and adults experience, they still need time away from training sessions to engage in free play and rest their minds and bodies. If your children are sore and stiff, encourage light stretching and massage to the areas that are affected. They to need to look after their bodies to prevent injuries as they get older. One of the best ways for kids to recuperate after hard training session is with plenty of good quality sleep. That is the best thing you can do for your kids. Do not over train them!

Finally in addition to applying active recovery into your training week, remember to follow correct nutrition and stay hydrated to maximise the results of your training.Posted Jul 12, 2014 at 2:37 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, June 16, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Winter is the Perfect Time to Make Big Improvements in Your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Whilst we start the year off strong with every intention to make this our best and most successful year, come winter, we tend to burn out, crash, hibernate and undo all that hard work we have been doing for the first half of the year.Don't let winter slow your progress down at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Wherever you are at, its time to take your training to a new level. In order to not lose track and stay focused during winter, whilst continuing to improve with your training, involves making some decisions and sticking to them.

First decision, make a commitment to train more, not less.
Its the best thing to do to warm the body and improve your spirits. Train smart, as cold as it is in winter and in particular at Campbelltown Martial Arts, add the layers if need be. You can always take them off as you warm up. Your gi's have plenty of room to add a few extra warm layers. Trust me on this one.

Remember spring is just around the corner, start getting into shape for the warmer season now. Don't wait until a few weeks from spring to then decide to get into shape. To stay looking fit and healthy requires all year dedication, its not something that you only do when you feel like it. The benefits are worth it. You will feel fit, strong, healthy and confident. This is a great way to live your life.

The decision to use winter foods to support your weight control.
Sure, there may be more television advertisements featuring chocolate biscuits and apple pies at this time of year, but there are also plenty of opportunities to focus on winter foods that can actually support weight control. Soups, roasted vegetables, roasted meats and even baked fruit desserts are not going to pile on the kilograms unless you team them with plenty of bread, cream, sauces and custard. All you need to do is put your focus on winter foods that will help rather than hinder you.

Have a specific goal or target to achieve.
We often find ourselves with more free time during winter, use this free time to work towards a goal in your training. It may be to grade, learn a new technique, try a new style etc. Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life and its no different with your training. If you have hit a plateau and are struggling to get to class, try combining with a different program at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Our program packages make it more cost effective to train in more than one style and also allow you greater flexibility as to how many classes you can attend. For a little extra you get so many more options.

The decision to accept and commit
Experience has shown it is not knowledge or motivation that determines who achieves their goals and who do not. Rather, it is the simple ability to accept what we need to do and commit to doing it. Whatever your goal, it is time to accept the limitations that winter may pose for you and commit to working around them. This means not skipping training sessions, or eating more, rather seeing winter and the time it creates as an opportunity to do more, eat better and take control. Once you decide this, the rest is easy.Posted Jun 16, 2014 at 2:44 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, June 10, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior Black Belt Grading</b>

Junior Black Belt Grading

A new year saw a few changes to our falcon program grading system. In previous gradings they could go as late as 10pm, with all the junior blacks and provisional’s. To ensure the kids get the full gratifying experience that comes with any black belt grading we decided to move the gradings to a Saturday, where everyone could come and admire their skills and cheer them on.

Only twice a year the Junior Blacks and future Blacks get the opportunity to grade and on Saturday three students stepped into the unknown. This was our first Junior Black Belt Grading so Tyris, Temia and Mitchell had relatively no idea what to expect.
The grading was a mini Adult black belt grading, both physically demanding and most importantly special. The grading started with a new tradition of lighting personalised candles to signify the start of their grading. At the end if they were still standing each child got to blow out their candle and read the BLACK BELT Oath. So with each candle lit, it was time to kick the grading off with an old favourite, Dan Jung Breathing. A few hits to the abdomen from the adults to warm the kids up, then straight into kicks.
I’ve always found the kicks to be one of the toughest parts of the grading, but the kids held up well. The flying sidekicks took a bit out of them and for Mitchell the constant jumping kicks took some wind out of him. Tyris’s low spinning heels were fantastic, most kids and a lot of adults struggle with this one. During self defence Temia gave us all little scare, suffering from a little dehydration. After 10min of some rest and cold packs she was back into it.

What a good sight it was to see a bunch of adult black belts, junior blacks and future junior blacks in one big horse shoe, grabbing Mitchell, Tyris and Temia. The kid’s techniques flowed very well during their multiple grabs and weren’t intimidated by our black belt men.
Some quality boxing for 2min and 3 minutes of continuously falls still wasn’t enough and they kept getting up for more. This was three fit students we were witnessing. They’re some of the best fallers in senior falcon program.
One of the highlights and benefits of having the grading on the weekend was the sparring. 5x 2 minute rounds of sparring. One round with fellow students and the next round with the adults, what a sight to see. I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.
The other highlight included the target falls, height and distance. I was amazed by the athletic ability of the boys in particular. The distance Tyris and Mitchell were covering was outstanding. Kids about my height jumping over 8 targets that just blew us away. That’s two targets better than what I can do, Bravo boys.
Mitchell had to work very hard to be ready for today constantly practising his self defence, making sure he remembered them and the finer technical steps that go with them. He had to break through some comfort barriers in being thrown out of tornado on his non preferred side. A few times there I swear he was trying to deliberately hurt himself. To his credit he brought it all together on the day. His Dan bon pattern and self defence was a highlight and almost got his kip-up not too sure how didn’t have sore ankles it looked awkward.
Tyris is a very athletic student with a lot of capabilities and confidence in his self and Temia is a quiet achiever with legs that go on forever. Both narrowly missed out on grading in February, so they were more than ready for today. Tyris has a natural ability and performed all his techniques in most cases as good as any adult I’ve seen. Temia has the flexibility and strongest core I’ve seen on anyone and she demonstrated the never give up attitude by jumping back in when she was down and pushed through the continuous falls. After 5 years of training Temia and Tyris are two very deserving Junior Black belt recipients.

Only 5 attempts allowed for wood breaks, but that wasn’t necessary today. Temia and Tyris broke their boards with ease and Mitchell with a little difficulty, but never doubted his determination snapped the adult board using his elbow. A board that has proven to be the hardest break in the black belt syllabus. Mitchell is only the 2nd to break it.

Fitness, flexibility, commitment to training and a positive attitude is the recipe to any black belt and Tyris, Temia and Mitchell had all the ingredients to succeed today and to further continue to their journey. I hope to see that level of commitment for the next six months and beyond, so we can see them grading at the next black belt grading. It’s going to be a big one. I’m proud to say all three candles were blown out to signify their successful completion of their grading.
Congratulations to everyone today and most importantly thanks to all the helpers and Austin, Brian, Natalie, Jim and Ethan for coming down to help make today a success.

Sir Michaels Comments
This was the first grading where junior black belts graded on their own just like adult black belts. The reason for this we wanted to make the occasion special and not just add it onto the regular kids grading. The grading was full of surprises both good and bad in the eyes of those who were grading. The grading was set out in the same format as adult gradings from start to finish requiring all to push themselves beyond what they thought was possible; all came out the other end better for the experience.
A big thank you to all the helpers on the day both Adult black belts were there plus Junior black belts and many senior falcons were on hand to help with multiple grabs and sparring.

Each grading that we do in this new format will get better and better looking forward
To the next one.
Our next Junior Black belt grading will be Saturday 22nd November 11am.Posted Jun 10, 2014 at 6:11 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, June 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>BJJ Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

This week was a big BJJ grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had both the kids and adults BJJ gradings. Updates on each grading is below.

Kids BJJ Grading at CMA!
The May BJJ grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a small grading compared with previous gradings. Those grading included:

Owen Astruc 1st Stripe
Declan Astruc 1st Stripe
Claire Astruc 1st Stripe
Emilio Grados Blue Belt
Ronin Scott Blue Belt
Kindra Doyle 1st Purple Stripe

This was our first time ever having a child at CMA go for their first purple stripe whilst on blue belt and also it represents a great achievement for Ronin and Emilio, grading for their blue belt. Kindra, Ronin and Emilio, all started their BJJ journey in our very first kids BJJ class at CMA. It has taken a long time and a lot of blood, sweat and tears for them to make it this far, an effort they should all be proud of!
As this was a small grading it was very technical, with very little help needed to get the kids through the grading. Unfortunately we had to say no to a few of our regular BJJ students from grading this time round, however if they continue to train and work hard, they should be ready for the next grading in August.

As always the grapples at the end are always the highlight of any kids BJJ grading. Their natural ability to grapple without hesitation and their instinctive nature when they grapple is always worth while to see. Their grapples flow and are very entertaining to watch. There is rarely any still of dull moments in each grapple.

Thank you to all students who whilst were not grading, stayed to support the other students grading.

I look forward to helping the kids get ready for their next grading in August and prepare for the nationals in September.

Michael's thoughts on the kids grading!

Our kids BJJ program is growing in both numbers and due to the solid foundations that all their coaches have set in motion, the three white belts were strong through their grading and our two newest blue belts showed focus beyond their years demonstrating a very technical level of the kids BJJ program. Kindra showed why she is the first to start the journey to purple belt.
The kids grappling at the end was full of surprises with Emilio stepping it up a level and Ronin showing a more calm and relaxed side to his grappling. Kindra was all business as you would expect even when she had to grapple one of her coaches.

Adults grading:

It was a very big and long adults grading. Highlights for the adults grading including Bam tapping out many of his opponents during the compulsory grapples at the end of the grading, including many blue belts. Also another positive from the grading was the number of ladies grading. Well done ladies, its great to see you stepping out of your comfort zone and willing to grapple and grade in our mixed BJJ class at CMA. Lets also not forget our blue belts grading and getting one step closer to purple belt. We are yet to have a purple belt student under Michael at CMA.

Grading for the adults and how they went in each of their required grapples is below.
Jim Ellis 1st stripe
Tahlia Scattergood 1st stripe
Jessica Bednarz 1st stripe
Chase Abbott 1st stripe
Amelia Sargent 2nd stripe D D
Vince Mammone 3rd stripe D D D D S
Natalie Scott 3rd stripe D D D D D
Adam Nash 3rd stripe D D S D D
Christina Esma 3rd stripe D D D D D
Chris Crestani 4th stripe D D D S D D D D D D
Bam Karaitiana 4th stripeD S S S D S D D S D
Daniel Munro 4th stripe D D D S D D D D D D
Luke Grdic 4th stripe D S D D D S D D D T
Matt Grdic 4th stripe D S D D D D D S D blood bin
Paul Puse 2nd purple stripe
John Alivio 2nd purple stripe
Chrysler Esma 2nd purple stripe

D = distance
S = submission
T= tap

Michaels thoughts on the adults grading!
This grading ticked many milestones for CMA. First of all it was our biggest grading to date and included three blue belts all looking for their second purple stripe, making the goal to have purple belts at CMA by the end of 2014 a real possibility. We also had 5 grading for their 4th stripe, which means our stock of blue belts will remain strong when others move on to purple. Our CMA ladies featured in this grading with 5 of them grading to various levels.

The required grapples at the end was hard fought with none that were grading wanting to give a TAP. Luke continued the 4th stripe ritual started by Chrysler, asking to grapple his coach in his last round. Luke did us all proud by not giving in.

I am so very proud to be sharing my BJJ journey with you all on the CMA mats.Posted Jun 5, 2014 at 2:30 AM

  <br /><b>Friday, May 16, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>BJJ Black Belt Richard Sargeant brings 2 other BJJ Black Belts to CMA!</b>

Last Friday was our monthly BJJ workshop with Black Belt Richard Sargeant. BJJ students at CMA were also fortunate to meet and train with two other BJJ black belts, which is something we are rarely able to do unless we travel to other BJJ schools. CMA is yet to achieve its first BJJ black belt, however we are getting close with our instructor Michael. Also by the end of the year we should have a bunch of purple belts training also. So as you can imagine this was an exciting event to be part of. On the night Richard took us through some unique guard passing techniques to counter those with annoying hooks. We also spent considerable time trying to pass each others guard and grappling.

I would like to thank Richard for taking the time to visit CMA and bringing his black belt buddies with him. We hope to get Richard out monthly if possible. He will next be visiting CMA on Friday 23rd May. Make sure you don't miss this BJJ class. Its always great learning and training under different instructors as they all have a unique perspective and teaching style for you to learn from and Richard has years of experience and knowledge to pass onto our CMA BJJ students.

Richard also hosts monthly BJJ workshops, open to all his affiliate schools. This is an opportunity for other students from different gyms to get together for an afternoon of BJJ training and grappling. The advantages of this include experiencing different students to grapple with, to enable you to try and test your techniques against students who do not know your own BJJ game. Details of this can be found on face book.
CMA Kids Team Finalised to Head to Melbourne for the Will / Machado Nationals
We have now selected the CMA team to head to Melbourne for the Will / Machado nationals.

The kids are competing in the first weekend in September. This is a big deal and we have all been fund raising to send each of the kids to Melbourne fully funded. They were also fortunate to have some training time with Richard on Friday. If you would like to assist with our fund raising efforts please speak with Michael at the front counter for ways you may be able to help. We have some raffles, a BBQ and other events still planned to help fund raise.

Final Words From Michael
Do not miss the monthly workshops at CMA and training with Richard on a Friday night. If you were lucky enough to make the last one, we had three black belts on the floor to learn from. I have known Richard since we were both white belts and am proud to say Richard is one of my coaches taking me on the BJJ path to black belt. Richard is also conducting monthly workshops and inter club rolling at a number of different centres which CMA will be a part of. The cost is just $25.00 for the session. A great investment in your own learning.

Our kids BJJ Nationals team has now being selected, It is up to each and everyone of them to continue maintain their training and winning attitude to ensure they receive their sponsorship for the trip.I look forward to sharing the trip with them all.

Finally our BJJ gradings are at the end of the month. Keep training hard in preparation for the grading.Posted May 16, 2014 at 2:30 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, May 12, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>CRAZY FUN NIGHT AT CMA - BEST WORST DRESSED</b>


Last Wednesday night was our crazy fun night at CMA. The theme this time was:
The children who remembered about our crazy dress looked fantastic. No expense was necessary, they simply looked in the toy dress-up cupboard or clothes wardrobe and put anything together that just didn't go!!!! You will be amazed in what we found. The photos above are evidence of this!!

We all had a great time, putting aside our syllabus work for the evening and having just simple, safe and a WOW of a time. Crazy games for the evening for the Junior Eagles and Eagles included Jellyfish Run, Parachute Games, and crazy dancing with Miss Nat & Miss Krystle. The highlight of the evening was then dancing in the dark (with the background lights on) and loud music to really get us all in a crazy mood!!!! Well done to all that came whether you were dressed up or not, we all had a great time and all students left with smiling faces, what else could we ask for!!!

The "Best Worst Dressed" 1st place winners of these groups were:
Junior Eagles: Robbie
Eagles: Noah

Keep up to date with CMA events as another crazy class will soon be planned in the future. Looking forward to seeing you all at your next training session.


The kids that remembered our theme tonight made a really good effort with their costumes.
Some of our activities included various relays where the kids had to work as a team and keep their balance. Dodge ball is always a favourite with CMA kids so we decided to make it interesting and made it girls vs boys.
To finish the class an activity that involved listening skills, concentration and speed. The kids simply had to as Mr. Steve said, sit, stand, on your back , roll over etc.
It was an enjoyable crazy theme class and we look forward to the next.
Remember only 5wk till the next grading so train regularly.

Our 'Best Worst Dressed' was: ISSAC


This Months theme 'worst dressed' was Miss Caitlyn's idea, unfortunately Miss Caitlyn forgot, luckily some of her students didn't. This is what they did:
During the Worst dressed crazy class the Falcons had lots of fun playing games and laughing with each other. We warmed up with a quick microwave then we moved on to play girls verse boys dodge ball, which was the most popular game of the night. We also played a fun energetic version of scissors paper rock boys verse girls once again. We also played king ball which we all enjoyed and had a lot of fun with.

The award for the Best worst-Dressed person went to Brooke Giddio who also received 2 Team awards, overall it was a great night that the kids really enjoyed.


Wow what a crazy class theme WORST DRESSED!!!! A theme even I couldn’t wait for. From the moment I stepped in the gym kids had wigs, clothes on backwards and wacky instructors. Didn’t they do a great job, I wonder sometimes if crazy classes are for the kids or the adults hmm.
The senior falcons had some great costumes on Wednesday, we had frizzy hair, fake teeth, a mono-brow, some kids I think got dressed in the dark and we had a DJ. The kids started the crazy class with one of the craziest of activities, giving noodles to students and asking them to spar. We then did an agility drill and got the kids to use their minds and speed to beat each other. To finish the class we played GLADIATOR a true example of the kids’ strength, determination, balance and control. The activity went so well considering the size and age varieties, until cousins Kristopher and Stephanie got a little too close to each. A very close encounter saw both students needing tissues, after the shock off it both kids could see the small funny side of it and have the marks to remind them.
All the kids and instructors too had a ball, there’s something about crazy classes that sees everyone let their hair down a little. Great Effort.

Our 'Worst Best Dressed' was Jayden Alvarez with his high pants, classes and wacky teeth.
2nd place was Tayla Giddio with her wacky hair.

Just a reminder our Junior black belt grading is fast approaching and will be held on Saturday 31st May at 11am, so please come help and support them all.

Congratulations to all students and instructors on a great night. I think the instructors enjoy the classes just as much as the kids. I think was the 'BEST WORST DRESSED INSTRUCTOR' was MISS NAT!! I think she escaped the 'loony bin'.Posted May 12, 2014 at 6:34 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, May 8, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

Last Wednesday was the adults Hapkido grading. It was a great turn out with every belt represented up to brown belt. There was also plenty of other students who stayed to participate and support the grading which is very positive to see.

As usual we had been working very hard to prepare for the grading, focusing a lot on our syllabus techniques.

It was great to see our newest white belt students work so hard to be ready to grade. Starting a martial art for the first time is a big decision and not easy for many people. It is always hard being the new kid on the block and learning something entirely different to anything you have ever done before. Then making the commitment to train at least twice per week and be ready for your first grading is real achievement. It shows commitment and is the first value you will learn in Hapkido as a white belt. Your first grading is always very daunting. All the white belts showed great focus in their grading. A special mention to Rachel who has progressed so far since her very first class as a shy white belt student.

Orange and yellow belt is very different to white belt and its the first time the students are introduced to the many locks of Hapkido and also more difficult kicks. In many ways these are the foundation belts of hapkido and they are not to be rushed. If you rush through these belts, you will struggle with the basics in the higher levels of Hapkido. The orange and yellow belts have also been working hard and were very technical in their self defence and other techniques. Its great to see them remain patient and not rush through their belts without getting a good grasp of their syllabus techniques first.

As an instructor it is always gratifying to see students progress in the art of Hapkido. It was great to see both Alan and Erin, who is a junior black belt, transition to the senior adults class as blue belts. This is a big step and they are half way in their journey to black belt. The real fun now begins for them.

It was also great to see for the first time the seniors complete the series of knife drills they have been working on since our syllabus relaunch last year. It is a very different way of defending against knife and includes not only knowing the most important parts of the body to protect, our vital organs, however also the types of cuts or slashes one may encounter with a knife. Whilst knife defence is very limited in its application in Hapkido, its great to see the senior students introduced to some of the basic concepts of knife defence.

Congratulations to Paul who has successfully graded to red belt and was our highest belt grading on the night. Paul mostly trains during the day and always puts in 100% not only in the grading but every time he trains.

Finally, occasionally we will hand a spirit award out to an adult who really deserves it. This grading the spirit award went to Krystal who was really pushed to the limit with her grading. Krystal was very nervous and continued to work through those nerves to complete her grading. Despite being sick towards the end of the grading she managed to push through and complete her most daunting task, the wood break, first go. Well done Krystal.

Final words from Michael
It was great to see a few of the Falcons continuing on their journey in the adult ranks. For Yazmin & Marcus it was their first grading as an adult and both Erin & Ethan are well on their way through the adult ranks. Being an adult grading all students were waiting for the wood breaks with the question will they or wont they. Each adult has only five attempts to break the wood and I pleased to say they all only needed one attempt.

Congratulations to all who graded I look forward to seeing you at your next step in your journey,s to CMA black belt.

The next adults grading is Wednesday June 11th. It is only a short period of time between these gradings. If you intend to grade please put your names on the grading list.Posted May 8, 2014 at 12:28 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, April 30, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Update on Junior Eagles &amp; Eagles</b>


The Eagles (5 & 6 year old students) had a fantastic morning at the latest CMA in-house tournament. We saw 14 competitors in the draw for this age group and not only did they bring along their bright and cheerful smiley faces, but they were ready to go the moment they stepped one little foot onto the ring. The competition within this draw was mighty tight and nail biting rounds as every Eagle was more than willing to perform their best. We had first, second and third placements, but what was the best result of the day for this age group was their wonderful sportsmanship towards one another by not only shaking hands at the end and thanking each other, but the hugging of each other and all competitors leaving the ring with a big smile knowing they had a great time and can only do better next in-house competition.


Last Saturday was the Junior Eagles (3 and 4 year olds) and the Eagles (5 and 6 year olds) grading to show case all their work they have learned in front of “big sir” to be able to progress to the next belt level. There were 15 students in total who graded and almost every belt colour was present, excluding brown belt. Eva Grados was grading to her last belt level, Master Eagle, which will then enable her to move up to the Falcons class. Well done Eva on your Master Eagle achievement you have trained constantly and with commitment for almost four years and we can’t wait for you to reach your next martial arts level in the near future, Junior Black Belt.

All students preformed very well and their behavior and concentration throughout the complete grading was exemplary. As usual “Big Sir” always looks for one or two students to present the “Spirit Award” to. He is finding it more and more difficult as the students’ level of technique have all moved up the scale in which “Big Sir” is extremely pleased. This grading the Spirit Awards were presented to Jacob Gebreal and Eashan Modem. Well done boys, keep up the great behavior and fantastic techniques in your weekly training sessions you attend.

The Junior Eagles and Eagles next grading will be held on Saturday 14th June. If you have your 20 or more classes and you are attending at least two training sessions every week, you maybe eligible to grade, however your Instructor will give you a “recommendation to grade letter mid May. Senior belts (blue belts and above) since early this year “Big Sir” has decided that you will not grade every second grading as the junior belt levels mostly do, but you will grade either on the third or even the fourth grading after your last belt level was achieved.

Good luck in all your training , keep on smiling and learning all the life skills CMA has to offer you.Posted Apr 30, 2014 at 2:13 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, April 27, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>CMA 's Inhouse First Inhouse Tournament a big succes!!</b>

The first in house tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big success. We had over 60 kids competing across 6 divisions in BJJ, Sumo and Sword. The last event of the day was the spectacular advance falling for both distance and height. The kids showed great skill and safety during the advance falling competition. Also throughout the day we had a fund raiser BBQ and raffle to raise funds for our kids BJJ team to head to Melbourne for the Will/Machado National BJJ Competition. This was a great success and we managed to raise over $500.00.

The in house tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts is designed as a friendly competition for students to gain competition experience in a familiar environment and with competitors they know well. As usual however the level of competition and sportsmanship throughout the day was high. The kids put everything into each match. The results of each division are below. Its always great to see surprises and new students step up and compete and in some cases achieve a place on the day.

Each tournament we also select two students for our encouragement awards. The award is for the children who didn't place, however showed great spirit and attitude on the day! More often then not, their efforts matched that of the kids who won their division. Well done to Parker and Emilio for receiving the encouragement awards on the day.

Our final award is the spectators award for the spectators who cheer, encourage and offer support to not only their own family member competing but all the students. We love to recognise our spectators and the crowd for making it a great atmosphere to achieve great things!!!

Well done to all students especially those who enjoyed themselves and tried their best on the day!!! Thank you for making it a big success.
Age/DivisionSwordSumoBJJEncouragement award
Divion 1 - 3 and 4 year oldsEagles - Parker
1stConnorConnerLiamFalcons - Emilio

Divion 2 - 5 and 6 year oldsBest Supporter
1stAleksLeviRashadEagles - Kylie Humphries
2ndEvaRashadWilliamFalcons - Karen Duke

Divion 3 - 7 and 8 year olds

Divion 4 - 9 and 10 year olds

Divion 5 - 11 and 12 year olds

Michaels Thoughts on the Day
I spent most of the tournament day going form one division to the other making sure all are running smoothly and any fires are put out straight away. I am very pleased to say there were no fires to put out and I only received positive feedback about the day. Overall I was very pleased on how the day went. Not even some rain could dampen the kids competitive spirit or the BBQ.

Due to one of our team members needing to leave early, I got to finish up the teens division with their sword & sumo. It was a hard fought contest with them all pushing each other to their limits. It was great to see the teenagers compete in their own division. I hope a few more take up the challenge for the next tournament.

My last duties for the day is to over see the advanced falling. All I can say is wow these kids can really fly with most of them already competed in three events earlier in the day. Special mention about Tyris, he could give most adults a run for their money.

It was a great day with a big effort by all.Posted Apr 27, 2014 at 7:44 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, March 24, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Annual Camp</b>

Each year Campbelltown Martial Arts breaks for a few days and heads to the coast for a nice weekend away to train, socialise and relax.

Its a great weekend away with all families and students welcome. Some years we have over 100 people associated with CMA attending. We usually plan an agenda which will include fitness, training, family and kids challenges and lots of fun. Its an interactive and social weekend away. All activities are designed to get everyone together and provide some much valuable bonding time away from kicking and punching at CMA.

The kids roam free on their bikes and scooters. Families get together for pool games, basketball, tennis or volley ball and we usually meet in the evening for after dinner drinks and nibblies.

The CMA camp this year is Friday November 7th to Monday November 10th.

Each year the agenda will be slightly different and to give you an idea, in the past has included Digging for Gold, Fitness Challenges, Beach runs, women's self defence, team basketball and volley ball challenges, beach training for MMA and BJJ, pool stretching, sand castle building competitions, etc. You name it we have done it.

In the past the camps were always held at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on the central coast. We are considering a different venue this year however we need details of all families and students keen to attend. Please register your details with Cathy asap so we can advise you on where this years camp will be. The other possible option is Ocean Beach holiday resort at Umina, again on the central coast.Posted Mar 24, 2014 at 6:41 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, March 17, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>First In-House Tournament for 2014 at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

In a few weeks on Sunday April 6th, CMA will host its first in-house tournament for the year.

This is a great opportunity for the children at Campbelltown Martial Arts to compete in a friendly competition and gain some valuable competition experience in a familiar setting.

Tournaments can be very nerve racking and expensive, however the in house tournament provides kids and their families a chance to compete locally, without the huge nerves and costs usually associated with outside tournaments.

The events include Sumo, BJJ, Sword and Advance falling for our senior kids or black belt club members.

All children competing will be put into divisions according to their age and ability. We may have some exceptions due to size, experience etc, however we always try to make the divisions as fair as possible. We will not know the exact divisions until we have a list of all children competing. Please complete the sign in sheet as soon as possible if your child is competing.

We encourage all children to compete in all events to get the most out of the experience. In relation to BJJ, we modify the rules to include no take downs or submissions against non BJJ competitors to keep things fair.

We will always try and make the first match as fair as possible, however after that it is out of our control as it depends on the draw.

Leading up to the tournament all kids will get plenty of tournament practise during class.

Remember the day is for the kids and is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Please remind your child of this and encourage them to have good sportsmanship!

The day kicks off early at 9:00am. It usually finishes by mid afternoon. Some highlights from our previous tournaments are below. I promise you it is a fun day!!!

Kids BJJ Fund Raising BBQ
Also on the day we will have a BBQ and raffle to raise funds for our kids BJJ tournament. We are hoping to fund raise for at least 12 BJJ students to compete in our national tournament in Melbourne in September. We hope to cover the cost of airfare, accommodation, tournament entry fee, team tracksuit etc. We are hoping to raise $10,000 and so far we have raised $5,000.00 approximately. Please show your support and purchase a sausage sizzle or two and some raffle tickets. If you have any fund raising ideas or items for our raffle, please see a staff member at the CMA counter.Posted Mar 17, 2014 at 2:13 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, March 15, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>First BJJ Grading at CMA for 2014</b>

Kids BJJ Grading
Last week we had the first BJJ grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2014. The grading came around very fast and with only being back into training for a few months, it has been hard work to get the students ready and prepared for their grading. Despite this the children did us proud.

The following students were grading:
Amelia Scattergood 1st Stripe, Brandon Moroney 2nd Stripe, Isaac Scattergood 2nd Stripe, Hope Mayer 2nd Stripe, Brody Cox 3rd Stripe, Tyris Esma 4th Stripe, Jack O Toole 6th Stripe or Blue Belt
Gryphon Doyle 6th Stripe or Blue Belt.

With Gryphon and Jack receiving their blue belt, we now have four junior BJJ blue belts. For the kids blue belt represents time on the mats, at least 2 years of continuous training, and also it takes a special attitude to continue to persist and train in the highly technical art of BJJ. On the night both Jack and Gryphon struggled with a few techniques, however due to their mature attitude and high training standard both on the night and leading up to the grading, they were deserving of a blue belt. Had their attitude not stood out from our junior students they would not have received their blue belts! We will review the techniques they had difficulty with before progressing them onto the kids blue belt syllabus. BJJ is a highly technical art, as such, it is difficult for the kids to remember all the nuances of the techniques they are required to learn.

A few other students also stood out on the night, Brody, Amelia and our spirit award winner Hope. These students performed each technique to a very high standard and needed very little assistance or help in the grading.

All students did what was expected of them and they saved the best till last, showing great courage and spirit in their grappling. They were highly competitive with each and pushed each other to the limit. The grading went for an hour and half, that is a long time for young kids to maintain focus and concentration especially with the complex techniques of BJJ.

Well done kids, you should all be very proud and a big thank you to those students who stayed to help our kids grading on the night.

Adults BJJ Grading
The adults BJJ grading was a small grading however included two blue belts going for their purple stripes and progressing one step closer to purple belt. Whilst we don't have any purple belts yet at Campbelltown Martial Arts, we are getting closer and should have a few by the end of the year.

Adults grading included Amelia Sargeant 1st Stripe, Dylan Velasquez 1st Stripe, Jeremy Cartwright, 2nd Stripe, Tom Koski 1st Purple Stripe and Leanne Coffey 2nd Purple Stripe.
Michaels Thoughts on the Grading
Kids Grading
The kids had a good cross section of levels being graded for, all the kids performed well showing that they have been drilling their techniques with their instructors with only minor comments needed. Jack and Gryphon did struggle a little on some areas but more than made up for it with their focus. As always the grappling of the kids was a treat to watch as it seems to come so naturally for them, unlike the adults.

A big thank you to all the non grading kids who helped out on the night and their parents who allowed them to stay a little later.

Adults Grading
Amelia & Jeremy were both solid with all their requirements, Dylan still has a few minor things to work on and as you would expect both Leanne & Tom were technically very solid which shows they had both done the time and repetitions required.
Jeremy was the only one with required grapples and he went the distance on both, then the remainder 4 were just to give Leanne & Tom a work out, both did the six rounds with out being submitted. 2014 is shaping up as the year where CMA will get it first Purple belts.Posted Mar 15, 2014 at 2:38 AM

  <br /><b>Friday, March 7, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading Update</b>

Congratulations to all the adults who graded recently in our Adults Hapkido Grading. It was a big grading with most of the coloured belts being represented by our students. We had white belts up to red belts grading.

At the start of the grading many of the students were asked to name their life skill and what it meant. This is the first time Master Michael has done this. All students are required to learn, understand and sign that they are making a commitment to incorporate each life skill into all areas of their life. Please make sure you understand what you are signing.

In the lead up to the grading, the junior belts worked hard to earn each module and managed to perform their grading at a high technical standard. We have been working on each module every night at training since classes resumed at the start of the year. All those grading worked hard and trained very consistently each week until the grading. This is what it takes in order to grade. You need be training consistently for months leading up to each grading.

First up grading we had Tahlia grading from white belt to orange belt. Tahlia came from our Falcons program and not only had to focus on settling into the adults class, but also had to go back to white belt and re learn the adults syllabus. She not only managed to do both of these, but also perform her techniques to a very high standard on the night. Well done Tahlia it is not easy grading on your own.

Representing yellow belt we had Kevin grading. Kevin always trains consistently and puts in 100% effort every time he trains. He was well and truly ready to grade and worked very hard in the lead up to the grading. On the night Kevin was very technical with the yellow belt techniques. Yellow belt is the foundation belt for Hapkido, with many of the techniques learnt in yellow belt featured in many of the higher coloured belts. As such it is important to be patient on yellow belt and learn each technique correctly.

Grading at green belt and hoping to make a smooth transition into the senior class was Daniel, Harrison and Andrew. All 3 have worked very hard and been held back from previous gradings in order to be able to grade. To their credit, they persisted and kept training hard. By the end of their grading they were exhausted from the tiresome kicks of green belt and the multiple grabs. I am sure now they have an appreciation of how hard it is to grade as a senior belt in Hapkido. They will need to show the same level of dedication and persistence in order to successfully grade to the higher belts of Hapkido. A big congratulations to Harrison for becoming only our second kids black belt to progress through all the junior black belts stripes and to the senior adults hapkido class!

For the first time in a few gradings we also had a very big senior belt contingent. All senior belts worked very hard in the lead up the grading, coming in whenever they could to learn modules and have them marked off. There was a lot of worry and stress in the lead up to the grading, however this is all part of the learning process as your progress through the belts to black belt in Hapkdio. The kicks as you would expect proved to be a big challenge for the seniors and is a great preparation as they prepare for their big grading at the end of the year going for black belt for those who are eligible and who continue to train hard!
Final Words from Master Michael

Adults Grading

The first grading of each new year is always here before we know it, hard to believe but the 2014 black belt grading is only 40 weeks away. This grading had a good showing from most belt levels the most notable six red belts.

The great thing about martial arts at CMA is you never stop learning and improving regardless of belt level.

Tips for those who graded

Junior belts: engage your hips with all techniques both hands and legs, focus on your foot position with every kick and only kick to a height that you can maintain good form.

Blue belts: As you move up through the belt levels always focus on strong fundamentals in all you do.

Red belts: this grading was a good indication on where your fitness level is and where it needs to be for the end of year black belt grading.

Board Breaks.

These are always a feature of senior gradings, although it is not a deciding factor on your grading results everyone wants to break those boards. A big congratulations to all who achieved this, to the others there are always more boards.

We have many students who with continued training should be ready to grade on April 30thPosted Mar 7, 2014 at 5:34 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, March 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Martial Arts in Campbelltown: Jessica 4th Stripe</b>

Martial Arts in Campbelltown: Jessica 4th Stripe
Posted: 04 Mar 2014 02:54 PM PST
Jessica 6 Years and Counting

What can I say about this young Lady, Jessica is a mixed bag. I haven’t come across too many students with the same level of commitment and dedication to strive to the top. When it comes to Martial Arts Jessica knows what she wants and just how she’s going to get there. We’ve had our ups and downs (as expected with teenagers), but in the end Jessica came out stronger and even more determined.
Jessica stared at CMA in 2008 when she was Seven years old. In that time Steve and Janelle helped Jessica reach a provisional Black belt in just two and a bit years, before I took over in 2010. This is when we started splitting the senior belts and the juniors. In the past four years I have witnessed Jessica accomplish all sorts of feet, constantly setting goals for herself and sometimes falling short of those goals. This hasn’t been just a physical growth it’s been a mental one as well. Jessica is a very determined young Lady and I see how much CMA means to her. If everyone displayed this kind of passion, there’s really no limit to what one can achieve. Jessica is at training five times a week and even that’s not enough to satisfy her.

Jessica hasn’t just been successful in our Falcons program, Jessica is a future leader and helps with the eagles. I know from personal experience and from other instructors, that Jess is extremely helpful and wonderful with the young students. Last year she was awarded The Attitude award in the Senior Falcons program and continues to be a leader on Tuesdays towards the junior belts.

In just a short two years Jessica has completed her 4thstripe syllabus with lots of practise, hard work and help of her many friends she’s made here at CMA. After a back injury last year saw her miss a few classes, Jessica unfortunately had to wait till February as devastating as that was, I believe Jessica is better for it. The wait was a learning curve for Jessica and her techniques were a lot more crisp because of it.

On the night Jessica appeared as though she was cruising. The extra effort on the weapons and self defence worked a treat. These are techniques well beyond her years, that senior adults are learning. The kicks took a bit of wind out of her, but overall a very very good grading. I’ve picked Jess up before on her guard, but when it counts that guard doesn’t budge and so her boxing drill was a good as any adult. A very good effort on the summersault and a sweet double led, that would make any Bjj student proud. Again I’m very happy to say Jessica broke her turning kick ball of the foot board. The idea of broken toes puts fear in the best of people when it comes to this break.
Jessica is just the 4th student to complete the Junior Black belt Syllabus and the only the second female. Jessica will now join the adults as a green belt under the guidance of Leanne. It’s been a very accomplished life as a child at CMA and now Jessica begins a new chapter in her martial arts as an adult. We all wish Jessica all the best, we’re so proud of how far she’s come and I have no doubt she has all the knowledge and determination to reach an adult black belt. I hope one day I’m there to see Michael putting a Black Belt around you.

Martial Arts in Campbelltown: Falcons February Grading
Posted: 04 Mar 2014 02:41 PM PST
Falcons update 24th Feb

Junior Falcons
A new year and already the 1stgrading was upon us. This was shaping up it be a big one. With the new grading format for black belts and future black belts this was going to be the last time they would grade on a week night, with the coloured belts.

Three of our four white belts have come from our eagles program and didn’t they do their very best in their first grading as a falcon. It’s a big step coming into a class with bigger kids and Nathan, Jasmine and Lily has obviously handled the transition extremely well. All the white belts have a big future ahead, if they continue their journey. I was most impressed with their falls.

Nathan was a lone orange belt for February, so as you can imagine there was a lot of attention on him. Nathan handled himself very well not letting the nerves get to him and therefore was able to focus allowing Sir Michael to only see the best of his techniques. When Nathan is focused there’s no limit to what he’s capable of.

So many Yellow belts, four of them in fact. A really strong group of kids that really shinned on the night, Michael was very impressed with their performance and said “The yellow belts were very SOLID”. Its’ not often Michael makes comments like that about a particular group of belts, so it’s a huge compliment to the students and they’re instructors. The four students Layla, Jake, Olivia and Kayla are going to make wonderful leaders as Green belts in their class and hopefully even better junior black belts.

Tayla Our only Green belt on the night turned up with a bandaged wrist, not something you want to see on a student about to grade, but you know what it didn’t limit her in any way. Tayla proved not only to her instructors that she was ready to grade, but showed her future instructor that she was ready too. Tayla had good falls and did a really good job on her turning back kicks, which has proven to be a challenge for green belts, so well done.

Senior Falcons
On to our seniors and I was very pleased, I think nerves may have played a little factor during our kicks, but nevertheless there was no shortage of effort and desire. The blue belt kicks are very technical and not like a kick they’ve done before. Zoe, Mark, James and Charlee worked really hard to get them marked off. I couldn’t ask for more commitment from these students, both from home or in class and I’m one of the lucky ones that get to see their progression. I’m really excited to see what more these kids have to offer.

There’s not too many kids out there that are more committed and passionate as Jack and though he had to wait another Eight weeks, I think he was better for it. Jack’s a bit of a natural and his eagerness to learn makes it very easy to teach. Jack is slowly growing into to a fine young man and will grow into the leadership role of a provisional black belt. I hope with some hard work and eagerness that at the end of the year we will be presenting Jack with a Junior Black belt. His grading tonight was a perfect start.

It’s always exciting to watch provisional black belts grade and tonight we had three. Last year only two students graded to junior black, but this year already is shaping up to be a big one. I expect another 7 students to become Junior Blacks Belts this year.

Connor , Erykah and Luke has spent the past four months doing all they can do to be ready for February. They upped their classes, regularly doing 2min falls, drilling their kicks and board breaks. Flying sidekicks and low spinning heel are both technical, tiring and were in need of at home practise, so I was so pleased to see how far they’ve come on grading night. I must say Luke Davis’s low spinning heels were almost unrecognisable, they were fantastic, it goes to show the extra practise at home and hard work reeks rewards. Erykah battled a sore ankle in the last week, but again didn’t let that interfere with her grading aspirations, exhibiting no signs of pain. Connor has come so far here at CMA, always keen to practise and train and did his extreme best during the never ending falls. Erykah has been with us for a few years now and for a short period had some time off. To her credit she came back to continue her journey and hasn’t looked back.

Connor and Luke both went through our Eagles Program and are now on their way to completing the Falcons program. This is such a huge achievement and I look forward to seeing and help all three of them become Adult Green Belts/4th Stripe Black Belts.

They all did a wonderful job and their tired faces at the end, showed they left nothing in the tank. They have certainly grown into the role of a junior Black Belt and will make tremendous leaders, their commitment to training alone says a lot.

I’m very pleased to say every child broke their boards in the 5 attempts allowed, not that was even needed. I even loved Charlee’s eagerness to volunteer for the first break. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the relieved faces on both parents and students when those boards snap.

After such a ‘Solid’ grading from the yellow belts it was no surprise both our Spirit awards went to two yellow belts.
Congratulations Olivia Mason and Kayla Garcia.

Our next grading will be Monday 28th April
Our next Junior Black belt grading will be Saturday 31st May 11amPosted Mar 5, 2014 at 5:06 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, March 3, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Martial Arts in Campbelltown NSW</b>

Last Saturday 24th March saw a total of 17 Junior Eagles and Eagles grade to their next belt level. Once again Big Sir was very impressed with their technique and level of concentration for their age group. By seeing the Junior Eagles and Eagles in front of Big Sir, he is able to realise what the studnets are capable of and the areas where our Instructors can improve in assisting the Juniors reach their martial arts goals. A point that Big Sir did see in the grading is that he now believes blue belt, brown belt and red belt should probably enjoy and appreciate their belt a little more by each student remaining on that same belt for two gradings. Previously Big Sir was quite happy for each student to remain on their belt by missing only one grading, but he now believes missing two gradings in between each belt level will help each student become more technical with all areas of their martial arts which in turn will make them at a good level of maturity for the Falcons class after their Master belt.

Well done and many congratulations to Jermone Semesi and Levi Tuioti who reached their final belt in the Eagles class, Master belt. Both boys have been training very hard and have remained very dedicated in attending their training sessions every week and placing 100% effort into all they learn. They are both ready now to move up to the Junior Falcons class where here they can set their goals in order to reach Junior Black Belt.
Due to their fantastic behavior and detailed techniques during the grading, our Spirit award winners are:
Jai Garcia & Kobe Tuiot

Our next grading for Junior Eagles and Eagles will be on Saturday 26thApril. Train hard, attend two sessions per week, every week and when your child’s Instructor feels he/she is ready for grading you will receive a “recommendation to grade” letter.Posted Mar 3, 2014 at 9:43 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, February 24, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Post Black Belt BJJ Techniques with John Will</b>

Whilst their may not have been any black belts present during the latest BJJ seminar with John Will at Campbelltown Martial Arts, the entire seminar was based on a valuable principal John Will learnt himself as a BJJ black belt. If you were expecting 25 techniques on arm bar or other fancy techniques, then this wasn't the seminar for you. However far more valuable than learning a new technique, was the principal of how to raise the level of your existing side control, back control, knee ride etc and apply it as though you were a black belt. John went through the detail that you can't see by merely watching him drill a technique. Rather this knowledge comes about and is acquired after 30 or 40 years of grappling experience. It is about how to raise the level of your BJJ techniques, from this principal you will see a massive jump in your BJJ game.

For most of us white and coloured belts, this was an entirely new concept, however the principals themselves taught during the 2 hour seminar with John Will was like gold for our BJJ. It is all about detail. It is hard to encapsulate exactly the level of knowledge and teaching ability John Will has, however for those present it is sure to be a seminar that you will not forget.

Adding to this amazing principal, was the many life lessons John discussed, that we can take away with us and start to apply to all areas of our life. Don't settle and accept mediocrity, raise the bar in all areas of our life. Pay attention to detail. That is the secret to success as John puts it, is all about the detail.

With this principal in mind, the techniques we worked on included, the snatch single leg take down, shoulder throw, side control into knee ride and various submissions including the "5 star back control".

All those who attended the seminar would agree this is one of the best seminars we have experience with John. He wont be repeating this seminar again, nor will he be focusing on black belt principals. Next time it will be back to learning new techniques, which in itself is great, however the seminar we just experienced was rare and one of the best yet!Posted Feb 24, 2014 at 5:06 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, February 17, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Getting the Most out of Guest BJJ Instructors at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Its time to take your BJJ to the next level. Rather than just turning up to class night after night and going through the motions at training, spice things up a bit with your BJJ and be sure to attend classes with guest instructors we will be having at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

This month we have both John Will and Richard Sargent visiting Campbelltown Martial Arts and offering their time to teach us BJJ.

In addition to your regular training, its also important to attend seminars and classes with experienced BJJ coaches wherever possible. Both Richard and John have many years BJJ training and experience. They will both offer a unique perspective and will impart their valuable BJJ knowledge to us.

Not only is John Will the founder and creator of the Will/Machado BJJ organisation in Australia, he is also an international sought after BJJ coach. You will learn BJJ from one of the best coaches in the world. John has a unique ability to teach a series of techniques to all levels. He starts at the basics and goes into as much detail as possible with each technique. Whilst you could most likely view the technique on You Tube, you will not gain an understanding or appreciation of how that technique evolved, the foundation of the technique and you will not have an expert coach guiding you through and willing to fix up any holes in your application of the technique. John is also a life coach and you may find yourself learning valuable life lessons also.

Richard is a prominent BJJ Black Belt in Australia, travelling all over the country teaching BJJ. We are hoping to get Richard out here to Campbelltown Martial Arts each month. Last year Richard taught a number of BJJ and MMA classes and we are very keen to have him here as much as possible.

Remember each new quality instructor you train with will offer something new for you to consider and learn in BJJ.

The dates of these guest instructors are the below:

John Will. Saturday 22nd Feb at 2:00-4:00
Richard Sargent. Friday 28th Feb starting at 7:40pm.

Take ownership of each technique taught to you. Have a training journal and after each BJJ seminar you attend, take notes on each technique taught and be sure to continue drilling and applying the techniques in your BJJ training.

Finally remember to show your support and buy a sausage sizzle or two at our Bunnings Campbelltown BBQ this Sunday. We are there all day and raising funds for our kids National BJJ Tournament Team!Posted Feb 17, 2014 at 5:27 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, January 29, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Understanding The Hurdles You May Experience in BJJ</b>

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is an art increasing in popularity in the martial arts community. Many traditional single style martial arts schools are now including BJJ as part of their program offer. These schools see the amazing benefits and effectiveness of BJJ and how wonderfully it compliments most other martial arts styles.

I have heard many times that BJJ is an art you either love or hate, true, however I believe you can learn to love BJJ. If you are serious about martial arts, you would be silly to not at least try and incorporate BJJ training into your own martial arts program. Traditional styles do not cover the ground aspects of combat anywhere near as effective as BJJ. Considering most fights end up on the ground, it just make sense to include BJJ into your own training. That coupled with the amazing technical requirements, flexibility and fitness benefits and learning how to overcome a much larger opponent are all the added benefits of BJJ.

As good as BJJ is though, it is not without hurdles and obstacles that cause many people who start to quit before reaching black belt. From my experience it takes much longer to achieve a black belt in BJJ than in most other traditional martial arts styles. Understanding some of the hurdles and obstacles in your BJJ journey as you are going through them, may just well be the difference between you sticking at it or quiting.

Challenge Number 1 - Be prepared to get your butt seriously kicked night after night for at least the first 3 months. The smaller you are months will then turn into years!!! There is no other way around it. In order to get better at BJJ, you need to grapple partners much more technical and experienced than you. They are going to submit you over and over. That's the hard part.

Easy part is realising that in BJJ, losing is so much fun. You get a great work out, learn some amazing and practical self defence whilst getting your butt kicked. So my advice is don't get caught up in being taped, accept that it will happen and learn and have fun!!

Challenge Number 2 - Leaving your ego off the mats. That's right, you know you will be taped however it is especially humbling if you are a person that has always used their size, strength and aggression to over power and control others. Guess what, in BJJ it wont work. Technique, timing, understanding balance and angles, wipes the floor with strength, size and aggression. Its especially humbling if you get your but kicked by someone barely 50kg, or someone much smaller than you. Now I am not suggesting for a minute not to use your size or strength, however the emphasis on your training should always be TECHNIQUE!!!!.

Challenge Number 3 - Dealing with the confrontational side of BJJ. BJJ is a physical combat martial art. Usually by your second of third lesson you are begin to grapple. You may will feel completely dominated, smashed and stuck in a variety of positions you have no idea how to escape. You do what feels natural, you extend your arms and limbs to escape trying to push your opponent off you, thus exposing them to submissions. Next thing you no you are tapping to prevent your elbow from being snapped. Wow what just happened you asked, and its only the warm up. Well depending on where you train, it may feel like this often or you may have a more gentle introduction to BJJ.
At Campbelltown Martial Arts the fundamentals BJJ class on Tuesday nights at 7:30 is ideal for all students, especially beginners. We will only ever cover basic fundamental BJJ techniques, you will get a lot of grappling practise and there will be a handful of coloured belt students there to help you. During grappling, the submission attempts if any, are generally going to be let go of prior to you tapping, so you may not even notice an attempt against you being made.
For women, the confrontational side of BJJ can be a big obstacle, especially against males. My suggestion is to start in our Women's only class at 6:30 on Tuesday nights and when confident progress to the mixed fundamentals class after it. If you stick at BJJ long enough you will soon no longer view your partner as male or female, rather they are another training partner to roll and train with.
Also please chose your partners wisely. Avoid those who don't have your best interest at heart. Who only want to boost their ego by smashing and dominating their training partners. These people will soon realise when no one wants to grapple them.
Challenge Number 4 - Measuring your progress. In BJJ you may feel like you are not progressing. Especially if you are constantly defending and in compromising positions most of the time. However this type of grappling is all part of essential learning in BJJ. As you become better at defending and moving, you will soon start to find yourself in more neutral positions, you may even start to find your self in controlling positions and pulling off some sweeps and attempts at submission. It may not be until you grapple a complete beginner like you yourself once was or you are able to control a much bigger opponent that you truly realise how far you have come. In BJJ most people tend to make big jumps in their game all of a sudden and then plateau for a very long time until your next big jump comes along. Why the big jump? perhaps your game was missing one small detail and when you correct and include that detail in your game, it may makes the world of difference. Also if you are grappling the same people all the time, you both get used to each others game. If you grapple someone different you may find the techniques far more effective against the new person you are grappling.

Challenge Number 5 - Longevity in BJJ. It can take a long time to get a black belt in BJJ. Much longer than traditional stand up martial arts styles. You may be on white belt for at least 3 years. Blue belt for 2.5 years minimum etc. You can expect it to take at least 8 years to achieve black belt in BJJ if you are training regularly. This does differ from gym to gym. If this frustrates you, its best to remember why you are doing BJJ in the first place. Belts are great and recognition of your level and time on the mats. However focus on the love of learning BJJ, be very patient and expect to be doing BJJ for a very long time. Its not an art that you will get your black belt quickly and move onto the next art, it takes way to long for that. Likewise remember the journey continues long after black belt. There is always need for continued learning and improvement in BJJ at all levels.

Challenge Number 6 - Handling the extreme technical nature of BJJ. BJJ is an extremely complex martial art. Angles, levers, breaking balance, grips, applying your weight, timing etc are all critical components of the many techniques you will learn in BJJ. Each technique requires numerous repetitions before you will even begin to be successful with it in a grappling situation. You will constantly be refining and improving each technique throughout your entire BJJ journey. Just when you think you have mastered the technique and are successful in grappling with it, your partners soon develop a counter to that technique and thus begins the dynamic relationship you experience with your techniques and training partners in BJJ. Try to understand the principals of the techniques initially before you allow yourself get bogged down in the smaller detail. As mentioned early chose your partners wisely and practise each technique with little or no resistance and slowly increase the resistance level over time, to enable you to successfully and confidently learn the numerous BJJ techniques.

Finally remember not everyone does BJJ for the same reason. Some may do it for self defence, to compete, to learn the art of BJJ, for fitness etc. As such their attitude towards their training and the intensity in which they grapple will be different for each person. Carrying injuries, previous grappling experience, if a person is working a specific technique etc. will influence a persons grappling style. Ensure you are here for the best interests of not only yourself, but your partners as well. Create a grappling environment where you can both achieve what it is that you want to achieve.
One way you can take your BJJ to the next level is by attending our John Will seminar on Saturday February 22 at 2:00pm. John is one of the best BJJ coaches in the world, you are guaranteed to learn and improve not only your BJJ knowledge and skills but also important life lessons off the matsPosted Jan 29, 2014 at 5:42 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, January 19, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Getting the Most Out of Your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Hopefully by now you have recommenced training at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2014.

At CMA we really hope this is a big training year for you and you achieve all the success you are striving for. In order to make the most of your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts, you may like to consider a few of the suggestions listed below.

Firstly, consistency is key. Whatever style you are doing, MMA, BJJ, Hapkido or Cage Fitness, you are not going to get any real results training sporadically and not consistently. You want to be training a minimum twice per week. This is our basic package and by making a commitment to train at least twice per week, you will soon be able to reap the benefits of training in martial arts and fitness, though your progress may be somewhat slow. Remember twice per week is the minimum we recommend. You will get much faster results training more such as 3 - 5 times per week. For a little bit more in cost we have packages available at CMA to enable you to train a minimum 4 times per week, the rewards will certainly outweigh the cost and you will see a big jump in your fitness, learning and performance.

Second point to consider is to support your dedication and progress you are making at Campbelltown Martial Arts in other areas of your life. You can do this with proper nutrition, sleep and staying hydrated in the warmer months. Creating a work life balance, spend some time each and everyday doing something your really enjoy, have a positive attitude, spend time with those who make you feel good and happy and finally, applying the life skills you are learning in martial arts in all other areas of your life.

Training Smart. It is not always the quantity or amount of training you do, rather the quality of training is perhaps most important. Make sure when you are at Campbelltown Martial Arts, you check in thoroughly and you leave your worries or stresses at the door. Be present and in the moment during each class you commit to. Remember your martial arts is an investment your are making for your own well being and health. The more you put in, the more you get back. If you are able to, spend some time away from CMA practising your techniques. There are many techniques for which you do not need a lot of space or a partner and you can easily practise on your own.

Read your syllabus, life skills, history of your martial arts etc. The more you learn the more you will be able to apply and understand the techniques being taught to you.

Mix your training up. There is nothing like learning something new for the first time. You are keen, enthusiastic and motivated. Rather than sticking to same routine day in and day out, try a different style at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We are fortunate at CMA in that our martial arts offer a lot of variety. No class is ever the same, having said that, the arts we offer compliment each other beautifully. Hapkido focuses on the stand up techniques, BJJ focuses on the ground techniques, MMA puts it all together and Cage Fitness takes your health and fitness to a new level. Consider our packages that enable you to train in more than one style, for a little bit more, you will get some amazing benefits. Also consider training on different nights, in the evening and during the day. All these things help to create a different learning experience for you. Remember we still offer unlimited training at Campbelltown Martial Arts for January. Why not take advantage and try something new for 2014.

Finally plan your year. Write down all that you hope to achieve at CMA for 2014. Don't be afraid to share this with your instructor and together the two of you can formulate a plan for achieving this. Have an idea of when you would like to grade. Share this with other students of a similar belt level. Its far more exciting and easier to achieve and prosper when you have someone else training with similar goals and at a similar level. This leads me to my final point and an important consideration when getting the most out of your training.

Your fellow training students are your most important asset at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Nurture, support and appreciate the unique relationship you have with the students and instructors at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Without them we wouldn't have CMA. Make it your mission to be the best partner you can be!!! Visit for more details!Posted Jan 19, 2014 at 12:32 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, January 14, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts 2014 Events</b>

Welcome back to Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2014. By now you may have noticed a gym makeover and some cool new equipment. I encourage you to use theses and take advantage of our unlimited training for January. You still have two weeks left to try and experience a new style at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

We have already confirmed a number of planned events for Campbelltown Martial Arts this year. They can be found on our website at You can also join and view them on our face book fan page Campbelltown Martial Arts (CMA).

A list and brief description of some of the events is below:


Crazy Class- Australia Day Theme Friday January 24th. During our kids classes. Celebrate all things Australian and come dressed in the Australian colours, our flag colours or something Australian.

The next crazy class will be on Wednesday May 7th. More details will be provided closer to the event!


BJJ Fund Raising Meeting - Saturday 1st February after Black Belt Club. We need to plan the next 6 months worth of fund raising that we intend to do in order to sponsor our kids to go to Melbourne for the BJJ Nationals!

BJJ Triple Bull Competition - Sunday February 9th. A link for this tournament can be found at

John Will BJJ Seminar - Saturday February 22nd at 2:00pm at CMA. This seminar is a must for all BJJ enthusiasts. John is the head of our BJJ organisation in Australia and also a world renowned BJJ coach, teacher and mentor. His seminars are amazing, they follow a logical format and all levels will greatly benefit from the seminar.
Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser - Sunday February 23rd 8:00am - 5:00pm. We are seeking volunteers to help assist the Bunnings BBQ in Campbelltown. We are fund raising for our kids national BJJ tournament team.

Hapkido Gradings. Hapkido gradings are generally held every two months.

Eagles Gradings - Saturday February 22nd at 9:30am

Falcons Grading - Monday February 24th at 6:00pm

Adults Hapkido Grading - Wednesday February 26th at 7:30pm


BJJ Gradings. BJJ Gradings are held 4 times per year. The first ones for the year are below:

Kids and BJJ Grading- Tuesday March 4th - 6:30pm

Adults Mixed BJJ Grading - Friday March 7th - 7:30pm

Kids Power Night - Saturday 15th March. This is an opportunity for parents to drop their children into the care of Campbelltown Martial Arts for a few hours and experience amazing skill drills, martial arts life skills and fun!! They are also able to bring a buddy. Times, cost, theme and all other details will be provided shortly!.

Buddy Week - Monday 17th March to Friday 21st March. Have your children bring a buddy to CMA to train and learn spectacular martial arts skills and drills. They will also receive tickets into the referral draw and we have great membership sign up rates for that week. Our second Buddy week is scheduled for Monday 1st - 5th September.

In house Tournament Dates
Our in house tournaments are scheduled for Sunday 6th April and Sunday 12th October. Our in house tournaments are a unique opportunity to compete in a friendly martial arts tournament style competition. They are open to CMA students only and events include BJJ, Sumo, Sword and advance falling. All place getter's will receive a trophy or medal.

Black Belt Gradings
Achieving black belt is the ultimate goal for all martial arts students. The opportunity to grade for black belt only comes round a few times each year. This is an inspiring and motivating grading to see. Save the dates below and don't miss out on the opportunity to see some of our best students in action!!!
Junior Black Belt - Saturday 31st May and Saturday November 22nd. Starts at 11:00am
Adult Black Belt - Saturday 6th December. Starts at 11:00am

Outside BJJ Tournaments
For a full list of outside BJJ tournaments visit Some of the bigger competitions details are below:

AF BJJ NSW State Titles - Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th
Will/Machado Nationals BJJ in Melbourne - Saturday September 13th September. Details on this competition can be found at

Referral Draws and Presentation Nights
Student of the Year and Mini Referral Draw - Wednesday 23rd July during normal classes and referral draw at 6:30pm
Presentation Night and Major Referral Draw at CMA and last Classes for CMA - Friday December

CMA Annual Camp - CMA Annual Camp - Friday November 7th - Monday 10th November
This is a great opportunity for students and families to train, socialise and relax for a few days away from our daily grind. Venue and more details will be provided closer to the event. This is for all members and their families.

CMA Christmas party
Finally the CMA Christmas party is scheduled for Sunday 30th November. Venue details will be provided closer to the event.

These are just some of the events we have planned at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Many more events will pop up through out the year. We wish everyone at CMA at fantastic and successful training year for 2014Posted Jan 14, 2014 at 6:38 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, January 5, 2014</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Welcome Back To Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2014</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts reopens on Monday 6th January. We have a big year planned. The main events for 2014 are on face book and our website at Check them out and pencil in your calenders and diary's the main events that apply to you. That may be gradings, kids events, tournaments etc.

You will notice some new equipment and a gym makeover at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Each year we like to use the Christmas break as an opportunity to make over CMA and reinvest for the coming year.

We hope you enjoyed your break over Christmas and are keen to get back on the mats as soon as possible. I know I am. I am sure most of you over indulged in all things festive much more than normal. With CMA reopening back up for the new year. That is the perfect opportunity to start getting your health, nutrition, goals and life back into balance.

Best Way To Move On From the Festive Season
So whats the best way to move on from the festive season. For some this will be easy. You stayed on track over Christmas with your fitness, health and nutrition. You will be ready and raring to go. For others you will be spending the next 6 months still in Christmas mode and continue it until next Christmas. You may never truly venture out of the festive over indulgence. Some of you may find training a real struggle during January and find it a struggle to get back on track. I am guessing most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the these extremes.

Whatever your experiences may be. Be patient with yourself and use January as an opportunity to slowly ease back into training. Summer has only just started so there is still plenty of time to enjoy the fun and sun and combine that with great work outs.

January is unlimited training at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Mix it up and try a new style at CMA. Remember we offer Cage Fitness, MMA, Hapkido and BJJ. I would love to see as many people as possible at Cage during the month of January. That is a great opportunity to get fit and in shape for the rest of the year.

I look forward to seeing you on the mats and hope 2014 is a great training year for everyone. If you would like any assistance with your training plans, progress, health and fitness questions etc, please see one of the CMA instructors. Together we have a lot of experience we would love to share with you.

Forget Goals and Focus on the System instead

Finally the best advice I have received recently is that whilst its great to have training goals. They help us to monitor progress. However more important than goals is the system you use to achieve those goals. The system is where the results come from and if you focus more on your system then actual goals, you will achieve the results you desire, without the added pressure of achieving a specific target and only feeling worth while once you do.

What's the difference between goals and systems?
?If you're a coach, your goal is to win a championship. Your system is what your team does at practice each day.
?If you're a writer, your goal is to write a book. Your system is the writing schedule that you follow each week.
?If you're a runner, your goal is to run a marathon. Your system is your training schedule for the month.
?If you're an entrepreneur, your goal is to build a million dollar business. Your system is your sales and marketing process.
My suggestion is that if you feel overwhelmed and burden by huge goals you want to achieve, commit to the process, not the goal. When you focus on the practice instead of the performance, you can enjoy the present moment and improve at the same time. Goals are about the short-term result. Systems are about the long-term process. In the end, process always wins.

Remember at Campbelltown Martial Arts, we are trying to focus on adopting a life long love and practise of martial arts. So release the need for immediate results.

I would like to see everyone slow down and make consistent, methodical progress rather than chasing sexy goals for a few weeks and then flaming out.

Goals can provide direction and even push you forward in the short-term, but eventually a well-designed system will always win. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process is what makes the difference.Posted Jan 5, 2014 at 2:32 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, December 24, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Yearly Presentation Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The last class of 2013 at Campbelltown Martial Arts was the perfect opportunity to recognise the achievements of all our students at CMA. All kids attending on the night received a special award to recognise their dedication to training and living the values of martial arts in all areas of their life. We also recognised those students who week in week out strive above the norm with their outstanding attitude, behaviour and character at CMA. There is also a special award for the newer students of CMA who stand out. The rising star award for those students who have been training less than 12 months. Another big prominent award is for our team leader, future leader and instructor of the year awards, which recognises the valuable contribution from the leaders of CMA. Finally, in recognition of all those who referred someone to CMA, the referral draw also occurred with $800.00 worth of prizes up for grabs.


Excellence in Attitude: Liam Humphries

Excellence in Behaviour: Rachel Rasquinha
Excellence in Character: Chloe Cox

Rising Star: Tahlia Auelua


Excellence in Attitude: Jerome Semesi

Excellence in Behaviour: Eva Grados

Excellence in Character: Rashad Karim

Rising Star: Gabriella Klarick


Excellence in Attitude: Kayla Garcia

Excellence in Behaviour: Cooper Benson

Excellence in Character: Whitney Quinones

Rising Star: Amelia Krvavac


Excellence in Attitude: Tayla Wilson

Excellence in Behaviour: Costa Tsekas

Excellence in Character: Jordan Quinones

Rising Star: Riley Cunningham


CMA Senior Falcons Hapkido

Excellence in Attitude: Jessica Bednarz

Excellence in Behaviour: Adam Krvavac

Excellence in Character: Kristopher Barnes

Excellence in Perseverance: Emilio Grados

CMA Black Belt Club

Excellence in Black Belt Training: Brandon Moroney


CMA Competitor of the Year: Jack O’Toole

Excellence in Attitude: Brody Cox

Excellence in Behaviour: Luke Davis

Excellence in Character: Jake

Rising Star: Isaac

CMA Team Leader of the Year

Kindra Doyle

CMA Future Leader of the Year

Krystle Moyes

CMA Instructor of the Year

Danielle Moyes

On behalf of all the team at CMA we wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Training resumes on Monday January 6. There is unlimited training in January for all our programs. Take advantage and experience a different art at CMAPosted Dec 24, 2013 at 3:05 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, December 18, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading and Yearly Wrap Up</b>

Adults Hapkido Grading
The last hapkido grading for the year for a small affair with a few white belts, one green and one brown belt grading.

Whilst it was a small grading, this did not deter from the effort of all students grading, both on the night and in preparation for the grading.

As I wasn't at the grading, Danielles account of the events on the night is below:

"On a warm night just six people were ready to grade, five of them juniors and one senior.

Our four white belts grading included Ryan, Lote, Dylan and Michael, They did very well for their first grading. They all kept their guards up and had good techniques with their kicks. Their falls were performed very well for their level, especially Lote. Falls can be very challenging to learn in such a short time.

For Danielle it was smooth sailing to green belt. However due to time away from the mats it has been a challenge to grade to blue belt. On the night the physical nature of the kicks and speed of the hands was a challenge for Danielle and she could've quit at anytime, but not on Brian's watch. Danielle got through the tough stuff and finished her grading off in style. Her self defence was crisp and she had beautiful spin under falls.

Colin is one of our day class members and our only senior belt grading. Colin got through his kicks well pumping each one out. He had a nice boxing drill and demonstrated good knife control and strikes. His figure eight's with the knife were very good.

Both Danielle and Colin went through their boards with ease. Colin broke his with turning kick ball of the foot first go and Danielle broke hers with turning back kick second attempt.

The highlight of the grading included the wonderful support of the small crowd and the non graders who helped the graders get through physically and mentally. Especially Brian Nadin, Brain was fantastic with Danielle.
Overall there was great spirit in the grading but it's still not being heard. Louder Ki-ups are needed after falling and techniques"
We have a number of students who with consistent training should be ready to grade early next year in February. Please stay fit over Christmas so you are ready to get straight back into training in the new year. The first grading for 2014 will be at the end of February. That allows us just enough time to review and perfect your syllabus techniques and regain your fitness in the new year.
Adults Hapkido Yearly Wrap Up
Well another year has almost gone at Campbelltown Martial Arts. CMA has been teaching adults hapkido for the past 21 years. Each year we have the privilege of adding a few new black belts to Campbelltown Martial Arts and this is perhaps the highlight of the year. This year we added 3 new black belts, Mark, Jim and Rodney. We also added another 2nd degree black belt, Troy. Finally we also now have our first female 3rd degrees at CMA, Danielle and Leanne. Well done to the new black belts at CMA.

It was also the first full year of our new syllabus and it seems to be working well. All students have taken on the new boxing and striking drills, we are still however coming to terms with the changes in knife and weapon defence. We are slowly starting to adjust and learn these new techniques.

Its important to review the syllabus every few years to ensure the techniques taught are relevant and up to date. It then takes a lot of time and patience to implement and learn a new syllabus.

Another new item to the adults syllabus is the introduction of life skills at every belt level. We ask all students to learn, sign and acknowledge each life skill and endeavour to incorporate the life skills into all areas of their life. Martial arts is a way of life and the skills learnt are universal and apply to all areas of ones personal life. Please fully embrace them.

We have established some important criteria in order for the adult hapkido students to grade. You need to be training regularly and consistently right up until the grading. You need to achieve a certain amount of classes and have all modules marked off. Failure to do any of these will mean you are not able to grade. In order to determine when you are next able to grade, please see your instructor for a time line and guidance to successfully grading. We have been stricter in determining who can and cannot grade. Please do not be deterred by this if you are unable to grade. We have gradings every 8 weeks, so if you miss one grading it is only a short time until the next grading. Remember your martial arts journey is for life. It is one not to be rushed. It is more important to learn your techniques correctly then progress through the ranks quickly and in a rushed manner.

February is shaping up to be a big grading for both juniors and seniors. Next years black belt grading may well be our biggest ever at CMA with Michael also grading for his 6 degree!!!! A first ever at CMA.

Congratulations to all those students who have transitioned from the junior adults class to the senior. Once most students reach blue belt, they are much more likely to make it to black belt.
Welcome to all our new students in particular our junior black belt students who have now graduated into our adults class as an adult green belt. What a great achievement.

We have more great events planned for CMA next year including the regulars such as annual camp, gradings, Xmas party, new equipment to train with etc. Ensure you like our CMA fan page on face book to receive regular updates on upcoming events etc. You can also visit our website at

It has been a great pleasure teaching all the CMA adults students throughout 2013. Next year I hope to continue to grow the adults hapkido junior classes and raise the standard in all our programs. We will continue to train hard and technical. Enjoy your Christmas break. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the new year, with more equipment and a gym makeover!!!!!

Colin grading for his brown belt.

Danielle successfully attempting her first ever wood break with turning back kick, during her green belt grading to blue belt.

Students preparing for their hapkido grading. It was a small but dedicated group of students grading!!!

End of Year Wrap Up from Master Michael

2013 has been a big year for Hapkido at CMA with the introduction of a new training syllabus across all levels containing more variety in the boxing techniques at junior levels paving the way for complete kickboxing drills at the senior levels. This has been well received by all the students making the implementation very smooth. Another major addition to the senior program was the new weapons drill for each senior level, these are taking longer to fit in due to everyone is starting at scratch but in time this will add to every ones skill level.

We currently have 17 active black belts at CMA and you can find up to 12 on the floor on any training night this is an amazing asset to have and I look forward to growing these numbers even higher in the years ahead. This will make our monthly senior training classes more challenging for all. The end of year black belt grading produced three new black belts one new second degree and two new third degrees, a great way to finish off the year.

Looking forward to a very big 2014.Posted Dec 18, 2013 at 11:22 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, December 13, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior Eagles &amp; Eagles December Grading</b>

Junior Eagles & Eagles Final Grading
Last Saturday saw our 6th and final Junior Eagles and Eagles grading for 2013. It was another successful grading with 19 of our junior students trying their best to progress to the next belt level.

They all showed “Big Sir” their best martial arts work, respect and behavior on the day and in return “Big Sir” was very proud and impressed to have the privilege to observe and assess each student.

Achieving A Master Belt
Our highest belt grading on the day was Alonso who graded to his last belt level in the Eagles class, Master Belt. After three hard years of committed training Alonso has now successfully completed eight belt ranks in the Junior Eagles and Eagles program. This now gives Alonso a fantastic and advantageous start to move up the Junior Falcons class, when he feels he is ready. He will then be on his next journey to Junior Black Belt. Well done Alonso, you deserve your Master Belt as you have continually worked hard and trained at such a mature level.

Spirit Awards
Our two Spirit Award winners from the grading in which “Big Sir” chooses the awards based on a high level of technique and full commitment to their grading on the day is proudly awarded to Gabriella Klarich and Kawin Auelua.

2013 Junior Eagles & Eagles Training
Junior Eagles and Eagles training throughout 2013 has been nonetheless fun, energizing, always lots to learn and always lots to perfect with constant practice. All students have progressed amazingly and to calculate exactly how much each student has leanred would be too difficult. However, as Instructors for the junior students we note the vast improvement and the knowledge each student has gained from CMA as opposed to a non martial arts child. Our life lessons and public speaking are second to none and to view such confidence is a very wonderful and rewarding result.

From all the Junior Eagles and Eagles Instructors Miss Nat, Miss Brianna, Miss Caitlin, Miss Kath and Sir Stephen are all looking forward to seeing all your bright smiley faces next year to continue our martial arts journey together, as together we all can achieve more!!!Posted Dec 13, 2013 at 5:39 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, December 5, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Black Belt Grading</b>

CMA recently held its annual black belt grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts. This is a special once per year event at CMA and even more special for those who are grading. It is the culmination of years of martial arts training and learning the art of Hapkido. Each student grading must submit an essay detailing their thoughts and personal journey in martial arts. Each level grading has a different criteria of which the essay must address. This is a valuable opportunity for each student to consider why they are grading and the benefits martial arts has had on their life. It is very personal and it gives Michael an insight into our inner most thoughts regarding martial arts, that we may not have otherwise shared. It was a great experience for myself and I encourage others to journal their thoughts and feelings prior to big events in their life.

Grading to black belt and beyond is a milestone very few people achieve. As you can appreciate it is a big deal for both CMA and those grading. We are very fortunate at CMA that we have a strong group of inspiring black belt students.

It was a nice day for the grading and not overly hot for this time of year. The grading kicked off at 11:15 and continued for over 3 hours. The grading is designed to test the spirit and courage of each student grading. Whilst all students are required to demonstrate all their syllabus techniques, the actual day is not so much about performing the techniques, rather it is about testing the students mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. That is was sets a black belt apart from the other coloured belts in Hapkdio.

The day started with Tan jun breathing and the black belts who weren't grading, striking those grading whilst doing this.

This was then followed with numerous jumping and aerial kicks including flying side kicks, back kicks, high and low spinning heel kicks, 360 degree kicks etc. The kicks is a very tiring part of the grading. Its bang straight into it and you are required to pump them out, one after the other without any break.

With the kicks out of the way it was time to continue with the other aspects of the grading including our self defence, weapons, throws, multiple grabs and falling. Each aspect of the grading required great technical focus or was very physically demanding. The falling included 5 minutes of continuous rolls and falls, which is very challenging. After 3 hours of continuous training, the grading concluded with ten rounds of sparring and our wood breaks. It seems they saved the best till last and the most challenging aspects of the grading. Challenging as we were unable at any stage to have a drink break and we all found this a great struggle.

After surviving the sparring it was now time for the dreaded wood breaks. The guys seem to smash through their boards and breaks however for Danielle and myself it was a struggle. Our dropping elbows, pop up front kicks, low spinning heels kicks just did not work for us. In the end I was able to break the wood with 360 turning back kick and Danielle finally nailed 360 low spinning heel, dangling, on her bad side, finally!!!

The grading was now over, we were able to quench our thirsts with lots of much needed fluids and it was time for the fun part to begin. Presentations, dinner and the CMA Christmas party at Bulli beach on Sunday. All were great events with fantastic company.

It was a massive weekend at CMA, one of our biggest for the year and a very high note to round out a great year of training at CMA.

For all those who successfully graded, its a fantastic achievement. Next year is also scheduled to be another big black belt grading. Visit for more details on the programs and events at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Please also take the time to congratulate those who graded. On behalf of those who grading, a big thank you to our training partners, instructors, family and friends who make it possible to train at Campbelltown Martial Arts each week, year in and year out.

Pre Grading

Emotional Danni, this is a sight to see!!! Not so tough after all!!!!

Post grading. Notice who got the roses. Just like Bachelor. The rose is given out by the students who graded to someone who helped them reach this amazing milestone. Danielle and myself shared ours with each other. The guys gave theirs to their much beloved partners. Though you could have given it to anyone. I want a rose each year!!!
Final thoughts from Michael!!!!

Big Week End Just Passed

First up was our Black Belt grading on Saturday and the weather gods were very kind to those grading offering up a mild day perfect for black belt gradings. Every black belt grading is unique in the format that it takes depending on what grades are there to prove themselves, this year we had the following:

1. Mark P 1st Degree

2. Rod M 1st Degree

3. Jim H 1st Degree

4. Troy S 2nd Degree

5. Danielle M 3rd Degree

6. Leanne C 3rd Degree

The grading was well balanced with all pushed to their physical limits at one stage or another during the day, the question was never going to be if they were fit enough for the day because all were prepared. The more important question is can they all stay mentally engaged for the task at hand and after 4 hours we had our answer all were still standing after what was a very physical and in part very technique grading.

A big congratulations to all who graded you held yourself to the highest standards and have shown all that you are worthy of wearing a CMA Black Belt, your efforts have inspired many others to prepare for the journey to black belt in 2014. (can not wait!!)

Sunday was our Christmas party at Bulli Beach the weather was great and the company was even better, it was time to sit back and relax and enjoy lunch with our CMA family. A big thank you to Nat for organising all the food and refreshments and to Kath for helping serve out the food.
The kids made the most of the water, sun and sand with a few feeling the effects of too much sun. Its a little sad because this means we are getting close to ending another year at CMA but I am very excited about the plans and improvements we have in store for 2014.

Thank to all who attended and made it such a great day with great people.

Our last class of the year is Wednesday 18th December. It is also our kids presentation night during the kids classes and referral draw also takes place at 6:30pm. You must be present to win.

Please take advantage of our unlimited training in any style for December and January. Classes resume back to normal on Monday 6th January.Posted Dec 5, 2013 at 3:52 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, November 26, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>End of Year Kids BJJ Gradings and yearly wrap up at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

It has been a big year for our kids BJJ students at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

The class size has grown considerable since the start of the year, with more families and students at Campbelltown Martial Arts recognising the importance of learning a grappling based martial art, in addition to their stand up martial art Hapkido.

A number of our students competed for the first time in an outside BJJ competition, whilst we had mixed results, all kids gained valuable competition experience. Congratulations to William for placing first in the AFBJJ Aussie Cup and Jack for winning his division of the Abu Dhabi trials. We are in the process of fund raising and sponsoring a number of our BJJ kids to compete at the Will / Machado nationals in September 2014. Exciting times and we hope to have a great team for the nationals next year.

CMA Kids BJJ achieved its first Blue belt this year. Kindra, was awarded a blue belt earlier in the year. She has completed all the stripes and techniques necessary to advance to a kids blue belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We also have a number of other students close behind and almost ready for their blue belt!!! This is an exciting achievement for our BJJ junior students. Blue belt is an important belt for the kids to revisit the basic fundamentals that they have been learning on white belt and to further develop their own BJJ game. Kindra is a great role model and competitor for our kids BJJ program. She is creating a great legacy for others to follow in her foot steps.

End of year BJJ awards are being finalised and we are giving out awards for Attitude, Behaviour, Character, Rising star and BJJ competitor of the year. This is not an easy decision, with many great and enthusiastic BJJ students, it is getting harder each year with some great students coming through the ranks. The kids chosen are thoroughly deserving of their awards.

The last Kids BJJ grading was a big grading with many kids grading. Including William going for his final stripe on white belt and a possible blue belt. Also grading included:
?Whitney Q 1st Stripe
?Rebecca A 1st Stripe
?Liam C 1st Stripe
?James C 1st Stripe
?Kyle A 2nd Stripe
?Jayden A 2nd Stripe
?Jake Mc 2nd Stripe
?Ronin S 5th Stripe
?Emilo G 5th Stripe
?William C 5th Stripe/Blue Belt

All kids were required to demonstrate their syllabus techniques that they have been working hard on during training. Due to the complex nature of BJJ, we don't expect the kids to remember every small detail of the technique, we are focusing on the bigger picture with the kids and the most important BJJ principals. As such we will help and assist the kids where needed. At blue belt the gradings will be more focused on technique. At the end of drilling their techniques. all kids were required to demonstrate their grappling skills with a number of grapples. This is where the kids stand out. Their grappling is great to watch. They are very competitive with each other and put everything into each grapple. They are also careful and respectful of each other when grappling smaller or lower ranked partners.

Congratulations to William for being awarded his blue belt and only our second kids blue belt at CMA, another great achievement.

The spirit award was awarded to Rebecca, for her tremendous effort in her first ever BJJ grading. Well done Rebecca, she is one of our smallest and lightest BJJ competitors, however she proved how tough she was by challenging Emilio with a great grapple at the end.

Next year will be a big year. We will be focusing on developing our kids BJJ tournament team and further developing the BJJ skills of all our students. We will definitely have more blue belts next year. Fund raising for our 2014 National BJJ Kids Tournament Team, will be a big focus!!!!
Final words from Michael on our last BJJ grading for 2013
All kids showed a very high standard of technique form start to finish with very few comments being made on their grading sheets, this is a great credit to their instructors and helpers. It also marked the promotion of our first male Blue belt in the kids program congratulations William C.

The grapples at the end were very competitive but with great control, I look forward to watching the kids continue their BJJ journey in years to come and awarding our first kids BJJ Black Belt.Posted Nov 26, 2013 at 8:24 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, November 26, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults BJJ Grading at CMA</b>

Last Adults BJJ Grading for 2013

All those that graded performed well setting a high standard in all aspects of the grading especially in demonstrating their individual techniques for their level, there was a mixed bag of levels grading and they were:

1.Vince M 2nd stripe
2.Luke G 3rd stripe
3.Matthew G 3rd stripe
4.Kristy A 3rd stripe
5.Bam K 3rd stripe
6.Daniel M 3rd stripe
7.Chrysler E Blue 1st purple stripe
8.John A Blue 1st purple stripe

Last Grading Grapples for 2013
The grappling part is a high point to every grading and this was no exception with Vince going the distance for his two rounds the twins Matt and Luke were not to be out done by each other and secured one submission each during their five rounds. Kristy and Daniel both went the distance with their five rounds, Bam was forced to Tap only once during his five rounds when he tested his arm against Paul's arm bar game plan.

Chrysler and John were not required to grapple for their grading but were called out by the others grading and they were happy to comply, for them it was just fun to roll and push the others grading.

With a little peer pressure Matt & Luke went one extra round with each other to the spectators delight it was a back a forth battle with constant position changes and plenty of submission escapes but in the end it was even.
Adults BJJ in 2014
2014 will be an exciting year for BJJ at CMA all around both adults and the kids program with both looking forward to quite a few new blue belts and the adults getting their first purple belts promoted through CMA. We have already started the new Thursday night BJJ class due in 2014 early, now you have the chance to train in 5 classes a week plus open mat on Saturdays.Posted Nov 26, 2013 at 8:23 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, November 12, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Annual Camp</b>

Once again as we have for the last 6 or 7 years, CMA held its annual camp / get together at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on the central coast.

The numbers attending this camp, were a little smaller than previous years, however we still had almost 60 people attend.

Due to the smaller numbers attending we were little bit more relaxed in terms of the training schedule, however the favourite events were still part of this years camp. Including the morning beach run and sand hills run, bush walking, family games and training, basket ball, stretching in the pool and of course allowing lots of time for R & R.

Every year we get new families and those regulars who love to attend each year. The kids had a ball riding their bikes, scooters, swimming in the pool and beach and just hanging out with each other. For the adults it was a great time to relax and chill with the other CMA families. The weather was unpredictable multiple times each day however this didn't dampen our spirits, although made it harder to plan certain events. The photos speak for them selves in terms of how much fun we all had. Visit our fan page for all the photos of the CMA camp!!!

Well done to the following recipients for their effort in each event:

Warren Scattergood - Beach Run
Brody Cox - Best and Fairest Basketball Shooter
Jemima, Cathy and Zac - for their effort in the family fun games and training. Jemima all received our spirit award for her effort in all events at the camp. Well done!!!

Next year we are planning another CMA camp, however we are exploring alternative venues and hoping to get more families attending next year.

Thank you to all those who attended it. We are proud of our CMA family and look forward to a great weekend away such as this each year. Visit for more details of future events at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
Final words from Michael
The CMA annual camp is my favourite event on the CMA calender each year, this was our 7th year at the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort and I believe it was one of the best camps we have had. The camp presents an opportunity for everyone to train together in a relaxed atmosphere as well as plenty of time to sit by the pool to relax and chat. It really is like going away with a large family everyone just helps each other.

Looking forward to 2014.Posted Nov 12, 2013 at 5:20 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, November 11, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts In-house Tournament</b>

What a great day.We had approximately 60 kids competing, 4 rings running at a time. Emotions were running high. The kids were highly competitive and left it all on the mats. They put everything into their matches and whilst it is an in house tournament, for the kids it meant a lot. They had something to prove to their training peers. They are all great friends away from the gym and support each other during training, but on match day, it was game on.

We had 7 divisions across 3 main events, BJJ, Sumo and Sword. As our last event we also had advance falling, which consisted of a number of kids flying through the air, demonstrating spectacular skill with their cat rolls.

Whilst this was all going on, we also combined the tournament as a fundraiser for our 2014 BJJ kids national team. With a BBQ, cake stall, snow cone maker and sea food platters up for grabs in a fund raising raffle. Thank you so much to all those who helped with our fund raising efforts both with contributions and assistance on the day. I believe we raised over $700.00!!!!!

We had a lot of spectators and supportive family members on the day. They too were emotional cheering on their children throughout the tournament. I am very pleased that everyone was very sportsman like in their support for their kids and the results of each division. As always controversy exists in any competition, mistakes were made, but hey we did the best we could. Similar with the divisions, whilst it was age based, there may be a few exceptions where we shift the kids around to make the tournament fairer. After all the aim of our in house tournament is to enable all the kids to experience a martial arts tournament. It can be very daunting and expensive to enter an outside tournament, as such we offer at least two in house tournaments a year at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We also try to make the first round as fair as possible, however we have no control as to who progresses and what happens after the first round.

There are too many divisions and kids to talk about individually, however the photos speak for themselves. Check them out on our fan page, Campbelltown Martial Arts (CMA). A special mention to the two kids who got the spirit award, Samantha and James. Well done kids. This award is handed out to those children who not only put in 100% and unable to come a place, however they were very gracious in the fact that they did not place. These kids set the example to all our other students about heart and sportsman ship. Great lesson to learn for both kids and adults.

Individual results as follows:


1stKobeAlonsoSam RoninConnorTyrisYasmin
2ndParkerAleksBrandonHope LiamKindraHayden

Distance Falling
Spirit AwardBest Supporter
Height Falling EaglesSamanthaKathleen
1stTyrisFalconsJames C Danielle

The CMA team would like to thank all the families, helpers, and most importantly the amazing young students of CMA for making this a great end of year in house tournament.Posted Nov 11, 2013 at 5:51 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, November 5, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts Adult Hapkido Students recently graded in what was a very small junior belt grading. Never the less it was of a high standard and all the students who graded are very dedicated to their martial arts training and learning their techniques.

The white belts grading demonstrated a high level of proficiency in their boxing and hand techniques. They are starting to use their hips to develop power and really only have to work on a few things in regards to their kicks. Both foot position and pivoting the supporting foot when doing any sort of turning kick. Working on these things should start to show real improvements in their kicks. They also need to continue to practise their cat roll and rolling from shoulder to the opposite hip. Falling is vital for the higher belts in hapkido, especially when being thrown, as such it is important to continue to work and develop all safety rolls.

We had one orange belt grading, Bassim. Bassim is a very capable student and is starting to show some real talent in his striking techniques, both kicking and boxing. He has a beautiful high turning kick well above head height. Bassim's techniques were crisp and sharp. His self defence and one step was technical and as with the white belts, its important he keeps practising his falls in order to be able to fall correctly out of throws in the higher belts of hapkido.

Finally our highest person grading was Dennis. Dennis has trained very hard on green belt and on the night was very technical and sharp with his techniques. Dennis had to do all the green belt kicks on targets and did so with plenty of energy to spare. Dennis has a great work ethic in regards to his training and fitness and that showed on the night. We held Dennis back at the previous grading so that he could further develop his throws and self defence, this was evident on the night with very little errors or things to work on. Well done Dennis. I look forward to seeing you continue your journey at Hapkido as a senior belt.

We have one more grading for the year. Speak with your instructor Leanne or Michael to see if you are eligible to grade. You need your required number of classes, modules marked off and be training regularly in order to grade. The last adults Hapkido grading is on Wednesday the 30th December. Please put your name on the grading list if you intend to grade.

Finally our annual Black Belt grading is very close now. Saturday November 30th at 11:00am. Its a great spectacle to watch as CMA's highest belts, work hard to progress through the black belts ranks of Hapkido. Its a long and hard grading with very little breaks, if any to rehydrate and recover. It can go for anyone from 2 to 4 hours.
This is a very inspiring event for all our future CMA black belts and I encourage all to attend to watch, learn and show your support.Posted Nov 5, 2013 at 4:17 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 30, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Junior Eagles &amp; Eagles Grading - Saturday 26th October 2013</b>

Junior Eagles & Eagles Grading

Last Saturday 23 of our wonderful Junior Eagles and Eagles super stars put their "right foot back" and did their absolute bst to show "big sir" all their Hapkido training to date in hope to progress to their next belt level.

Master Belt Reached!!

We had almost every belt grade with the most exciting student, Rashad, progressing to Master Belt in the Eagles Program. Congratualtions to Rashad who has been training for just over two years and has proudly made his way through all the belt ranks within the junior program. Rashad has not only shown true dedication by attending classes every week over the last two years but he also trains to his best ability each and every lesson. Well done Rashad, a belt you well worth deserve!!

Spirit Award Winners!!
As always "Big Sir" marks every student's syllabus sheet. From here he chooses the Spirit Award Winners depending on who recived the highest mark on their sheet. This grading our winners were:
Rylie Duke-Smith and Jai Garcia - well done to both Eagles who out-shone themselves on grading day.

Our next and last grading of the year will be in early December, so once you have completed at least two lines of your training card (minimum of twenty classes) and know you syllabus thoroughly you will then receive a letter from you instructor advising that you are ready to grade. Ensure you always bring your best Attitude, Behaviour and Character to class so your instructor can give the best training class. Have fun in learning all your work and keep up the great work as CMA Team Awards will be given out. Collect 5 to reach Warrior level, then collect 10 to reach Ninja levelPosted Oct 30, 2013 at 5:47 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 23, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>ISKA BJJ Australian Championships</b>

The recent ISKA BJJ Australian Championships was held at Liverpool over the weekend and we had a number of our Campbelltown Martial Arts BJJ kids competing and also one adult, Amelia competing in her first ever BJJ comp.

The kids used this competition as practise for the Will/Machado Nationals in Melbourne next year in September. We are currently fund raising to enable us to sponsor and send a number of our BJJ students to the nationals next year. Part of the criteria to be on the tournament team is to compete in an outside competition. These comps are very popular and highly competitive with many children entering to compete from all different BJJ clubs.

For this competition we had Kindra, William, Gryphon, Jack, Ronin, Brody and Isaac competing for the very first time. In the adults white belt division we also had Amelia competing in her first ever competition.

Each competition has different age and weight categories that the children compete in. This comp tended to be more focused on age as opposed to weight. Many of our kids were fighting kids up to ten kilos or more heavier. That did not deter them, they stepped up and grappled and made big improvements from their last competition experience at the AFBJJ Aussie Cup, where half of our kids team was very sick but still competed.

Brody, Gryphon and Ronin were in the biggest kids division. Gryphon and Brody managed to make it through the first round with Brody managing to win via a massive 20 nil score. Gryhpon came from behind with a very smart grapple to progress to the second round and Ronin faced the toughest challenger in the division first up. She was much bigger and a very technical grappler. Ronin was in all sorts of trouble on the bottom and was having to work very hard to defend one submission attempt after another for the entire 3 minutes. To Ronin's credit his defence was excellent, using two hands on one to prevent each submission. If you grapple his dad Michael, you will soon see where he gets it from. Towards the end, Ronin came back fighting strong and was starting to dominate however it was to late and the girl one on points. Brody and Gryphon didn't manage to make it through their second round however they were up against strong competition and made big improvements from their last tournament experience. Well done boys!!!!

Jack was in a group of 3 and again grappled smart to win his first match via points. In his second match he was up against an opponent almost 15 kilos heavier and he fought hard for the entire 3 minutes however ended up losing on points. Having said that, this opponent had to retire hurt and jack managed to win his division. Well done Jack, you showed great maturity and fighting spirit. Jack also entered a massive sumo division, however was eliminated in the first round.

Isaac was competing in his first ever competition, during his first match he was being dominated in the beginning and having to work hard to come from behind, however during the end part of his match, he managed to turn things around and start to dominate and control the match. It was a little to late and he lost on points. It was a great first ever tournament for Isaac, especially considering he has been training less than 12 months in BJJ.

William only had one other boy in his division and was the last of our kids to grapple, however William managed to continue the success he had at the Aussie Cup and completely dominated the grapple with a take down and submission attempt right from the start. He didn't managed to pull off his triangle attempt however submitted his opponent via arm bar within the first minute and a half of his match. Well done William, you are starting to become a very technical grappler!!!!

The last of our kids who had entered the competition was Kindra. Kindra was ready and raring to go, however at the time of weigh in, lost some confidence when realising she would have to step up and grapple a heavier girl. Kindra decided to pull out and not compete in this competition. Her confidence is down after sustaining an injury in the last competition she entered. It will be great to see Kindra firing again in future comps as we know how capable she is.

Finally Amelia. Amelia had 3 girls in her division and despite this being her first ever comp, she put up a valiant effort against some big, tough girls. Amelia due to her flexibility managed to fight off a few arm bar attempts and come back from behind to win her first match. During her second match again it was a tough fight and Amelia was this time defending cross lapel choke from guard. Unfortunately she was submitted via arm bar in her second match. It was a strange division with all girls submitting each other, so to work out first place was a tough one. However after much controversy Amelia snagged second place. Well done Amelia in your first every competition.

I hope all those that entered are proud of their efforts and regardless of the result, you reflect, learn and seek further improvement in your BJJ.

Comments from Master Michael:
First thing I would like to congratulate all those kids who put themselves out side their comfort zone and competed on the week end you all are winners.

Majority of our kids were in a very tough draw with ages ranging fron 7 to 9 year old and weight up to 34kg with 18 kids in the division. Both William C And Jack O were in their own division and took out first place, great effort from both.

The standard of all the kids competing was very high and it was great to see all our kids hold their own even against older and bigger kids.Posted Oct 23, 2013 at 6:47 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, October 10, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Kids Holiday Program</b>

Our 3rd Kids holiday program was held during the holidays recently at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

It was another very successful day with almost 30 kids enjoying a variety of session including weapons, cage fitness, a great comedy and magic show from Ethan, tournament training and splat mat.

The kids as usual were on their best behaviour and based on feedback had a great time and would like more games incorporated into our next holiday program which will be next year.
Holiday program update from Master Michael
Once again our holiday program was well received by all the kids, we had great feedback on all the sessions especially our new session on jokes and magic presented by Ethan. Everyone was left wondering on just how did Ethan do it.

The kids once again pushed themselves through a tough cage work out with all leaving upstairs dripping from the effort that they all put in. All kids had a great time on the splat mat with a few standouts, big thank you to Ethan and Zac for demonstrating the techniques saving me from the task.

Get ready for the next one and book you spot as places are limited.

Update from Miss Natalie
The 1st session of the day was with weapons. However, whilst the school holiday program Eagles had a choice to go either with weapons session or join in with the usual Junior Eagles class that is always on at 9.30am every Thursday, most students chose to do the Junior Eagles Hapkido class. Miss Nat was very happy that most of her students decided to join in the usual class, so with so many followers the class was designed to therefore have some fun. Team work was the main focus which involved chasing partners and respectfully putting them into a BBJ position and also which team had the best ball skills with their partner. The session was then wrapped up with who knew their life skill the best and who could present it best to the class. No awards were handed out for this session as Miss Nat could not decide who to give it to!!! All students performed to their best ability, behaved their best and it was a pleasure once again to have the privilege to train with such great students. As the weapons session down stairs with the older students was still in motion, Miss Nat and the Eagles decided to stay upstairs and do as many falls as possible to get better at each of their falls. Improvement is definitely on the way up which is a relief since our grading is getting so close once again. Our session was then concluded by playing a quiet game of “Chinese Whispers”. What a funny way to finish an hour training session, we all had a great laugh at the message that started the game and the message we ended up with!!! The Eagles class is always worth a great laugh!!!Posted Oct 10, 2013 at 7:14 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, October 1, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>John Will Visit Campbelltown Martial Arts for a BJJ Seminar</b>

John Wills last visit of the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts as always didn't disappoint. Whilst it was a small group, all who attended benefited greatly from his vast BJJ knowledge and first class teaching skills. The techniques covered in the seminar included shoulder throw knee drop with different entries depending on which foot your opponent has in front and crucifix position and submissions from crucifix. John refers to crucifix as a variation of back control and its a position of which a number of attacks and submissions can take place. The entry to crucifix was mostly from head to head with your opponent attempting a bad single leg or forcing you to sprawl. We also covered getting into this position from side back control.

Throughout the seminar John discusses many life lessons and today's seminar he tended to focus on how to train safe and minimise serious injury in your BJJ school. Basically each person is here for the benefit of the other person, they are not here for themselves. Their priority is to make the other person better and in return, everyone else is at training to make you better. It is a win, win, where all students look out for each other. This applies to both drilling and grappling. When drilling your partner should work with you to enable you to successfully drill the technique and not resist it in any way. They are here to better you and you are here to better them.

John also has a no tap policy at the advance levels in his school. Basically between two advance grapplers, if one of them has the other in a submission position, they let it go and continue to grapple. The idea behind this is that most injuries occur when one is fighting hard to defend a submission attempt that is almost certainly on. John's concept is that the person being submitted automatically acknowledges that they have been submitted and they do not fight it, likewise the person applying the submission can let it go and continue with the grapple.

Injuries ruin your training on the BJJ mats and whatever we can do to avoid them should be encouraged. Perhaps we can apply a few of these concepts at our gym.

Update from Michael on the BJJ Seminar
I have been doing John Will seminars for over 16 years now and it still amazes me how many BJJ students do not take the time to invest in their own BJJ knowledge. What sets John’s seminars apart from all the others is, whether you are a white belt or a black belt after the seminar you have something you can add to your game straight away. John also gives away valuable information or what I like to call gold nuggets of information during his seminars, you just have to be listening for them. Some of these you can use on the mat and others are for off the mat. For all those that did the last seminar for 2013, you now have a variation to your back control, crucifix. Have fun getting to that position and applying submissions from there. John will be back at CMA on 22nd February. Mark that date down now.Posted Oct 1, 2013 at 7:13 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, September 23, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Fund Raising for the Campbelltown Martial Arts Kids BJJ Tournament Team</b>

The National Will/Machado BJJ annual tournament is held in September each year in Melbourne.
Campbelltown Martial Arts is currently putting together a team of dedicated BJJ students to represent them at next years tournament.

We are aiming for a team of approximately 12 kids to compete and hoping to fund raise enough money to pay for flights, entry fee and team tracksuit for each child.

The criteria for the team is as follows:
?To be training regularly
?Be at least 1 stripe
?Compete in both in house and outside tournaments prior to the national tournament
This is a big deal for the kids and all families of each child will be doing their bit to fund raise. Some ideas we have and will commence for the remainder of the year include ongoing raffles, BBQ's, chocolate drive, sponsorship and McDonald's fund raising night .

We ask that you support this initiative in anyway you can. If you have prizes you can donate for a raffle, have potential sponsorship contacts, fund raising ideas etc. Please advise the CMA staff. Also if you see fund raising campaigns going on, you know why. Please support it.

If we raise enough funds we can take more kids to Melbourne with us. The tournament is open for all BJJ students, however previously they would have to fund their own way their, this time we are aiming to financially support the trip as much as we can.

So common guys, get behind the first ever Campbelltown Martial Arts 2014 Kids National BJJ Tournament Team!!!!Posted Sep 23, 2013 at 2:21 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, September 12, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Finishing the Year off Strong at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

We are 3 quarters of the way through the year. How has 2013 been for you?
Regardless of the answer, there is still time to finish off the year strongly.

Think back to the start of 2013. What did you want to achieve, what kind of year were you hoping for?

We all have an idea on things we want to do and achieve each year. If this year hasn't gone as well as you hoped for. If things have happened that you'd prefer not to think about, if you want this year to hurry up and be done with, don't despair. Try and make the most of the time we have left in 2013. If only to set our selves up for a more positive 2014.

Don't wait until next year to make the changes you were unable to make this year, do them now. The only time we have is now. The past is gone and the future hasn't happened. Commit to those positive changes you want in your life now. Remember if you continue as you have been and don't change anything, you will get the same results. If you are happy with that, then that's fine, if not do something about it!!!!

At Campbelltown Martial Arts we still have a number of events to get through before enjoying a well earned break over christmas. Hapkido gradings, BJJ gradings, in house tournaments, BJJ seminars, Black belt grading, CMA camp and much more are some of the events scheduled for the rest of the year. Decide where you are at and try to commit to at least one of these events or start preparing for a grading early next year. You can prepare by committing to training at least twice per week. Familiarising and learning your belt level techniques, practising your techniques away from CMA in your own time and leading a healthy lifestyle.

So before you wipe away 2013, remember there is still plenty you can do to finish the year off on a positive note. Make any necessary changes now and continue them into the new year.

Now is the time to assess what you want to accomplish before the end of the year, and what you would like to achieve in 2014.

I encourage you to start preparing now for the year you would like to have next year and to continue on with the hopes and dreams you had at the start of this year.

Finally when the time comes to reflect on the year that has been, whilst being honest about your experiences both positive and negative is important, don't overlook the positive events in your life. We tend to be our toughest critics and only focus on the negative. This is a dangerous mind set as it can exaggerate the events that have taken place and we then take for granted the positive events. We need to be positive and objective and never stop working towards the life we want to create for ourselves and our families. All experiences both good and bad, shape who we are and enable us to grow, learn and mature through each event.

Lets all finish 2013 on a strong and positive note!!!Posted Sep 12, 2013 at 2:31 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, September 3, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts recently had its August adults Hapkido grading. It was a junior belt affair with all the students green belt and below grading. We had white, orange and green belts grading on the night.

The junior belt students had been training consistently and working on modules for the past 8 weeks. All students were well and truly ready for the grading with all modules completed with a week to go.

Falling and horse riding stance seem to be the biggest challenge for the white belts, having to work hard during training to get these modules marked off. Unfortunately we don't do a lot of horse riding stance in class so the students don't get as much practise as they used to. We used to do horse riding stance a lot and its great for developing hip power in our techniques, however with only an hour to train, we just don't have the time to spend as much time as I would like on all the techniques. As such it is up to each student to continue to work on their techniques out side of class wherever possible. Cat rolls was also a challenge for the white belt, ensuring they are falling across their shoulder to hip and not down the spine. It is a challenge for a lot of students and it often takes a few belt levels for the students to feel really comfortable with the falls.

As with all grading preparations, its a big step for the orange belts to get ready for grading after a fairly simple white belt syllabus. Side kicks, blocks, self defence and one step seem to be the biggest challenge for the orange belts. However with lots of practise and drilling techniques they were all finally ready to grade.

This grading we had no yellow belts, however we had two green belts ready to grade and transition to the senior class. They were Megan and Ethan. Ethan was a junior black belt who transitioned straight into the adults class as a green belt. Ethan was more than ready to grade, covering all the techniques required in the junior black belt syllabus. Megan had to work hard, mainly on her self defence and had a number of extra classes up her sleeve than what was required. On the night both Ethan and Megan worked hard to demonstrate their knowledge and proficancy in the green belt techniques. They finished the night with strong wood breaks, successful on their first attempt.

The next hapkido grading is Wednesday October 30th. We will be working hard to ensure all students who have the classes and are eligible to grade, get their modules marked off and continue to progress.Posted Sep 3, 2013 at 2:16 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, September 1, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults BJJ Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The recent adults BJJ grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a small grading, however for those grading it was a big deal.

Grading for the final stripe on white belt was Mat and John. They were grading for 4th stripe and sometime after receiving their 4th stripe they will be a blue belt in BJJ, which is the first major milestone to reach in BJJ. At the end of demonstrating all their techniques, both Mat and John had to survive 10 grappling rounds, which they managed to do.

Also grading for the first time as a blue belt was Paul Puse grading for his first purple stripe. Likewise Paul also finished and survived ten grappling rounds at the end of demonstrating his blue belt techniques.

Despite being a small grading, it still went for over 2 hours. Thank you to those students who stayed to both support and work with the students grappling and who stayed for the ten grapples at the end of the grading.

The next adults BJJ grading is Friday 22nd November.
Update from Michael Scott
Unlike the kids grading this was one of our smallest adults gradings ever but still took almost 2 ½ hours to complete, we had Matt and John both looking to gain their 4th stripe (Blue Belt) and Paul after his first purple stripe. Once we got through all the belt requirements it was time to finish off with the 10 3min rounds for Matt and John, Paul asked if he could also do all 10 rounds to test himself. All three made it to the end of the 10 rounds.

Thankyou to those that helped out with the grading and supported their fellow students.Posted Sep 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, August 29, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Kids BJJ Grading most technical grading we have had at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Its been a big week for our young BJJ students at CMA. Last week was the Aussie Cup BJJ tournament, which was a tough and competitive tournament for all our students who entered. This week was a very big grading. Most likely the biggest Kids BJJ grading we have had at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The kids have been working very hard in the months leading up to both the tournament and the BJJ grading. Its fair to say that all the kids at some point have had their fair share of blood, sweat and tears in preparation for these events.

We had a number of students grading for their respective stripes as listed below. The grading went for just over 2 hours. Which is a long time for the young kids to stay focused and concentrate on highly technical BJJ techniques.

This grading was extra special with Kindra grading for the final time as a kids BJJ white belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts. She has successfully put in the time and effort on all 4 stripes as a white belt, learning many BJJ techniques and principals. Kindra has also competed and had success in a number of BJJ tournaments putting into practise all that she has learnt at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Kindra is CMA's very first Junior blue belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts in BJJ. It has not been an easy journey, with many lessons learnt for both Kindra and her instructors in designing, learning and implementing a successful BJJ syllabus and system for kids.

Kindra's journey as a blue belt will shift emphasis on acquiring BJJ techniques to becoming more proficient and increasing her knowledge and understanding of the many techniques she has learnt. Kindra will also be focusing a lot more on developing a guard and bottom grappling game as a blue belt. Its not easy being the highest level in martial arts and creating a solid path for others to follow. It takes a special type of person to continue to forge a head without any mentors to follow, who have journeyed a similar path. However she is the right person to do that and creates an inspiring legacy for others to follow.

Closely behind Kindra grading for their 5th stripe was Jack and Gryphon. They follow the junior BJJ system and only have one more stripe to complete as a white belt. It was a big week for these boys having to back up after a tough Aussie Cup tournament experience. We had a few tears throughout the grading when demonstrating a triangle arm bar, however they didn't let that deter or sway them in getting through the grading. Its great to see that were back to their fighting self at the end of the grading when it came time to grapple.

All the senior kids who graded were very technical in their grading, requiring very little assistance throughout the entire grading. The junior students did require assistance, however that is to be expected of children so young, some only 6 years old. Overall both Michael and myself agree that this was our most technical grading ever. Great achievement from both the instructors and students who have put in a lot of hard work leading up to the grading.

The CMA spirit award for the grading was awarded to Hope Mayer. Well done Hope. She has worked very hard for this grading and was switched on for the entire night without needing any assistance. She also challenged the higher ranked BJJ students during the grapples at the end of the grading. The grading was the best I had seen Hope perform in BJJ.

Overall I was very impressed with all who graded and those who stayed to partner and assist the grading. Thank you to those students and their parents for waiting patiently throughout the grading. For those kids who didn't grade, you should be eligible to grade at the final grading for 2013 which is Tuesday 19th November. Visit for more details on our kids BJJ program.

Michaels Thoughts on the Kids BJJ Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts
This was our largest kids bjj grading to date and I am pleased to say it was one of our best with all kids focusing on what they needed to do. It had students in both the junior and senior programs looking to grade to first stripe all the way to fifth stripe.

The kids grapples at the end are always entertaining and this grading was no different, all kids who were going for their 5th stripe were pushed to their limits epecially Kindra who had one of her instructors Leanne as her last round.

Kids who graded:

1st Stripe: Hope Mayer, Brandon Moroney, Logan Duke, Charlee Collier, Isaac Scattergood,
2nd Stripe: Dan McLaughlan, Brody Cox, Luke Davis
3rd Stripe: Tyris Esma
5th Stripe: Jack O’Toole, Gryphon Doyle, Kindra Dolye

A big thankyou to all the kids who were not grading but came along to help out, I look forward to your gradings soon. Video of the grapples at the end of the grading are now up on face book and you tube under hapkidobjj705.Posted Aug 29, 2013 at 2:37 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, August 28, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>GRADING FOR JUNIOR EAGLES &amp; EAGLES AT CMA</b>

Last Saturday we saw 17 very cute little faces from the Junior Eagles and Eagles class ready to show "big Sir" all their work they have been learning to progress to their next belt level.

The grading started with all the little ones having to say their little speech when their name was called out. Wow, did they impress "Big Sir" with their public speaking!!!! All the Junior Eagles and Eagles knew exactly what to say and not one single person stumbled with their words. "Big Sir" even thinks that the little ones can speak more confidently at this young and precious age than some of his adult students!!

"Big Sir" is finding that students at each grading getting more and more crisp with his/her techniques. This is due to our dedicated Instructors on the floor each training session and teaching the correct martial arts principles in a fun, friendly learning atmosphere. He also believes all the students did a fantatstic job and they should all be proud of themselves. The spirit Award given to the student grading is selected from the individual sheets the Big Sir marks for each student on the grading day. The student who scores the highest is then chosen as the Spirit Award winner. This grading the Spirit Award winner was William Mc. Well done William, you did a fantastic job. Just another student Big Sir wanted to mention, although she didnt win the Spirit Award, was Rachel. Big Sir said her techniques were fantastic and very clean and crisp and is becoming a fantastic martial artist at the age of 4, great work also Rachel!!!
How do I grade??
Even for our 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds we take our gradings seriously. Gradings for the students takes time, takes effort and takes comittment to turn up to class to learn his or her belt syllabus. CMA now have a new procedure in place where the Instructor of the student will now give the parents a "ready to grade" recommendation letter. This way we will have the correct students grade and who we believe are ready to grade. To grade a student must have the following:
1. Be attending class twice per week, every week unless sick or away on holidays.
2. Know his/her belt level syllabus. Every student learns at a different pace so it's OK if the student is not ready to grade as there is always another grading 2 months later
3. Have a positive attitude, great behaviour and great characther (the ABC's of what we are teaching all our CMA students).

Our next grading will be on Saturday 26th October at 9.30am for the white belts, so mark this special occasion on your calandar and bring your cameras to witness your children at their best!!! If you didnt grade last Saturday and if you follow the 3 steps above you will be most likely grading in October. Look out for the "ready to grade" letter given to the parents in the next few weeks and simply see Miss Kathy at the front counter to have their name placed on the grading list.

Well done again all the students who graded last Saturday, you really did out shine yourselves!!Posted Aug 28, 2013 at 7:14 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, August 23, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>FATHERS' DAY MASSAGE VOUCHERS!!!</b>

Are you stuck for a great, relaxing fathers' day gift for that special man in your life???

Ponder no more, CMA Sport N Spoil as the perfect gift he will absolutely love you for!!

Purchase a massage voucher and give him a great surprise, something he can actually use and really look forward to.

Every person in this world needs a massage, but not every person thinks of taking care their own body. Ironically, we service our car on a regular basis, but never our own body.

Dad's are very hard working. Some Dad's are physical workers and mix this with stress the body takes it's toll over time. Some Dads are office workers and although they are not inovlved in such physical duties during the working day, their body due to continual sitting, computer work, meetings, strict deadlines are also feeling the pressure. Whatevery Dad does, muscles start to knot (spasm), not enough to stop his daily duties, but enough to get up in the morning stretching and arching his back and neck and "ouching" his way to work.

Massage thereapy will not only relax the muscle network but also work on those spasm areas. . It's a great chance for him to take the time to be "tuned up" and Dad will be amazed what benefits he will instantly feel from a massage session.

Simply choose a voucher starting from a half hour massage, hour massage or go the whole hog and give him the deluxe package for one and a half hours .

For more information see Natalie at the front counter at CMA or feel free to call anytime on
0411 483 192.Posted Aug 23, 2013 at 2:22 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, August 19, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Big Day at the BJJ Aussie Cup for our Campbelltown Martial Arts Kids</b>

The Australian Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (AFBJJ) Aussie Cup, was recently held in Liverpool over the weekend. It was a massive competition with over 700 competitors expected to compete at some stage over the weekend. As you can imagine with so many competitors, do things ever run on time in BJJ tournaments? Not this one.

Campbelltown Martial Arts had 8 kids ready and raring to go. Problem was with so long to wait, the rage in them was starting to wane prior to even stepping on the mat. Unfortunately our BJJ kids had to wait in the marshaling area with many others, particularly adults, so it was very overwhelming to be squashed into a small area with many people twice your size in your first ever BJJ comp. To make things worse they seemed to have the adults moving smoothly through their matches but not the kids.

Never mind, you have to plan for the unexpected in BJJ competitions. It was a good lesson for our kids to learn what BJJ competitions are like, though it is a shame as it becomes some what of a boring day for them. We want them to love the day and want to compete again, but this experience makes that challenging.

The level at the competition was very high. We saw some amazing skill from such young competitors. The intensity very strong. Of our team of 8 dedicated BJJ students, 4 of them were sick and this was evident in their match. Ronin and Gryphon were submitted in the first round and they weren't their usual firing self due to illness. Ronin even dropped a weight class due to not eating all week. Having said that it was a great effort to even turn up and compete for both boys. Its disappointing their experience was made worse by making them wait for so long. This was Ronin's first competition. I hope at some point down the track he gives it another go.

Emelio was in his first ever BJJ competition. I must say his first match was against a very strong grappler who finishes most of his matches via submission. For the first part of the grapple he was doing really well with tight arms and good posture in guard. Unfortunately his posture was to good and he leaned back and was swept with sitting rollover sweep and then arm bar. Well done Emelio, it was great courage to compete and you handled the intensity well. You have stepped up your game recently. Keep up the good work.

Brody was also in his first ever competition and had been battling croup all week. He also had a big game of football prior to the match. He grappled well however was not quiet his fighting self and was only just beaten on points in the end. I thought he could have had it, but with strong competition such as this, if you relax at any time, they will come back. Well done Brody. Keep training and I am sure you will have some tournament wins.

Jack and Kindra both had to step up for this tournament in heavier weight classes. The level in their division was very high and unfortunately both were submitted in the first round. Both Jack and Kindra are very technical and will come back and learn from their experience. Kindra has a challenging few years ahead, competing with the boys who are almost teenagers. At this age, their strength and aggression changes a lot. I am sure she will learn to handle that.

Tyris, who is also very technical did extremely well for his first ever competition. He submitted his opponent early on in the first round with triangle, and managed to escape a strong choke from his opponent in the second round and only just lost on points, he finished fourth in his division which is a great effort in his first ever competition at this level. Tyris has a bright future ahead in BJJ.

William was the last to fight and again he had not been well with headaches and dizzy spells all week. He hadn't really eaten at all that day and by the time it was his turn to grapple it was 2:00 and the energy in him was starting to drain. This meant William had to use what ever energy he had left, wisely and grapple smart. In the end this turned out to be a blessing. William normally rushes into his grapples, but this time stayed focused and took his time. He had to battle some strong competitors who threw a lot at him, but he managed to counter that and win every match. The second match he won via arm bar. His countering to their take downs was awesome to watch and timing spot on. With more energy I am sure he would have done even better. Great effort William.Posted Aug 19, 2013 at 2:34 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, August 12, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Fun Times Ahead for CMA's BJJ Kids!!!</b>

It is a busy time for our youngest BJJ students at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Next weekend is the Australian Federation of BJJ(AFBJJ) Aussie Cup. This is a big competition held in a different state each year. This year we were fortunate enough to enjoy the competition nice and close to home at Liverpool. They are expecting over 700 students to compete throughout the entire weekend. CMA will have at least 8 kids competing and many of them for the first time.

They have been working hard during class preparing for the competition and grappling at least 5 minute rounds with a high level of intensity. Having said that, I have been drilling into them to not stress during training if they get tapped or make plenty of mistakes. Training is the time for that to happen so we can solve the issues prior to comp. All the kids have grappled, learnt and most importantly looked after each other whilst preparing for the big day.

On top of the Aussie Cup coming up, the following Tuesday after the tournament is their grading. Many of the students who are competing will also have to back up for their grading. This is a special grading with Kindra going for her last stripe as a white belt and Gryphon and Jack grading for their second last stripe as a white belt. This year and early into next year we should start to see some junior CMA BJJ BLUE BELTS!!!! Yeah, can't wait for that.
Campbelltown Martial Kids BJJ Class Growing!!!!
As is evident from the photo below, our kids BJJ class is growing. This is a good sign and the majority of these students train in both Hapkido and BJJ. They are starting young in their martial arts journey combining valuable stand up and ground self defence techniques. Should they continue for years to come, each and every one of them will be a force to be reckoned with.

BJJ is a very technical martial art and requires a great deal of discipline and focus to learn the art. As the art is very confrontational and physical the students need to constantly be paying attention to their instructers, their partner and the environment around them. This is vital to ensure the safety of all students. BJJ takes commitment and patience to learn and progress through the complex techniques. BJJ also requires one to be calm, humble and leave their ego at the door as they learn, be submitted and out grapple their opponent. I am very proud to say all our BJJ kids at Campbelltown Martial Arts are working very hard and successfully learning these characteristics. We have a team of dedicated instructors committed to make this happen and lets hope the class continues to grow.Posted Aug 12, 2013 at 2:25 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, August 6, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Preventing a Plateau in Your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Do you tell others that you study Martial Arts!!!!
Martial Arts offers many physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. Previously people hid the fact that they did martial arts, they didn't want to make themselves a target for bullies and harsh criticism from others who were uniformed as to what martial arts was all about. That it was much more than just kicking and punching and learning to fight.
The Secret is Out
Today the public seems much better informed as to what martial arts is all about. They are starting to understand the many benefits and how martial arts can help with many of today's issues such as obesity, bullying, an inadequate amount of physical and mental activity, social isolation, poor communication skills, low self esteem and confidence, mental illness, special needs, and the list goes on.

As a result we are seeing an influx of membership particular with children's martial arts programs. Martial Arts participants are proud of the fact that they study martial arts and they no longer keep it as a guarded secret. This is a good thing and can only help make martial arts everywhere more successful in the long run.
Health Benefits of Martial Arts
One of the biggest drivers of increased participation in martial arts has to be the lack of physical activity and increasing obese population amongst both kids and adults in our society today.

Unlike other sports, martial arts is not about competing against other individuals and there is no winning or losing. Its about your own journey and path in martial arts with a team of committed instructors their helping and encouraging you to learn, progress, grow and make massive gains in confidence. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain from participating in martial arts.
Mixing it up and preventing a plateau in your fitness at Campbelltown Martial Arts
As with any new adventure or physical activity you undertake you need to keep challenging yourself to go to the next level in order to prevent a plateau in your fitness and performance. At Campbelltown Martial Arts, this is easy, we offer many programs to mix your training up and to challenge you physically and mentally in different ways.

Our stand up martial arts style Hapkido, offers a great martial art teaching you striking, self defence, locks, throws and weapon defence in a stand up position.

Our ground base martial arts style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu compliments Hapkido beautifully with an effective take down and ground base self defence system.

Our Mixed Martial Arts system combines these two arts together to form a unique complete martial art system with the benefit of focusing on high intensity style of work out.

Finally our Cage Fitness workout regime enables those dedicated students to take their training to the next level with a unique 30min total body fitness workout designed specially for martial arts.

My advice is to mix your training up and be creative. Focus on different aspects of martial arts each week or month. Perhaps this month you focus is on fitness so you are getting to as many cage fitness classes as you can. Perhaps next month, you want to improve your ground defence and grappling skills, so you get to as many BJJ classes you can. Another month or week you may focus on the stand up aspects of your game so ensure you make our Hapkido and MMA classes.

Either way, mixing your training is the key to prevent a plateau in your overall training and performance, its keeps your mind sharp and your enjoyment level high as you are doing and learning different things. Repeating the same thing over and over can be a bit of a drag for most people. Mix your training up, learn new skills and dedicate yourself to go to the next level in you martial arts and health.Posted Aug 6, 2013 at 2:30 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, July 31, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>It's Massage Time in Campbelltown</b>

Why Does Massage Feel So Good?
Massage is good for you. It is not just a luxury for our body to enjoy every once in a while or to have a massage when the body is feeling sore. Massage should be viewed as an essential maitenance we need to give regularly to our body. Massage feels so good to the body as it promotes nourishment to every part of our body. As well as the release of tension and toxins from the system, massage is most beneficial in creating a sense of relaxtion and nourshing a feeling of well-being.

How Does Massage Help the Body?
Massage stimulates your muscles, brain, nerves and interanal organs. It increases cellular respiartation and thus cellular life in which our bodies are made up of millions of cells. Massage also promotes the nourishment of every part of the body such as increasing the metabolism of the body and by constantly creating a need in the body's tissues for oxygenated blood. Massage causes the stale blood to be carried out of the body's tissues. This process then makes for fresh blood to enter the body and is very likely for more wastes to be removed by massage than an a person's own body movements.

Some Of The Many Disabilities & Conditions Which Can Be Helped By Massage:
Deposits around the joints
Sluggish metabolism
Muscular strain or sprain
Poor digenstions
* Fractures after the break has healed - normally approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial fracture.

CMA Sport N Spoil Massage can offer you the perfect professional massage for any age at great massage rates to receive great massage results.Posted Jul 31, 2013 at 2:56 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, July 30, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar</b>

Last Monday BJJ students from Campbelltown Martial Arts were fortunate enough to attend a BJJ seminar with 7th degree red and black belt BJJ Champion Jean Jacques Machado.

Opportunities to train with such a world renowned grappler don't come along often, and he certainly lived up to the expectation associated with such a powerhouse name.

For 3 hours over 40 BJJ students cramped the mats of KMA to experience an inspiring BJJ seminar with Jean Jacques Machado. The seminar covered an array of techniques from the guard including sweeps, arm bars and back takes. Jean Jacques moves with such grace and ease. The techniques kept us busy for 3 hours and appealed to all belt levels. Jean Jacques is very humbling and proud of the growth of BJJ in Australia since he first visited the country for a BJJ seminar back in 1996. Both Michael and myself were fortunate enough to attend that original BJJ seminar. Its just a shame we didn't truly appreciate the amazing skill and calibre of Jean Jacques Machado back then.

Jean Jacques is very humbling and passionate to pass his vast BJJ skills and knowledge onto BJJ enthusiasts. If you every get another opportunity to train with Jean Jacques, I highly recommend you take advantage and learn from one of the greats in BJJ.

Update on the Seminar from Michael
JJ Machado holds a special place in my BJJ journey as his was the first BJJ seminar that I ever attended back in 1996 but at that stage I did not know who he was or what BJJ was all about the only person I reconized was Richard Norton who was wearing a purple belt, the host of the seminar was John Will who was wearing a Brown belt hard to believe that John was once a colour belt.Over the years I have trained with Rigan and Carlos Machado a number of times but the opportunity to train with JJ Machado has not been there until recently when I attended the seminar with 10 students from CMA held at KMA Liverpool.

As I remember from my first JJ Machado not much talking just training and this went along the same lines, it did not matter if you were a white belt or black belt there was something that you could take away and add to your game. The 3 hour seminar was content rich and went by very quickly, I look forward to JJ Machado next visit to Australia.

Biography of Jean Jacques Machado

You only have to google his name and you will get pages on information on Jean Jacques Machado. Directly taking from his website, Jean Jacques Machado background is as follows:

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jean Jacques Machado is one of five brothers of the world-renown Machado Brazilian jiu-jitsu family.

Machado began his jiu-jitsu training more than thirty years ago. He dominated the competitive arena of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in his native country, capturing every major title and competition award from 1982 through 1992.

In 1992, he arrived in the United States to continue his competitive success. Dominating the Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene both in the United States and in international competition, Machado gained worldwide recognition in 1999 with his performance at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Wrestling Championships. Today, he is one of the most admired and respected Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners in the world.

Machados talents have been showcased in several major motion pictures and television appearances. He has appeared in the motion pictures Force of the Spirit and Redbelt as well as the television series Insider Training.

Jean Jacques has also produced numerous types of instructional media for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu including videos, DVDs, 3 best-selling books and his Global Online Training Program. He has just released his fourth book "The Grappler's Handbook Vol. 2 Tactics for Defense" as well as four mobile web applications "JJ Machado iTechniques Volume 1" and "Best of Online Training 3 Vol. Series" now available on iTunes.Posted Jul 30, 2013 at 2:40 AM

  <br /><b>Friday, July 19, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>New Reward System for the Eagles and Falcons Program at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Why We Are Introducing a New Reward System at Campbelltown Martial Arts
A new reward system will be introduced to the Eagles and Falcons programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The previous reward system has served us well and we have seen many deserving students receive nominations and student of the month awards. A few outstanding students have also received student of the year awards.

We believe now is the right time to look at introducing a new reward system that is progressive, accumulative and very much based on your own individual effort.

Upon receiving awards students progress to different levels, similar to progressing through the belts in Hapkido. The awards are accumulative in that you don't lose the awards after a set period of time, such as the end of the month and finally students may progress at their own pace and there is no pressure to try an earn the most nominations for the month.

The "New High 5 Award System" at Campbelltown Martial Arts!!
The new system is the "High 5 Award System" as there are 5 levels in the award system.

Students who demonstrate the ABC's of martial arts in class, Attitude, Behaviour and Character will be eligible for the new "CMA Team Award". We will give out approximately 2 or three of these awards each class. They replace the current nominations students receive. It is called the CMA Team Award as all the instructors in the CMA Team will be rewarding those students who stand out in class, with these awards.

To progress to different levels students must receive a certain number of the CMA Team Awards. They will then be eligible to move to the next level and receive a bigger award to recognise their progression in the High 5 Award System.

The levels in order are as follows:
Warrior Award:

The student needs to collect 5 CMA Team Awards to reach this 1st level.

Ninja Award:

The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 2ndt level

Samurai Award:
The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 3rd level

Master Award:

The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 4tht level

Grand Master Award:

The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 5th level

Based on a student receiving 3 nominations per month, then the above will take a bit over 12 months. After this we then progress to a Medallion level.

Bronze Medallion Level:
The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 1st elite level
Silver Medallion Level:
The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 2nd elite level
Gold Medallion Level:
The student needs to collect 10 CMA Team Awards to reach this 3rd and final elite level

Based on the above system it will take a student approximately two years to reach the highest level. As such it is an incentive for the students to keep displaying outstanding behaviour and attitude in their classes and with patience and continued good behaviour they will progress through our award system.

We are in the process of setting up a new database with all our students details, as such we will keep track of the award system and where each child is up to. Each student will also need to trade the awards in with Miss Natalie in order to progress to the next level.

What Happens to Student of the Year
Electing a student of the year is still very important to us and is an amazing achievement for those students who receive such an award. The student of the year nomination will be tied closely with the new award system.

Current nominations on our board will be counted as CMA Team awards in the new High 5 Award System, which we are hoping to kick off in August.

If you are confused or have any questions please do not hesitate to post on our fan page or see Miss Natalie, Miss LeannePosted Jul 19, 2013 at 2:18 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, July 15, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts 2nd Holiday Program was a big Success</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts hosted its 2nd holiday program for the students of CMA. This time round it was a bigger success with more kids booked in and eager to spend the day at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

The children were dropped off at 9:00am and picked up by their parents at 3:00pm . The agenda for the day included weapons, cage fitness, skill drills, movie time, obstacle course, splat mat and wrap up time.

Based on the feedback at the end of the day, all but one child enjoyed the day. We wont mention any names here. It was a mixed bag in terms of what the kids enjoyed best, however the most popular session was cage fitness with Michael taking the class. I am not sure if it was the most popular session due to some extra coercing from Michael, or they simply loved the high intensity work out.

An update from Michael on cage fitness with the kids is below:

"The kids cage was the second activity for the day after the weapons session so all were warm and ready to go, we had just over 30 kids with ages ranging from 5 to 13. For the next forty minutes all kids put in a 100% effort and had a great time in doing so."
Following on from the cage fitness was skill drills with Miss Natalie, who provided the following update:
"One of the sections of the school holiday programs was fun skill drills for the children. They were excited to learn a couple new skill drills, one in particular they had great fun with was called Split Splat. This being an elimination game saw the group being split up into two smaller groups for everyone to have a chance of surviving. By sprawling to the ground each couple chosen had to try to beat their partner to the ground to remain in the game. The highlight of the game was naturally at the end when we had only two children left to fight off for first place. This was a listening skill based drill but also very much a fast active drill"

After the skill drill section it was lunch time and rest time with the movie "Escape from Planet Earth" The movie was a popular choice for the kids with all kids settled and still during lunch. This gave them time to recover from the morning session of weapons, cage fitness and skill drills.

After lunch it was time to warm the kids back up with some obstacle course drills which included activities over targets, agility ladder and hurdle drills, walking with eyes closed over balance beams and falling over the wave masters which we laid down. Whilst doing this we also had a number of balls being thrown at them to try and break their concentration. It resembled a WIPE OUT challenge and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I think our adult students would like us to create such a challenge for them.

Finally the day finished with a few goes on the splat mat which the kids always love to end the day.

During wrap up time we also asked for some suggestions for a future kids holiday program and received some great feedback that we will definitely take on board. We plan for the next holiday program to be bigger and more enjoyable then the last one.

Thank you to all kids who participated and for having such great behaviour. Visit our events page at for more details on upcoming events at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The next kids holiday clinic at Campbelltown Martial Arts is planned for Thursday 26th September.Posted Jul 15, 2013 at 2:10 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, July 14, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Student of the Year Mark Pannaye</b>

Adults Student of the Year Mark Pannaye
Posted: 13 Jul 2013 02:33 AM PDT
There were a number of adults students nominated for the adult student of the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts, however one student ticked all the boxes. Mark was an obvious choice due to his commitment to training in Cage fitness, Hapkido and BJJ. Mark mostly trains during our day classes, however will always make the effort to train at night when his work roster and family commitments allow. Mark is always willing to support, help and encourage those who train with him. He always has a smile on his face and is a pleasure to teach. Nothing is to much trouble for Mark whether its starting a class, instructing or teaching others, and helping out in any way asked of him at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Mark is a glass half full type of person.

Mark is on track to grade for black belt at the end of the year and we look forward to having such a positive student join our fellow black belts at CMA. He is a great role model for other students.

There is no set criteria for Adults student of the year, however we look for those with a strong and positive training commitment, great attitude and someone who is consistent with their training at all times.

Well done Mark!!!

Eagles Student of the Year = Shakeel Paterson
Posted: 13 Jul 2013 02:17 AM PDT
Shakeel commenced training with CMA as a Junior Eagle in April 2012. During this time Shakeel has not only shown commitment by training at least twice per week every week of the year, but also his attitude, behaviour and character in EVERY class he attends is outstanding for a four year old and he is to be commended to receive such as elite award.

Shakeel is the only Junior Eagle or Eagle who received Student of the Month three times. He sets a fantastic example for his fellow students to follow and is an absolute pleasure to have as a martial arts student. His techniques in learning the art is beyond anything we would expect of a four year old!!!

Well done Shakeel, you certainly are deserving of Student of The Year and we look forward to another exciting and excelling year with you!!!

A new reward system will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.Posted Jul 14, 2013 at 8:27 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, July 5, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Adults June Hapkido Grading Update

The recent adults hapkido grading was a mostly junior belt grading. We had white, orange, yellow and one blue belt grading.

There were a number of students attempting to make this grading, however due to not having their modules marked off or not having the required classes, they were unable to grade. If you were one of these please don't despair. There is always the next grading and considering they come around every two months, you wont have to wait long. Keep training and you will be more than ready at the next grading.

It was a very strong and technical grading for the junior belts and this may be due to both our new syllabus working well and also the fact that we have more than one person teaching you now. So the help is most valuable to me as your instructor and to you as a student so that we can maximise the attention you receive from us.

The white belts were well and truly ready, they were almost ready at the last grading, so for them it was just a matter of really taking their techniques to the next level.

The orange belts had to work extremely hard at this grading. The new syllabus makes orange much more complicated then the white belt syllabus. We were marking modules off right until a few nights before the grading. They had more than enough classes, however the self defence and blocking required a lot of patience and practise. I am pleased to say they go it in the end with their hard work and persistence.

The yellow belts were ready for the grading with plenty of time to spare. This was to their benefit allowing them lots of time during class to practise the complicated self defence locking techniques. Yellow belt is the foundation belt of hapkido. Its important you understand the locks and self defence to enable you to successfully grade at the higher levels in Hapkido. Yellow belt cannot be rushed and the students grading to green belt put in a lot of effort in the lead up and on the night of their grading.

The sole blue belt grading, Paul, has trained consistently and hard for over a year to be ready for this grading. On the night he with stood the intensity and challenge of the grading, remaining calm and in control. Despite a bad knee he managed to perform all his techniques successfully and even back up to class the following day. Great effort Paul.

Please be sure to read your syllabus notes that are handed back to you and take note of any feedback for you to continue to work on. You are given feedback on an individual level through your syllabus notes and I am given feedback on each belt level as a whole and things to work on. They are for our benefit to ensure you continue to grow and improve as you progress through the ranks of Hapkido.

The next adults Hapkido grading is Wednesday August 28th. If you plan to grade please ensure you are training consistently and have your name on the grading sheet. Remember you need to also have your modules marked off prior to grading.

For more details on our grading events visit

Finally some feedback from Master Michael is as follows:
The adults were at a very high standard from start to finish which is a credit to their instructors. This was mainly a junior level grading with just one blue belt grading, it was clear all the students had put in the classes and effort to perform at their best.

Michael doesn't hand out praise lightly, so to those who graded, be proud of the credit and thank you to all those who stayed to support the grading. Its make the journey much more comforting for those grading, knowing others are there to support and help them through.Posted Jul 5, 2013 at 1:31 AM

  <br /><b>Friday, June 28, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Martial Arts in Campbelltown NSW</b>

Martial Arts in Campbelltown NSW
Eagles Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Posted: 27 Jun 2013 02:27 AM PDT
Eagles Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Miss Natalie

Grading for the Junior Eagles and Eagles took place on Saturday 22nd June at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had almost all belt levels grading, except nobody grading to yellow belt. This therefore encountered 21 students grading, including Korben Lane who graded to his Master Belt. Master belt means that Korben has now completed all seven belt levels in the Junior Eagles program and can now take the opportunity to advance up to the Falcons class whenever he feels he is ready for this class. Well done to Korben as it takes much dedication and commitment to stay with the program to complete the seven levels.

Master Michael was very impressed with the Junior Eagles and Eagles who did grade as this also takes quite a lot of time for the students to learn their work and be able to present to Master Michael on the day what they have learned so far. Once again, public speaking for the students was fantastic as each student was able to stand up and recite their speech with great pitch and confidence and was also able to tell Master Michael what their own life skill is for their belt level.

Spirit Awards for the Eagles Grading At Campbelltown Martial Arts

There were two Spirit Awards in which Master Michael chose for this grading. Spirit Awards are given out to one or two students in which Master Michael believes these two students stood out on grading day and put their complete heart and soul into their grading. This grading Master Michael chose Alonso Gonzalez and Rashad Karim who were the best grading students on the day. Well done to both boys as they also have placed much effort into training leading up to the grading day at Campbelltown Martial Arts

Update from Master Michael on the Eagles Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts

I was amazed to see how well all the eagles knew their public speaking it was evident they had done a lot of practice with their instructors and team leaders, this is a skill they can take with them for the rest of their life.It was very gratifying for me to hand out so many orange belts as a symbol to the start of their journey in the martial arts at CMA which could last a life time. The overall standard of the eagles was very high.
Grading again will be towards the end of August, so if you have 20 or more training classes (2 or more lines of training on your training card), training at least twice per week and know your work, place your name up on the grading list which is just inside the gym on the left hand side of the door. If you are not sure if you are ready for grading, please do not hesitate to speak to the student’s direct Instructor as they will give you the best indication.
For more information on the eagles program visit at Campbelltown Martial ArtsPosted Jun 28, 2013 at 2:48 AM

  <br /><b>Thursday, June 20, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Upcoming Events at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Upcoming Gradings at Campbelltown Martial Arts
We have some upcoming events at Campbelltown Martial Arts which are worth mentioning. Firstly we have the gradings starting at the end of this week and into next week. Eagles grading is on Saturday 22nd of June at 9:30am, Falcons is on Monday 24th June at 6:00pm and Adults are on Wednesday 26th June at 7:30pm. There will be no classes on Saturday for the Eagles students whilst the grading is on. In regards to the adults grading, results will be handed out at the end of the grading, so all students are required to remain until the end of the grading. Please show your support for each grading by spectating or training alongside those grading. There are only a few classes left to get your modules marked off for the gradings!!!!

For details on upcoming grading and any questions on when you will be eligible to grade, please see your instructor. As a general rule, there will be a minimum number of classes required and modules to be completed in order to successfully grade. Finally remember even if you are not grading, you are able to participate in the falcons and adults grading. This is a great opportunity to experience a grading at your current belt level and will better prepare you for when it is your turn to grade.

Upcoming Events in July at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Upcoming events in July at Campbelltown Martial Arts include a crazy class on Monday July 1st. The crazy class is a great opportunity to let off steam after the gradings and preparation that went a long with it. We have them every two months with a different theme. This months theme is Winter Woolies, very appropriate for this time of year. The crazy class is for all the kids classes.
July 10th is the student of the year announcements and mini referral draw. To be eligible for the student of the year award all kids must have received a student of the month award. To be eligible for the mini referral draw, a student must have brought another person to class to try either during our buddy week celebrations or during our normal classes. This covers all our styles. All students with tickets will stay in the draw for our major prize drawn at the end of the year. You must be present to win. The draw takes place at 6:30pm. The student of the year awards take place during the kids and adults classes.
This is a great event and a wonderful opportunity to thank those students for referring another person to Campbelltown Martial Arts and also to acknowledge those students who have stood out at Campbelltown Martial Arts for the entire year.

Finally in July we have a kids holiday program on Thursday 11th July. It is an opportunity for parents to drop their kids off at Campbelltown Martial Arts during the school holidays at 9:00am and return and collect them at 3:00pm. Fun skill drill, martial arts based activities have been planned. We ask that you pack lunch, snacks and drink for your child. There are minimums numbers required for the event to go ahead and minimum spaces available. Cut off date is July 1st. Please see the CMA noticeboard and counter for more details.

Future Events at Campbelltown Martial Arts
As we are approaching half way through the year, please remember we have many more events planned including gradings, crazy classes, in-house tournaments, kids power nights, annual camp, black belt grading, Christmas party, buddy week and the list goes on. One new event we are considering and worth mentioning is a "Get in Shape for our annual spring camp event". This is a new initiative for students to achieve a particular health related goal by our annual spring camp in November. To kick things along we will be adding an extra high intensity fitness class on Sunday afternoons if we get enough participants in this event. This is likely to kick off 8 weeks prior to the camp. So that should help you to get started. We are anticipating the fitness classes to be free for participants and will charge a fee for those who are not participating in the "Get in Shape for our annual spring camp event" There will be awards for the students who put in the most effort getting into their desired shape for the camp. More details coming soon.Posted Jun 20, 2013 at 2:28 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, June 16, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Coping with Injury at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

You are on track working towards your goals at Campbelltown Martial Arts. You are starting to feel fitter and stronger as you progress towards your goals. Your kicks are higher, your timing, movement, control, mental focus and ability to perform and understand complex techniques are all finally starting to happen for you. Along with this comes an increase in confidence at this new-found improvement you are experiencing with your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Things are looking up. You are also starting to see success in other areas of your life, as you do with martial arts. The skills you learn in martial arts can and should be applied to all other areas of your life and then suddenly you are struck down with an injury that happened when you least expected it to. You realise this is not an injury that you can just ignore and push through. Its affecting you every time you move in the most basic of ways. The injury has occurred at the most inconvenient time for you. As it happens. Wouldn't we all love to be able to control an injury comes to visit us. Well in some ways we can and I will talk more about that shortly. For now there are a few things to understand. Yes the injury has happened. Yes it is an inconvenience, Yes you are frustrated to say the least. So what now. Once you have come to terms with the fact that you have some sort of injury preventing you from doing the most basic things, you need to come to terms with it quickly and start the management plan to healing as soon as possible. And that my friends is the key word. Healing. You will overcome this injury, you will be able to work around the injury, and you can get back to the tremendous form you were just experiencing. It will take time, persistence and PATIENCE on your end to allow your body to heal correctly. These are some other skills you can learn during this experience. You will and can get back to your pre injury form. How do I know because I have been there. I have had both injury and illnesses where I was told I would never be able to do what I used to do. My response is well thank you for your opinion however you don't know my body like I do and I will find away. Seriously I did and you can do. Don't lose sight of the bigger picture through injury. See it as a temporary set back in your longer term plans and goals at Campbelltown Martial Arts. By taking a positive attitude, you are dealing with and managing the biggest battle of all when it comes to coping and working through an illness or injury with your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Managing the Injury and still training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Generally most injuries can be managed and it is absolutely no excuse to stop training and completely let yourself go. First things first though, if needed seek proper advice on the injury you are dealing with and the best way to ensure a proper healing process takes place. Remember mobilisation helps the body to heal. There are general guidelines however. Movement within pain-free or very little pain to the injured area. We don't want to further injure an already injured area, however you can work around it and continue to strengthen the muscles around the injured area.
Try to establish why the injury occurred in the first place. This is where proper guidance from a physio, chiro, osteo etc can assist. Was it due to weakness in another area of the body, was it a freak accident that just happened, were there signs leading up to the injury that you ignored such as a niggling pain or tension in that area of the body and then it exploded from a small injury to a big injury. Work out why it happened and then how to prevent it from happening in the future. Above all follow the advice from a reputable specialist to get you back on the road to recovery.
Recovering from injury can be tedious and tiresome, however its the little things that when added together make the biggest difference, such as a positive attitude, seeking as much information about the injury as possible such as why it happened, how to prevent it from happening again, how to rehabilitate the injured area, ice, heat packs and medication as prescribed by a medical specialist may also assist.

Finding the positives in your injuries at Campbelltown Martial Arts
POSITIVES AND INJURIES, don't usually go together, however I believe through very recent and challenging experiences that each experience we are dealt with offers us much opportunity for growth and development, you just have to be open to that. These include learning why an injury occurred and understanding your body a lot more than prior to the injury, having to use and develop other muscular skeletal areas of the body that you would not normally rely upon. Learning the true meaning of the three P's, to be patient, persistent and positive in the face of adversity. This is massive and can change your life. Injuries also force you to slow down and look after yourself much better and finally you get a greater appreciation of the importance of good health. Any other issue in your life can be worked out, your body and health are your most important assets, appreciate and look after themPosted Jun 16, 2013 at 6:50 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, June 8, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts BJJ Grading Update</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts recently had its second BJJ grading for the year for both kids and adults.
The kids grading was a small grading with a few BJJ students not quiet ready to grade. With consistent training, they should be well and truly ready at the next grading.
Grading for his 1st Stripe was Jake. Jake was very solid in his techniques. Some of which included the basic positions and escapes of BJJ such as top mount, side control, front control, back control, closed guard, hip escape, bridge and roll, guard pass, basic sweep and bear hug takedown. As you can see there is a lot of information for a child to understand and execute at a technical level, as is required in BJJ. Jake required very little assistance and is very focused and mature in his approach to grappling. Well done Jake.

Grading for their 4th Stripe was Emilio and Ronin. Whilst it was a rocky start for Ronin early on, both boys managed to get through the grading with some help and assistance. We offer this to the kids as not only are they very young, it is very difficult for them to remember the differences between switch base side control and head arm control, or all the details of side back control and head to head position. We do lots of drilling in class, however with a big syllabus and only two 45 minute classes per week to drill techniques, its natural for them to forget some of the more technical aspects of their belt syllabus. With the kids BJJ, we focus more on global or bigger picture aspects of BJJ and less on the finer technical aspects of BJJ. Having said all that, when it comes time to grappling, there is no assistance needed. The kids are naturals at it. They apply all the main principals we tell them in training and their timing and movement is spot on. If they see a finish, they go for it, regardless if they lose a good controlling position or not. There is no hesitation in their grappling as you see with adults. Ronin and Emilio had to finish with 4 two-minute rounds at the end of their grapple and both showed great heart and spirit in completing their grading. Well done to all the kids who grading. Keep training hard kids and those who missed out should be ready for the next kids grading on Tuesday 20th August. Visit for more details on our kids BJJ grading.
BJJ Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Michael
Adults grading was about average size and mostly at a junior level.
1.Jeremy C 1st stripe
2.Mark P 1st stripe
3.Adam N 2nd stripe
4.Matt G 2nd stripe
5.Luke G 2nd stripe
6.Marty G 3rd stripe
7.Alain P 3rd stripe
Overall the grading was technically a high standard with only a few comments required these were mostly regarding grip and post position during the drilling. All those grading managed to get at least one submission at the end in their required grapples except for Marty who did it the hard way and went the distance in all his five grapples.

Final Thoughts on the BJJ gradings at Campbelltown Martial Arts
To progress in BJJ we require bodies, that is people on the mats. It is worth everyone's while to nurture those coming through the ranks in BJJ. They are our future training partners and without them we cannot progress in BJJ. It's great to see a big junior presence on the mats, they are our future BJJ coloured belts at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Regardless of your BJJ rank, continue to train and enjoy the BJJ journey that we all love. Remember it is a great self-defence, great workout and size is no barrier as a much smaller opponent can easily control a much bigger opponent with correct timing and technique. Continue to work your basics. The Tuesdays fundamental class is great for this at 7:30pm. That is also a great class for those who have not crossed the line into the world of BJJ to try a class without the fear of being dominated and completely smashed on the mats.

The next BJJ grading is Friday 23rd August. VisitPosted Jun 8, 2013 at 8:02 PM

  <br /><b>Friday, June 7, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Benefits of Massage</b>

Many people believe massage is something we do only when we go away on holidays and spoil ourselves. Many believe massage is just a feel good sensation for just that time that they are being massaged. Many believe that massage is only for women and that it is a very “un-manly” thing to have done to them. Well, let me set the story straight and help you understand the affects massage can have on the body.
Massage began as far back as the year 3000 BC where the Chinese carried out massage mainly for scientific measure. Massage in today’s society is defined as the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for therapeutic purposes. This means that a massage should always have a step by step plan aiming to achieve the purpose of why the client has come for a massage.

There are many benefits of massage for each and every client and they include:
?Massage settles the nervous system and can therefore relieve pain. By stimulating the nervous system by using various types of massage, the brain can then send a message to the correct part of the body which requires healing and reduces pain.
?Massage can assist in controlling the body’s infections by effective lymphatic drainage of fluid. Massage allows the body to relax and the lymphatic system then begins to function at its best in healing the body’s tissues
?Massage enhances the nutrition or health of muscles. This in turn enhances the recovery time from fatigued muscles by converting and removing lactic acid via the kidneys. Massage also assists the muscles by reducing muscle spasm which includes frequent cramping and muscle tightness
?Massage stimulates the venous or blood circulation by dilating or making our capillaries larger. Our capillaries become larger by the direct pressure of massage which then allows the blood flow or circulation, oxygen, and nutrients to move around our body much easier. These are all great healing factors in which our body craves to remain a healthy and happy.
?Massage effects and improves skin appearance by the dermal glands being stimulated from the massage movement. Body temperature also rises which thus improves blood circulation and due to better nutrition clearer skin texture is evident from tissue oxygenation. Massage also helps remove dead skin cells in which we all shed many thousands skin cells every day!!
?Massage assists the healing of bones after breaks or fractures. Massage cannot be performed until 5-6 weeks after the initial fracture as the bones should not be disturbed during the healing or knitting process that our body’s go through. Once however the fracture has settled massage will then improve the healing rate by stimulating the surrounding soft tissues. Quite often also after a fracture, other muscles take over from the fractured area muscles which is our body’s natural instinct to do so. As these muscles are now performing double the work that they normally do, they are becoming very fatigued and could even go into spasm and thus massage can relieve these muscles also. So every massage plan where there is a fracture involved should include many other parts of the body where muscles have taken over.
?The most beneficial effect of massage is on the body’s metabolic rate. Massage increases the secretion of urine and wastes via the lymphatic system. This then increases blood volume, which then increases and improves our kidney functions. Stimulating the circulation system through massage will also increase metabolic oxygen consumption which is what our body’s cells require to keep on mass producing new cells every second of the day.

So with all the above in mind, I hope you now realise how important a massage can be on the body. Sport N Spoil offer many different types of massages. Refer to for further information or if you wish to book a massage.Posted Jun 7, 2013 at 2:06 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, June 1, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Investing in your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts!!!</b>

You have made the investment and commitment to become a member of Campbelltown Martial Arts. You have decided and rightly so that martial arts is worth your time, effort and money. The benefits of martial arts such as benefits improved cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic power, balance, flexibility, stamina, posture, increase in self-confidence and personal discipline are important to you. So how can you make the most of your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts?

Sure you can just turn up and follow what the teacher or instructor tells you to, go home and not think much more of it. Or you can take your training to the next level. Why wouldn't you do that and get even more benefits out of your martial arts or training investment. Regardless of which style you train in, hapkido, BJJ, MMA or cage fitness, the principles are the same. Focus on a few key areas so that you can move, train, recover and maximise the benefits of your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Below I will outline some important principals to get the most out of your training.

Getting the Most out of your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
The first important principle is an adequate warm up prior to class starting. A few minutes is all it takes. Warming up allows your to move more efficiently during training and minimises the risk of injury. Most of the time prior to class we see the students warming up their mouth but not their bodies. Sure you can chat and socialise, after all this is one of the many reasons people train. However multitask and warm up at the same time. Loosening your arms, hips, shoulder, neck, knees, elbows and any joint in the body. Start with simple movements and gradually increase them. If you have a specific area that requires extra care, be sure to warm that up also and ask your instructor for guidance on how to adequately prepare that joint, bone or muscle for training. Most of the time we want to get straight into training, so it helps if the students are some what warmed up.
At the end of class spend at least ten minutes stretching and cooling down. This will help you get rid of any lactic acid they may have resulted from your training and enable your muscles to recover quicker for the next workout. Cool down with stretching and light movement. Remember you only have about 15 minutes to cool down before lactic acid sets in, so be sure to do it as soon as possible after class.

Prior to training make sure you have enough fluids and adequate nutrition. Your body needs fuel for energy and you can't train effectively if you are dehydrated or starving. Contrary to belief if losing weight is one of your goals, then you need to eat correct and nourishing food in order to lose weight. Remember JERF, which stands for Just Eat Real Food. In regards to real food I am referring to natural unprocessed food or food that has very little ingredients. Get used to reading the ingredients list. The more ingredients, the more it is processed. In relation to hydration, don't wait until training to starting drinking, it's simply to late. You lose fluid much quicker than what your can re-hydrate yourself. So the key is to hydrate well before exercise and maintain that during exercise. Remember we always allow for drink breaks in class. You have to do the rest of the work by staying hydrated prior to class.

Finally during training leave your ego's and troubles at the door. Come to class with a clear mind, remain in the present moment and focus on what you are learning. That is why we check in and out before and after class, to reflect on if we had done this. Use your training time as a rare chance to engage in some stress free relief - so please leave your worries at the door and enjoy your training time.

Things you can do to support your training away from Campbelltown Martial Arts
Finally there are many things your can do to support your training away from Campbelltown Martial Arts. Stretching, proper nutrition, sleep - at least 8 hours and SMR whenever possible. SMR is self massage designed to loosen up the muscles and fascia system surrounding the muscles. This will enable your muscles to recover quicker, have more energy and allow you to move more freely. Its therapeutic, fun and worth the time and effort. You do this with a foam roller and can do it over your entire body. Running across and in line with your muscle fibres. I got mine from Big W in the sports section for $23.00. Small price to pay for the benefits it yields. Finally don't forget booking yourself into a massage with Natalie. Check out for more details on Natalie's massage service.

Remember martial arts is a way of life. The benefits are not just for your to gain in Campbelltown Martial Arts. They are for you to reap in all areas of your life. Practise diligently the values and principles we teach at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Jun 1, 2013 at 3:37 AM

  <br /><b>Saturday, June 1, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Investing in your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts!!!</b>

You have made the investment and commitment to become a member of Campbelltown Martial Arts. You have decided and rightly so that martial arts is worth your time, effort and money. The benefits of martial arts such as benefits improved cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic power, balance, flexibility, stamina, posture, increase in self-confidence and personal discipline are important to you. So how can you make the most of your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts?

Sure you can just turn up and follow what the teacher or instructor tells you to, go home and not think much more of it. Or you can take your training to the next level. Why wouldn't you do that and get even more benefits out of your martial arts or training investment. Regardless of which style you train in, hapkido, BJJ, MMA or cage fitness, the principles are the same. Focus on a few key areas so that you can move, train, recover and maximise the benefits of your training at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Below I will outline some important principals to get the most out of your training.

Getting the Most out of your Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
The first important principle is an adequate warm up prior to class starting. A few minutes is all it takes. Warming up allows your to move more efficiently during training and minimises the risk of injury. Most of the time prior to class we see the students warming up their mouth but not their bodies. Sure you can chat and socialise, after all this is one of the many reasons people train. However multitask and warm up at the same time. Loosening your arms, hips, shoulder, neck, knees, elbows and any joint in the body. Start with simple movements and gradually increase them. If you have a specific area that requires extra care, be sure to warm that up also and ask your instructor for guidance on how to adequately prepare that joint, bone or muscle for training. Most of the time we want to get straight into training, so it helps if the students are some what warmed up.
At the end of class spend at least ten minutes stretching and cooling down. This will help you get rid of any lactic acid they may have resulted from your training and enable your muscles to recover quicker for the next workout. Cool down with stretching and light movement. Remember you only have about 15 minutes to cool down before lactic acid sets in, so be sure to do it as soon as possible after class.

Prior to training make sure you have enough fluids and adequate nutrition. Your body needs fuel for energy and you can't train effectively if you are dehydrated or starving. Contrary to belief if losing weight is one of your goals, then you need to eat correct and nourishing food in order to lose weight. Remember JERF, which stands for Just Eat Real Food. In regards to real food I am referring to natural unprocessed food or food that has very little ingredients. Get used to reading the ingredients list. The more ingredients, the more it is processed. In relation to hydration, don't wait until training to starting drinking, it's simply to late. You lose fluid much quicker than what your can re-hydrate yourself. So the key is to hydrate well before exercise and maintain that during exercise. Remember we always allow for drink breaks in class. You have to do the rest of the work by staying hydrated prior to class.

Finally during training leave your ego's and troubles at the door. Come to class with a clear mind, remain in the present moment and focus on what you are learning. That is why we check in and out before and after class, to reflect on if we had done this. Use your training time as a rare chance to engage in some stress free relief - so please leave your worries at the door and enjoy your training time.

Things you can do to support your training away from Campbelltown Martial Arts
Finally there are many things your can do to support your training away from Campbelltown Martial Arts. Stretching, proper nutrition, sleep - at least 8 hours and SMR whenever possible. SMR is self massage designed to loosen up the muscles and fascia system surrounding the muscles. This will enable your muscles to recover quicker, have more energy and allow you to move more freely. Its therapeutic, fun and worth the time and effort. You do this with a foam roller and can do it over your entire body. Running across and in line with your muscle fibres. I got mine from Big W in the sports section for $23.00. Small price to pay for the benefits it yields. Finally don't forget booking yourself into a massage with Natalie. Check out for more details on Natalie's massage service.

Remember martial arts is a way of life. The benefits are not just for your to gain in Campbelltown Martial Arts. They are for you to reap in all areas of your life. Practise diligently the values and principles we teach at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Jun 1, 2013 at 3:37 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, May 29, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Professional Sports Massage Services Offered at CMA Campbelltown</b>

How Massage Started in CMA
You may or may not already be aware that back in April last year CMA opened its door to introduce CMA Sport N Spoil Professional Massage Service, with myself as the qualified Massage Therapist. Initially I chose to complete the first subject, Swedish Massage, with a friend as a bit of “dutch curry” to help my friend overcome those jittery nerves of going back to study as a mature age student. During this first course of Swedish Massage, not only did I feel that I was studying areas and functions of the body that was very interesting to learn about (I always wanted to be in the medical field) but I realised that learning massage could really bring some wonderful benefits to CMA Martial Arts. This would then introduce a very unique service to the centre where martial artists could have easy access and great rates to a professional massage service. So, the first subject, then turned into studying another nine subjects thereafter, thus in total I ended up studying for two years the theory and practical use of massage therapy with the NSW School of Massage. So for two years during my already busy life with CMA, I travelled into the city every week at night to profess the art of massage to bring back and offer our CMA clients, family and friends.
Where is massage located
CMA Sport N Spoil was originally going to be set up within the CMA dojo, however after much thought and deliberation, I decided to offer professional massage services at the peaceful and quiet surroundings at my private home in Leumeah Heights. Thus, a private room down stairs in my home was then set up, which is quietly separated from the household’s main living areas. Literally, CMA Sport N Spoil Professional Massage Service is just three minutes away from CMA dojo, so this is not out of anybody’s way. The benefits of massage at a private home are endless not to mention easy and direct parking, on time appointments, and no large and fancy overhead expenses passed on to you as a client.
The services massage offfers
CMA Sport N Spoil services offered to clients include the following:
?Swedish Massage
?Remedial Masssage
?Sports Massage
?Rehabilitation Massage
Many people, especially the ladies or younger folk, ask will the massage hurt me??? I can massage each and every body as you wish. So no, I will not hurt or bruise you. Others obviously feel more benefits from enduring a little pain, but this is a personal preference and will also be discussed before each massage session as well as a complete personal and medical history will be taken.
Massage is not a service we should see as “I will spoil myself and get a massage”. In fact, massage should be a natural part of our servicing our body to keep it our muscles, tendons, and bones fit and moving freely. So, make massage a regular part of your scheduling just as servicing your car is regular service. For more information on professional sports massage services offered at CMA Campbelltown please visit www.sportnspoil.comPosted May 29, 2013 at 2:59 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, May 27, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Welcomes Two New BJJ Blue Belts</b>

Well Done to Tom and Kylie for achieving Blue Belt in BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Blue belt is the first major milestone on the way to black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). It takes at least two years of regular BJJ training. The progression from white belt to blue belt is huge and the learning curve steep. You step on the mat with an idea of what it may be like, hey we used to wrestle as kids didn't we. That was fun, must be similar to that, and in a way it is, except this time the stakes are higher with your partner trying to tap you out. In other words pop a joint or two, choke, sweep and completely wipe the floor with you. Sound like fun? Well it must be as many of us keep coming back. BJJ has grown in popularity not only at Campbelltown Martial Arts, but everywhere. It is an extremely effective ground based fighting system. A small person can easily control and submit a much larger opponent with correct technique and timing. This takes practise, it doesn't happen overnight. It takes dedication and by the time you are blue belt you are soon addicted to this humbling ground based fighting system. I say it's humbling as night after night or training session are training session, you get your arse kicked. It's especially humbling if it's a smaller opponent or one of our lethal female BJJ chicks that taps you out. To become a blue belt in BJJ, means you have no issue with spending the night being tapped out by your opponent. You leave your ego off the mat and understand that in BJJ you are there to learn. Learn from those higher than you, from those of a similar level and from those you are easily able to control in a grappling match. Every match is an opportunity to learn and losing in BJJ is a must and part of the journey, as such you will hear us saying that in BJJ there are no losers, you either win or learn. That is the case and it is very true. There is a big difference between a blue belt and a new white belt in BJJ, however as we all coloured belts in BJJ you often don't feel worthy of the rank. It's important to remember you become the belt. In other words you grow into the belt and its rank. A good white belt will hopefully make a good blue belt and then a good purple, brown and black. As you can see the journey is not one to be rushed. We all progress at different rates, however blue belt is a rank that one should be proud of and a big congratulations to Tom and Kylie. Tom trains every chance he can get so has definitely put in the time and effort and Kylie is our second female blue belt. She is one tough chick training through injury after injury and not being afraid to match it with the guys.

Two New BJJ Blue Belts for CMA, words from Master Michael Scott
Achieving a bjj blue belt is the same as reaching black belt in many other arts that is it takes the same amount of time on the mats, both Tom & Kylie had already proven they have the heart and technique to be blue belts and their 4th stripe grading.
To make the jump from 4th stripe to blue belt it is more about being mentally prepared to have a target on your back as everyone wants to tap out the new blue belts plus the white belts will now look to them as having all the answers.
Both have shown that they are ready for the responsibility of wearing a blue belt plus facing the challenges ahead.I look forward to sharing their journey with them.
What makes BJJ so addictive
If you haven't had a chance to try BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts, don't be afraid, come and give it ago. It complements Hapkido, MMA and Cage Fitness perfectly. If you want to have a complete martial arts game, you need to dedicate time to both the stand up and ground fighting systems. There is no other way around it. With in a few months you will be miles ahead from those who have never trained on the ground. So what makes BJJ so addictive? Its many things such as being technically complex and challenging. Levers, angles, balance, timing etc all become part of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu puzzle and you will spend hours trying to understand the mechanics of the human body, the way we move, how to break balance, how to apply your weight more effectively, the correct angle and timing for sweeping someone and the list goes on. If you want a mental challenge then give BJJ ago. BJJ is a great workout and its fun. Nothing pumps your heart faster than a grapple and roll with your team mates. BJJ is a very effective self-defence system and as mentioned earlier a small opponent can overcome a much larger opponent. This is especially effective for women to learn.
Give BJJ a try. We have a ladies only BJJ class at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and a fundamentals beginner BJJ class for both men and women on Tuesday at 7:30Posted May 27, 2013 at 2:14 AM

  <br /><b>Friday, May 17, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Crazy Class Super Hero Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Eagles Superhero Crazy Class Update!!

The Junior Eagles and Eagles looked fantastic on Super Hero Training Day. We had all sorts of Super Hero's staring from Spider man, Batman and Bat Woman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, right through to Dora The Explorer. Great imaginations were used to create many outfits, so thank you parents for helping our little ones look terrific. We never ask you to purchase anything as most can be found at home in the toy or dress up box. We all had a blast by playing fun games by starting off with Super Heroes against the baddies, then moved on to laser shooting the Instructor and Team Leader and finished our fun filled session with basket ball shooting and attempting to retrieve the baddies powerful weapon. Our Super heroes were full of energy and excitement for this fun filled training session and I believe this is what exactly they got!!!
Keep a watch out for our next crazy class and come along to share the fun with all of us!!
Falcons Superhero Crazy Class Update
The falcons super hero class today was a very colourful with a number of students in spider man, cat woman, superman or some, with using a bit of imagination, made up their own hero costumes. All students and a couple of their buddies that accompanied them, used their new super powers to show strength and concentration throughout the class exercisers doing push ups, sit ups and other techniques like jumping kicks as a true super hero would.

The roll of a super hero was also related to how we can all be super heroes even at school and at home, the values are the same as what we are learning and using every day at CMA martial arts; Attitude, Behaviour and Character. We call this the ABC’s of Martial Arts and Life.

Senior Falcons Superhero Crazy Class Update
Lots of superheros walked through the gate for tonight’s crazy class. Jackie Chan etc being the most popular. We had early teens come as pyjama hero’s, not surprising their power was the ability to sleep. Sounds very fitting for the age. All the students put in some time and thought into their costumes and the best dressed were Tyris ‘as himself’ though he looked like Zorro and Connor Cameron as Superman, even went to the trouble of wearing his little brothers red undies.
Our superheros competed in a series of events that challenged their agility, stamina, strength and ability to dodge crime. The heroes had to pick up their charges and weave their way through obstacles to be the fastest hero back. Kindra was the fastest hero, must have been those Skins. Using hula hoops to keep our victims around them the longest without falling off, Temia with little effort won, though she had swift competition from her brother. Using their strength and stamina our heroes had to barge their way through their enemies to make it to the end, only the toughest of heroes survived the onslaught. In the last game Harrison was the best superhero at dodging crime and protecting their land (cones).
Superhero theme was a great success and good to see all the participation from the kids of all ages. Goes to show you’re never too old. Though Tyris and Connor were best dressed on the night, I thought their instructor wasn’t far off either.

Visit the CMA Fan Page for dates of upcoming crazy classes. The next one is Monday 1st July. Wear your warmest winter wollies for the class!!!Posted May 17, 2013 at 3:19 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, May 13, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Staying on Track with Your Training At Campbelltown Martial Arts This Winter.</b>

We are coming into the hardest months to train and slowest months in terms of student numbers at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The cold hasn’t really hit and its going to get really cold. It will be much harder for you to put your gi on and get down to Campbelltown Martial Arts for training. Its going to take a bit of extra motivation, however once you are there and training you will feel much better for it. What keeps me going is remembering how it makes me feel after.

There are a few other obvious things you will need to do this winter to keep your training on track at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
Rug up, both you and the kids. Don’t be afraid to add a few extra layers under your gi. I like to wear thermals for teaching, and long skins or compression type clothing when training. It really keeps you warm all night and by the end of class you are feeling hot. After training its important you cover up again, before going outside and before your body cools right down. Changing body temperatures dramatically very quickly is not good for you, so slowly allow yourself to warm up and cool down. Be smart about it.

Warm up, I just mentioned it however it does deserve some special attention. Please ensure you warm up sufficiently. Your body is cold, if its like mine, it is so cold every bone seems to hurt, having said that, once the blood is pumping through my body with a good warm up, I am able to loosen up and function much better. Don’t wait for your instructors to warm you up. Seriously, be warm for their warm up. Arrive to class at least ten minutes early and start to move around, skipping, shadow boxing, light jog, these are all great things to do to warm up slightly before class. You will then function are lot better, you muscles will react quicker, you will mentally be sharper and have less risk of injury during class at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Other things you can do to stay on the mats during winter at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Continuing with your training is a must during winter to help you stay healthy. I can’t stress this enough. Exercise helps to boost your immune system and martial arts in particular helps to keep you mentally alert and sharp. As a society we spend our time wrapped up in electronic devices where we are constantly stimulated and we require much less of our brain in terms of thinking, being creative, social skills etc. Its time to put the electronics down, get away from the TV and computers and get down to Campbelltown Martial Arts. Parents I promise you the kids will become nicer, have healthier eyes, be fitter and more energetic if you take the electronics away and kick their butts to training. The same can be said for adults.

Now back to exercise and boosting the immune system, if the benefits of exercise could be bottled or put into a pill, it would be a wonder drug, there is nothing like it for your health.

What else can we do to stay healthy in Winter. Plenty. We need to Eat Right. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables and Vitamin C. Stay active wherever possible. It’s a great way to warm you up during winter. Use the stairs, walk further to work, rug up and get outside with the kids to play. There are plenty of good things to enjoy about winter and some great holidays to be had, the snow for example, or maybe North America to escape the cold. It doesn’t matter, get outside and be active.

Also as its prime time for flu season, wash your hands all the time, especially after the toilet and before eating. It’s a great habit to get into it.

Eliminate stress from your life wherever possible. Stress lowers your immune system and you are then more susceptible to illness. Don’t underestimate what stress can do to your health.

Finally get lots of rest. This is hard to do when we are so stimulated by computers, caffeine, electronics, fast paced lifestyle etc. However our bodies need time to recover, mentally and physically.

If you are finding your self run down, unable to concentrate, lacking in energy, heavy legs, fatigue, before googling the symptoms and self diagnosing yourself with a serious illness, go back to basics. Are you eating right, exercising at the right levels and allowing your body to adequately recover, are you sleeping well, about 8 hours. If not than work out why, are you too wired up. If you are lacking in any one of these things then change that and you may see a big improvement in your health.
Don’t forget to drink lots of water all day, it helps to rid your body of toxins and keep you hydrated.
Have a goal this winter at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Never lose sight of why you started training in the first place at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Remember that when you are losing motivation to train. Also have a training goal. In martial arts its easy. Working towards your next belt level. In BJJ it may be entering your first competition or an important competition. For Cage Fitness or MMA it may be to improve your fitness or weight. Whatever it is having a goal gives you extra reason to get off the couch and down to the gym at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted May 13, 2013 at 9:49 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, May 6, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Adults Hapkido Grading</b>

Hapkido Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Wednesday 1st May was the second grading for 2013 held at Campbelltown Martial Arts. This was a big grading with every belt represented all the way up to brown belt.

This grading was one of the biggest white belt gradings we have had in a while and one of the strongest white belt groups we have had also. I believe the new syllabus is right at this level. They seem to cope very confidently in their techniques and it was pleasing to see a number of other white belts who weren't grading participate and get some valuable grading practise up their sleeve.

We had a small orange belt representation and I was very proud of the spirit displayed by Sandra and Alex grading for yellow belt. They trained consistently in the lead up to their gradings and continued to work hard to get their modules marked off. Alex has shown tremendous improvement since he started and Sandra is gaining in confidence by participating in most of our programs including MMA, Cage Fitness and Hapkido. The orange belt syllabus is full on compared to previously with a lot more techniques and I did have to say no to a few orange belt students who wanted to grade, as they were not quite ready. It's a big step up from the white belt grading and requires consistent training to be ready. This is great preparation for the yellow belt syllabus which is also very important and challenging.

At yellow belt we had our other dedicated boys grading Paul, Andrew and Daniel. These students have always been part of a strong group of yellow belts training, whilst the others weren't quiet ready, they were and it showed on the night. There are a few techniques to work on, however with their determination I am confident they will be just as strong on green belt if they continue to work hard.

Finally at Green belt grading to become a senior belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts we had Jai and Christina. By the time one of my students gets to Green belt and is ready to grade for Blue belt, they thoroughly deserve it. You can't get there without strong committment and focus. On the night they put in 100% in all their green belt techniques and are very ready to transition to the senior class. It will take similar qualities to progress through the senior hapkido belts at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
Adults Senior Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Grading at a senior level at Campbelltown Martial Arts for Brown belt was Jaidyn. Jaidyn was well and truely ready for this grading, having had all his modules marked off months earlier. However due to taking breaks from training he only just had the classes at this grading. Jaidyn was very confident with his techniques and with some encouragement from others was able to step up and put in a big effort on the night. He started to tire perhaps due to not training for a few weeks leading up to the grading however he is always able to step up when required. Jaidyn has a big future ahead of him in martial arts if he can stay focused and consistent with his training.

Grading for red belt and our highest belt s grading on the night we had Jogil and Jemima. Jogil is always consistent with his training and this was the most determined I have seen Jemima train in the lead up to this grading. She was challenged on the night with a recent shoulder injury and with the level of the intensity, however she did not let that stop her from getting through the grading. Jogil displayed the most spirit on the night putting in 100% on every technique, both junior techniques and his own belt level. Jogil is a worthy recipient of our spirit award.

Visit the CMA face book fan page for some great photos of the adults hapkido grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts

Final Thoughts from Master Michael on the adults Hapkido grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts
This was going to be a tough grading for the seniors as all belts had representation in the grading so they would be tested physically and mentally during the course of the night. The standard was high across all belt levels with the green belts showing they are ready to step up the senior belt training.
The high lite for the spectators with the gradings is the board breaks and they did not disappoint with all boards being broken.Posted May 6, 2013 at 7:16 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, May 5, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Kids Grading Updates at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Eagles Grading Update from Miss Natalie
On Saturday 27th April 20 Junior Eagles and Eagles graded to their next belt level at Campbelltown Martial Arts. For a Junior Eagle or an Eagle student to be ready to grade to his/her next belt they must have the following requirements:
? Be training regularly at least twice per week to learn their syllabus
? Have completed at least two lines of training on their training card, which in equivalent to 20 classes
? Have a good positive attitude to want their new belt
It was very exciting to see five red belts who were all grading to the their master belt. This means that they have gone through the Eagles program, received all their belts and are now ready to move up to the Falcons class, which is where their martial arts journey continues where they begin to train steadily to work their way to Junior Black Belt. Congratulations to our new master belt students:
?Brandon Moroney
?Benjamin Walker
?Porsche Auelua
?Wesley Xiao
?Nevaeh Auelua
All the students who graded did a fantastic job and Sir Michael awarded the following students with a Spirit Award for their tremendous effort, courage and spirit throughout the whole grading:
?Jacob Gebreal (graded to Orange Belt)
?Benjamin Walker (graded to Master Belt)
Our next grading for the Junior Eagles and Eagles will be held on Saturday 22nd June, so if you are due for grading (see above criteria) write your name up on the new grading sheets which will be posted up on the notice board very shortly.
Falcons Grading Update from Sir Stephen
All the falcons that went for the their grading last Monday at Campbelltown Martial Arts did really well. I know I say this each time, but each of the children are at different points of their martial arts joinery. Some like the green belts have to maintain their focus and spirit all the way through out the grading, while some belts may only be on the mat for 20 minutes. Each child has to show the techniques for their level and all children whether they have graded before or not, did so by doing their best on the night. I would like to mention two students by name that is Logan and Chloe, both showed that they have spirit and I am sure that his will be brought out further as they travel a long in their martial arts training.
Senior Falcons Grading Update from Miss Danielle
Monday night saw 8 senior belts grade and I couldn’t fault them at Campbelltown Martial Arts. This was a high quality grading and the best word to describe their efforts is DETERMINATION.
Getting ready for a grading is an 8 week process, but it doesn’t stop there, there’s the extra time and commitment to practise at home too.

Ethan has worked hard over the past two years completing the new junior black bet syllabus, grading after grading, learning techniques our adult black belts haven’t learnt yet. Ethan’s weapons were fantastic, especially his dan bon and one step. Ethan’s versatility even saw him complete a somersault and made his 360 degree spinning kicks look so effortless. I have no doubt he will excel in the adults class just like he has as a junior. Look out for him, he’ll be a senior black belt in a few years.

Jessica did great, 2nd stripe asks the students to do adult red belt kicks and takes the wind out of you. Jumping kick after jumping. But as usual Jessica picked herself up and kicked butt. Jessica’s KIP UP was a breeze, falls a breeze and dan bon fantastic. Jessica’s determination to break her wood was amazing, nothing was going to stop her, she hit that board at least 20 times, and despite the pain on both arms, she kept trying. Unfortunately the ADULT board wouldn’t budge, but the kids’ board, straight through. Maybe we’ll save that one for the adults.

Our 4 red belts have worked hard this past 6weeks, being disciplined in their training. I had high hopes for them and I wasn’t let down. The Red belts boxing drill and shell, was the last module to mark off and took the longest, but it was worth it. This was a standout and was well noted by SIR. Who was quite impressed!!

Paolo and Emilio what can I say, Paolo is always consistent with his technique and positive attitude. Emilio is a go getter, anything you throw at this boy, he comes out on top. This was their first senior grading and this means a wood break which is very daunting. Both Emilio and Paolo did so well, and it was because of their preparation and practise outside of the gym.

There is still a few things we need to work on, our footwork for our side kicks, though it was some of the best grading sidekicks I’ve seen. There was honestly not much to fault from this group of kids so well done.

The highlight of the grading for me was Emilio’s wood break, the moment he broke the wood second attempt the pride on his mothers face was priceless. Nothing is more rewarding as an instructor than to the see a proud mother overwhelmed with tears. Emilio you did it mate.

Well done to all kids who graded at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted May 5, 2013 at 3:38 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, April 28, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Kids Holiday Program at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big success!!!!</b>

Our first holiday program at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big success. We had almost 30 kids on Thursday spend the day at Campbelltown Martial Arts focusing on different aspects of martial arts training. There was a wide age range of kids from 4 through to 15. The day started with a weapons class, followed by a cage fitness class. The cage fitness class was amazing. We had children as young as 4 participating in a 30 minute high intensity work out, with complicated techniques. It goes to show how talented the kids are at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We take it for granted however when you consider the struggle it is for adults to complete a cage fitness class, it's truly inspiring to watch the kids power through the class.
Following a quick morning tea break the kids then benefited greatly with a stranger danger class and then rested some more during a movie and lunch.
The afternoon session focused on games, tournament training and splat mat. By the end of the day we had some very tired young kids. Having said that it was a big success. We finished the day off with feedback as to what the children enjoyed and wanted more of, as well as what they would like less of.
The kids all enjoyed cage and the splat mat, they wanted less stranger danger and weapons training. Next holidays we plan to do another kids holiday program and will take on board the feedback in hope for another successful Campbelltown Martial Arts holiday program.

Update from Master Michael on the Kids Holiday Program at Campbelltown Martial Arts!
We held our first ever kids holiday program with 23 kids attending the day was well planned with activities to keep all the kids active and engaged with a variety of different things such as cage fitness for kids class, rotating weapons segment, stranger danger, tournament training and a movie. All 23 kids demonstrated their A B C during the course of the day and gave us some great feedback at the end of the day to help us make the next CMA holiday program even better.
Kids Holiday Program Update on Stranger Danger from Miss Natalie at Campbelltown Martial Arts
The holiday program was a great day and all the kids had a fantastic day. I cannot speak any higher of the behavior of all children, they were all excellent with fantastic behavior and manners.
One of the segments of the program for the kids was the stranger awareness where Stephen and Natalie had the children sit down (after a very active 40 mins of a cage workout) and we all discussed the definition of a stranger, what to do when walking home from school, mobile numbers that should be automatically programmed into their phone and shopping centre awareness. Such as what to do when lost in a shopping centre, who & where they should contact. The highlight of this part of the program was when just as we are discussing stranger danger awareness when two ladies who the children did not know, walked into the gym with a box saying “puppies for sale” and carrying a very cute & real puppy asking if the children would like to come out to the car park and have a look at all her other puppies. Of course this was all set up by Natalie & Stephen, but it was amazing how many children began to follow the puppy & lady as immediately they were enticed by the very cute puppy!!! About 60% of the children began to follow the lady and it wasn’t until the other children yelled out to the puppy followers “stranger danger” that they stopped and thought about what was just taught to them. It was certainly a great lesson for the children to visualise & learn in action.Posted Apr 28, 2013 at 7:19 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, April 2, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Big Weekend of BJJ for Students of Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

A great weekend of BJJ for students of Campbelltown Martial Arts
The weekend started with myself heading down to Melbourne for the largest female BJJ event in the southern hemisphere. It was the annual Australian Girls in Gi BJJ camp. There were approximately 70 of us who spent the weekend together grappling and drilling BJJ techniques. Women are few and far between in the world of BJJ. Most BJJ schools comprise only of a few females, so it is rare in deed to have so many women to grapple, drill and learn BJJ with. This means we are constantly having to grapple bigger and stronger male opponents most of the time. Whilst this is beneficial in some respects, having to learn to defend against a bigger stronger opponent and developing a great defensive and scrambling game. It also means we spend the majority of our time defending. Our attacking game is harder to develop if we are always grappling bigger and stronger opponents. So it was a great opportunity to grapple competitive women our own size, attack and defend without the extra burden of strength and size to deal with.
On the mats we had females at every level, white through to black belt. We spent the days focusing on a specific aspect of our BJJ game, usually guard passing and then grappled for a few hours with timed 5 minute rounds and only one minute break in between. There was also a session with 5 time olympian and judo coach Maria Peckli, focusing on grips and breaking balance whilst standing as well as a no gi and mma sessions for those who were keen.
In between each session we spent a few hours with sports psychologists to really help get into our heads and to teach us how to stay calm and ready before a tournament and not let the nerves get the better of us. We also had an open mat chat and Q & A about the obstacles for women in BJJ and strategies to overcome them.
On hand to help with coaching and to run the seminars were some of the best black belt BJJ coaches in Melbourne. They all volunteered their time to help and support women in BJJ.
As there website states Australian Girls In Gi ~ Bringing women together from all over the country for events, competitions, information sharing, support & training since 2010; this group is politically neutral and not for political gain. Visit for more details.

Getting More Women into BJJ at Campbelltown Martial Arts
It would be great to get a few of the other BJJ ladies from Campbelltown Martial Arts attend next years camp. The camp is a must to get great experience grappling other females with all different skill levels. You will also greatly benefit by learning what is and is not working with your BJJ game. Sometimes this is hard when you spend most of the time defending and scrambling from bigger opponents. Campbelltown Martial Arts women's only BJJ class is a great stepping stone for women who would love to grapple however are a little nervous about jumping into the mixed class with much stronger opponents. Most of the women progress from the women's only class into our mixed classes once they are more comfortable and familiar with some basic techniques. Visit for more details on the BJJ programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
John Will visits Campbelltown Martial Arts for a BJJ seminar

John Will has been doing seminars at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 16 years now and always brings to the mat an enthusiasm and insight for BJJ and life. Johns seminars are always full of content but what is great is he can tell you where the technique came from because in most cases with BJJ what is the latest and greatest technique being used on the world stage, is actually an old technique with a new name or twist.
We had 18 on the mats for the seminar which was quite good considering a number of our regulars had other commitments on the day or are out with injury.
The warm up consisted of setting up the grips for Cael Sanderson ankle pick take down, then progressed into the takedown with a few variations.
Next it was time to attack from turtle and this was done through first taking the back then finishing with 1/2 nelson choke lock down, double lapel, Cradle variation then it was on to bow & arrow.
John's seminars suit white belt to black all walk away with tools they can put straight into their game. The next John Will seminar at CMA will be 28th September 2013.Lock in the date nowPosted Apr 2, 2013 at 2:30 AM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, March 26, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Autumn Cup at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big success!!!!</b>

The in-house tournament at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big day and had it all, heart, spirit, courage, surprise wins, amazing comebacks, surprise losses and great support from all those involved.
The in-house tournament is an event we have twice a year at Campbelltown Martial Arts. The standard events include Sumo, sword, BJJ and advanced falling including the highest and longest catroll. The age groups and divisions for the Autumn cup included 3-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds, 6-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds and 10 years +.
There were many highlights on the day, a few which stood out include:
?A big 10 years + division, with the girls really giving it to the boys. This was an extremely competitive division. Everyone who competed in this division put their hearts and bodies on the line. They set a great example to the younger students, who all stayed on after their presentation to continue to support this division.
?The sportsmanship of Sean in the 10 years + division. Sean took out first place in both sword and sumo, he was also very caring in the way he won. With Sean being the largest and heaviest competitor in the Sumo division, he was the clear favourite. He also could have used his size to completely whitewash his opponents, instead Sean exercised control and caution when competing, always caring more about the well-being of his competitors than winning. Well done Sean!!!

?The competitive spirit of Kindra against Sean in the Sumo. It truly was a case of David V's Goliath. Kindra even managed to drive Sean out of the ring on a few occasions.

?Ethan's amazing new record in the highest catroll division. As usual Ethan was always favourite in the advance falling divisions. However its never easier to set a new record and he certainly did that.

?Ronin's domination of the 7-8 years division. Not only did he dominate in all events, he did so with great class and control. Always exercising control and technique on his way to dominate each event.

?Gryphon's come from behind win against William in the BJJ event of the 8-9 years division. William was in the lead with only 10 seconds to go and Gryphon managed to get arm bar from top mount and submit William. It's not easy to give up a dominate position in BJJ for a submission attempt, however if you are behind on points and the match is nearly over, you have to go for it if you want to win and Gryphon did just that. Well done Gryphon, that will do wonders for your confidence in BJJ and competing in the future.

?As always the little contenders at this years tournament. They are amazing and inspiring and funny to watch. Especially Imogen and Chloe fixing each others hair in the BJJ final. Talk about priorities. Imogen was the clear winner, though Chloe loved having everyone cheer for her and receiving a trophy. I have never seen someone smile so match on the bottom in a BJJ finals match.
?Finally, the crowd for your vocal support and encouragement on the day.

Update on Campbelltown Martial Arts In house Tournament from Master Michael Scott
First I would like to thank all the CMA team and all the helpers for making the tournament such a successful day for all. We had almost 60 competitors for the day with many great moments, too many to name, but all were recorded with photos and video which are all now posted to our Fan Page and You Tube channel, type in hapkidobjj705 to view the final videos. The most pleasing thing for me is how all the competitors showed great spirit even though many were well out of their comfort zone on the day.
Many students showed great compassion and empathy for their competitor even when they were beating them and all kids showed great sportsman ship on the day.
The main reason we run our in-house tournaments is to give every child an opportunity to compete in a friendly but competitive environment and at an affordable price for the parents. Big thank you to all the CMA family for supporting this great event, watch for the next one in 2013.
Congratulations to all who took part in the day.
Another tournament planned later in the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
We have another tournament planned for later in the year on Sunday 3rd November. We encourage as many kids as possible to compete. The more kids who enter the more divisions we can have the fairer it will be.Posted Mar 26, 2013 at 6:06 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, March 18, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Big Week of BJJ Gradings At Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Campbelltown Martial Arts Kids BJJ Grading Update
Last Tuesday 9th March was the night for the kids at Campbelltown Martial Arts to grade for the first time this year in BJJ. The following kids were grading, Luke for 1st Stripe, Tyris for 2nd Stripe, William, Jack and Gryphon all for 4th Stripe. We have two grading systems at Campbelltown Martial Arts. One for the younger kids under 9, and one for the older kids. The end result of each syllabus is the same, blue belt. The junior students require an extra stripe on their way to blue belt as they learn the techniques over a longer period of time.
As was expected the kids displayed a high degree of technical ability and even better grappling. Grappling comes natural for the kids, its second nature. They don't hesitate, they try, experiment and never give up. They can produce amazing things out of no where and surprise you. They can learn a technique one day and instantly implement it the next. Kids are great to watch. The kids in the BJJ class at Campbelltown Martial Arts are able to focus and learn techniques way beyond their years. I am very proud and we now have 3 more 4th stripers to join Kindra. Hopefully this year we will get our first kids BJJ blue belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts

Big Adults BJJ Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts
The first adults grading for the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts was a big one. The grading started at 7:30 and was still going at 10:30. We had a number of ladies grading also. Slowly but surely the female BJJ representation at Campbelltown Martial Arts is growing. Going for his second purple stripe on blue belt and now our highest ranking student at Campbelltown Martial Arts was Nathan. One step closer to becoming our first purple belt at CMA under Michael. Kylie, Peter and Tom were all grading for their 4th stripe, which is the final stripe before blue belt. They also had to complete 10, 3 minute grappling rounds after 3 hours of drilling techniques. They all finished, tired, however extremely satisfied with the effort they put in on the night. Well done to all those who graded. I look forward to seeing some more females and coloured belts in the BJJ classes at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Update on BJJ Gradings at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Michael
Adults Grading

1. Vince M 1st Stripe
2. Ty K 2nd Stripe
3. Mauricio C 2nd Stripe
4. Natalie S 2nd Stripe
5. Bam K 2nd Stripe
6. Daniel M 2nd Stripe
7. Kristy A 2nd Stripe
8. Christina E 2nd Stripe
9. Peter K 4th Stripe
10. Kylie B 4th Stripe
11. Tom K 4th stripe
12. Nathan C 2nd Purple Stripe

This was our largest grading to date for BJJ with 12 students looking to progress in the CMA BJJ ranks and Peter,Kyle & Tom grading for their last time as white belts, as always the first part of the grading was dedicated to reviewing the techniques required for each level with and with out resistance.The overall standard was very high with very few comments needed on the grading sheets, now it was time for everone’s favourite part of the grading process, the free rolling at the end.
At each grading the intensity of the rolls increases from normal class rolling as each person looks to test each other. After 2 ½ hours the grading was over and the 4th stripers were glad to get their 10 3 min rolls completed.

CMA Milestones for Kids & Adults BJJ in 2013.

1. We will have our first purple belts this year
2. A number of senior blue belts
3. Up to 5 new blue belts
4. A team for the Aussie cup in NSW
5. A chance to train with Rigan Machado
6. John will seminars at CMA
7. Our first blue belt in the kids program
Kids Grading
The format for the kids grading is the same as our adults program first the technique then the free rolling, the standard of the kids was very high possibly the best we have had in a grading to date with the kids requiring very little assistance during the grading.
The free rolling was a joy to watch as the kids seem to move with very little effort from position to position not getting bogged down on any one finish, if the finish is there they take it, if it's not they move on, a concept adults do not grasp till much later in their BJJ journey.Posted Mar 18, 2013 at 6:46 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, March 5, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Grading Updates at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Eagles Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Miss Natalie
Our first grading for 2013 passed last Saturday with 17 of our Junior Eagles and Eagles trying their absolute best to show “Big Sir” all their work they have learned over the last 4 or so months at Campbelltown Martial Arts

Once again, Big Sir was blown away and so very proud of all the little ones. Their public speaking was outstanding and Big Sir often makes the comment that not many adults would be able to say in public what the students need to say before their grading commences, let alone 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds getting up so proudly and speaking so clearly!!!

Our Spirit Award winners for this grading were: *Imogen Astruc for her wonderful behavior, great ki ups and the best palm strike big sir has seen for a long time.
?• Jerome Semesi for his great techniques, always trying more than what is expected and for his fantastic front fall. Falling like an adult!!!
Well done Imogen and Jerome, you both worked very hard!!! Well done also to all our other Junior Eagles and Eagles who graded, you also did very well and we are all proud of you!!!

Our next grading will be in late April, so come training at least twice every week, have your best attitude and behavior, and learn all your work and the rest of it is easy!!!

Falcons Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Miss Danielle
Another year and already a February grading, time goes fast. For the senior falcons this grading was all about getting two long time members ready for the ultimate goal, a junior Black belt at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Jake and Shannon,now 13, have been members since 2005, starting out in our purple belt program as little eagles (back then we had 8-10 students in total). Eight years of commitment for young kids is a lifetime, some unfortunately don't stick it out in martial arts and move on, so for the twins to stay dedicated is fantastic. In 2007 their older brother Aaron became a junior black belt and now it was time for the twins to follow in his footsteps. The boys rallied to make it to every class to qualify for the grading and their dedication to training shined through.
Both Jake and Shannon demonstrated excellent public speaking and true spirit of what it takes to be a black belt. We put them through the test, starting off with some blue belt kicks, then brown belt kicks, follow by red belt kicks. Then it was time for their kicks, which included low spinning heel, that’s hard enough, but even tougher when you’re tired. A lot of adults struggle with this kick. Their flying sidekicks were great and got better at the times they were struggling the most due to fatigue. It was sheer spirit and heart keeping them going, as physically you have nothing left at this stage. From there as tough as it was they picked themselves up and made it through 2 minutes of falls. It’s hard to pick yourself up and there’s there's plenty of times you feel like giving up, but you tell yourself your nearly there and that black belt is just another fall away.This gives you the motivation to keep going.
After all that falling and those flying sidekicks, the wood breaks were a breeze, it just took a couple of kicks to get on target, before they snapped.
Jake and Shannon are one of our longest-serving members and it was a pleasure to watch them grade, this grading has been 14 months in the making. Finally the spirit award went to Brody Cox. Well done Brody for your tremendous effort on the night.

Adults Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts
This was the first grading under the new syllabus, so it was an adjustment for both students and instructors. Having said that, the spirit level was great from white belt all the way up to red belt. The students have trained hard since returning to training in the new year to get ready for this grading. It was also a good opportunity to see how the new syllabus is progressing.

This was the first grading for our white belts and they did really well. As with all gradings, foot position for front snap kick is something that we will continue to work on. Foot flat and toes up is what I am looking for, however students have a tenancy to put both their toes and foot up. Great effort white belts on completing your first ever grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts

For orange belt grading to yellow belt we had Denise grading on her own. This did not deter her. She was focused and determined. Her techniques were crisp and self-defence spot on. Well done Denise. Loading of the side kick and using hips in our blocks is something that we will continue to work on.

This grading we had a number of students grading for green belt. This is a great group of students who have trained very hard in the new year to get prepare for the grading. Matt's multiple grabs were great to watch, smooth and flowing. A few of the green belt students really stepped up and came out of their shell. Footwork on the spinning hand techniques is something we will focus on before the next grading. It has been a pleasure to teach the green belts and they are now more than ready for the senior adults hapkido class at Campbelltown Martial Arts.

Finally it was the senior belts turn to grade. We had blue, brown and red belts grading. By the time you get to the senior level, you are physically tired. Now its time for your spirit to shine through. That it did, and all the students made it through all their techniques to finish with the wood breaks. Everyone at the Campbelltown Martial Arts grading managed to break their wood except for Mark. He broke the high spinning heel beautifully in one go, however was unable to repeat the success with low spinning heel, despite a number of attempts. This is something that happens with the dangling wood breaks, they challenge the best of us. That's what a grading is about at Campbelltown Martial Arts, you have to work hard and even then there is no guarantee to successfully completing all aspects of the grading. Each grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts requires you to be physically fitter than your previous grading. There are no short cuts and if you don't put in the hard work, you will not finish the grading at a senior level. I am very pleased to say that all seniors grading at our first grading of the year at Campbelltown Martial Arts, should feel a great sense of achievement. They trained hard leading up to the grading and did themselves proud on the night.

For the first time ever we introduced a spirit award for the grading. The award was presented to Zac Bednarz for his effort and attitude in the grading. Zac
thoroughly deserved the award, putting in 100% in every technique and standing out, particularly when others were starting to tire.

With the extra help we now have during the junior Adults hapkido class, it should make teaching the new syllabus easier and we can continue to work on the feed back we received from Master Michael.

The next adults grading is on Wednesday 1st May. I am hoping this is an even more successful grading, now that we are all adjusting to the new syllabus at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Mar 5, 2013 at 5:57 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, February 25, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Big Weekend of Female Martial Arts Action</b>

The Martial Arts Action Started with the Abu Dhabi BJJ Trials in Sydney
Held once a year in Sydney, Saturday 23rd of February was a big day for BJJ, with The Australian Trials for the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship taking place (WPJJC). Each year 13 winners are awarded an all expenses paid trip to WPJJC held in Abu Dhabi in April. For the women there are three tickets up for grabs.
Female White/Blue Belt open. Won by Demi Butler
Female Purple/Brown/Black Belt under 63kg. Won by Jess Fraser
Female Purple/Brown/Black Belt over 63kg. Won by Maryanne Mullahy

The intensity of the competition is high as it is one of the few comps offering an all expenses paid trip overseas to compete. It is usually one of the biggest female competitions in the country with at least 11 high-ranking (purple and brown belts) females competing as well as a number of blue belts.

A lot of work has been done from various groups to help promote BJJ to women. The numbers are growing and no doubt we will continue to see a growing female representation at BJJ comps in the future.
Visit for a full list of prize winners.
Female Martial Arts Actions Continued with an Open Mat BJJ Session following the Abu Dhabi Trials
Photo: Five purple belts on the mats at Gracie Oceania Female Only Open Mat today!

Following on from the trials on Saturday, it was a great opportunity to roll with a number of female BJJ practitioners from Sydney and those visiting from interstate for the trails. Two hours of rolling and drilling with all levels and sharing BJJ knowledge. The open mat BJJ session was club and affiliation neutral at Gracie Oceania HQ in Marrickville. Great turnout and effort from all the women who participated in the event. The open mat session then followed the Biggie - UFC's first ever sanctioned Female Main Event. Very exciting.

Mixed Martial Arts Super star Ronda Rousey wins first ever women's UFC fight

Rhonda submitted Liz Carmouche at 4:49 of the first round in the first female fight in UFC history in the main event at UFC 157 on Saturday night at Honda Center.

Whilst Rhonda was the clear favourite, all money was on the fight ending in another arm bar for Rhonda who is referred to as the arm bar queen and for it to end in the first round. That it did with Rhonda now 7-0 with seven first-round armbar victories. That being said Carmouche put up a valiant effort in defeat and had Rousey in all kinds of trouble early in the fight.

Rousey needed 27 seconds to get the fight to the ground where she is one of the most dangerous grapplers in the sport, but Carmouche swept her and took her back. Rousey tried to stand up and power out of the position, but Carmouche stayed attached to her back. Carmouche went for a neck crank and tried to turn it into a rear-naked choke. Rousey looked to be in pain as Carmouche cranked on her neck. But Rousey was able to power out of the hold and she eventually landed in side control where she held Carmouche, the first openly gay fighter in the UFC, in a headlock and softened her up with punches.
Rousey eventually mounted Carmouche with 50 seconds left in the opening round and that's when she went looking for the armbar.
Rousey got a hold of Carmouche's right arm and Carmouche had to tap out with 11 seconds left in the opening round.

Campbelltown Martial Arts offers a women's on BJJ session each week on a Tuesday night at 6:30pm and a mixed martial arts session on Wednesday night at 8:30 as well as BJJ, Hapkido and Cage Fitness classes. For more details on the programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts visit Feb 25, 2013 at 4:33 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, February 16, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Crazy Classes a Big Hit at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

What started out as an idea to inject fun and excitement into our kids martial arts classes, has turned into a much anticipated monthly event, enthusiastically embraced by both students and instructors. January's Crazy Class Theme was Australia Day. This months theme was Hawaii. Below is an update on the Hawaiian crazy class in both our Eagles and Falcons kids martial arts program.
Falcons and Eagles Crazy Class Update


What great night, lots of bright colours and flowers. The boys in particular embraced the flowers and Hawaiian shirts, not a bad effort for a bunch of young boys and teenagers. They dance well too.
We started the night warming up with some surfing practise and to my delight everyone hulling together. I think the boys enjoyed it more than the girls. Hula hoops where up next, Erin was the best Hula Hooper of the night, didn¡¦t drop it once and made it look soooo easy. All the kids did very well, better than I expected. The night finish with a surfing balance game whilst being hit by balls (WAVES). I think the kids enjoyed this one a little too much. This has been one of my favourite theme nights so far and I thought a very successful one. Our best dressed were Ethan and Kindra. Though I think the instructors were the best dressed on the night. Update provided by Miss Danielle.

The majority of My Eagles dressed up and this changed the whole atmosphere of CMA with all the colours. We all had a ball and played games such has: Flower Petal Pick Up, Musical Towels, Hoola Dancing, Pass the coconut. 2 Boys & 2 Girls all received one nomination each for the best hooler daners!!! Update provided by Miss Natalie.

The next crazy class on Tuesday March 12th. Come as your favourite sporting team or star. Where their colours, match their uniform or much more!!!!Posted Feb 16, 2013 at 6:34 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, February 11, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Becoming a Vaulable Training Partner at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

The Importance of our Training Partners at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Why do we bow to our partners before engaging in martial arts with them. Why do we bow to the flags and the training floor as we enter it. Respect!!! Respect for flag, respect for our training area and respect for one another. That's why we bow. If it weren't for our training partners our progress in the world of martial arts would be very limited. Sure you can learn to do nice kicks and punches in air, however how do you progress from there to learn timing and distance, how do you learn self defence, sparring and other techniques associated with martial arts. There are certain fighting arts which are almost impossible without a partner BJJ, boxing, wrestling, Judo etc. As such I would go a step further and say that our training partners are as important as learning the art itself. I am sure we can all acknowledge that a training partner is needed to progress at Campbelltown Martial Arts. However it's not only one training partner we need, its lots of them. The more people we can train, spar or grapple with, the more experiences we will have and learn. Each person moves, interacts and has something different to offer. Each person is a new opportunity to learn and further develop our martial arts knowledge. So before you scoff at the new person who trains for the first time and you are thinking no I won't train with them, remember they may turn out to be the best training partner you ever had. Take the time to nurture and foster positive relations with all your fellow training students, it's as important as you turning up to train. Obviously you want the best possible learning experience at Campbelltown Martial Arts, so how can you become the best possible training partner for other students. How can you become the person that others want to train with, not the person the other students run from!!! Don't kid yourself there is always someone that no one wants to train with and you don't want to be that person.

How to be the best training partner you can be at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Some basic common courtesy gestures is a great place to start. Introduce yourself to other students. Ask them questions. Be interested in them and see if there is anything they would like to practise or learn. Introduce new students to other students at the gym. It's not easy being the new kid on the block and a friendly face can make that journey much more pleasant. When working with a partner be sure to go at a pace they can handle. If kicking a shield ask them if the power is ok and can they can handle it. When sparring or grappling, as much as your ego may want to overly inflate, it doesn't help to beat the crap out of anyone. If you are completely dominating another student great, job well done. So you can beat someone to a pole, what's next!!! How do you get better from there. Easy, by working at a pace your partner feels comfortable with, teach them the counter attacks and escapes. The better they get at these the harder you will have to work and the more you both progress. Create a win, win where you are both benefiting and progressing from each encounter. The more skillful your training partners are they better you will become. It's not about competing with your training partners, it's about working with them and creating an optimal learning environment. Be careful of any injuries and don't be the person that is always causing the injury to others. Sure accidents happen, but if you are always the common denominator in each injury, people won't want to keep training with you. Injuries suck, especially if they could have been prevented. Finally as important as our training partners are, something equally important is a positive training environment. Don't spend your time engaging in non constructive criticism of other students. If you have an issue with someone and you will, as martial arts is a contact activity, talk to them. If they are going to hard, ask them to back off a little, and if you don't feel comfortable then speak with your instructor. You will find most people's intentions are good and they usually only need to be made aware of potential issue to change their ways. I am very proud of the fact that all the students at Campbelltown Martial Arts have good intentions. The bad seeds are usually weeded out early or they mould to our positive ways.

The Benefits of being a great training partner at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Ever needed some extra help outside of class to prepare for a grading, couldn't quiet grasp a technique, wanted to get some extra training in as you are too busy to make it to class or you could be on holidays. If you are a respected student at Campbelltown Martial Arts you will have unlimited offers from other students and instructors who will go out of their way to help you. And it won't stop there. Campbelltown Martial Arts is like a big family. Over time we grow close and often spend as much time together outside of the gym as you do in the gym. When life throws you with challenges that may prove too much, then help is just around the corner at Campbelltown Martial Arts. I know firsthand how much people at Campbelltown Martial Arts rallied and helped me when I first became sick. Whether it was help with the kids, cooking food, listening to me whinge and moan and not giving up on me when I had given up, the Campbelltown Martial Arts family was there to help and they will be there to help you also. Share your stories, become the person that others want to train with and don't be afraid to speak up when you need help or are experiencing difficulty. Likewise if you can help others than do so. After all martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching. For more details on our programs visitPosted Feb 11, 2013 at 4:53 PM

  <br /><b>Thursday, February 7, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>New Hapkido Syllubus Up and Running At Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Changes to the Adults Hapkido Syllabus at Campbelltown Martial Arts
With training well and truly underway at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2013. The adults Hapkido students are now following the curriculum of the new syllabus, which was launched at the start of the year. Most techniques from the old syllabus are in the new syllabus however they may be introduced at different belt levels. The old knife defence has been replaced with general weapon defence anda new knife defence system has been introduced. Focusing on both striking and defending with a knife. As well as introducing relevant and modern kickboxing partner drills. Multiple grabs now commence at green belt to help make the transition to the senior class that much smoother. Basic blocking is taught at a basic level on white belt and continued on orange belt where it is expected the students develop and incorporate the use of hip power when blocking. There have been other changes at a junior level regarding both hand techniques, kicks and self-defence. Safety falling remains relatively unchanged. Turning side fall is not a requirement until blue belt however it is taught at green belt level to help the green belts get ready for the challenges of the senior class, including being thrown!!!

Why change or update the Adults Hapkido Syllabus at Campbelltown Martial Arts?
Whilst we endeavour to create the best possible syllabus, over time through implementation of the syllabus, we will see what works and what needs refining or improvement. We may also incorporate techniques from world-class instructors who have visited Campbelltown Martial Arts. The new syllabus includes the kickboxing defences from world champion kickboxer Benny the Jet. He has some amazing techniques that have helped him be undefeated in over 200 fights. We are grateful for Benny sharing that with us and I am sure he is happy to have us continue to use and become proficient at the techniques he shared with us.
Whilst we have hundreds of techniques in hapkido, the key is create a system where each technique is taught at the appropriate belt level and flows nicely onto the next belt level. If things need changing we will do that also. The syllabus is a dynamic system that we hope to keep improving over time through trial and error. Also as more world-class instructors visit Campbelltown Martial Arts, we may incorporate some of what we are taught, if there is a place for it in our syllabus.

Important Values Introduced to the Hapkido Syllabus at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Finally another positive aspect of the new syllabus is the introduction of values into the adults hapkido syllabus. Martial Arts is a way of life. It is our hope that the values and benefits of martial arts carry over into all other areas of your life. The values are different at each belt level and we ask that you sign your understanding and acknowledgement of the value and endeavour to incorporate that value in everything you do. We can give you the tools, however it is up to you how you choose to use it. Hopefully in a positive and beneficial way.
Further details on each student value is below at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
? White Belt - Commitment. Now that you have decided to join CMA commit yourself to learning martial arts and training at least two classes per week. Set this as a priority until a strong habit is formed. Allow at least three months to get used to this.
? Orange Belt - Increased Alertness. The call Joon Bee comes to symbolize a state of increase awareness of the environment and what’s going on around you. You will learn to pay attention to things going on in the background and take nothing for granted. It is also the beginning of a new value being learnt, self-control.
? Yellow Belt - Self control. As you commit yourself to training and start to progress through the belts of Hapkido you will learn respect for oneself, others and CMA, leading to self-control. Self control will enable you to stay focused and not get distracted with outside influences. Self control will begin to lead to the next value of patience.
? Green Belt - Patience. You are starting to apply the values of martial arts into your daily life outside of the gym. You are close to becoming a senior belt - blue belt. You may be tempted to rush this belt however patience is needed learn the foundation techniques of Hapkido at green and yellow belt. Through patience you develop the skills to cope with the challenging techniques of the senior levels in Hapkido. It also leads to the next value cooperation
? Blue Belt - Cooperation. Training is now heavier and more physical. You learn the importance of cooperation with others and working together as a group to help each other to improve.
? Brown Belt - Challenge yourself. Boredom, repetition and revision create a new obstacle. You need first to understand yourself and then to challenge yourself.
? Red Belt - Mind Control. Well developed mind control is needed to progress to black belt. Learn to control your thoughts and do not give energy to those thoughts which are not congruent with your ideals and what you want to achieve. Challenge them. This will then lead to you being able to set and achieve those goals you most desire.
? Provisional Black Belt. Goal Setting. Having made it this far is certainly something you should be proud of. Now is the time to set the goal for Black Belt. Usually it will take 12 months or so from when you received your Provisional Black Belt. Training should be stepped up and it should be a priority for the next year of your life. Not just focusing on technique but fitness and spirit also. Fitness will prepare you for the grueling physical black belt grading and spirit will get you through.
? Black Belt and beyond. A sense of achievement and greatness is gained. You soon realize that the journey was the most fulfilling part of making it to Black Belt. Your black belt symbolizes this journey. This is your first obstacle, beware of arrogance and hypocrisy and your own worst enemy, you. Now you need to further develop the values of patience, self control, domination of the mind to further progress to second, third and fourth degrees in Hapkido.
Change is good. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the new adults hapkido syllabus. As always we will review the syllabus in due time and make any necessary positive changes.Posted Feb 7, 2013 at 4:50 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, January 27, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Reality Sets In at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

We are already almost at the end of the first month for the new year. February is just around the corner. You probably started the year with many goals and aspirations. How are you going with those? Are you on track? Did you even make it past the first week? Is it harder than you thought?
If you have gone slightly off track and didn't even make it past the first week of the new year with your new years goals and resolutions, you are not alone. What we want or hope for and the reality aren't always the same thing. That's ok, the point is you even had a goal or new years resolution, you knew what you wanted. If you have gone off track then its simply a matter of getting back on track. If its harder than you imagined, maybe don't set the bar so high at first. At the end of each month reevaluate how you are going and what it is you want to achieve for 2013. Don't idly sit by watching others around you achieve and excel in all areas of their life. Create the life you want. First you need to work out what it is you want and then develop a plan for achieving it. There will always be hurdles, stumbling blocks and you will fall by the wayside. Don't quit as soon as you hit a brick wall. Find a way to smash through it or go around it. Often our greatest accomplishments come when we have the most to lose or when we are most desperate.

Getting Back on Track at Campbelltown Martial Arts.
So before you give up on your goals or desires. Establish what it is you want out of 2013. Whats important to you. We often here people who have had a bad year be glad to see the end of it. That's understandable, however remember you don't have to wait until a new year to get your life back on track. Often it takes just one decision and you commit yourself to that. Then a second, third etc. Small changes, one at a time, can make a big difference in such a short period of time.
Remember every experience in your life is a learning experience, good or bad. You have an opportunity to grow from each experience. Life is not about making the right decision 100% of the time. It's about doing what you feel is right at the time and if it doesn't turn out as you plan then so be it. Its better to regret the decisions you didn't do then those that you did. For me personally life is only the here and now, it's all we have. I am human, I have made mistakes and I will continue to do so. My life will always have its ups and downs. At the end of the day I can only learn from my experience. I know what I want, I know where I want to go and I will keep working towards that. In the mean time I will allow plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. The journey, not the destination is what it's all about. I don't expect every aspect of my life to be without challenges and hurdles. It never has and it never will be. Nothing stays as is. Everything is in a state of change, the challenge is to direct the change in a positive way.
You'll seldom experience regret for anything that you've done. It is what you haven't done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it. Value your present moments. Using them up in any self-defeating ways means you've lost them forever.

Doing the extraordinary things at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Set yourself apart from the rest. Do what others are unwilling to do. Surround yourself with those that are aligned to your values, dreams, hopes and aspirtations. Get rid of those who drag you down and make you feel bad. Spend time everyday in trying to reinvent yourself . Learn from those who have achieved before you. Don't compete, create the life you always wanted. Think about how you treat those around you.

Our thoughts are very powerful in how we feel, our belief system and what we believe we are capable of. Choose wisely the thoughts you take on and give emotion to. Every day is another opportunity to move towards what it is you want to achieve in life.
Finally the most important and often the least thing people do is take the time to appreciate all that they have achieved and what is good in their life.Posted Jan 27, 2013 at 7:57 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, January 20, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Cross Train At Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

With a bit over a week to go for the month of January, make sure you mix it up at Campbelltown Martial Arts and cross train in our other styles. The programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts compliment each other. There really isn't a martial art in my opinion that has it all. They all offer their own unique style, fortunately the programs at CMA blend nicely together.
Hapkido is a diversified stand up martial art focusing on kickboxing striking and defences, locks, self-defence, take downs, throws, weaponry and sparring. What is lacks with ground techniques you can learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). BJJ combines the very best techniques from stand up take downs to grappling on the ground. Its is one of the few arts where a smaller person can submit and subdue a much larger and stronger opponent. The stand up component of BJJ has similar aspects to the techniques taught in Hapkido, as such you gain a better understanding of balance, leverage and throws, then you would if you only learnt one art and not both.

For those keen to take their BJJ and Hapkido studies a step further, then MMA may be just what you are looking for. Mixed Martial Arts brings it all together. Mixed Martial Art is the missing the link between Hapkido and BJJ. Its one thing to learn the ground fighting techniques and the stand up techniques separately, it's another to combine them to create a truly effective fighting/self-defence system.

Whats left, surely there is nothing left to work on - Cage Fitness. Most of our classes go for a little over an hour, with so much to learn and techniques to drill, it doesn't leave a lot of time for fitness and in particular sports specific fitness. That is fitness designed for both BJJ and MMA or Hapkido. Cage Fitness offers an amazing total body work out in just 30 minutes. It's great for those that are time poor and need that something extra to take their martial arts to the next level. The key elements that Cage Fitness focuses on are endurance, strength, power, and core. This is accomplished through our 5 round fitness system.

Create a New Training Experience at Campbelltown Martial Arts

As it is a new year, its time to change your training experience at CMA. Try a class in one of our other styles. As stated above the styles compliment each other beautifully. Also it gives you a new experience and change is good. You will experience a different type of workout, use different muscles to what you are already used to and learn some valuable new techniques to add to your martial arts tool kit.
Remember for the month of january you can train in any style. With a bit over a week to go, get in there and experience something new at CMA.
Should you love the new experience and want more of it, come and see us at the CMA counter to discuss our upgrade packages. They are only slightly more than the basic package and is really be great value. It is one way to take your training to the next level at CMA.
Opportunity always there to try a different program at Campbelltown Martial Arts

Remember if for some reason you were unable to take advantage of our January offer, you are certainly able to try a few classes in any style to see if that is what you are looking for. We understand that there is not one size fits all approach, as such we have different programs for our different clients. Come and see us if you want to try a different program at Campbeltown Martial Arts. You can always visit for a complete list of all the programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Jan 20, 2013 at 4:50 AM

  <br /><b>Monday, January 7, 2013</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Getting Back into Training for 2013 at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Make 2013 your biggest year yet for training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Training resumes on Monday 7th January at Campbeltown Martial Arts. I am guessing and hoping you have had a refreshing and relaxing holiday over the christmas period. Whilst 2012 was a big year, we hope 2013 is even bigger and more successful. We want our students to feel fitter, healthier and more energised. For the month of January all students are able to train in any style or program. This is a great wait to start the new year and try something new, cross train and compliment your previous training at CMA.

If your excited and ready to roll at Campbelltown Martial Arts thats great, however if you are still in the christmas and holiday mind frame and can't see yourself getting back to the gym just yet, don't despair, keep reading for some motivational advice.

Getting Back into Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
It's normal to feel sad when your holidays come to an end or reluctant to return to a healthier way of living after indulging in everything, all in the name of Christmas. The key is to get back on track when you have fallen off or taken a break.

People often want motivation to get back on the mats, however it doesn't usually work that way. Motivation follows action. I will say it again just to let it sink in - MOTIVATION FOLLOWS ACTION. How often have you been reluctant to start something only to realise that once started it gets easier from there. The hard thing about any sort of physical training is getting to the gym, once you are there its easy, getting there is the hardest part.

I really encourage you if possible to mix it up for the month of January. Take advantage of our free training across all styles. Try a cage class on Monday, come to our fundamentals BJJ class on Tuesday and finish with a mixed hapkido class on Friday. We also offer classes during the day. Maybe if you are still on holidays come to our day classes for something different.
Its part of our human nature to feel bored and lack motivation to keep doing the same thing. So don't do that, mix it up. All it often takes is a change in routine, or a new experience and we are excited and motivated again.

January should be the month to undo all the damage of 10 days over christmas. Don't expect to gain the fitness you may have lost or loose those extra kilo's in a week. It will take at least a month of exercising 3 times per week minimum. I really encourage you to adopt a healthy eating regime with any physical training endeavours. You will make small progress through physical training or healthy eating on its own, but by combining the two you will make massive improvements to your health. If after a month you feel you aren't getting the results you hoped for then come and see me so we can have a look at what is going on.

Set yourself some training goals at Campbelltown Martial Arts. What do you hope to achieve this year. Don't be afraid to share them with your trusted training partners or instructors. We may be able to offer you some extra words of wisdom and encouragement to help you achieve your goals.
Please remember that you are returning to training during our hottest time of year. Have plenty of water throughout the day and during training to stay hydrated.

Finally always reflect on and think about why you started training at Campbelltown Martial Arts to begin with. It may have been to get fit, learn self-defence, gain some confidence, meet new people or to try something new. Your reasons for training now may be different from when you started, it doesn't matter, the point being that martial arts offers many physical and physiological benefits. Benefits such as improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, improved stamina and flexibility, the ability to learn, comprehend and achieve something new, improved personal interaction and social skills, improved memory through learning and recalling techniques, improved mental wellbeing through the release of endorphins in our brain after exercise and the list goes on. In today's society when we are all wrapped up in technology and have so many things done for us, I can't think of too many activities that offer this many benefits.

We need martial arts in our life and we need to invest the time in our health and mental well-being.

Getting your kids back to training at Campbelltown Martial Arts
As adults we can easily rationalise and make sense of what has been said so far. However for kids, it's not that simple. They live in the moment, they don't care about investing in their health, they just want to do what feels good at the time. It may be watching a movie, playing with some electronic device or hanging out with their buddies. It's important to let your kids know that by coming back to training, these things won't stop, but it's now time start doing some productive activities that will benefit their health both physically and mentally. Some kids will be super keen, but many others will want to have their holidays last that little bit longer. Which is great, their holidays aren't ending, we are just slowly incorporating some much-needed positive training, health and fitness back into their routine.

Give your children plenty of notice as to when training goes back. Don't leave it until five minutes before and say, "come on trainings back, let's go" I can't imagine this will go down to well.

Talk to them about why you feel martial arts is important. Ask them what they would like to achieve, help them to set a training goal and share this with your child's instructor. Together you can all come up with a plan to achieve this goal. The next kids CMA newsletter is all about goals, so this should further help you and your child in this area.

We have a big year planned at CMA for the kids, we have buddy weeks, power nights, in-house tournaments, monthly crazy classes already scheduled and planned. There will always be an event for the kids to look forward to. Please feel free to talk with your childs instructor if you are having trouble motivating them or with any aspect of their training. Two minds are often better than one.

Finally its my absolute belief that all children and even adults will benefit from martial arts. In today's society we have more than any previous generation, yet we are more unhappy, stressed, overweight, bullied, unhealthy and more inactive than ever before. Martial Arts can help with every single one of these areas. So next time your kids say I don't want to go to training, don't be so quick to follow suit. A lot of the families at CMA take the approach that martial arts is a life skill that is not negotiable, like learning to swim, read, math etc. Its an investment in your kids health and is an important must against these sad and scary statistics.

Just like my advice for the adults previously, start your kids slowly during January and ensure they stay well hydrated during our hottest summer months.Posted Jan 7, 2013 at 5:30 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, December 22, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>The Last Training Night and Night Before Training at Campbelltown Martial Arts for 2013</b>

Which Would You Prefer?
It was the night before training and I was suddenly filled with fear,
for the repercussions of over indulgence during the festive season would soon be near.
The wobbles and rolls of excessive belly fat, puking and breathlessness resembling a heart attack, why did I not stop at one, two or three beers, chocolate, pudding and all that.
The 5 kilos lost in the lead up to the festive season was piled on and more sum without any reason.
Its time to suffer and feel the wrath from the team of CMA Instructors.
All the hard work of last year wiped out, in the name of celebrating the Christmas cheer!!!

Or This

It was the night before training and I was feeling pumped, ready for action, ready to triumph.
I am proud to say it was no for me to over indulgence and excess fat, managing to remain steady at just one beer, pudding, chocolate and all that.
I was ready, for what they gave out, the team of CMA instructors would have no reason to shout, there was nothing to fear, nothing to dread. It was to the blue walls and training mats at CMA that I head. With a spring in my step and ready to roll, bring on training for the young and the old.
Off to a good start in the new year, ready for action, ready to pounce with nothing to fear!!!

The choice is yours fellow students, either way I will get the calories off you in the new year, you can choose the hard way or the easy way!!!

Thank you for a great year and have a safe and happy festive season and break. Training resumes on Monday 7th January.
Campbelltown Martial Arts finished its last class with a big presentation night.
There wasn't much time to train on the last class of the year with many well deserving awards to celebrate and hand out.

The night started with a Crazy Hair Theme and many students played the part brilliantly with amazing hair styles for the night.

The big night of awards included awards for Attitude, Behaviour and Character for each our our programs, a rising star award for students training less than 12 months, grading results, the referral draw and birthdays. Results are as follows, well done to each recipient for your dedication to training at CMA over the past 12 months.

Junior Eagles
Excellence in Attitude 2012, Laila Essaih

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, Shakeel Paterson

Excellence in Character 2012, Jailen Kavaratzis

Rising Star 2012, Justin Davis

Excellence in Attitude 2012, Declan Luyt-Wallace

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, Brody Cox

Excellence in Character 2012, Olivia Mason
Rising Star 2012, Oliver Dawson - Wall

Junior Falcons
Excellence in Attitude 2012, Zoe Brown

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, Angelina Chenh

Excellence in Character 2012, Chole Spooner

Rising Star 2012, Amelia Vieira


Excellence in Attitude 2012, Hayden Giddio

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, Yazmin Mason
Excellence in Character 2012, Mark Brown

Rising Star, 2012, Joshua Spooner

Senior Falcons

Excellence in Attitude 2012, Tyris Esma

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, Connor Luyt-Wallace

Excellence in Character 2012, Luke Davis
Excellence in Perseverance 2012, Aidan Collier

Kids BJJ
Excellence in Attitude 2012, Ronin Scott

Excellence in Behaviour 2012, William Cox

Excellence in Character 2012, Kindra Doyle

Rising Star 2012, Bethanie Bugden

CMA Black Belt Club
Excellence in Training 2012, Jack O’Toole

CMA Team Leader of the Year

2012 - Ethan Scott

CMA Adults Hapkido
Excellence in Attitude 2012, Austin Tang

Excellence in Persistance 2012, Danielle Sallis

Excellence in Conduct 2012, Megan Sallis

Rising Star 2012, Kiana Austin

• Happy Birthday to all those December students - we hope you all have a lovely day!!
• Congratulations to Students of the Month of December:
- Laila Essiah & Parker Cameron - Junior Eagles – both students had 7 nominations
- Isaac Scattergood – Junior Falcons
• Well done to John Alivio for 5 years training with CMA
• Many congratulations to our 3 referral draw winners:
- Charlotte Giddio -1st prize winner - $500 Red Balloon Gift Voucher
- Chloe Spooner – 2nd prize winner - $200 Ticketek Gift Voucher
- Jack O’Toole – 3rd prize winner - $100 Events Cinema Gift Voucher
All the above winners well and truly deserve their prize as not only have referred others to CMA but they are fantastic students with great families!!!
• Farewell and good luck to Max Weber and his family has they embark on an all-around caravan trip around Australia. We hope to see you back next December!!

Finally we would like to thank all students who were so kind to give us a lovely gift for Christmas!!!
We hope you have a wonder Christmas and that Santa is kind to you all. We have had an fantastic time training with you all in 2012 and to see you all grow and learn is amazing. Keep up your strong training and we look forward to seeing you next year xxxxPosted Dec 22, 2012 at 3:12 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, December 19, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Team Leaders at Campbelltown Martial Arts Enjoy a Well Deserved End of Year Celebration!!!</b>

On Sunday evening the CMA Team Leaders’ enjoyed their Christmas party organised and supervised by Natalie. This not only was the Teams’ Christmas party but also a very big thank you from Natalie as each Team Leader volunteers their time in one session per week, half an hour, all year, in helping with the 3 – 6 year olds Hapkido classes. In return of their voluntary work, each Team Leader is also learning valuable leading skills that will assist them in their own personal school, community and working life, as well as a future view of being a CMA Instructor.

Its Go Carting All the Way for Campbelltown Martial Arts Team Leaders
The team had expressed their wishes to experience Go Carting, so we all tried our best of driving low to the ground go carts. Very serious looks on all the Team Leaders faces as they were all concentrating so intensely at driving carefully but also trying to come first in the race. A few stacks occurred on the way, but in the end all had happy but very red faces!!!! Our winner was Ethan who seemed to zoomed past each of the children, well done Ethan!! Hungry bellies then took us all across to Pizza Hut where it was “All You Can Eat”. To see eight very hungry teenagers was quite a sight, I think they all got their money’s worth!!!!
A big thank you for your contribution to Campbelltown Martial Arts over the past 12 months!!!
Well done Team Leaders on your excellent behaviour in public , which I expect nothing less, and I hope you all had a fun night. Thank you again for all your help in 2012 with the Junior Eagles and Eagles as without you my job in instructing the little ones would be so much more difficult!!! Looking forward to you all developing further leading skills in 2013.
From Miss Natalie.Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 7:21 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, December 17, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Miss Natalie's Eagles Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

On Saturday 8th December 2012 was the final grading for 2012 for the Junior Eagles and Eagles at Campbelltown Martial Arts. We had a total of 18 Junior Eagles & Eagles grade to their next belt level. Well done on every Junior Eagle and Eagle who did grade as Sir commented how you all were the best behaved and best techniques group that has ever graded in front of him!!! (Sir doesn’t say this very often so you must have all impressed him!!!)

Declan luyt-Wallace was our highest Eagle to grade on Saturday and he graded to his Master Belt. This means that Declan has now completed all belt levels in the Junior Eagles and Eagles program. Congratulations Decelan, this is a very dedicated and prestigious belt to be presented at such a young age!!!

Spirit awards were presented to 5 Junior Eagles and Eagles!!!! This just shows how many students were performing at their best and thus this gave Sir a tough time in deciding who had earned the Spirit Award. Well done to the following Junior Eagles and Eagles for their Spirit Award:
Parker Cameron
Kristian Sola
Natalie Catana
Parneet Sandhu
Nevaeh Auelue

Our last training night for 2012 will be on Wednesday, December 19th so come along as we are having a special presentation night, along with a “special visitor” who may help hand out the winners of the ABC’s awards.

Our next grading will be in February 2013 so keep on training, get your training card signed, learn all your work and continue having fun in learning the ABC’S of life:
Attitude, Behaviour & Character
Falcons Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Sir Stephen
This was the last grading of the year and I had several of my students (Jr Falcons) from white to green belts grading, the first part of the grading is public speaking. This is where as their name is called they stand up and answer “Yes Sir” then they have a few words to say; up to a sentence or more for the higher belts. I must say that it didn’t mater how much they said but what did matter was the fact that they are standing up in front of all the other students, the instructors, CMA’s Master and all the parents present and this was the first thing they had to do! Well done to all the students.
As for the techniques, well you could see the nerves; you could see the concentration on their face and the delight from achieving their goal. From their hand techniques to kicks, falls and self-defense the white belts were determined, the orange Belts focused, Yellow Belt confident and the green belts disciplined in showing that they are ready to be a senior belt.
I congratulate all the students that graded last night; your efforts will go a long way to building your character and showing your true worth. Well done.
Senior Falcons Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts from Miss Danielle
Wow what a grading, they never get easier and this last grading was no different. Every student who graded had to work really not just on the night, but in the lead up to the day. I commend every student on their efforts they all gave their 100% best and it showed. ‘I said jump and they said how high’. We push them so hard (particularly the Black belts) so hard every spare minute, they were getting strapped up!! LOL
Harrison was looking for another stripe to add to his 2, and this meant a lot to him. For Harry to be eligible to grade he had to prove he was ready and pulled out all the stops, by making sacrifices and attending extra classes
Erin was dead keen to grade for second stripe and she and her family also pulled out all the stops to ensure she was ready by coming to extra classes and some weekend training.
Aidan wasn’t quite ready for the October grading, so we waited for December, He’d practise at home and after class. Being a black belt grading he worked his butt off.
Mitchell has been ready for a while, but something kept coming up and with an improved attitude he was finally ready to prove he was deserving of a black belt.
Chad is a brown who had just one thing to work on spinning crescent, he came to extra classes and practised daily at home.
Liam had good technique and when I’d ask him to practise his turning side fall, he did and any concerns I may have had went out the door.
Sean was preparing for an October grading, but wasn’t quite ready as disappointed as he was he kept his head high, practised and was finally ready.
Every student that graded tonight took their training to another level to be ready and it was pleasing to see all the hard work and effort, paying off.
Thankfully this grading every student was successful in breaking their wood, this was a huge fear for some of the students, but with lots of training on the ‘practise’ boards it all seemed too easy.
Highlights though there were many, included Aidan breaking his wood first go, after who knows how many practise goes, weeks of it, kick after kick, getting worked up and angry at times, only to break it first go on the night and say ‘Was that it’?
Chad’s spinning crescent needed a lot of work and on the night it was amazing, kicking like an adult. “Showing the Black belts how it’s done” (Master Michael). Erin’s wood break, Elbow break on an adult board, only took her a few attempts, but she is the first senior falcon to complete this board break, as the two before her were unsuccessful, so very very nicely done.
Harrison your speech was well said and it’s brings a smile to your face. Listening to this young man talk about how eight years of martial arts has brought him close friendship and taught him some of the values of life, makes my role at CMA even more worth it.
The support from the sideline also has to be commended, even some of the parents who didn’t have kids grading came down to watch and support the kids. CMA has a great sense of community and we rally behind each other, when it’s needed. So Thanks parents, pleasing to hear a lot of noise
I think we saved the best grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts to the end! Well done Senior falcons you really stepped up to the plate.Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 5:36 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, December 15, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Christmas Celebration at Jamberoo</b>

Wow, doesn't time fly, can't believe we just celebrated another CMA christmas party. This was the 20th christmas party for Campbelltown Martial Arts and number of students and their families from Campbelltown Martial Arts gathered together at Jamberoo for our annual christmas celebration. We try to do Jamberoo every second year and a picnic at the beach every other year.
Whilst the weather was chilli for a summer's day with a cool breeze it didn't stop everyone from immersing themselves in the rides and attractions at the action water park.
The most popular ride was The Taipan, the biggest water thrill ride where a group of people can ride the 5-person raft down one of two giant water slides – all in darkness! You won’t see the drops, twists and turns – heart-stopping stuff. Young Olivia Mason in our Eagles class couldn't get enough of this ride.

Other popular rides of the day included Bobsled, the perennial favorite! Two tracks snake down the mountain where riders can reach high speeds whilst enjoying the incredible scenic views. The Rock - A five metre high launching pad into deep water. Certainly not for the faint hearted! Popular amongst the younger kids was Billabong Beach - Ideal for the young ones as they get to play in heated shallow pools and mini water slides, dodging jets of water from huge make-believe critters like Charlie the Croc, Percy the Pelican and Freddie Frog. The Settlers Shack is a real hit and like their own big aqua cubby house!

Regardless of your favourite ride or water activity, the saying is true - Jamberoo, where you control the action. There is something for everyone and its a great family day out and reasonably well priced. All the CMA students and their families seemed to have a great time.
Stay in shape with your martial arts over the christmas break!
In case you weren't aware Campbelltown Martial Arts last class is Wednesday 19th of December and we come back to training on Monday 7th January. It's a long break and certainly enough time to undo all the hard training you have been doing all year, unless you train that is. If you are motivated and can't wait to get back to training, I'm sure you will find the time and place to fit some training into your festive season. I plan to train everyday if possible, focusing on my own tabata style work out with exercises that target the whole body, i.e burpees, push up/sprawl/jump, squat/kettlebell press/ plank and core exercises and steady state workouts, designed to go at a steady state and keep the heart rate slightly elevated. You can do this with a slow run, swim, fast walk etc. I'm also planning on doing lots of grappling with willing partners.
If you lack the motivation, how do you stay in shape. One way is to do some thing active that you have never done before and always wanted to do, perhaps is playing squash, tennis, dancing, swimming etc. Anything really as long as you get the heart pumping and the body sweating. If the idea of any type of exercise over christmas makes you sick, then get active with the kids. Take them on a bike ride each morning during the holidays, go swimming, jump on the trampoline, back yard cricket, soccer etc.
There really is no excuse to completely let yourself go. Find the motivation to keep in shape. The key is to stay active. Gardening, walking the dog etc are all things you can do.
Not overdoing it with food and drink on your break from Campbelltown Martial Arts!!!
Being active is probably the easy part, not overindulging may be harder. How do you not overdo it with eating and drinking when it's in abundance this festive season. The key to this is to have the chocolate, beer, wine, dessert or whatever we desire and do so with moderation. It's as simple as that. Don't feel guilty, enjoy yourself as we only have this opportunity one time per year, however it's also a great time to have healthy options as well. There are plenty of delicious fresh fruits, salads, seafood, meat on offer at this time of year. Fill up on these so that you are not tempted to over eat on the guilty pleasures.
When there are days we aren't celebrating with family and friends, choose to eat healthy on those days. Also get off the couch and be active. Exercise does curb your hunger. Drink lots of water in the heat and especially if you are drinking.
Whilst i do love this time of year, i really do hate having to break from Campbelltown Martial Arts. The students here are like my second family and I look forward to teaching them in the new year. Thank you for a great year and I look forward to a bigger and greater year at Campbelltown Martial Arts in 2013!!! Visit for more details on Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Dec 15, 2012 at 6:31 PM

  <br /><b>Monday, December 10, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Black Belt Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

A bit over a week ago was CMA's annual black belt grading. Grading for black belt we had John Alivio, Brian Nadin, Daniel Nadin, Austin Tang and Joel Doyle. Grading for his 4th degree and the highest grading ever held for a CMA student was Falcons Instructor Stephen Fellenberg.
The black belt grading is the biggest grading of the year at CMA and this was no exception. The black belt grading for those grading for their black belt is a test of their spirit level on the day. We are not looking at their technical ability on the day as we know that they have this part down pat, otherwise they would not have been able to attempt the grading. We want to see them dig deep when the going gets tough. We want to test them as much mentally as physically. This is what a CMA black belt is all about. A CMA black belt doesn't quit when things get difficult. We want to see how much this black belt means to them. It is something they have each been striving and working towards for the past 5 years each and every night they train. We want to see if they have the heart and spirit to make it through their last and final test on the way to earning their black belt.
For Stephen as he is going for his fourth degree the day is more technical than his fellow student s going for their black belt, however less physical. Each degree gets slightly more technical and less physical at the black belt gradings.
Highlights of the Black Belt Grading at Campbelltown Martial Arts
There were many highlights. The biggest highlight is each and every student grading receiving their respective belts at the end of the four-hour grading on the hottest day of the year so far with very little drink breaks. There were many occasions when the students struggled and a few wanted to throw the towel in, however for this group that wasn't an option. The camaraderie between the group meant that one in all in. They each rallied around each other to support each other when they were struggling and didn't think they could make it through. It wasn't just the fellow students helping to encourage each other through the challenging parts of the grading, the crowd was awesome and extremely vocal in support of the students grading.
A special mention has to go to Stephen for his fantastic and technical weapons demonstration with the sword. This is a highly technical and disciplined weapon. One slip of the sword and you will have a very bloody mess. There were not short cuts with the sword, it was sharp and it took a great deal of skill and hard work to perform the sword pattern almost error free.
Through the hours of kicking, falling, multiple grabs, throwing, self-defence, sparring and board breaks each and every student of CMA who graded at this year's black belt grading should be very proud of your hard work and achievement to make it to black belt and beyond. Congratulations to Stephen for becoming the highest ever student to grade to 4th degree at CMA. Stephen is like a fine wine, he gets better with age!!!!

The black belt grading is an event not to be missed by all CMA students. Its inspiring, humbling and very motivating. You too have what it takes to go to the next level in your martial arts journey. "Remember a black belt is simply a white belt who doesn't quit"

Final words from Master Michael Scott on the Campbelltown Martial Arts Black Belt Grading
Black belt gradings are seen as this one day where the students must perform all aspects of their training at the highest level, but in truth at CMA the students have been grading for the last five years or more demonstrating time and time again the various areas at the highest level both when they are fresh and also exhausted.

CMA Black Belt grading day is different as each person will have to find another level of energy to get through the day. The purpose of the grading is to test the limits of each person both physically and mentally, after today each person will know what they are capable of when their body tells them there is nothing left to give, it is then up to their heart and mind to get them through.(we call this spirit)
Grading Day 2012

CMA was packed both on the grading floor and with spectators all looking forward to a great day full of action including sparring and board breaks to finish the day, than presentations for all who are successful.

The day was hot and humid and all would be taken to their limits. Six future black belts lined up ready to reach a milestone in their martial arts journey at CMA and one black belt looking to reach another milestone 4th Degree black belt.

1. Brianna Puder Black belt
2. Austin Tang Black belt
3. Daniel Nadin Black belt
4. Joel Doyle Black belt
5. John Alivio Black belt
6. Brian Nadin Black belt
7. Stephen Fellenberg 4th Degree Black belt

This years group of black belt candidates are all very close and have pushed each other over the years and today would be no different, they all made a pact before the grading that if one person quit they all fail. This pact was tested during the course of the 4 ½ hour grading with two trying to quit at various stages but the others would not let them,encouraging them to find the extra spirit to continue on. Stephen also had to show his spirit was still rock solid after all the years on Black belt as well as demonstrate some very precise routines both with and without weapons.

After 4 ½ hours exhausted, battered and bruised, all had shown they had the spirit to wear a CMA Black Belt. I look forward to sharing their continued martial arts journey at CMA with them.Posted Dec 10, 2012 at 5:46 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, December 5, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Buddy Week at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Buddy week is a new concept that was only introduced to Campbelltown Martial Arts for the first time this year. The children of Campbelltown Martial Arts are able to bring a buddy to martial arts and have their buddy train alongside them for the week. The kids seem to love the concept, as do their buddies. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and a few of the buddies continue to train after the buddy week promotions are over and actually join Campbelltown Martial Arts. This is our ultimate goal. However other reasons for a buddy week include, introducing martial arts to kids who may not have otherwise had exposure to it, have students of CMA bring a buddy or sibling along to show them what Hapkido is and where they train and for those extra shy kids it's an extra incentive to get them onto the training mats to train alongside their buddy without the stress of training and not knowing anyone.
All kids who bring a buddy to the buddy week at Campbelltown Martial Arts receive tickets into the referral draw which is drawn at 6:30pm on the last day of class for 2012, Wednesday December 19th. There are $800.00 worth of prizes in the referral draw. It's worth bringing a buddy or two don't you think!!!
Read below for an update on buddy week for the Eagles and Falcons classes!!!
Update on Buddy Week at Campbelltown Martial Arts for the Eagles classes from Miss Natalie
The Eagles buddy week had lots of smiles and laughs with about 6 little buddies who thought they would see why their friends are always talking about “this CMA place”. Their eagerness was truly shown as each time we walked up stairs to the 2nd training level with their martial arts friend they almost sprinted up the stairs and just couldn’t wait until we started!! Lots of variety of skill drills were played to keep all buddies amused and entertained, with the most popular game played was the girls against the boys “We are stronger than you”. I think the whole of Campbelltown must have heard these little voices suddenly boom and each time attempting to get louder, stronger and even bossier than the opposite sex. Miss Nat was so impressed (and had sore ears) that it became a tie as so much effort was placed into this game by both the girls and boys!!!
Well done for all those Eagles who brought a buddy and as promised these Eagles all got a nomination placed on the board for bringing their buddy, as well as each Eagle receiving 5 tickets to go in the barrel for wonderful prizes to be drawn out on Wednesday 19th December 2012. Don’t forget, if your buddy returns to CMA and joins as a CMA member you will get another 5 TICKETS for the barrel!!!

Update on Buddy Week at Campbelltown Martial Arts for the Falcons classes from Miss Danielle
For the second time this year CMA held a Buddy Week following the great success from the first try. Wow what a turn out. For the seniors having a buddy to train with them is very exciting, as they would normally train downstairs in the junior classes.
The first two classes Monday and Wednesday saw over 40 kids on the floor, some of the kids went to a great effort to bring a friend to have some fun and learn a thing or two about martial arts.
Some of the skills drills included skipping, dodge ball, captain ball and other various ball games which help build team work, evasion, agility and accuracy. Some of the kids had a go at learning a cat roll which is a basic safety fall also known as a ‘CAMMANDO ROLL’, to my surprise they did really well for their first go.
The students helped their buddy learn some basic punches and kicks and had some fun with some balance drills, something we all need to work on. Overall Buddy week for the seniors class was a great success and seeing some students bring along 2 friends was a great effort, those tickets just might win them a prize at Christmas. I’m looking forward to the next ‘Buddy Week’ which I am sure will be an even bigger success.
Thank you to all students and instructors at Campbelltown Martial Arts for your efforts throughout buddy week.
Visit for more details of the kids programs at Campbelltown Martial Arts.Posted Dec 5, 2012 at 6:48 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, November 28, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>BJJ Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

Kids BJJ Grading Update
Tuesday night was time for our youngest BJJ grapplers to shine. This was our last grading for the year and we usually have 3 kids BJJ gradings each year. BJJ is a very technical art especially for our younger students. On Tuesday night we had students as young as 6 grading in their first ever BJJ grading. They did exceptionally well to stay focused for almost two hours and pump out their techniques. I find the kids who stick with BJJ are able to stay a lot more focused than kids who do not train in BJJ. They are able to work independently on techniques that require a lot of focus and concentration. Our BJJ kids generally all have a higher tolerance to pain and discomfort due to the combative and confronting nature of BJJ.
Kindra was the highest level grading for her fourth stripe. Michael S, Ronin, Emilio were grading for their third stripes and for their first stripe we had Max, Bethanie, Brody and Dan. The kids had to drill a number of techniques to grade including sweeps, submissions, escapes and positions. At the end of each grading they are then required to grapple a certain number of times with Kindra having to finish the grading with 5 grapples against fresh bodies. Kindra grappled extremely well and her biggest challenge came from her younger brother Gryphon. Whilst heart wrenching for their mum, not knowing who to cheer for or support, I was very pleased with the level of skill displayed during not only their grapple, all the kids grappling on the night.
Congratulations to young max who is only 6 for receiving the BJJ spirit award. Hopefully if the kids continue to train hard and consistently we will have our first kids blue belt next year!!! The challenge is on.

Adults BJJ Grading Update
Friday night was the adults turn to grade in BJJ and the last grading of the year. The night followed the usual format of drilling techniques and takedowns followed by the required grapples at the end.The results and an update from Master Michael Scott on the grading is below:
1. Ethan Scott 1st Stripe
2. Joshua Hayden 2nd Stripe
a. 1st match submitted by blue belt
b. 2nd match went the distance
3. Luis Alvarez 2nd Stripe
a. 1st match went the distance
b. 2nd match went the distance
4. John Unwin 3rd Stripe
a. 1st match got the tap out
b. 2nd match went the distance
c. 3rd match went the distance
d. 4th match went the distance
e. 5th match went the distance
5. Leanne Coffey Blue Belt 1st Purple Stripe - No sparring required at this level
Update from Master Michael on the BJJ Grading.
All white belts fundamentals were very solid with very few comments needed on their grading sheets, it was good to see Ethan Scott make the jump from our kids program where he has three stripes to the adults program where he tried for his 1st stripe. All the white belts that had sparring as part of their grading pushed themselves by selecting the blue belts to test them selves with, a credit to them all.Leanne who was looking for her first purple stripe showed why she is the current NSW blue belt champion plus the Will Machado national blue belt champion in both her weight class and open division. Leanne’s understanding of the fundamentals is very solid and she is starting to develop a killer game plan. 2013 will be a big year for CMA BJJ with a number of purple belts in the making as well as adding a few more blue belts to an already very solid team.

How to take your BJJ to the next level!!
Drill, drill and more drilling. The more drilling you do the better you will get at pulling the techniques off when grappling. You may have heard that it takes 1000 reps for it to actually work. Well this number was not pulled out of the air and made up. It's actually the number of times a person needs to do something for it to become a habit. 1000 reps are needed approximately for the neural pathways in the brain to be created so this it becomes automatic.
Also, grappling and training from specific positions rather than just free rolling will help to improve parts of your game that either need work or you are really trying to add to your BJJ game. Finally make sure your attend our John Will BJJ seminars and learn from one of the best BJJ coaches in the world. For more details on our BJJ program visit Nov 28, 2012 at 7:25 PM

  <br /><b>Tuesday, November 20, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Another Great Annual Camp for Campbelltown Martial Arts</b>

For the past 6 years at the same time each year, students of Campbelltown Martial Arts head to the central coast for the CMA annual camp. I am pleased to say this years annual camp at the lovely Blue Lagoon Beach Resort was another memorable camp. A few new families and CMA members made the pilgrimage and hopefully enjoyed themselves like the rest of us. There may be a few exceptions however, more on that later.
Whilst we always like to keep our popular events such as morning yoga and beach runs, hapkido training on the beach, BJJ training in the hot sun trying not to get bitten by the nasty ants at Blue Lagoon, team volleyball and basket ball matches, bush walking and having plenty of time for the all important R & R, we also like to include new activities each year.
This year we included a nipper challenge for the family fun games, digging for gold where the kids were required to dig up ping-pong balls worth a certain dollar value in the sand- Ronin was the happiest with $10.50 worth of balls dug up.

We also included and had a lot of support for a women's self-defence and awareness session. Virtually all the CMA ladies participated and thank you to Shaun for dehydrating himself in the protective suit, allowing the women to beat him up. Definitely one of my highlights and also thank you to Brian and Stephen for also being on the receiving end of these scary ladies.
Finally a very new and unplanned adults only activity included watching the waxing of Shaun's legs by Danielle. I am really starting to think of Shaun as a Masochist for volunteering to being on the receiving end of pain at this years camp. On the other hand I am starting to believe Danielle is a sadist for the pleasure she gets from inflicting pain on others. Ask her what her daily job description is. Those poor mice!!!!

Shaun's leg waxing session. Not sure which leg I like better. I am not sure we will be having this activity at next years camp.

Daniel must not have liked the way Shaun was bullying his mum and Caitlin. Shaun seems pleased to take the punishment.
Campbelltown Martial Arts Camp Highlights
There were many highlights and memorable moments at this year camp. They included:
?Watching all the kids enjoy themselves and have the freedom to roam around the resort on their bikes and scooters and the way they all played and interacted with each other.
?Everyone's participation in each activity especially considering Saturday was very cold and grey. This didn't stop the beach training and activities from going ahead.
?Kylie's spectacular dive through the hip and somehow surviving bending in two. I really believe Kylie is on a mission to hurt herself. Speaking of Kylie she bared all for the adults team in their quest to win one of the nipper challenges. That deserves special mention. Not sure we are able to post a photo however. I think Tom was about to pass out as a result though!!! Very funny and brave indeed. She gave a new meaning to giving the shirt off your back!!!!
?Krystal receiving the spirit award for her committment to participating in most of the activities throughout the camp. Well done Krystal, very much deserved. A special mention to Jemima who was close to receiving the spirit award.
?Kathleen's big and scary voice during the women's self-defence and awareness session. Shes definitely one confident lady not to be messed with.

Go Kathleen!! Don't take anyone's crap!!!
?The women of the singles cabin bravely surviving the gastro bug that claimed their male counterparts. It was Tom's first camp also. Hope he is able to put it behind him for next years camp.
There were many memorable moments and was makes it such great are the awesome members of CMA and their families. Thank you for such a great camp and we hope to see you all next year.

Shaun on the receiving end of pain again!!!

Next years Campbelltown Martial Arts Camp already booked!!!
If you were not able to make it to this years camp, i strongly suggest you book in for next years camp. Visit the Campbelltown Martial Arts Event page for more details Nov 20, 2012 at 5:52 PM

  <br /><b>Saturday, November 17, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martail Arts Adults Hapkido Grading Update</b>

Adults Hapkido Grading Update

It was the second last grading of the year and we had a number of junior students grading in November and Caitlyn all on her lonesome grading for Red Belt.

As with all gradings the challenge for both students and instructors is to successfully get all modules marked off and attend the required number of classes for each belt level. This grading was no exception and we have been working hard during class to learn all the required belt level techniques. Modules were being marked off right until the last class before the grading. Not ideal however this was a large grading and it takes time to assess every ones readiness to grade.

White belts were the first to grade and it's especially nerve racking on your first ever grading. We had a large number of white belts grading and they all showed great spirit and determination to get through their techniques on the night. A special mention to Grant for having the best boxing Michael has ever seen for a white belt.

It was the orange belts turn to grade next and whilst this was only their second ever grading in Hapkido, the oranges belts who graded were very technical and solid in their techniques. There is a lot of talent amongst the orange belts who recently graded and if they continue on their martial arts journey they have the potential to be high quality black belts.

Next up were the yellow belts which included twins Megan and Danielle and Dennis. A small group who have been working very hard to get ready for their grading. Yellow belt is the foundation belt for hapkido in regards to locking and self defence. Its not a belt to be rushed and if anything it is the hardest of the junior belts. All three yellow belts did very well with strong techniques. This will provide them with a solid platform to build upon their skills and successfully navigate through the higher belts of hapkido.

Finally it was young Caitlins turn to grade for Red Belt. Brown Belt is a very hard physical grading and takes that extra something special to get through it. Caitlin displayed plenty of heart, courage, and perseverance to get through her brown belt grading. This is a great achievement especially when you consider Caitlin is only 14 and was grading all by herself.

Thank you to those students who stayed behind to help and provide support and assistance during the grading. It was much appreciated especially when you have someone as young as Caitlin grading at such a high level on her own. Congratulations to all the students who put in the hard work over the last few months and who have successfully graded.

We have one more grading left on Monday December 17th. Its only a few weeks away. Time to start working on the modules before we can relax and enjoy the festive season. Last day of class is Wednesday 19th December and classes resume on Monday 7th January 2013. For more details on upcoming events at Campbelltown Martial Arts visit Nov 17, 2012 at 7:57 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, November 7, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Falcons Grading Update</b>

Falcons Grading Update at Campbelltown Martial Arts
Wow what a grading, lots of tears, board breaks and heart. Only the second grading under the new syllabus and the kids are adjusting very well. The speeches were a highlight of the grading, the kids spoke clearly and confidently. The seniors did extremely well for the personal touch they had to add to their speech, so well done everyone.

Junior Falcons and Falcons Update from Miss Danielle
All the white belts did very well, the first grading is always the hardest, not knowing what to expect, the nerves creep in and a little panic. Well if the whites were feeling this, they didn’t show it. They demonstrated good technique and a lot of determination. You could see the effort on the kids faces.

The two orange belts Kenton and Joshua were fantastic. They both were focused and knew their syllabus very very well. Sir Steve would’ve been proud of their efforts.

Well done to the yellow belts, this can be very nerve racking, a green belt puts you at the highest belt in your class and only one belt from becoming a senior. There were some tears coming down the face on some students and times some wanted to stop, but to their credit they kept going and made it through. That’s the kind of attitude Sir Michael and the all the instructors want to see.

Green belts, it’s a big one, the last junior belt grade and didn’t they do well. Hayden had great technique and composure and the two young one s Isaac and Leroy, did extremely well. I have no doubt they will have no trouble fitting in upstairs, they have a lot of heart and the right attitude, perfect for a senior belt.

All the Falcons and junior falcons did so well. I can see all the instructors have worked hard and are doing a great job to get the kids ready for their grading. Well done Falcons, Sir Steve and Shaun would be proud and so would Miss Janelle and Bree.
Senior Falcons Update from Miss Danielle

The seniors had eleven kids grading, six blues, four brown and one black belt. This was the first senior grading for most of the kids, the age span ranging from seven to twelve. The blues has great hands and falls and good spirit, however the hardest part was still to come. Wood breaks, this was the first wood break attempt for the blue’s and boy didn’t we get some tough boards. Jack took three goes to break his, unfortunately for the rest, it took a few more attempts. There were tears of pain and some heartbreak, after every kick the board was still in one piece, after many attempts and some breaks, finally all the boards started to break. I’m proud to say every child broke their wood followed by massive smiles and relief. Well done, it doesn’t matter how many attempts it takes. Heart and courage is needed to keep going. You did it kids!!

The Brown belts kids exceptionally well, they were probably the best seniors on the night, I was very happy with what I saw. They demonstrated great technique, spirit and managed to keep their guards up majority of the time. At wood break time, the kick of the day was an axe kick. This kick involves using your heel and kicking to the ground, some wasted no time going through the board so quick, if you blinked you missed it. Others needed a few more goes to warm up, but in the end, no trouble at all.

Jessica the highest belt grading and looking for her first stripe did very very well to get her technique up to scratch before the grading. When we said you need to go home and practise she did, and that showed in the grading. Three minutes of falls, is long enough to stop an adult black belt from getting up over and over, but despite having no energy she pulled herself up everytime, ready for the next fall. Herself defence and one step excellent, boxing much improved and a solid pole pattern. Time for the adult board break and Jessica had no troubles, once she got her kick in the right place, the board easily broke into two.
All the seniors demonstrated the right attitude, fantastic spirit and great support for each other. It was a long grading taking over three hours and they all prevailed.

Thank you also to Luke or Matthew Gidric, Jayden, Peter and Shaun for being a Board holders, it was a lengthy time, to keep your arms straight out in front.Posted Nov 7, 2012 at 5:28 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, November 4, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Campbelltown Martial Arts Eagles Grading Update</b>

Last Saturday, 27th October, we had 24 Junior Eagles and Eagles grade to their next belt level. For a Junior Eagle (3 and 4 year olds) and an Eagle (5 and 6 year olds) to be eligible to grade they must have the following completed:
? They must be regularly attending at least two classes per week
? They must have at least 20 x training sessions. This is found on their training card. Every time they attend a class their training card is dated.
? They must learn their public speaking sentence/s to say to Master Michael on grading day
?They must be learning their life skill. We constantly discuss this in class for each belt level what their life skill is and what is means to them
?And finally, both letters from parents/carers and preschool/school teachers must be returned prior to the grading day.

As you can see from the above, we don’t hand out belts easily, we take training with the Junior Eagles and Eagles seriously as we truly do want them to have martial arts as a way of life!!!
What it Means to Become a Master Eagle at Campbelltown Martial Arts
This grading in particular was very special as we had three students for the first time were grading to Master Eagle Belt. This means that all three students have progressed and graded to every belt level in the Junior Eagles and Eagles program. As this was the students final belt level they graded for more than an hour as they had to complete brown belt level work and as well as their own belt level. Their concentration, self-discipline and behavior was outstanding for 5 and 6 year olds. This just goes to show the benefit of what martial arts has at an early age. Many congratulations for reaching their Master Eagle Belt to:

Brody Cox
Finlay Joyce
Daniel MoraPosted Nov 4, 2012 at 1:50 AM

  <br /><b>Sunday, November 4, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Benny The Jet Seminar - Powerful and Motivating Experience</b>

Benny The Jet Seminar
On Wednesday night a few members of CMA travelled to Liverpool for a very inspiring and motivating seminar with Benny The Jet. We were originally meant to have the seminar at CMA however due to lack of numbers it had to be cancelled and took place instead at KMA Champion Martial Arts, Headed by Master Instructor Fari Salievski.

It was a great turn out with at least 30 keen and enthusiastic students raring to go. As was my previous experience with Benny The Jet, he did not disappoint. In fact id have to say it was better than last years seminar. Not sure why, maybe its because we have already had some experience with Benny The Jet and his fighting philosophy and it was great to go over the content we covered 12 months ago in more detail and also under more pressure with people punching and kicking us.

Benny's arsenal of defences and attacks are what made him a world champion. The techniques have have stood the test of time. What worked for him 30 and 40 years ago will also work today if applied and trained correctly at any level of fighting. It shows how advanced his fighting techniques were for his time.

If you attend a Benny The Jet seminar you will meet a very humble and unassuming person. However don't let that fool you. He not only deserves our respect he commands it when teaching. When Benny teaches he is present in the moment ready to teach you all that he knows and he expects the same of you. He wants you to be open and take on board what he has to offer you whilst you are with him for those few hours. After that you are free to do what you like with the information, however it is Benny's desire that you do more than he was able to do with it. That's a big task and just goes to show how much heart and passion Benny has for his martial arts. He has no desire to withhold and keep the information to himself, he wants to pass it onto us and have us doing even greater things.

When you see Benny move its easier to forget that he is in his sixty's as he moves like someone in their twenty's. Benny also has an amazing understanding of the Human Anatomy and understanding of the human body as was evident in our half hour stretching routine that he took us through. Flexibility plays a very important part of Benny's beliefs and fighting philosophy and I am sure it is something that he works at diligently every day.

A seminar with Benny The Jet is much more than learning a few fighting attacks and defences. Its also not about himself and boosting his ego. Its about Benny sharing with us his knowledge of martial arts, his belief system and the techniques that made him a world champion and undefeated in over 200 fights. A big part of what made Benny the Jet a world champion and now an amazing teacher is his internal belief system. People call him a master and he says "no he is someone who has learnt to master himself and he is on the way to mastery". This is very deep and part of what Benny shares with us during his seminar. That and how to stay focused and appreciate all that is good in your life. If you were feeling down and in need of something powerful and uplifting you would have certainly got that on Wednesday night.

It was a seminar I was very proud to be part of and its a shame that we couldn't get the numbers for Benny the Jet at CMA. Maybe next year!!!! For more information visit on upcoming events at CMA visit Nov 4, 2012 at 1:48 AM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 24, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>John Will Visits Campbelltown Martial Arts for an X - Guard BJJ seminar</b>

A Campbelltown Martial Arts we were privileged once again to host John Will for an awesome BJJ seminar with the focus on xguard.

John Will began his martial arts training in 1972.
With a basic grounding in amateur wrestling, Goju Kai Karate and Taekwondo. He first left Australian shores in 1975 to study the indigenous martial arts systems of South East Asia; with many of those years spent in Indonesia learning Pentjak Silat.
The next twenty five years have seen him take more than 30 overseas training trips; including stints in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, the U.S.A and Brazil. In ‘82, he entered and won gold in the first World Silat Championships held in Jakarta, the first and at that time, the only non-Indonesian to accomplish that.
His friendship with long-time training partner Richard Norton, opened many doors to him in the Unites States, that perhaps would have been closed to most people. So in the late 80’s, he began training with such notables as Benny Urquidez, Gene LeBell, Shuki Ron, Pete Cunningham, Rorion and Rickson Gracie and the Machado brothers.
In the late 80’s, a friendship with Rigan Machado allowed John to travel to and train in Brazil. There, he was exposed to a wide cross-section of Brazil’s best BJJ coaches, and so began his serious study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was finally awarded the rank of black belt by Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado in 1998; making him one of the ‘BJJ Dirty Dozen’, the first twelve non-Brazilian BJJ black belts in the world.
Up until that time, John had taught Shootfighting, a street-oriented blend of Groundfighting and Stand-up work; but upon being graded to black belt under the Machado’s, he felt the time was right to promote and develop the Brazilian art here in Australasia. Hence, BJJ Australia, the Australasian branch of the Machado Organization, was formed. As national director for Machado BJJ, he has to this date, written three books on the art, with plans for more in the pipeline.
His schedule is a demanding one, even by international standards. John now conducts in excess of fifty BJJ seminars throughout Australia and overseas, each calendar year. He also works with law enforcement groups and Special Operations personnel to improve their arrest and control procedures. Between writing books, running seminars, travelling and training with the worlds martial arts elite, our three time winner of the Blitz – Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, can still be found most often, at his schools in Melbourne and Geelong. His passion for teaching and getting ‘down to business’ remains undiminished.
The Benefits of Incorporating X - guard into your BJJ Game
One of the benefits of learning X guard is that its not overly complicated. It is what it is. The main advantages of X guard are how easily it is to sweep your opponent backwards with a high low sweep for example, forwards and laterally with a side kick to stretch your partner out and then come to your feet with a leg drag. During the BJJ seminar with John we focused on four ways to enter and four sweeps from x guard. As with any sweep or take down, the entry is the key and then maintaining that position. X guard is an advance form of open guard and does require a great hooking game. Having said that for those that are new to the art of BJJ, X guard will improve your hooking game and the seminar would have opened your mind to a whole new way of playing open guard. Not bad for a two hour seminar.
As with any John Will BJJ seminar what makes them so good is Johns teaching skills and passion for sharing his BJJ knowledge. We had all levels on the mat. No purple belts however. We all came away with something great to work with and incorporate into our game. Its takes a highly skilled coach and teacher to be able to have everyone in the room think "Wow", that was great. I loved it" and an even greater skill to teach it in a way that you can retain and use that knowledge. John has turned this skill into an art form and is close to mastering it. His teaching methods are very clear and precise. He walks you through the techniques one step at a time. No one progresses until everyone is comfortable with the techniques. John Wills BJJ seminars are well planned and the techniques flow. He is always taking notes for reference or to use in the future. How many seminars have you done with amazing grapplers and come away thinking "wow, what did we just learn. I don't remember it. Impressive though". Sometimes I wonder if these great BJJ grapplers are more focused on showing us how good they are as opposed to actually teaching us. If you do enough martial arts seminars you will soon start to see this.
More Than a BJJ Coach, John is a life Coach Also.
This will become evident early on when you do a BJJ seminar with john. Every technique John teaches has a story and lesson behind it. Listen carefully as if you take the information on board you can really improve your BJJ training and life outside of BJJ. Lessons such as the benefits and different levels of leverage, how to be a good training partner, how to solve those seemingly unsolvable issues in your BJJ training and in your life, how to recognise and emulate the most successful people in your gym or other areas of your life and successful habits to make your training more efficient and thus generate better results. Sounds like leverage to me. Then how to apply this knowledge to other areas of your game - 2nd level of leverage and finally how to apply this knowledge to life outside of BJJ - The ultimate leverage. I am sure I have missed some other important concepts or life lessons that John shared with us during the xguard BJJ seminar. However he does expand on this more in his blogs. I highly encourage you to read his blogs at

Make sure you make it to the next John Will BJJ Seminar.

Visit for more details.

Remember for approximately $80.00 you will get the opportunity to train with one of the best in BJJ. You will most definitely improve your BJJ game and life with the lessons John will share with us. Only if you take what he has to say on board. Either way, don't miss out on the great BJJ investment as you don't know how long John will continue to share his knowledge and skills with us.Posted Oct 24, 2012 at 5:59 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 17, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Changes To Our Fitness As We Age</b>

Can you still do the things you were able to do at 18, 25 or even 30. If you can than you keep doing whatever it is that you are doing. If not then it may not be entirely your fault. As you have probably experienced that you have to work harder to maintain the same level you were at when you were younger. Don't despair this is all apart of aging process. Whilst you can't stop this you can slow the aging process down with the right type of fitness regime.
Before we get on to that, lets look at what happens with the aging process to our fitness health.
One of the hallmark features of aging is the loss of muscular mass and strength. Much of this loss can be explained by changes to the neuromuscular system such as decreased number of motor neurons, decreased number of muscle fibers, and decrease muscle fiber size.
The age related decline in muscle mass appears to occur in 2 phases. The first or “slow” phase of muscle loss, in which 10% of muscle mass is lost, occurs between the ages of 25 and 50. The majority of muscle loss occurs thereafter where an additional 40% is lost from the ages of 50 to 85. Overall, the human body loses 50% of its muscle mass by the age of 80.
It has been shown that aging results in a loss of the power and speed producing fast twitch fibers and an increase in the more aerobic slow twitch fibers. This seems to make sense since movements that demand a high velocity of contraction (such as jumping and sprinting) tend to be less in the older years. Ever wondered why elderly people drive slow, this is the reason. It's actually a good thing as they are less likely to have an accident by slowing down a little.
Many people began to experience a loss of balance, or disequilibrium, as they get older. Glaucoma and cataracts are culprits, due to how both conditions deteriorate eyesight. If your spatial perception is off, it's difficult to maintain balance. Problems in the vestibular system of the inner ear, such as chronic ear infections, can also lead to disequilibrium. Loss of muscle tone can make you feel unsteady, and so can changes to the brain. The cerebellum is the part of the brain responsible for regulating balance and motor function, and it shrinks with age.
You can also lose flexibility, simply because tendons and ligaments degrade over time. They dehydrate, and adhesions, or internal scar tissue, can form with minor injuries. Muscle tissue also goes through degradation over time, known as sarcopenia. After age 50, we lose muscle mass at a rate of 1 to 2 percent per year [source: Western Washington University]. Muscle is also replaced by fat.
Stamina and energy are often the next to go. This is partly related to the sarcopenia, but can also be caused by cardiomyopathy (a weakened heart) or diminished lung capacity. Loss of height is one cause of that diminishment in lung capacity -- there is literally less room for the lungs to expand. Losing height is a natural part of aging, but if it happens rapidly, it can be serious -- osteoporosis, a loss of bone mass, is a potential cause.
Finally, our immune systems are weaker as we get older because we produce fewer lymphocytes, the cells that fight infection. This can be due to nutritional deficiencies, but it's also just a part of aging.
These are just a few of the changes that take place in the body as we age. The good news is that a fitness regimen can help slow down all of them.

The Ideal Fitness Program
The ideal Fitness program is different for everyone. First thing to realise is if you are training regularly and you can't do the things you did at 18, there is a reason for that, THE AGING PROCESS. Having said that if you are like me and always training, then a good rule of thumb is to try to maintain your fitness levels. MAINTENENCE.
If you can maintain your cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and weight over a long period of time then you are actually making progress as we know these things decline with age. So my goal is to be of a similar weight, similar blood pressure, girth measurements etc and at an overall fitness level and to not let this decline with age.

I'm still working on this one!!!
Keep doing what you are doing now as long as it leaves you feeling good. Make changes necessary that no longer agree with your body. I would highly recommend that you incorporate resistance training into any fitness regime to slow down the loss of muscle mass associated with aging. This has many benefits such as increasing your metabolism so that you burn energy at a faster rate and not put on weight as quickly. This will also help you thrive in your golden years when strength will become such an important part of our daily living. Activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and standing up from a chair are so dependent on strength, it is imperative to minimize the age-related loss in strength as much as possible.

Hopefully one day I can do this!!!
Any fitness program should incorporate an adequate warm up, cool down and an element of stretching to ensure our muscles recover adequately between workout sessions and we are able to maintain a degree of flexibility to help us move with ease in our later years.

Move with Ease in Your Golden Years
I would highly recommend any person who has never trained before get a medical clearance from a doctor as certain conditions can be made worse with exercise. I would then recommend starting a program slowly with low resistance and light cardio to begin with. Slowly progress the fitness program overtime and seek the services of a fitness professional to oversea any program you undertake. At least in the early stages.

Commence any new exercise program slowlyHow Fitness Can Help Other Chronic Health Concerns
Do you suffer from High Blood Pressure, Low Blood pressure, Overweight, Diabetes etc. Well if you don't then you are in the minority. Australia is no longer the healthy county. All these things are on the rise in this country and exercise can help with this. If you have high blood pressure then loosing weight and aerobic type exercises can really help to lower your blood pressure. Be very careful with any resistance program and only have very light resistance until the blood pressure is brought under control. High resistance can put to much strain on the heart if you have high blood pressure. Conversely resistance training is great for people with low blood pressure as it increases your muscle mass and forces the heart to have to work harder thus raising your blood pressure. Exercise helps to moderate insulin levels for diabetes and we all know how it can assist with weight loss.
Come on guys, get fit and stay in shape. Visit Don't try to become the next iron man or women, simple start to improve or maintain your current fitness levels and feel good about yourself. Your body is worth looking after and you will reap the benefits. Instantly you will start to feel good. Fitness is the key to vitally through the ages.Posted Oct 17, 2012 at 7:50 PM

  <br /><b>Sunday, October 7, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Upcoming Events at CMA</b>

Its been a big year so far and it seems as if each year gets busier and quicker especially at Campbelltown Martial Arts. Having said that the year is not over and we still have a lot planned before we can relax for the festive season.

John Will to Visit Campbelltown Martial Arts

John is an amazing coach and head of our BJJ organisation in Australia – Will/Machado BJJ. He was instrumental in bringing BJJ to Australia. John was coached by the legendary Rigan Machado. John first brought BJJ to Australia in 1988. Since then BJJ has grown to become a major and popular martial art here in Australia. John has produced many highly regarded and quality black belts. John’s record speaks for itself. Google him and you will find a wealth of information over the internet. Something you can only get however if you attend his seminar is what an amazing coach and teacher he is. John truly understands that there is much more than just turning up to a seminar and providing the students with a few techniques. He has made an art form out of coaching and providing quality instruction to BJJ students of all levels. It doesn’t matter what level you are, by attending the John Will seminar you will be left inspired, motivated and enthusiastic in regards to your BJJ. On a higher level again. John also understands the similar parallels in life and BJJ. He will give you much more than just a BJJ seminar. He will provide you with many life lessons to ponder, we call these gold nuggets. This is what makes an investment in a John Will seminar so worthwhile. It will take your BJJ game to the next level, you will be left in awe at John’s teaching and incredible BJJ knowledge and he will provide you with valuable gold nugget to think about and incorporate into your own life. I am not sure how long John will be doing these seminars for as he has been doing them for a number of years and will slowly cut back, so make sure you don’t miss this one on Saturday October 20th at 2:00pm.

Benny the Jet to Visit Campbelltown Martial Arts

For almost five decades Benny “the Jet” Urquidez has been a moving force in the martial arts. Starting out in relative obscurity, he catapulted to world prominence in the mid 1970s, when he became a world champion kickboxer the same year full-contact karate was introduced to the United States. As a kickboxer he traveled from country to country, challenging national champions to bout after bout, always with the same result: winner, Benny “the Jet” Urquidez. During his years as a kickboxer, Sensei Benny carried a perfect won-lost record. During his years as a martial artist he also became an international movie star, appearing on the screen with such luminaries as Jean-Claude Van Damme, John Cusack, and Jackie Chan. Indeed, the jaw-dropping fight scene between Sensei Benny and Jackie Chan in the movie “Meals on Wheels” is regarded to this day as being one of the best (if not THE best) martial arts movie fights in cinema history.
But more than that – more than the acclaim as a champion kickboxer, more than the millions of people who know his work as a movie star – Sensei Benny is and always has been a teacher. And now, you too can take part in the teachings of Sensei Benny. You too can learn from his experience and wisdom. Benny will be visiting Campbelltown Martial Arts on Wednesday 31st of October at 7:30pm.

Benny visited CMA last year and introduced us to the techniques that made him a world champ. Benny also showed a different side to the lethal kickboxer that has never been beaten, a spiritual side. He gave us insights to his belief system that made him a champ, how he trained and how he trains his students, how he prepares and stays as flexible as he is and his philosophy on stand up fighting. We were so impressed in Benny’s techniques that we are in the process of incorporating them into our hapkido syllabus.
We bring these world-class martial artists to CMA for the benefits of our students. Make sure if you want this to continue you support and attend these seminars. It really is an investment into your martial arts. Benny the Jet is a must for all students with an interest in stand up fighting.

More Events planned at Campbelltown Martial Arts

As you can see from above we still have a lot more training to do at CMA before the end of the year. Other events include:

CMA Kids Halloween Night: Saturday 3rd November 6:00, visit our Facebook fan page for details on the kids crazy classes towards the end of the year at “Campbelltown Martial Arts (CMA)”
CMA Spring Camp: 9-11 November
CMA Christmas Party at Jamberoo: Sunday 9th December
CMA Black Belt Grading: Saturday 1st of December, we also have our coloured belt gradings in both Hapkido and BJJ continuing for the rest of the year.
Last day of Class and referral draw is Wednesday 19th December. Referral draw is at 6:30pm and presentations will be held during normal class times.Posted Oct 7, 2012 at 7:22 PM

  <br /><b>Wednesday, October 3, 2012</b><br /><img src="" width="12" height="12" border="0" alt="blog_cube1.gif" /><img src="" width="10" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer.gif" /><b>Martial Arts More Important Than Ever for the Whole Family</b>

The recent and tragic murder of Jill Meagher in Brunswick Melbourne, has highlighted how important it is for all of us to learn vital self-defence and safety measures to keep us safe from the evils lurking in our society. It could have been anyone. She had taken the same route many times before. What makes this tragedy even more heartbreaking is that it didn't need to happen and could have been avoided. Had she accepted the offer to have someone walk her home then the story may have had a very different ending and sadly the family and friends close to Jill will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.
We as a society however can learn from this tragedy. It's not safe for anyone, let alone young women to be walking home alone late at night, especially whilst intoxicated. Please educate yourselves, your wives, girlfriends and kids on the importance of thinking about safety first whenever they go out. Plan your trip ahead of time. Think about where you are going, likely risk factors, how you plan to get home, have a back up plan if this fails also. Make decisions with safety as a priority. Don't get complacent either. The trip you may have done many times before could well set you up for danger when you least expect it. Someone may recognise your routine and begin to stalk or follow you. For this reason I think it is better to mix your routine up. Don't be fooled that you are safe in the day and not at night either. I have spent years jogging both during the day and at night. I have only ever been followed during the day. On each occasion I actually confronted the men following me. I was prepared to make a big scene, a massive scene. Anything that would draw attention to the situation. They were always in cars and I knew that if they got me in the cars that was it. However fortunately that didn't happen. I also stopped jogging at night. When I do jog I now jog against the traffic so I can minimise the chance of a car sneaking up on me, which is what had previously happended. These little things can make all the difference.
The death of Jill has touched a nation. Thousands march along Sydney Rd in Brunswick where she was abducted to pay respect and stand together in solidarity against voilence. As a nation we can do something. We need to educate each other on the importance of safety. How many people reported after this event went to the new,s that they had been followed or someone had attempted to grab them yet. It was too late at this time, they needed to have reported it straight away to the police. I am as guilty as ever for not reporting things, but I can tell you that I will always report things from now on.

Grateful for my Martial Arts Skills and Training
It is times like these that I am grateful for my martial arts training and skills. I am also thankful that I have the opportunity to get my kids into Martial Arts. As we all know that abductions, kidnappings etc can happen to anyone, especially kids. For my family martial arts is compulsory. My kids stated off learning a mixed martial arts such as Hapkido, and all my kids were learning before the age of 5. Once they reach the age of 6 I then progress them into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well. I do this as I see how important it is for everyone to be able to defend themselves. We live in a violent society. It's only going to get worse. It also teaches my kids to respect what they learn and not misuse it in any way. In fact they shy away from violence. There is also the many other benefits of martial arts for our kids including improved cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic power, balance, flexibility, stamina, posture, increase in self-confidence and personal discipline. My kids know that martial arts training is not an option, it is something they need to do just like going to school. Fortunately they seem to love it at Campbelltown Martial Arts and its rarely an issue to get them to training. That was until my youngest daughter came a long. She is a little bit more stubborn. She doesn't want to train with the boys, only the girls, I have to think of a strategy to get her around that!!!
Do yourself and your kids a favour enrol in a martial art program and stick to it. I really do wish it was compulsory. I think we would live in a different society if it was.

More Martial Arts Self Defence Classes to Come!!!
We have held one specific community self-defence class this year which was free. My hope is that it helped the participants in the program start to think more wisely and safely. They were young girls and I hope I planted the seed as to how to think, act and be safe. I am planning more for next year. Visit where we will post details on upcoming events. I am hoping to plan a mini safety event at this years Campbelltown Martial Arts annual camp!!! In the mean time get to training, set the example for the kids and teach them that it is a life skill we all need to learn. At Campbelltown Martial Arts we have classes for everyone from Cage Fitness, to Womens only BJJ, MMA etc. I hope to see you training next week at Campbelltown Martial Arts or a Martial Arts gym close to you that recognises the importance of learning self defence.Posted Oct 3, 2012 at 2:49 AM

  <br />