Kinder Kicks

Kinder Kicks


Kinder Kicks is a an age specific curriculum designed to teach little ones about important life skills, as well as create a positive attitude towards exercise. In every class, children will learn about THE REMARKABLES who will teach valuable life skills such as CONFIDENCE, DETERMINATION, FOCUS and more. Through their stories children will understand what the concepts mean and will have opportunities to express them through activities. Classes provide moments of fitness and exercise which are all done with a Martial Arts flair. In parntership with parent participation, Kinder Kicks provides a special activity that parent and child can share together. At the conclusion of each class, parents share a REMARKABLE story about something their child has done since the last class that they are proud of. Hearing these stories in front of their peers and teachers further promotes the positive behaviours we are helping to instill.


To teach children about life skills, characters known as THE REMARKABLES are used. Characters such as Black Belt Baboon will teach your child about INSIDE POWER and OUTSIDE POWER and how we need to use our inside power to make the decision about when we can use our outside power. Blocking Bear will teach your child about FOCUS and how when mum and dad ask you to do something, we get it done quickly. We dont start cleaning and then stop to do something else. Through stories children will understand these life skills and will be able to use them at home and at play.

Remarkable Me

Imagine a class where you and your baby get to spend 30 minutes getting a complete workout and having fun! Classes incorporate cardio, abdominal work and strength training for the parent while including tactile, auditory and visual stimulation for baby. When babies exercise with the important adults in their life, it helps them to bond while establishing fitness as a lifelong meaningful part of a healthy life. In each class, babies will feel textures and respond to sounds such as the voice of the instructor and the rhythm of the music.

Jumping Joeys

The Jumping Joey curriculum is designed for parents and toddlers to develop a lifelong love of physical exercise, exploration and learning together. Each class will explore basic motor and social skills, increased physical strength, flexibility and coordination by employing introductory martial art skills and fitness concepts. Awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts, self-expression and a greater independence are encouraged and celebrated.

Meet THE REMARKABLES through focused discussion, stories and demonstration opportunities where skills such as cooperation, following directions, sharing and taking turns are developed. Each story and character concentrates on a specific life lesson which will help children understand the world around them.